Advice for Ilm Seekers – Student Burnout – PT 02

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In this audio clip, Shaykh Abu Muawiyah discusses the importance of ikhlaas as a means to avoid student burnout.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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So in the first part of this video series, we were talking about how to deal with burnout, right in setting Islam, that many of us, we start studying Islam, we have this enthusiasm, we really want to do it. But then somewhere down the line, we start to give up somewhere down the line, we just lose our energy, we lose that

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that zeal that we had in this stuff. And the question is, how can we get that back? How do we keep going through the difficult times. Now what I want to mention in this video is, firstly, it is perfectly normal, perfectly human to feel like that, when chasing any goal. When pursuing any task that is worth your time, you are going to go through stages where you are zealous, and when you're passionate, and when you do the stick, and you are going to go through stages when you feel like giving up when you're feeling weak. When you feel like you're not worthy. This is perfectly human, right. Don't hate yourself for it. Don't make this feeling a basis for your judgment or whether you

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are going to do it or not rather, find ways to cope with it and to overcome it. So in the first episode, we looked at the idea of making sure you have high goals. In this episode, we'll talk about something else, very close to having high goals, which is to make sure that these goals and your studies are pleasing to Allah Subhana makhado. And so one of the primary reasons why we should be studying Islam, if not the most important reason we should be studying Islam is to earn the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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I want you to think about this, studying Islam is considered an act of worship, an act of evolved.

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On the same way that doing Dawa or praying your soda or giving charity is considered an act of worship, which means that every moment spent studying Islam, for the sake of Allah,

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it becomes a good deal on your skill of cookies.

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So when you go into a difficult time, and you don't feel like studying, and you feel like giving up, but if during that time, you keep studying for the sake of Allah, you keep working hard for the sake of Allah, you keep pushing yourself forward for the sake of Allah, you're going to be rewarded for each step. And the reward doesn't stop there. But one of the primary reasons why I didn't give up my Islamic Studies was that I was reminded by a very close teacher of mine, that once you graduate, and you start teaching people, Islam, then anybody who's like you are able to influence or have an impact on any such person, you will get the reward of their good deeds. So if you go on to become an

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influential teacher, and have influence in the lives of 1000s, of 10s of 1000s, or hundreds of 1000s of people, all that you want, goes into your scheme of deeds.

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And we also want to get the opportunity to earn rewards like that. You know, and just knowing that that's the rewards for studying Islam and teaching it that it's that powerful instead, hi, you use in the scale on the last day, that alone should serve in motivation. It yes times will get tough. Yes, we will go through stages where we feel like giving up but we do need for a higher purpose. We have higher goals. And all of these goals are for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala So in the first video, we said that you should have high goals, but in the second video like to remind you, of even greater than that, these high goals should be for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala it

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should be the classroom near involve, everything we do, every goal we strive towards everything that we work towards, should be for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the second point in the series on how to deal with student but out and that is to have high goals and to work towards them. And to do that for the sake of Allah and to always maintain the philosophy that every time we study we are studying for the sake of Allah and we are studying as an act of ibadah surely will count on our scale of good deeds on the last day. So that's the end of Part Two. inshallah, in part three, we'll talk about another way that helped me and have many other people. He would burn up Jazakallah

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hair for salamati Kumar.