Zahir Mahmood – Indebted to Musa A.S

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where a believer named Jesus gives ten sellers 50 sellers to do a good action. The sellers are given opportunities to do things like pray, do good things, and preserve their Salah. The situation is a reference to a book called "The Greatest Show I've ever seen."
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Melissa says was she being given Salah

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he said How many? He said 50 5050 said go back and have it reduced

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five times Salah

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five times Hello. Neeraj, what was initially 50 sellers.

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Imagine 50 salons we're giving to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, unless he was happy. Look, this is the gift Allah has given to me so long as you will love our descends down from the heavens, and he comes to Musab a soft Salaam.

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And Moses says what's he been given? Since Allah?

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He said How many? He said 50 5050 said go back and have it reduced.

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He said my alma was also given. He said, I'm talking from experience. My Alma was given, they couldn't manage. Go back.

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He goes back to that last panel.

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45 then ratio mentioned it went down. Every time five, they had to go back, it goes to moussaka go back again. Go back again. Go back again until it's five.

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And then he's coming back and moose LSA meets Musa Musa says how much now is it five, he said, Go back that

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said go back now, even five is too much for these Muslims.

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Five is too much.

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So now I feel embarrassed to go back to Allah.

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I feel embarrassed.

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What a bargain.

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550 for the price of five. That's what a believer gets 50 for the price of five. And this was another reward that Allah subhanaw taala gave the professor lesson on that date, that a believer will do one good action and Allah will multiply a minimum by 10

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minimum by 10.

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And if you think of an evil,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will not write that down. But if you think about intend to do a good action, and you are unable to do Allah still reward you for a good action, good intention.

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Nieto moment

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that the intention of a believer is even better than his action because sometimes you can't do the action but at least you've intended.

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See if the world intends to good, do good. Imagine what a beautiful place this would be.

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You can't always do the action but you want to do that good action.

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And this is why brothers.

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Imagine what law he will lie just imagine. We were given 50 sellers.

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You would finish from here. You would walk through the door and you back in

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every half an hour, we would have to praise Allah

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and even the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah gave us five salons and we still find five difficult You know why? For this this is the simple reason our entire day our entire day, or should we say those who pray Salah I find it difficult to pray Salah is because our Salah rotates around our day. So wherever we can fit in with try to fit in

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and if you can't fit in, then we go cover.

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If you want to preserve your Salah, rotate your day around yourself.

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Make your Salah your priority and then everything else you will preserve your Salah, and if your Salah is not your priority, you will see over a period of time it will slip away

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