4 Causes of Procrastination

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So in this next chapter, we will discuss the causes of procrastination. Now, when it comes to time management, the number one problem that many people have is they procrastinate. Right? They see, I'll do it later. And why, why do we do this when we know something's important, too, we know something needs to get done quickly. Why do many of us procrastinate. So we're going to cover in this chapter, we're going to look at four of the core reasons behind procrastination, what I want you to do is to look at these four things, and see which of them apply to you. Because if you can figure out your reason for procrastination, you can overcome it. So the number one reason why people

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procrastinate is they don't really have a goal or a purpose or a vision. They don't really know what they want to do, or why they want to do it. You know, they have work to do, but they don't really see the link between that work and degrade the purpose in their life. Now, if you can create some meaningful your work, some higher goals, some higher purpose, some way that it's more fulfilling to you, you'll be more motivated to do it, and the procrastination will immediately fall away. So having a purpose, that's number one. Number two, some people deceive themselves, meaning they tell themselves, I'll do it later. I have plenty of time. I can do it tomorrow. It's no big deal. It's

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not important. It's not urgent. You know, these are deceptive thoughts. And if you can identify these deceptive thoughts, you can get rid of them. And you can focus on getting things done right now.

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Number three, this is the reason why I used to procrastinate really is a perfectionism. I used to be a perfectionist. And this especially applies to people who are trying to produce things and do a good job. You may see it's not perfect, it's not good enough people not going to like it, what's the point of producing it, no one's going to watch it, no one's going to buy it, nobody's going to read it. Just put those thoughts aside and get it done. Done is better than perfect. And the final reason why people procrastinate is instant gratification. They want immediate results and they know the work that they're going to have to do, they're not going to get instant results most things in life

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worth getting take a very long time to actually get done. So you may do the work now but only see the results in two or three or four years time. People don't want that they want immediate results. Now once you realize it takes a long time to get your results then you know you're okay with it and you are able to work on the on the on the task knowing that you know this is for the long term benefit and not the immediate benefit to these are the four main reasons why people procrastinate, if you want to learn more, please get purchased the book. It's available on payhip gumroad and Amazon on paper and gumroad is under the name getting the Baraka on Amazon is under name time

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management and Baraka and Islam is gonna pay for your time was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh