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Irshaad Sedick
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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lm initiate en rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Valley cam in Illinois we know he like lahmacun holiday he is edgy, Maru and Bravo, Quran, Allah Subhana. Allah says in verse number 102, immediately after the narrative of the abuse of Irish lotto Salamis brothers has now concluded

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the context of this entire revelation was in a very difficult time for the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. And we also mentioned right at the beginning, that in this context, the machinery Kuhn would constantly bombard him with questions in the form of challenges, they would go to the Makita, they are mood in the nesara. And they would ask them for questions that they could ask him. So although it was lm to disprove his prophethood, I'm sure you do somebody like this, somebody who goes to other people get some information from them. And then they come in to ask you questions, but just to show you how much you don't know. So this is what they did. And of course, this is very

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severe, because it's tantamount to mocking the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Even if he answers correctly, which he did, they're not going to believe him if he answers correctly, because they don't want the truth. They actually want to disprove him. And I'm sure you know, somebody like that, too. Like somebody who poses an argument, not with the objective of finding out the truth, but simply to push the agenda forward. These are in ways that's intellectual arrogance, right? So Allah subhanho wa Taala gave not only as usually that's part of the story, isn't it? So the the trend in the Quran is that always on let alone It gives you a snippet of the story from one perspective, like

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the story of NaVi moves on and the other end of the lamb, you only get a portion of the story here. And you read on and on and on. And then you get another portion of the story. And you read on and on. And then you get the same part mentioned again, but some different emphasis is made that type. These are all because different lessons to be drawn from the same incidences from the same story. But not with an abuse of

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ease was the complete exception to the rule. From the beginning till the very encouraged illogical format. Allah Allah gave us his entire narrative in detail in more detail than you would find in any of the other previous scriptures and in more accuracy as well.

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So often when it gives them all of this detail, because now they they're going to be dumbstruck. We wanted to challenge you to see how much he doesn't know, but he gave us much more than we came with. Salva says that he can mean ambarella hype. This was all from among the information of the unseen, knew he like we alone, we've given it to you, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through washing through divine inspiration. Working together. He is a man who you will not leave. When they conspired a plan against the use of Elisa Lam. You are not with him. You didn't hear them. You didn't see them. You could not have read it in a book because you are elated. You already see the

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civil law. So it is a testament to his prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and others emphasizing this in the poorer American Talladega as a member of Rome, bohemian kurunegala, not with him when they conspired the plot. And whilst they were planning womac sarunas he will Ohara step removed me. And despite all of this, despite all of the information, you've given them, all of the detail, most of the people even if you were enthusiastic and eager for them to be believers, most of the people will not believe

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so hydrologist Think about that for a second. This is Allah Almighty Who knows past, present and future, the scene in the unseen and he's declaring that the reality is most of mankind will not be believers, even if you follow harvester, even if you are eager for them to be demons. So even if you all now tonight, stand up and decide, we are going to propagate the message of Islam as we should, as believers to one and all incendiary. Laila. Hi, Mohammed Rasulullah. So even if we did it with fervor and enthusiasm, most of the people will not accept.

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So what does that mean?

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Does that mean we should stop?

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But we know the outcome, they're not paying taxes. So what's the point thing? So listen, with all this behind a dialysis woman, alumina human acid, you do not ask them for any complaints in the kernel either mean, you're only giving them a reminder reminder for all of the worlds. When we go out and you do demo. You don't ask people listen, I'm going to tell you about this lamp and give me a 15 n. And then I'll tell you about this lab. We don't do that. I mean, I run the organization, and we don't do that. We have to raise funds for the Dow. But you don't ever go to a person who's not emotional

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Once nobody is allowed, and then you tell them listen first give me 259 an hour and then you will learn about the sun No, no Muslim will do that. You would willingly give that for free.

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Okay You mean it and beyond the reminder that we would give to others or the prophets, Allah says, or get a mean at how many signs are the fifth Samajwadi well up in the heavens and in the earth?

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Yeah, more Runa we pass by them every single day. Well, whom I'd have already known, but people will simply turn away from those signs. Just tonight in the draw, we have to resign and salary him it will affect the mafia unforeseen hackday at the bank.

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We will soon have lessons we will soon show them our signs in the horizons and in themselves, until it becomes many face declare to them that this Quran is the truth from Allah. Over the centuries, more and more discoveries have been made, only to conform with what Allah has already told us in the Quran.

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But people will choose not to believe so Allah saying, despite your reminders, despite all the signs you will find most of the people don't believe. While Now you may know actiu biLlahi in Navajo machico and then you will get some people who will believe in Allah, but they will not believe in Allah, except once they are polytheists. So they'll believe in a God, but they will ascribe pathogen to that God,

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amino and yahoshua

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to these people feel safe, that they will not come to them. A gotcha an overwhelming covering of punishment. mean other Billa always punishment, to musar Do they feel safe that the hour will not reach him? In other words, piano but then suddenly, we're home now Sharon, when they don't even perceive it coming? Call say to them a Mohammed saucer. Now remember, we just asked the question, should we stop? Should we not propagate this route? Should we not allow as is about a shadow La ilaha illallah wa shadow under Muhammad Rasulullah salesa simply because Allah has already declared that most of the people won't believe should we not propagate Islam simply because Allah says even

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when they do believe they will still make sure

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that we shouldn't stop because this ayah Allah Allah makes it very, very clear. Listen to these beautiful words. say to them a Mohammed Salim has he said v Lee, this is my way, at the root illawarra I will call people towards Allah, Allah belsey writing with insightful ways, and what many Devaney, myself and all of those who follow me.

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That is my way. And that is the way of those who follow me. This is a profound statement. Because through this statement, we can find whether we qualify as followers of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he says this is my way I call towards Allah, me and those who follow me.

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We all go towards Allah. That's my followers. Are we followers of Rasulullah sallallahu.

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How many of we call towards Islam?

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How many of those who are in our with our neighbors, our family, our friends, employees, employees, colleagues, etc. And we just said you know, you know, we Muslims, right? You know, what do Muslims believe in? Like the use of Alexa to Samsung TVs? Compared to the prison inmates, you submit? What did you say to them? Say No, I will have this conversation with you. But first there's some important things I want to tell you.

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Allah subhanaw taala says what superhard Allahi wa and Amina lucidity and perfect is Allah I am not of the ideologies, when I am sending them in company capillary gel and Nui Illa him and O Muhammad wa sallam don't this be don't become saddened because we had not seen before you except men like you. Ill No no, no he lay him whom we have inspired with divine revelation as well. I mean, as Neil pora from the people of the towns of Columbia, see you fill out today not travel in the land for young guru k for Karnataka to lead him to go and see the outcome of those before them. I mentioned this previously, Allah tells us throughout the Quran, go travel, going in the lens of going travel,

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go and see the civilizations that once upon a time existed, see where they are now. I felt this wildlife more or less. I felt this when I was standing at the pyramids, the great pyramids in Egypt. You stood there, I stood there and I thought, Wow, nice building. These people thought they were invincible. And now they're all gone. tourist attraction. Like fotis look nice, Mashallah. And you leave no trace of them. So what Allah wants us to see ours is to go into Africa. Nice to see these things. Of course, now you could just go on Google Earth. The point being

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Look at what Allah led to those people who thought they were invincible.

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Well, I doubt we'll ask you hyrulean many months ago but for those who have double llama Jana, we know May Allah make us of those.

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They objective in life is the year after, and that would be better for them. After that dark blue, don't you understand? Hata in a state as a rustle, and toe when the messengers became display, they became hopeless. Yes, they happen. Even the prophets also be the wind through difficult times. Why is our daddy Rasulullah surplus because he was going through a very difficult time. So the messengers became the speed or one new unknown kodoku and they were convinced that nobody would believe in them that there was simply being belied. Jaeho not sooner, and those low points at those moments where they felt completely hopeless, even when we spoke about this, in the most hopeless of

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moments, what happened was Hopkin,

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final Jia Manisha. And then we say those we wanted, since we knew really down in the dumps, that Allah Subhana Allah will make miracles happen for you in sha Allah, what are you like to buy sooner and ilco will usually mean and our punishment will not be diverted from the disbelievers from the criminals among the people.

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last verse of the 111 verses of surah, Yusuf la katakana v kasasa. him or Ybarra legal Albert was indeed and it is indeed in the stories, lessons for people of intelligence, Mark and Hadith a youth are, these are not made up words. While I can toss the panda webinar then this revelation came to confirm the truth of what was revealed before Old Testament, the New Testament etc. What you will find in here is an estimation of the truth that you would find in the without the changes in the corruption, but they'll see the cliche, in this revelation you will find an explanation for every aspect of life while who they were, it is a guidance and it is a mercy. The komiya be known for all

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those who believe May Allah make us of those so that alone mobilen and alim Allah spoken the truth. May Allah allow the lessons we have learned from Surah Yusuf to be imbibed within our lives within our hearts and within our souls that we can apply them for the rest of our lives. But there's more.

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What happened to zulekha?

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unanswered question. I'm sure we must have heard in Capetown

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when we met when you have any gap with your identity, decided Aloma and live by Nakuru Bhima karma and left the bainer Adam in our Brahim in sobre. hotjar is a use of Angelica. There's always a question of mine and myself. My colleagues department is also doing the Casio throughout this Ramadan, so we've been consulting

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we've asked this question is also ready to go in search. We didn't find any solid evidence that they got married.

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But they are narrations from the Bani Israel, which is called in our FC legacy. This is called Isa aliette. Right? Basically, it's news and information about the prophets of the past, from the Jews and the Christians. So with regards to that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us he told us, you can narrate from them, as long as it doesn't contradict what we have in our deal. But Landsat diku, and I look at them, we will not hold the fact that they provide as being true, no will we hold them as being false? It's just you know, for your information. And it's based on the information that we heard. So they are actually committed to the use of Elisa.

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Now, I saw from my colleague because we couldn't find any evidence we chose not to make this an important element when we when we spoke about it. But there's a lesson in the if it is true. So hypothetically speaking, if it was true, let's say in fact got married, it is a very beautiful Listen to me. Think about it for the second. How many years the use of Alessandra from Spain in the hobo zulekha meeting room. How many opportunities did he have to take advantage of advances? Maybe? Did he ever proceed to take advantage of advances? No. He remained just for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala we don't know if it is true. He could have loved them. He could have had feelings for

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him. He could have been attracted to her. But because of his taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. He put Allah first and because of Eastern Kabbalah, again, hypothetically if it is true, Allah made it such that he could now marry her in a halal way. They often lower which is the lesson is of course for our youth. You claim you love you claim you love him. Francis doesn't stop

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abstain from haram for our sake and Allah will make your lives together easy for you. And Allah will join you in holy matrimony and holy matrimony. Allah subhanaw taala grant us the understanding, and there's more, but he will do the rest tomorrow.

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Because there is another portion in the Quran not in Surah Yusuf, where Allah tells us about what happens when there be a coup, when or rather what happened when abeokuta was on his deathbed. And he's not speaking to all of his sons or disease. What were his parting words of advice to his son's very, very important, so we'll deal with that tomorrow evening, basically like da da da da da, da da da da da da me

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just one second.

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