When will Isral answer for its crimes

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We are watching with our own eyes as Israel commits this genocide on the people of Palestine. We continue to watch every single day as men, women and children are being slaughtered. Not only that they're killing journalists, they're targeting them and their families. Journalists are simply just trying to show the world what Israel is doing in Palestine. And the whole time Israel keeps lying about what they're doing, obviously, to cover up their own crimes. But on top of that, to play the victim here, and of course, any criticism of Israel, any criticism of this genocide is being taken as antiSemitism. Now we may begin to think, how is justice going to be served? How are they going to

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be held account for the crimes that they're committing? Well, from the perspective of a believer, I'm a Muslim, we understand that nothing is hidden from Allah who's panela data in Allah, Allah, Allah, He shaved on Finn of the what ifs summer, there is nothing hidden from Allah in the heavens in the earth. And we know that the ultimate justice is the justice of Allah. Yes, we want justice in this life, and we hope and we pray that criminals are held responsible for their crimes in this life, and we hope for that, as I said, but we also take solace in knowing that the justice if not found in this life is found in the afterlife and that is the ultimate justice. We know that

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sometimes Allah allows bad people to continue in their evil in order to punish them in a more severe way because Allah doesn't punish anyone unjustly. Well. I already Mirrabooka your Lord doesn't wrong anyone. People are only punished for the crimes that they did. And so Allah allows people to commit more crimes so that their punishment is more severe. Let the seventh Allah ha ha Fina. I'm my Yamuna volley moon, do not think Allah is unaware of what the oppressors, the wrongdoers the evil people are doing in my little home Lee Yeoman, the shots will be hidden upside. He's only delaying them meaning delaying their judgment and their punishment until a day when their eyes will stare in

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horror. The ultimate justice is the justice of a law