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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Juan and he wasapi mama wa Obi. I said Mr. Lake rahmatullah wa barakato. I welcome you to the series of the story of Moses and Auden, who said it'd be Harun, peace be upon them both. And then we'll select wassalam Subhana Allah What an amazing Saudi and so many lessons we can derive from this. Just in the previous episode, we found out that after they were saved from the people of Pharaoh, and from Pharaoh himself, they were made to inherit the land, and they then gained the freedom. So now we musasa salaam found them treacherous in the first instance because they now wanted an idol because they saw other people

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worshipping idols. Then Abu Salim Islam warned him and reproach them even live now we have Rooney in charge while he went to go worship Allah for 40 nights alone in the mountain we will even speak to Allah. He asked to see Allah Allah Allah told him this is impossible. Look what's going to happen and he showed you how the mountain would crumble just by seeing a portion of Allah to Allah as nude and this was

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when Allah Allah gave him the commandments and told him going come on your people and take and he didn't follow this. So in the meantime you know like like you find on a movie on some sort of video they will say Meanwhile, in the bottom, so this is your Meanwhile, now into a thought how we find out what's happening while we move says doing this. So nebia rune, Allah salat wa salam is put in charge but something happens in Surah poha verse number 87 we find out call Lu ma Hola, Fernando indica be malkina while Akina hamina zellen in zenity, homie falcoda, Sneha psychadelic alcocer Mary. And remember,

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remember they said all Lu they say a Filipina remember is not supposed to be they just they said Mark enough now we did not break our promise. Now indica our promise to you be malkina with with our own world, our own ownership, while our kin about we hmil never made to carry ozar on some burdens. That means enough to come from the adornments of the people. This was a Fado because when they lift the people of their own. They also took a lot of gold and jewelry and things with him. So they were saying we were carrying these heavy burdens with us. And you know, we wanted to get rid of this, because this was the Atonement of those people. A couple of Naha, so we cast it into a fire. And

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then forget Alec alpha seminary, and a seminary. Right, who is a character that is now being introduced for the first time was one of the leaders of the Israelites, he also threw so why is he being introduced because he's going to be one of those people who's up to mischief, up to no good in this instance, but rajala whom agerola so he suddenly decided that it's a good idea to take a cough, it's, you know, we're gonna melt all this gold together, let's make a cough out of it. And he made Jessica know who made it in a in a body in an idle, the gold statue, Allahu Akbar, and it had a low sound. So this is a story of of this and how this emanated and the narrations differ, but we are

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told that samedi took some sand that he found, and apparently it was lifting the traces of an angel. This is what some incidents claim. And then he put the sand in the scarf, and it made a low sound and we are told that in Barcelona, the sound was actually from shape one and shape and cause the sound to come. Because he knew that just by making the sound leaves no blowing sound, it will sound to them as though the sound is coming from the cough and the need for kalu. They even said the people he had that Allahu Allahu Musa Venezia, he said, they said, This Is Your God. and the God of Moosa, the God of Moses. Now all of a sudden, the coffee that they made, apparently, you know, they

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just made it. But now they began to say that this is the God of Moses because of the sound that has made any of course for God at that instance, that nobody moves our system warn them against this. So if Allah your owner, did they not see Li or geo la him olan that it could not return to them in speech, this cough couldn't speak back to them it just made the sound right from sheet on while I am licola. Number one, it could not harm them well enough and it did not benefit them. At this point did we pause and say that you will find in this world there are certain mystical things or magical things that we know exist because Allah subhana wa Tada. He had given shaytaan power he had given

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the genie

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Power had given that job power, he's this evil that exists. We don't believe in good versus evil like the union, and that, you know, evil has power and Buddhist power and that is this battle between God and shape on know, all power hola Lakota labella. However, Allah allows for these things to exist, and for shaytaan to lead people astray, because that is our letter artists. So it's not that things have power by their own volition. We are ever operated from just resorting to any power, the only power we rely upon is that of Allah, and turning to black magic, or any form of magic for that matter. And yeah, I'm not speaking about, you know, ticks in illusions with magicians in the

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street and stuff. While that has a discussion on its own, I'm speaking specifically about resorting to sangoma or to somebody who writes a little spell or potion and you do this and this will happen. If you take that poll, and then you'll get better. But not a poll, like the doctor gives, rather, you know, some magical cure, and not the herbal cure either. I'm speaking specifically about incantations and things like that, not a literal poll.

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This is problematic in Islam in Somalia, medigo this as Khufu actually resort to this, and I think I've mentioned this before. Now, we need to understand this, that even if something appears to have power, it doesn't mean that that's permissible. And it doesn't mean that that's legitimate. If somebody flies in the sky, that doesn't necessarily mean the person is pious and the person is close to Allah, it could be from shaytaan. So we don't follow that we don't follow magic and miracles and you know, the time of the MBs that was evidence, but there's no Nabhi often Abu Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam karamat exists, but they are not Hojae they are not evidence of the piety of a

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person. We only rely on that which is in conformity with Allah's law. And that is the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam. So moving on from that this conference unable to speak to them la yummly coolum Doron well enough I was unable to harm them or benefit them in reality. So Nabil Harun Allah Serato Sam is not speaking because he's actually in charge. Well aka call Allah whom Allah and how did say to them in Kabul before this? Yeah, call me oh my people in number 14 to be Heather. Rather in number 14 to be you are being tested with this. Don't do this. So number one was trying he of course had problems because of sanity. And the people were following

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him. Why in naraba Kumar off man, he said your load is the most merciful God, not a cough it's not presented in any idle factor be Rooney Follow me. What do you agree me and obey my command. So obviously in a big room, he had some trouble in reining them in. And now it's time for the moose alysus to come back from his 40 days or 14 nights appointment. And we are going to find out what happens now. All you will then number a highly active in they say to NaVi Harun, we will never stop being devout to this, because they were now being deceived. They now we're convinced that this cough is actually representing the God of Naboo. So this is the God that we supposed to worship. And they

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were so deceived that they told him we will never stop worshipping it. Had they elegia Elena Moosa until Moses comes back to us, because they believe that they were deluded they were Subhana, Allah, Allah, Allah Yeah, Harun Nabi Musa comes down. So imagine the surprise, the people that I lift 40 days ago, they ever scoffing, they worshipping this thing. What happened? Oh, my brother's he goes to audit my Menaka either at home Balu. What? Why didn't you prevent them when you saw them going astray? So he's giving his brother scolding? And let that be me. If I say to me, he says, Do you not follow me? Did you obey my command to you?

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Alyssa Towson is clearly upset. Even if I didn't read it in that tone. You can still hear if I just read it plainly. Did you not follow me? Did you disobey my command? We know he's upset. He says, Allah Yeah, bene oma says Oh, son of my mother is appealing to the closeness that he has with Nevermore. Sally setosa lamb. And a colleague of mine likes to jokingly say, this is like in Cape Town in say, a Mexican, you know, old son of my mother. And he's appealing to the closeness because he loves his brother and he's a fellow prophet of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is Yeah, bernama. That could be the Yeti.

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This is now Nabil Harun speaking to NaVi Moosa. I think I might have gotten wrong a moment ago, but they speaking to each other like this. Yeah. But now Oh, son of my mother, she can see that he moves as angry and who sees him by his beard and by his his knee. And this is a common expression

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And it appears that this is like a thing to do if you want to really get somebody's attention, you grabbed him by the beard and by the head, although Adam says, Let me look at what I see, don't grab me from a beard and by my, in the hotsheet, I feel and the cooler that you would say, for rakata avena benissa that you have grown, you are the one who split between the Israelites, you know, in other words, maybe a rune feared that if he was to, you know, be stern and command and break the coffin, you know, take over and say, no, this is not going to happen, that there would be a split among the tribes of the Israelites, and that now the Messiah would come back and you would see the

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split. So it must have been in his thinking that let's leave it let's convince them or speak to them, but not forced the issue, because I don't want to get in trouble into trouble. But of course, his judgment wasn't necessarily in accordance with the weather with what maybe Moosa would have wanted, because he said, No, no, this is worse. So I thought that you would say, I am splitting between the Israelites I'm, you know, breaking up and causing this unity, while I'm takubo only and that you

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and you did not observe or await my word. Okay. So we can learn from this, that unity isn't everything.

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How repeat, unity is not everything. So often in our recent history, here in the cape, I've been, I've been witnessing a call for unity in many aspects of life, many aspects of game. Now we must have unity, we must have unity, we must have unity, but unity around what? This is important. Unity is important. But when it comes to the game of Allah Subhana Allah we don't compromise and all this Deen for the sake of unity. And we can learn this from this incident. That'd be our own thought the Unity was more important and if he had to force the issue, then he would have caused this unity. But that would have been more preferable because the Unity was around ship. So it may not be as serious

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as this, you know, a paradigm shift. But even the other laws of Allah Subhana Allah we don't you know unity at all costs. We even become complacent with the law. We start compromising on the law simply because we want unity. It's the lithosphere listen for SPV lighter Allah May Allah Allah make us from among those who take heed.

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And then

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he said califa mahato bouquet SM re send me Moosa tends to this other character that we learned about Sammy, what's your story of Sammy? What happened? Why did you do this? Allah Sam he says by Santu, I saw my lamb you will see that which they did not see a kebab to then I took a button, a handful when I say rhassoul from the traces of the messenger. So this is that story that I spoke about, where samuli is so devalue. According to this narration, you saw the video, and the widget videos footprint was or the footprint of that he left behind the traces he left behind. He took sand from beneath that space

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in a very Rasul final bath to her and he threw that into the car mechanic, so well liked enough. See, and this is what my soul enticed me to do this so what I felt like doing, but of course, we find out that shaytan used this as an opportunity to cause that sound to enter into the Gulf Oil effect habit. So now be more sassy to him. So go for in the locker feel hayati. So indeed for you in this life. And cupola lamb, he says is that you say in this life, no contact, right? We're in like a more Eden and for you as an appointment, then to Khalifa who that you will it will not be broken for you. You will not fail to keep it one door and look in an elastic loop. Look at you god this idol,

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Allah de volta Allah He occupied with you persisted to be developed upon and know how to return now who we will burn this God down from Allah Nancy apana. Who, then we will surely after we burn it down, we will blow your blow it into that phillium into the sea. Now as far as dust scattered dust, because this is not through God, this is a false god. So this is Nabil Moosa reproaching samedi, saying, you know, is no contact with you must cut yourself off from the people. You are going to be taken into task in the year after you're going to be punished. And I see what I'm going to do to this, this false guy that you have taken. And at this point, we asked, so what's going to happen to

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the bunnies right now, because they barely started. And already they moved straight over into Schick. They barely started with a life of freedom. They barely started obeying orders because they didn't come down from the mountain yet. He found out that they were committing these excesses and they were falling

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Two issues.

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Are they going to learn the lesson? And what would be the tober? How would they reform from this? And most importantly, what is going to happen next? Very exciting, but we'll leave that for the next class. So Allah Allah said in the Mohammed's have a handle on how many some hand Oklahoma we have Nick. Now shadow Allah Allah hi lantana stone fuuka wanted to be like Santa Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakato