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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including its importance in achieving goals like leaving the land of the Muslims and pursuing education to build a better society. The deity's influence on behavior and future prospects is also discussed, including its impact on people's health and relationships. The importance of hedging travel to other countries is emphasized, and the need for individuals to pursue education and pursue opportunities locally is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to pursue education and pursue opportunities locally, and that individuals should not be treated like their peers.
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eminent Adam

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generally knew the mean of woolum

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or mostly just somebody minute alum from October to Allah nada

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finance guru who added masa AB comanage guru who had a neon blue Salli ala Rasulillah Hill, Accra, the Charleville Rashami will noodle UTme kita will not come, commanded to be in our hearts. So either one or the other. And then the Bashara be here recently Maria whether it be 30 Ebrahim or other he said, um, you know, kind of either wait and let him or her

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for so long Allahu alayhi wa sallam was very he hated Oman, and that you know, BarakAllahu li him GAFA xs and ottobre minimum Elijah

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hamdulillah under the Lomita Allah then well me Aquila, who shall you comfortable Columbia Quinta, who will you may not only work with Akira

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hamdulillah a lovely Nakamoto who want to say you know who want to start Pharaoh when we will be one at our color LA when everyone will be let him in surely unforeseen moments a year to Medina. When you have to hit level for La mobila Woman you'll do better had yella when a chateau La ilaha illallah wa the hula Shalaka punish Allah Mohammed Abdullah he was solo or Salah Hula, hula Allah Buddha or the youth who either did equally he worked on Fabula he Shahida for some Allah Allah He was a limited Sleeman Kathira some about in obstacle Hadith Ebola or who don't have the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a shovel Ohmori Mata to have for inoculum was just in beta Akula

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with it and Bala Akuto Bala that if enough of Allah azza wa jal take it I can invite either an Akula arrow the bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim

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Allah hula de Satara la comida de Tocqueville full Kofi Hebei Emery he when he kept the home and probably are under contract Quran or Sahaja la coma for semi Wati wa mafia of the Jimmy I mean, in an epidemic in the communist government. We publish it suddenly we're suddenly MD world of data, discerning of Gokhale, Allahumma sabitha, and a multipolar ilaha illa. Allah, Allah maganda middle Latina, Amina Mohammed Saleh has also been happy, but also be solid. I mean, yeah, but I mean,

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in today's clip, I'm going to try to address a topic that lots of folks have been asking me about, that has to do with a very fundamental concept of our deen and that is Hijra.

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The cont the questions are different, but the revolve around the same theme. So I'm going to maybe mention one or two of them to you, so you understand what we're talking about. So a student lives in a country other than the United States, somewhere in the east, somewhere in Asia, somewhere in Africa, and they get an opportunity to pursue higher education. So they have a chance to get a master's degree a PhD, they got a scholarship, and now they have a chance to fly out to Australia or they have a chance to come to the United States or Canada or something like that. And they can now pursue a medical degree or they can go get an engineering degree and they can pursue their career,

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start a life, etc, etc. And the question is something around the idea of, well, if I leave, then I can't take care of my parents. And so, am I violating the deen because my parents want me to go, but I'll feel bad if I go, because I won't be able to take care of them. And similar questions. Well, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us about our actions being based on their intentions. And the intention here is just dunya I'm just going to acquire you know, worldly knowledge and then I'm going to acquire a job that's going to pay more benefits, etc, etc. And I'm, I'm doing this to start my life to save enough money to get married to start a career to eventually buy a house, etc, etc.

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It's all about money at the end of the day, it's a better life. It's a better education and a better life for myself in this world. It has nothing to do with the Ohana. So am I making hedgerow for dunya? And is that something that violates Allah v. So these these questions the center around a very famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the first thing I should do is probably mentioned the wording of this hadith. So we are all familiar with what we're talking about first. And this is one of this is considered one of those central a hadith that our entire religion revolves around where the prophesy Shalom is reported to have said narrated by Omar Abdullah who

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in the malaria enamel beneath that actions are only based on the intentions for which they were done. What enamel equilibrium Manoa and every person will only have for themselves whatever they intended. So actions are only based on intentions and you will only have for you the thing that you intended from incarnate Hijra to who in Allah He was truly for gelato it Allah He also Lee and whoever migrated to Allah and His Messenger, then the migration is in fact to Allah and His Messenger, woman from incarnate Hijra to who in dunya, you say boo Ha, Buddha, and whoever migrated for worldly things that they want to acquire, or in Ruthenian Yahuwah or a woman that he wants to

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marry, for hedgerow to who

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Muhammad Ali, he then his migration is to whatever he migrated towards. So the point being made here, it seems, is if you migrated to Allah and His Messenger, then it counts as a migration for Allah and His messenger. But if you migrated to marry a woman, if you migrated to acquire some worldly possessions, then that's all you get. Right? And it might be deduced from the wording of this hadith, that migration for any of these purposes, is looked down on and the only kind of migration that is a good thing is a migration you do for the sake of Allah and His messenger. Others have also extrapolated from this, that if you are going to go leave a country like Pakistan or

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Bangladesh or Malaysia into the Muslim country, right Muslim majority country, and you're going to come to the west or come to a non Muslim country, or do you move to Korea to get a job. If you're going to do that, then you better be doing that all at the same time. That way your Hijra is not for the sake of dunya. It's also for the sake of Allah. So now you're kind of we kind of net balanced zeros out, right? So you got to do that. But now you justify your existence in the west by doing something for Islam at the same time.

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Though it might seem controversial to some of you, I'm going to offer an alternative explanation that is more rooted in the Quran and also in scholarly tradition, classically, many orlimar did not consider this hadith, a condemnation of migration for the purpose of something Allah has made headed. And the idea of hedgerows to another land for anything that Allah has because Allah has had no Quran that he has made all of this world, you know, nothing of the hole or the Haleakala Kumar fill or the Jamia and he created for you, whatever is in the earth altogether. He also told us Siedle, fill out the go travel in the land. And he didn't actually qualify the statement travel in

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the land would travel in the land to spread My Word, this travel in the land, and then on top of that Allah azza wa jal describes and sort of the scene. It's interesting what I had to learn and now Herman reata, homefield, full kill much moon.

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And so he says, a miraculous sign from Allah is that they board their children and their offspring onto ships that are loaded up completely. Some say that this iron is a reference to new highbay Salaam and how all of this started, but there's no paid in this ayah there's no restriction that it should be looked at only as the Safina of new la sera. The point being made here is among the Ayat of Allah like the eye of Allah, that is the sky, the eye of Allah, that is the Earth, the Isla of Allah, that is the growing tree, and the risk for humanity. The same way, there's an IO of Allah that's always existed in humanity. Ever since human beings were able to travel, they've been

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traveling, and they've been traveling, civilizations were formed because humanity traveled, and they found places to farm, or they found places where they can get resources and minerals. And people traveled for work and traveled for trade. In fact, the career of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam before rissalah involved quite a bit of travel. So travel itself is actually a noble thing. And it's a gift from Allah. And it's interesting that in that I absolutely have seen, Allah didn't just mention that people travel, he mentioned that people put their children on two ships for people and have another reata home feel fulfilled when we put their offspring on ships. And this is actually an interesting

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image. Because people back in the day, unlike now, you can go to the airport, take a flight across another continent, in a few hours, you're somewhere else, other side of the world, and you can come back in a week. That's not how the world used to work. When you got on the ship, you may never see that family again. Or you may see them 5678 years from now, or in fact, most of the time, when people boarded onto ships, they knew they're going to start a new life. And people would actually encourage their children, if they were living in a place that's destitute, the weather's not permitting, they're not able to survive, that they want their kids to have a better future, the

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elders would have joined them too. But they're too weak or too, you know, unable to course through that journey, but they will encourage their children to move on, and go and travel. And so actually, this is one of the Ayat of Allah, that has always existed, then how do we reconcile that with what we think is going on in this in this ayah. So let's come back to the most fundamental, a young man who feels religious, that he's not going to be taking care of his parents. If he migrates right. And it's, he's violating something that Allah's Dean has imposed. This is actually a culture, interesting cultural phenomenon. It's not just an Islamic phenomenon. Many cultures in the world

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Muslim and non encourage independence. So the idea is that I as a father, my hope is that when I get older, that I am not dependent on my children. That's my sincere hope that I am not a burden on any I don't want to financially be dependent on them. I don't want them to be taking care of me. I want to be able to take care of myself. And there's a natural independence that is part of many Muslim cultures and Western cultures. So there are many societies in the world where kids are encouraged to move out early and to get their own place and to get a job and to get home.

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or early and all of a start their life. And actually a lot of in a lot of such cultures, the parents, they want to basically essentially say we've done our part, now you go live your life, now we have our own life to live, we have our own life to enjoy. Right? Now, this does not incorporate extreme circumstances somebody gets, you know, a debilitating disease, that parent gets paralyzed, or they're not able to take care of themselves, and they're not functional. Obviously, it falls back on the children to take care of their disabled parents, the parents can't cannot take care of themselves anymore, or they reached the age where they're no longer able to, you know, even walk up

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the stairs and things like that, then of course, it becomes the sons, the daughters, whoever can their responsibility to take care of their parents. But this independence is not part of every culture. In some cultures, again, it's not Islamic, but cultural, in some cultures, Muslim or not. There's this idea that my children are my insurance policy. So I don't have to save up for retirement, I don't have to take care of my health, I don't have to think about independence, because I have kids, they're gonna take care of me, they're gonna pay for everything, they're gonna carry me, they're gonna, you know. So the idea is, from the beginning, there's this idea that I'm

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going to be okay, because I have these kids, right. And in those cultures, there's a programming that's being done to these kids from early ages. And this can happen in, for example, an example of that is South Asian cultures, and South Asian Muslims, and South Asian Hindus and South Asian Buddhists have this in common. They actually have this in common the parents are being the children are being conditioned to know that when when we get older, you're going to be responsible for us, we've put in the early investment, then this is time for the ROI, it's time for the return on investment. Right. But the fun, the fun part begins, what some of this is turned into an Islamic

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narrative. So it's presented as No, Islam says that now you must take care of all things. So the idea that we have to be independent is gone. Now what happens in a lot of cultures is the parents then say, Hey, what's your so you got a job? Okay? Well deposit the check into my account,

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and live with us. And what do you need the money for? What are your parents, so you look the way they used to be in charge of the of the boy or the girl when they were 1011 12. Now they're acting like they're the same kind of a charge when they're 2530. Or whatever else, you see, the Sharia of Allah, the law of Allah creates a kind of financial independence to household, because every person who earns owes their own zakat, so your money doesn't belong to someone else, it belongs to you, you're financially responsible for making expenses and taking care of different things, and the your parents or any other family member, maybe you can take care of them. You can provide for them if

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they're in need of that without imposing on them. And by the way, I'm taking care of you without humiliating them, if you're able to do so great. But it's not an obligation in Assam, that every son must provide all the expenses for their parents, or every daughter must do so. But in some cultures, this becomes a thing. Now because this becomes a thing. Now, when the child is about to leave, there's a new guilt that's formed. And the new guilt is why are you going and pursuing a career when you have to take care of your parents and in some cases, again, I can only speak to some cases because every case is unique. One such case I spoke to a young man and I said so you want you're

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getting a scholarship? Yes. Congratulations. Yes, but I can't leave my parents. Okay. Tell me what, what's the situation with your parents? Are they financially independent? Yes, they're financially independent. Are they healthy? Alhamdulillah they're healthy. Do you have other siblings? Yes, they all live in the same neighborhood. Oh, so they have they're taken care of. They're independent. They're healthy, but you feel bad leaving? You feel bad leaving and if you don't go Do you have opportunities? And maybe you can stay and still pursue an education and still take care of your parents? No, I couldn't find any opportunities locally. What are your parents say about all of this?

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They say I should go. They say I shouldn't go well, then you better go.

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You need to go is to stop feeling guilty about something Allah did not make you feel guilty about this. This this notion of people traveling too far off lands always meant they're leaving some family behind. It always meant that Allah azza wa jal says, when full can lead to tragedy Tilbury Mayan Pharaoh, NASA and so to Bukhara. He says in the ships that sail in the sea that bring benefit to people again, ships that used to sail in the sea back in the day, weren't just sailing for an hour and coming back like a cruise. You go watch some dolphins and come back. You were gone. You're gone and it would bring benefit to that society the next season the next year, maybe three years

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from now they would bring back what they've earned. Right? So this idea of travel and building, you know, finances and economic or better bettering the condition of your family can

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actually also be a part of your deen there are people that you know if you didn't leave and get a job or better your education maybe you're living in your from a village and life is very difficult there. It's very poor there, you can be at home and massage your mom's feet but you can't afford her medicine. Right? But you can go and get your career and make some make some money and you're able to help her a lot better from you could serve your parents a lot better from a distance in some cases than you can when you're there. Right? So real reality has to be taken into consideration. There's no artificial kind of guilt in our deen when you're not doing something wrong. You don't have to

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feel like you're, you know, impose on yourself that you're doing something wrong. Look at Allah Allah azza wa jal says again about travel and travel to far off lands. This is the I read to you from Soto jatiya. Allah Allah says Allah Allah,

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Allah is the One who subdued the ocean for you, without real full Kofi Hebei Emery he, so ships can sail by His Command in those in those scenes, when he tapped her home in firstly and so that you can go and pursue from his favor. What I look into Sharon, and at the end of it all, so that you can be grateful. This is the same phrasing Allah used in the Quran for the gift of Ramadan, or for the gift of fasting, right? So when he talked about the month of Ramadan, the eye ends when I look at the Quran. And Allah says in this eye, Allah gave opened up the oceans for you. So you can pursue the favors of Allah out in the world. Why? So that you can so you can be grateful. It was interesting I

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started when I started with Sophia seen telling you about this. Allah azza wa jal in the next day I said, Well, hello, Nana homie middly, my orca moon. And we've created for them the likes of this something like ships that they're going to be boarding to, meaning the sunset, this was referring to camels that are like the ships of the desert, right? Because this they're interpreting that to mean that. But perhaps Allah was also alluding to the fact that Allah has already planned the creation of new inventions of travel, that are going to be taking over the world that people are going to be writing in the future, like we are now transportation has come a long way. And the lion corporated

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the expanse of the way the world will travel. Inside of this, I'll have another homie Mickley Maya kaboom. Coming back to that hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, what is the point that's being made? People sometimes migrate because of their religion.

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They make a trade off to Allah and his messenger SallAllahu reducido. What does that mean? Maybe it means that the place they live in, it's impossible for them to live freely, it's impossible for them to practice their religion, it's impossible for them to attend a Friday prayer, maybe it's very difficult for them to even have a Muslim name. Maybe they can't even get a job because they're Muslim. It's possible. Those are realities in different parts of the world. And because of that, they migrated somewhere where they can worship Allah freely, and raise their children and teach them Islam the way that they would like to. And it's not an illegal thing. Because there are places in

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the world where even teaching your children Assam can be illegal, you can get in trouble for it. So they made a hydra for Allah and His messenger. So Allah this looks like a clear cut case. But you know what, sometimes, for a man to marry the right kind of woman to complete half of his Deen might also be for Allah and His messenger. It might also be that sometimes somebody is traveling to earn a living, but that living is being used for fulfilling other obligations in your deen, like taking care of the poor in your family, like taking care of other responsibilities, like not being a burden or being indebted to other people. Those are also essentially another kind of part of your D. So

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even though the other the other categories are mentioned in this hadith, they have to do with when they are they have nothing to do with the principles of this. If somebody is wanting to go marry a woman and they go marry a woman that's that's what you wanted. That's what you got. If you want it to go earn some money and you went in earn some money good for you.

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In even the classical Faqad didn't consider this sinful. They considered it mu by now you generally like he's not going to get reward for it in the aka sense. But I would actually even further, if a believer pursues the Khaled, when a believer pursues the heroine, and leaves the Haram, that that itself is a hedgehog. That itself is a hedgehog. So when you are when the only options around you and B, you know people this is I wanted to qualify the end of this hobo with a reality check. People say you shouldn't leave the land of the Muslims, the lands of a stone to go to the coffee lands. Let's just be very real about the scenario. In the land of the Muslims. There's bribery, there's

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corruption, there's political chaos, there is you know, all kinds of criminal activity. There's business cheating, there, there land grabs, there are people that are not giving their their inheritance, right. They're not giving their inheritance rights. People leave their property and go move somewhere they come back somebody else has taken over their house and now they're going to the court back and forth for a year.

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And they can't get their property back. There's all kinds of an Islamic things that are normal in what we're calling the Muslim world. And a lot of these Prim, basic principles of justice, that are being taught, are found in other countries. And I'm not saying all Muslim countries are corrupt. But the idea for us to think that we have some kind of pure lands of Islam, and then the rest are these corrupt lands of gopher is childish thinking. That's not the reality of this world. And it never was. That is not how the world works. These are these are definitions that we we can only hold on to when we're not realistic about the world around us. There, there may be somebody who left the lands

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of Islam, because they didn't want to pay a bribe.

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Right. And the only way they could survive in the lens of Islam was if they had to work under their or their people had left the lands of Islam because it was too racist for them. They're the locals or to supremacist. They look down upon people of a different color or a different language. And they want it to be in a society where they're treated like an equal, and they're they're treated on the basis of their merit, the account their accomplishments, their hard work, that's what they wanted to do. Well, you know, what they were looking for something that the Dean offers, but was they weren't getting it at the hands of Muslims. They weren't getting it. In a certain society. I don't advocate

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migrating away from the lens of the Muslims. I personally don't, I think that what should happen and what young people and this is, the last thing I'll say, is that on the subject that Allah has given Muslims, an interesting time in history to be for us, like we're living in a very interesting moment in history. And one of the things that all of us have to think about, especially those that have migrated from a Muslim land, from a Muslim majority place, and they've come to a place that is more prosperous, you obviously came here because you wanted a better life, for your family, maybe for yourself, maybe for your parents, maybe it was a better economic opportunity, educational

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opportunity, all of those things are obvious to all of us right? Now that you came to this place. And you're you're able to make a better life for yourself, you're able to have things you couldn't even dream of having back home. And you know, some of the elders that sometimes say, Oh, I miss home, I miss held the morning, you could hear the chicken and the rooster crow. And you could hear the other end. And you know, they miss it. And then they said, Okay, let's go back. Let's go back. And then 40 Years go by you doing going back? You missed it so much, why you want to go back. And then when they go back for three weeks, they call back, Hey, bring me back, I can't stay here.

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There's too much.

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There's the electricity keeps going out. And the mosquitoes I forgot about the mosquitoes and there's.

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So let's be realistic, what Allah has given you this opportunity, first of all, be grateful for it. But second of all, you should wonder if Allah has given you this opportunity, and you came from a different place, you came from a different land, then maybe it's time for you to think about how you can bring some of this prosperity, some of this good opportunity that you have, how you can open those doors for back home. Because there is such a thing as brain drain some of the smartest people in the world from each country, leave those countries because of corruption. So what's left behind is actually people that are less able to change their situation. You're you're in a sense, if you're

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familiar with this, you're responsible, partly responsible for going back and trying to do something good for your country. If you're from Indonesia, Indonesia, Muslim, and you came here, you should go back and try to do something cool for your country. If you're from Pakistan, go back and do something for your country. Improve that if Allah has given you prosperity here and good here, Allah, Allah just doesn't want you to keep amassing wealth, he wants you to do something good for others with it to, you know, and to restore, to improve, to build to build educational institutions to build the myth, the things that if they were there, you wouldn't have left in the first place.

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Right? And now maybe part of what you're going to do two generations from now, some young man is not going to have dreams of leaving that place. We want our our homes, our homelands. You should think of them even though I consider this my home, but I should want from my homeland also, that that should be the kind of place that I don't dream about leaving it one day. I people dream about coming there one day. Right? That's that's the mentality we should have about building this world better, making it better. So instead of having this,

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this like guilt, and since I'm on the topic, I'll just mention one quick thing. Europe when it was in its dark ages, you know, after the, during the church era, Europe was in its darkest ages and science books were banned, and people were killed and libraries were burnt down. And they were in thirst of reviving this society, European society, right? They were in thirst of it. And they fled Europe. And they came to places like Andalusia and they came to the Muslim lands to actually study and get an education because Muslims were

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are thriving in the sciences. And there were students of philosophy and they were studying all these things. And so many Europeans left their lands. And they came to study from Muslims. And a lot of them as they got enlightened, and they got educated, they went back to Europe. And actually they are part of the spark that created the, you know, the European enlightenment, and the industrial revolution that came about, it's people that left and then came back. And so this is actually a process in history, people leaving and coming back. And so maybe you're a part of that. Maybe you should learn to think big. Maybe you should learn to think how are you going to be globally

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impactful? Allah has broken up, broken us up into nations and tribes that are out of you know, which I'm not going to go over or cover into it out of we're one OMA are all different ethnicities, different languages, different cultures, we come from different parts of the world. We have loyalties to our homeland here, we have some connection and loyalty to our homeland back home, and we should want good for both of them. So in this in this entire conversation was about one thing. Hedra is a bad thing, if it's just about your material needs. It is a bad thing if that's the case. But if Hijra is going to be used and utilized and leverage to do something bigger than yourself,

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then that is a gift from Allah. Leverage that gift, make use of it. And I pray that our young men and women become an ideal for that they become role models of that they become the enlightenment that the OMA needs that the world needs. BarakAllahu li Walakum feel for him on the fan your ear can be it for the

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Hamdulillahi waka or salat wa salam ala everybody Ladino stuffer also said Allah, Allah Muhammad in the beginning, Muhammad is Amin for Allah and he also have a huge May, Allah azza wa jal figure who can embark on a Buddha route with the human Shere Khan regime in Allahumma Ekata who you saloon Island, you handed in Amano salida he was able to sleep Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad while earning Mohamed Kemah Seleka Allah for him early for him I can either mean in

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a lot more bellick Allah Mohammed Ali Muhammad from a barrack dalla Rahim rather early for him, the enemy in the image is about Allah rockenmacher Allah, if Allah in Allah Muhammad said what

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happened is that you will mooncup political life of Allah and that will match up in Salah in the salata kind of government