Irshaad Sedick – Nabi Musa #21

Irshaad Sedick
AI: Summary © The sermon on missing ten commandments in the book of dash boards discusses the importance of returning to Islam and not being involved in sex acts. The sermon also touches on the woman being instructed to paint to her father's image and write a letter to her father. The importance of the laws and actions taken in Islam is also discussed, including the expiration of death penalty and adoption of the speaker's name. The sermon concludes with the importance of forgiveness and setting rules, and the discussion of forgiveness and the use of a la airlines mask.
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Merry Christmas Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah le he was abbiamo while our bad salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I welcome you to this series of the story of Nabi Musa, Prophet Moses peace be upon him and his brother Harun Auden, peace be upon him and children of Israel, also known as the Israelites in the biblical version, we are now in the part of the story we now be more satisfied to Islam after freeing the people from fear around their own dying in the Red Sea, the Israelites being saved, they reach the other side and a B Moosa is then asked by his people to worship a cough or when at least to worship an idol, because they saw some

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people worshipping an idol that we use is the son rebukes him for that and this is the first sign of treachery. In me Moosa went for an appointment to speak to Allah Subhana Allah for 30 nights.

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Alitalia increased it to 10 nights or 14 total. And in the time period, people became impatient samory started formulating this idea that he wants a idol. He was gonna make a god for them, and he would be the leader. And he produced an A golden cough, I'm melting all the gold that they get that they got from fear out of that he took from your own kingdom, and it made a sound and people some of the people started worshipping the calf while others just regarded it as an idol, or something sacred. Now, we will solicit Islam, in the meantime is being informed by knowledge behind it with Allah, of what is taking place, and that the people will notice today by samory, Saddam Hussein,

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listen to him came back. And he was very upset and he grabbed his brother,

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by the beard, and by the fall ox, he asked him, Why didn't you stop them when you saw them going astray? That'd be really interesting. He said that they were gonna kill me. You know, they thought that I was weak. They actually wanted to kill me. They didn't look at me as a leader. And I also didn't want to lose this unity among the children of Israel. So now we have this part of the story one of the most I listen to sermons coming back

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into our office number 154, while Amma and when Secretary and Moosa when the subsided from nebby moussaieff. And Prophet Moses elevado anger subsided, alpha alpha, he took the tablets that contained the 10 commandments any cost it down, he threw it down, or she knew Swati who the watchman in these verse in these tablets they work, who then guidance Rama and Merci de la Vina for those who, whom you're up to him, they for the load your hub when they fear all of those who had respect or admiration foundation for Eliza gel, they, they would have found guidance in this law. Interestingly enough for an surah number six, verse 151, to 152, which precedes this, I'm just going

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to quickly read to you, because some of the scholars actually regard these verses as containing the 10 commandments that were originally in the tablets. So, verse 151, to 152 of the surah sees, say, could say, can

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come at through alaikum, I will decide upon you

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what your load is prohibitive for you. Join not anything in worship with him. Don't make any partners with Allah, be good and dutiful to your parents. Kill not your children because of poverty, we provide sustenance for you and for them, come not near to shameful sins meaning illegal sexual * and the like. With a committed openly or secretly and kill not anyone whom Allah is forbidden, except for a just cause, according to the law. This he God has commanded you that you may understand and cannot near to the orphans property except to improve it, until he or she attains the age of full strength and give full measure and full weight with justice, we burden not any person,

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but that which he can be and whenever you give your word judge between men or give evidences the lack of that say the truth, even if a near relative is concerned and fulfill the covenant of Allah, this he commands you that you may remember. So according to many scholars that contain the 10 commandments, so that will come that will be important later on in the story, inshallah to Allah. So now no musala citizen needs to address these people because they come with the chick.

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So to Baqarah verse number 54,000, whatever Carla Moosa. Remember when Moses said the homie heat these people have called me oh my people in a convalescent home and full circle, you've wronged yourself, you've been truly unjust to the common agent by taking the cough back first.

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By making the call. Secondly, by recording it is something special and validating it. And then for some of you actually to have worshipped it like your God, but to elaborate, so you paint to your Creator. Now, you're willing to find something very serious because the repentance that we know of is very simple, profound, but simple return back to Allah Subhana Allah stop the sin, promise never to committed again, feel the most about it, and return the rights of those whose rights were usurped, if any very paintings in this instance was faculty loo and full circle, so kill yourself, kill yourself that you're lacking in the body that would be better for you by your load. Fatah

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Aleikum and he will, you will you will accept your repentance meaning you forgive him for what he did in the what the word Rahim he is the Accept of repentance and the Most Merciful. So at this point, it's important to note that this is not the same though by the Sharia of NaVi Mohammed Hassan has. This is not how we make Toba.

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The only instances in which October is the taking of a life is in the case of you know a person who committed murder or a person who committed Zina and was married or you know, had been married before. This repentance was specific to them. And the Mufasa Luna have sometimes elaborated as to how this took place that they wouldn't actually kill themselves, but they would kill each other this particular group led to Allah caused it to be such a condition in like a stony or musty type of condition, that they wouldn't see that they would kill one another. So that was the repentance. Now, these types of have this type of repentance, this type of law, for many non religious people, or

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people maybe even not in the fold of Islam, but other religions, that would regard this type of law as savage as barbaric, as draconian, as backward, as you know, that type of thing. And it certainly does seem so when judged in the context of the year 2020 or 2019, right.

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But we have to remember that, in many places in the world, the death penalty is still a very active punishment. And the court ruled that this penalty needs to be implemented based on whatever the law of the country is. And of course, in this country, it was the same

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to treason and the like, these things are punishable by death. And this was no different in God's law. Except that, you know, God decided which were the crimes for which death is the punishment, and how it should be meted out. The reason why it's a difficult person in the modern world to accept or to believe is part of God's law, is because we have a preconceived notion of how God should be, and how the law of God should be. And that is a serious problem. And this problem is highlighted in laws such as this, it's highlighted here, but it's prevalent in other laws as well. When we have a preconceived notion about what alleged law should be or what God's law should be, or how God is,

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then we super impose our preconceived notion on the law of God. And we only accept what is in conformity with that, and we reject everything else. And this is a serious crime in Islam, it's a serious crime for any religion.

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In many other religions, now it's become it's become meta of what's popular. So if homosexuality is popular, then that will be permitted. If Riba is popular than that is permitted. It's all about just you know, keeping the identity of your faith, you know, having a name that symbolizes that faith, etc. But the letter of the law is overlooked for what they believe to be the spirit of the law. And that's a serious problem, because the reality is the spirit, or what we consider to be the spirit of the law may change over time. What is what is blameworthy today was not necessarily is not going to be blamed with it tomorrow, and what was very blameworthy 30 years ago, is certainly not playing

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with it today. So our idea of what's right and what's wrong, what's good and what's bad changes over time. But Allah Subhana Allah is law is what dictates right and wrong and good and bad. And as Muslims who submit to the law, when we say submit an outline, it means Yeah, Allah, whatever you say, whenever you say it, however you say it, we accept it wholeheartedly, and we implemented. It doesn't mean we're not supposed to think. But we think within the ambit of the law, we think, I'm not saying we think within shackles, we think inside the box, but we think, you know, properly based on knows that Allah subhana wa adelaida clearly not think as in comparing what what we believe to be

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right and wrong with what Allah says is right and wrong. And in superimposing our ideas onto LS law.

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So, in matters of capital punishment like this, it becomes very manifest that people you know, have a problem with with a less law or Islamic law for that matter.

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But it happens in any other circumstance as well when it comes to laws of Pollock, and when it comes to loss of neurons or inheritance, right, so divorce in either meaning the waiting period, for lack means divorce, and neuroses inheritance when people say No, you know what the Quranic law is old fashioned wire master the door to get off of that of the sun, etc, etc.

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You know, some people argue with the law. So I'll make sila I'll make we'll do a basic. First in the month of Ramadan, I'll go and hide. But don't tell me I can't invest in this policy or I can't invest in that policy, or that this type of insurance is haram and that type of miracle is haram in this type of life policies, Haram, don't tell me those type of things. Because they I don't believe Why is it wrong, I can see that it's beneficial for me I can be wrong. Or why is this wrong? Why is that wrong, that doesn't make sense that you know that you're just being difficult. So this is seriously problematic. And when we get to something so vivid, something so you know, difficult to

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accept, then we can see it, obviously. But in the other things that I just mentioned, it's more subtle, so allow this to be a lesson for us, that we can apply elsewhere as well, that we can confirm it unless it's something and it is part of his law and Rasulullah saw something and it's part of Allah's law, that we would accept it as believers, otherwise, we are following the you're breaking the law validities effect we will not be able to keep up with a Quran and evolve. You believe in some parts of the book and rejecting others, which is exactly something that the Surat aliette or other the very start you they were guilty of *, so we move on. So they had to they had

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to have this form of serious Toba and that means that they go through that death but Allah Subhana Allah will forgive them through that. So he's actually forgiving them for shift which is something that he actually says he will never forgive, you know, obviously unnecessary pain from it. So that was

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another sign of 3g or the Benny's right. You know, we move on Ouattara Moosa como Sabina Rajan, and in a katana, so they have the Allah Subhana Allah command and W mu Sal Prophet Moses to choose 70 people. Leamy cottonelle, too, for an appointment, official appointment, they would go and witness it and things that Allah wanted them to witness and that'd be Musa la salat wa salam took their 70 and it said, even kathira mentions that it specifically 70 elders, from the peninsula you

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and these 70 elders, they went with NaVi masala setosa lamb to go and worship Allah subhanho wa Taala in a specific way.

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I sent all as low and Allah would give him instructions. So he chose the 70 people by Lama Aha, that tomo Raja then Allah Allah sees them with a quick with an earthquake. You see at this instance, they actually asked Nabi Musa la salat wa salam to see Allah. They wanted to see a lotion behind the island. I mean a la Jara. They see w Moosa.

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They they want to see a law like not in a way that never moves us to see Allah Subhana Allah because he believed in Allah and he wanted to live it was possible for him to see Allah Yeah, they wanted to see alone was like, you know,

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show us a proof that Allah exists you know that I see Allah Jonathan, you want to see him right here? That was a problem. So Allah Allah sees them with earthquake, Allah Vina when Moses dropped below shit. He said, oh my lord, if you want it I like the home you could have you could have destroyed the main cabin before this why you need to destroy me as well. In this is a totally kuna Are you going to destroy us now, you might find a sofa mean, because of what a small group of ignorant ones foolish ones did from among us in fitness. This is a taste from you. Well, then we'll be happy to share all that you are causing to go astray those of you will through this this what I

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had the mentorship, you will guide whoever you will, through this test of yours to behind them with Adam and tell you not only You are our guardian in particular, for the Filipina so forgive us for Hannah and have mercy on us and the halal offering and you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. So this is what happened right? Moses knew what had happened to the 70 Elite and was filled with sorrow you pray to his Lord in treating him to forgive them, for they were fools. foolishness is only expected by death. And Allah forgave the elders and revive them after this. So they actually in this quake, they actually they actually died. But Allah subhana wa ala revive them according to

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even Kathy and based on the daughter of NaVi musala salat wa salam, he revived them to witness Allah Subhana Allah is medicals and this is it and he This is mentioned in various verses of the Quran, as well as in other scriptures of before up until this day. So, after this, we come to learn that not be Moosa continued with these two eyes in Waka tubulin. If you hadn't been

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Hasina please write for us good in this world waffle Acura as well as in the world you're after in a whodunit like we are guided to you yeah Allah, Allah then Allah said either be loosey goosey will be human, I share my punishment, I will reach with it if I want, or if it was Aquila Shay, but my mercy encompasses everything. So behind Allah, this is a trend in the Quran. If Allah Allah compiz is punishment and his mercy, he says, My punishment Yes, that will happen to see if it needs to happen to and it's away from me back my mercy encompasses everyone and I chose mercy for myself to be handled so we never have to lose open up in Allah's mercy to her and then Alexis I will record it as

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you've requested the levina yet upon for those who have Taqwa or you tune in Zakah and they pay the charity the zakka while levena whom Be it now you know, and those who believe in the, in the signs of the verses of Allah, so behind the who at the Allah. So that brings us to the end of this particular portion. And you can see again and again and again. Yeah, Allah the face that never musasa does not have to go through with the people of benissa you it's one thing after the other and you think that after they see this sign that they will now repent and believe in Allah Subhana Allah as it should be believed in, and they will accept the law of the Torah, the law of the 10

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commandments as they should accept it. But we infer the surprise and this is exactly why we need to stick around for the next episode, when we will see more examples of the behavior of the venue so that you would never move set and so that was a symbol of what is at the Mohammed 100 relatable anime cinema nekoma Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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