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Hamza Tzortzis answers the top 5 questions posed by Atheists as briefly and simply as he can, namely:
1) Who made God?
2) Why is there evil?
3) Evolution disproves Islam?
4) I believe in Science, not in a God.
5) How can i believe in something i cannot see?

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Never touch a man's bed. Unless your name is Hamza sought sex.

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How are you doing?

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How's the wife?

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Mashallah, to botica law,

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it's hot in here you get some juice, no juice, juice. I don't get done for anti semitism. Yeah.

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Today we have with us a very well known, intelligent and handsome personality. That's enough about me. Let's talk a bit about Hamza. Yeah. He's

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now in our society, we have people who do not believe in a God. They are known as atheists. Never heard of them. No problem. five main contentions? Don't know what that means. Pick up a dictionary. It's good to read every now and then you see, so five main issues that these people have, or some Muslims who may be confused, calm about certain things, not a plugin. But we're going to try and deal with a few of these issues. High five.

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All right. That's the way we wrote in my humble opinion. Brother Hamza. Here is the leading figures in the field of atheism, you see more than one of the leading figures interesting. That is correct. Please do not interrupt me.

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Moving on, I've been following this handsome brother for a very long time, excuse me not knowing that way, the way you're a creepy way where I know that you recently changed your phone line to bt, or you bought a coffee table from IKEA with a scratch on the side. Oh, you have blue pajamas before going to bed? I don't do pajamas. Oh,

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please tell us something else.

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Question number one, if God made everything?

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Who made God? There are two easy ways of addressing this question. Number one, the definition of God was that being that never came into being? In other words, he wasn't made, he never began, if he never began, if he was never made, therefore, he was always there. So you can't ask the question who made God? Because he was always there. And when something is always there, then you can't ask the question. How did it come into being? Because he was always there? Confused? Confused, calm, good. The second answer is, well think about it. This universe began, It is well known that the universe began. So therefore it must have a cause or a creator. Now the question is, did something create

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that creator? Well, if you continue that way, then why don't you ask the question, then who created the creator that created the creator that created the creative that created the universe?

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you're right there. Yeah. Just, then you can still ask the question who created the creator that created the creator that created the Creator, the creator, the creator, that created the creator that created the universe? If you do this forever, there will never be a universe. So there must be something that's created. Let me give you some examples. Say for example, I want to kiss your lovely hand and hairy hand, right? But before I kiss your hand, I have to ask permission from your mother. On tg, Can I kiss your son's hand? She goes, Oh, I don't know. I have to ask permission from her mother. Just ask permission from her mother. If that goes on forever. I will never kiss your hand.

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Make sense? Yeah. So that means that can't be an infinite regress of causes. Otherwise, you never had the effect. You can't have an infinite regress a forever chain of creators. Otherwise you'll never have the creation. So it makes sense rationally using our brain, that there must be a uncreated creator. Makes sense. does indeed, you wanna kiss my hand?

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No. Question number two, if there is a God, why is this so much evil?

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The problem of evil is not a problem. Just because it's evil. And lots of suffering in the world isn't mean God doesn't exist. Why? Because God is also al Hakim. In the Islamic tradition in the Quran. Allah says he is Hakeem

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The wise. So there is wisdom behind some of these things that we think are evil, or things that we can't explain because there seems to be so much suffering. How can anyone allow this to happen? But Allah has the picture. We just have the pixel, we have fragmentary knowledge, Allah has the totality of knowledge. So if there's wisdom behind some things, it means there is a reason that you may think, but I can't see the wisdom behind a baby dying of cancer. But fair enough. That's an argument from ignorance. Also known in Latin as argumentum ad exoneration, you're arguing from ignorance. Just because you can't see the wisdom doesn't mean the wisdom is not dead. Let me give an example.

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This counter argument from the atheist is a typical mentality of a toddler, I put the runs to the table, he was drinking a glass that's got this gold, amazing liquid, his father says no, and the toddler says, evil dad. But the toddler doesn't understand that in that glass is whiskey, oh, and it's bad for the toddler. So the toddler can access the wisdom of the parent in this case. Also, we have to understand that in Islam, Allah has given us reasons why he's allowed even in the first place. For example, in chapter 67, Allah says that he created death and life in order to test us to see who would respond to this evil with good deeds, essentially.

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And also we have to understand, we have to understand that not only is life a test, but it's there for us to pass this test. Because Allah says he doesn't burden a soul more than he can bear. So he's empowering us. And what's interesting, what's interesting is that when we go to Paradise after passing this test, even if we suffered for 80 years, once we dipped in paradise for a split moment, according to the words of the Prophet Mohammed upon bpce, salaam, yes, we will be asked, Did you ever suffer? And we will reply, by God, we never suffered. Wow.

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Make sense? does indeed. All right, relax. Question number three, I believe in science. Why do I need to believe in a god? When actual fact they don't contradict each other? You can believe in science. And you can believe in God. It's very simple. Because Science explains the how things happen how things work. God, religion explains the why. Let me give an example. Imagine my auntie from Greece, yes. And Greek by look Pakistani, my auntie from Greece, she basically made a beautiful cake for us. from a scientific perspective, you can say how the cake was made, what's the chemical structure of the components and the ingredients, what temperature was used, how long it took to bake

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the cake, etc, etc. However, if I ask the scientists why he baked the cake, there'll be scratching their head, the Y could be maybe it's a celebration for you, passing your long beard test or something funny like that, or you're like that test

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very much, or your exams, or maybe she's celebrating something special, like a special occasion with a bit awkward a bit. But the point is, we don't know we can't access the why using sites, sites has a scope, a frame a method, and that can only explain the how not the way. Science explains the how religion God explains the why. Let me give you an example. Please do the watercycle Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, that he sends down the rain. And we know this is his mercy. Because if we didn't have rain, we wouldn't have plantation fiddlehead Plantation will have any food. If we never have any. If we never had any food, we wouldn't survive. So by saying this is the why because

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rain is a form of His mercy. But sciences the hell is based on the water cycle, right? You have clouds, you have the sun, you have the sea, etc, etc. And by the way, the Quran mentions in an interesting way, aspects of the water cycle. But the point here is that Allah God religion explains the why science explains the hell and we don't deny the hell because a lie in the Quran tells us to look into the cosmos, the universe into the physical reality on how things work. Question

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number four,

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does evolution disprove Islam?

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Does evolution contradict Islam? Of course not. Because we believe Islam has come from the divine is an unchanging truth. Yes, there is a scope of interpretation and it's a little bit flexible, but we believe it's come from Allah who knows everything. It's perennial knowledge is timeless.

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Less knowledge, science is transient, meaning is time bound and is bound to change. I use the word bound twice, but it doesn't matter.

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And science bases itself on the thinking process called induction induction is a thinking process, which is not twice as well known by you have a limited set of observations and you conclude for the next observation or for the entire set of observations. What does this really mean? It really means that essentially, you may have another future observation that contradicts your previous conclusion. Things are changing all the time. And that includes evolution. We knew many things in the history of science, that they thought it was absolutely true that the steady state theory, the universe was static. It had no movement, no beginning. But that changed. And people started to believe that the

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universe had a beginning it was expanding, for example, take for example, a kind of scientific consensus on the disease of palabora. a lager was a disease is a skin disease, not palabra

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pellagra if you don't know what that means, a dictionary.

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Anyway, pellagra was a skin disease and the scientific community that consensus was, this is because of infection. But there's one scientist who said no, this is because of nutrition. They all rejected him thought he was stupid. But they found out it was true. It was a nutritional disease or lack of nutrition, or the person who called it palabra pellagra. Log pellagra pallava. No, no. palabra that means rubbish. Oh, this is palabra pellagra. Yeah, this pellagra is prologue. Now. So we have many of these u turns in science, and that's the beach of science. So we all love science. That's why Islam loves science. That's why David Seaman Berg, a historian of science, he attributes the

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scientific method as we know it today. Even and Haytham who wrote the book on optics, and I believe in the temporary 11th century, and even an eighth in his biography, what does he say? I study the cosmos, the physical world because it brings me closer to God. And I've been encouraged by the Quran. So we're not afraid of science. All we're saying is have epistemic humility. Does that mean? Be humble in your knowledge, because science doesn't give you absolutes is going to change. So even if evolution is true in a scientific sense, or this scientific fact is true, it's only true. Now we don't have an infinite number of observations to make a solid conclusion that there is no doubt in

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this. It's bound to change. When it doesn't, it doesn't matter because it comes from a limited method, whereas the crannies time less scientists time bound, and that's the beauty of science. It changes.

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Touch me, bro.

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Alright, number five, how can I believe in something that I can't see? Well, I don't think anyone intelligent gives us an objection to God's existence anymore. Even atheists, because think about this.

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Do you believe in your great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother? Of course you do. If she never existed, you wouldn't be here.

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But have you seen her? You don't have access to her grave? You don't have access to her DNA and you don't have any photos? So do you believe she existed?

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The reason we believe she existed because we make an inference. We reason based upon background data. That's not a direct observation. So of course, we believe in things that we cannot directly observe. And if we thought we should believe in things that we only directly observe, then we wouldn't believe in electrons or protons, neutrons quarks and bosons leptons your clever boy Mashallah kabara Kala Allahumma barik level

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inshallah you understood what was being said and inshallah is learnt

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some knowledge

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if you have any questions, put them in the comments below. It's got to be a mission getting the questions to Brother Hamza, best thing I suggest is just watch his video on YouTube. Notice I said video didn't mean to say that I meant to say videos and I'll let that slide. What is debates? Mashallah, with the Lawrence Krauss Richard Dawkins, Mashallah.

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That's the way we wrote.

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Maybe we should

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Say before you finish that if there weren't further videos to break these concepts down further because these answers were concise and short, then maybe we could do in the future to empower the brothers and the sisters and the friends. Right.

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inshallah inshallah God willing. God willing. Can you see an American accent? Let me try

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Sagan. God willing. God willing.

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God willing. God that me This is where we end

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Today we have with us a handsome, intelligent, very knowledgeable brother. Mashallah. But that's enough about me.

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recently changed your phone line to bt you bought a coffee table from IKEA with a scratch on

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means it's very kind of puffy.

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To kiss their own hand, but I'm gonna let that slide

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