Irshaad Sedick – Nabi Musa #18

Irshaad Sedick
AI: Summary © The importance of praying in one's homes is emphasized, especially in the face of extreme punishment and the need for people to pray. The speakers also discuss the importance of following guidance and not giving up on fear. A woman died while drinking alcohol and was killed by a sea storm. The video of the woman died is also mentioned, along with a video of someone who died while drinking alcohol.
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Larry smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Wanda AlLahi wa sahbihi wa wa Obeid. Now we back to the story of NaVi Moosa and Harun Prophet Moses that are in peace be upon him in a way to Pharaoh, there was some amazing stories that came out of this. Of course, in the time it wasn't stories it was it was events of life, but there's so much we can take from it. When we learned about the great plagues, or the trials that Allah put Egypt through, specifically so that people could turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we related to you know, the COVID-19 situation and how Allah Allah is putting us through what we are currently experiencing, even though

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you know it afflicts wrongdoers, righteous people like so that everybody as a whole can turn back to God and remember, and of course, Take heed of the lessons. So what happens through all these floods through not floods only but through all these plagues and problems, each time they go back to an Abu Musab, we continue from the and we learn of this, this incident they just don't know any more Salus that this number down and made him turn to Allah with into AI and an amazing response from Allah Subhana Allah. So every time an affliction came anytime a trial or this display comes by lemma waka la hemorrhages whenever the the affliction comes down upon them all they would say yeah Moosa Oh

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Moses who darlin Arab backhoe to your load for us make do it your load for us think of it the way they thinking they don't believe in Allah but the something the so you ask your God and I'll be off the mat

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with what you are you know your covenant that you have with him that in cash after and that oh god if you take away from us or register the affliction the look mean then Allah can then begin to believe in you. Well, I noticed the Lanham Act and not only that, but we will save we will send rather the people of Israel or the Israelites back there notice Ilana Mancha, bunnies right we will send the Israelites with you. So this is the promise each and every time. But of course we know Bella maca chef Now I know that when we got removed from them averages are the affliction Illa a journey to an appointed time meaning for a short period, whom ballyhoo and when they reach that

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period, either human kasun uncertainty that we turn any promise and break the promise that they made to God subhana wa. In surah Yunus we learn from Anna Lee Moosa Rhea to call me no one believed that we must listen to Sam except for the progeny of his own people either hopefully mean figure out why did people not believe in Musa Allah hoping mean Farah because they were fearing for your own so his own people the Israelites? They were hesitant to follow musala salaam because you know what if you're going to be leaving this man around is going to Jesse's gonna kill us is going to kill our children and he's going to * our women and enslave him or mala him and the ministers of Iran are

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also threatening AfD in our home because they were going to put fitna upon them, meaning great trials and tribulations are in the fionnula and in film and film was was arrogant and he was tyrannical in the land in a place of war in a hula Amina mustafi. And he was really someone to go over the boundary over the boundaries and transcripts he would really maximize punishment upon the people of Allah Moosa Moses density Yeah, call me all my people in mentum de la, oh my people, if you believe in God, for Allah heeta What can you think please patient trust in Him in quantum muslimeen if you are truly submitted if you truly believe so now we can understand that Moses his

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task was so difficult because not only was he facing fear our own and his people, but he was actually facing his own Israelites, their own his own people who he was trying to save, because they were hesitant to believe in Him and to follow him because you know, as we saw previously, they said you know, we've had problems before you now we still have problems so what's all this about? If you're going to follow you were going to end up eating you will be worse off than then if we were to not follow you.

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So Moses is really stuck in between a rock and a hard place. carries on sort of units 85 a call who they said Allah La hit our kalna You know what, okay, we'll place a thrust upon God. Robin Allah jalna Fitness attending tomio volley me are you do not make us objects of trial for the wrongdoing people. Meaning Don't make us the fitness the source of taste that you are testing. wrongdoing people with don't put us in the middle. They just wanted to get out of the alive and free and they did not want to be the the reason of punishment for your own because they now believed in me musala set wassalam

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Gina aromaticum in uncommon caffeine and save us through your mercy from the disbelief in people so now okay we move solicitous and making some progress because now he's people are believing in God. Well hyena Illa moves and then we Allah, we reveal to Moses where he and his brother Hyrule, and turbo, the comi Kuma that you may not vote for your people. Otherwise you may settle with your people be Misra in Egypt, to youth and in homes YG Aloo Taku kubelet and make your homes into places of worship or RP masala you need to establish pray in your homes abashiri Mini give glad tidings to those who will believe so Nana we will salicylate as I was making some progress and he tells his

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people now you need to start praying. Pray in your homes. bacala Moosa Moses didn't say Rob banner in nikka data Farah omala, who Zenith and what am Weiland? Okay, now we musalla set Islam you need to understand at this point.

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He's been through what we could say * and back and against all odds. As we said before, you know, you seem to a people who he struggled with as well. And against all odds, fear around and he's ministers instead of just giving up. Nope. They persisted, and they still continued killing the Israelites and putting them to punishment. Moses after all those trials and tribulations and plagues. He's just had it tonight thanks to Allah and he changes his dialogue. This is Rob banner. Oh my Lord. Oh, Lord. In NACA, indeed, you take the fear out no matter who you are given Pharaoh and his people, Zenith and what Amala you've given them the adornments of this world. You've given them

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the riches of this world, feel hayati dunya, in this lowly life, Rob banner overload, we will deal and sibenik is this so that they may send a stray from your path? Because they using all of these things, you gave them all these resources to keep people away from worshipping you? So we are Why give it to them? See is asking a lot of but not to miss Ella. Oh my god, remove extinguish, annihilate, destroy, and emmalin the wealth Why should do the LFO loopy him and harden their hearts. In other words, seal their hearts so that they they don't follow the guidance. The faith is now seen they never going to be leaving my message. It's fine sternum away from it completely. Because now in

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other words, he's invoking Allah to punish them.

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And he says follow up No, because they will never believe what they are or will either bill and him until they see the most painful punishment. So this is where we really handler that we must address the Salaam said enough is enough.

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Now, it's a very important lesson for us to know that we don't give up on people we don't have why, you know divine inspiration from God.

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The prophets Allah masetto salaam they had divine inspiration from God so they would know how to act under particular circumstances and be most that was obviously doing this with His Divine instruction from Allah. When when it comes to us, the law is we keep inviting people we keep reminding people we never get to a point where we like Okay, you know what, there's no hope for that person anymore. Because this is not what the profits asymptote as he told us that a person can change until the soul reaches the throat until the sun rises from the waist. In other words, there's always hope until the very end. And that is something that we need to witness here in the studio as well. Allah, Allah

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says do you have any more Sir, I do g but our to Kuma the Delaware they do add the pre the invocation that you made the two of you Moses and audit. It has been responded fast akima so continue to be upright and straight. In other words, as not the time to slack in my remembrance in praying to me in worshiping me No, no. Now you keep steady, because I've answered you and what you are so is going to now transpire. Again, a lot lot is going to happen no matter what. While at that. That'd be An Nisa de la Latina dianemo do not follow the path of those who don't know. In other words, keep following the guidance that I'd seem to keep playing. Keep steadfast keep believing in

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Allah subhana wa Tada. Joe was nappy bunny surah lol.

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So how is Allah to Allah to make this to come to life or into realization. So there are other places in the Quran that describe this but here we have a nice beautiful summation of this incident.

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Allah told me Moosa to take the people of the Israelites and leave Egypt and that fear own was going to was going to be destroyed.

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A lot could have taken them any direction. It took them straight to the ocean, straight to the sea. And of course history is that as this is the Red Sea straight day

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Against all odds, any other place could have been fine now against all odds, right to the sea. Now the children of Israel are thinking what now is standing over the sea Pharaohs behind us, they're coming to kill us, because we live in Egypt and we believed in your God, now you lead us to the sea What now? How are we going to escape this? But also lead them back to the sea at our hometown and then Pharaoh followed? What do you do and his armies also followed by the NY da? Because they were rebellion? They were a rebellion against God. Now, that's what they thought, Well, I do and they were that in metaphor for Moosa and Israelites had that either either aka hula rock until we know

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the story and we'll get into some of that detail but Aleta either told me Moosa put your stick your stuff again that that stick comes comes really as a highlight and sorry, put your stuff in the in the water, and it opened up and the Israelites could walk through. This is like a really big miracle. And they will through safely Pharaoh followed suit and a lot goes into drown andraka who and the whole rock drowning sees the oil at events in as he standing the Leno's basically this now in Iraq, and you know, the movies always dramatize this particular incident. And he's standing there and as the waves are gonna come crashing down upon him, he says,

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I believe, and now hula Illa

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de la la la in this version, and the hula in LA and Allah de Amman at the Hebrew is right. I believe that is no one worthy of worship, except the one who the Israelites believe in that same God. So this is not genuine Eman coming from him. But this is not the time for a man. Remember, we see the prophets and to test a man is valid until the very end you can change and become good until the very end. But when you see diff is the when you see the last day is the now that's not the time to change your life. Because that's not it's not important anymore. It's not relevant anymore. It's changed your life when it really matters. And as he's doing that, he says what a nominal Muslim mean I am of

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the Muslims and that means I am of the submitters. Now the waves are about to crash. What do you think Allah responds to him? Allah says,

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and now only Papa zeta kaaboo. And before this used to disobey time after time after time,

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I mean a new CD and you have those who cause corruption. And of course, close behind with Allah caused him to drown fell Yeoman aji cabbie by the neck. Today we got we will save you with your body. So he drowned. But Allah says we will preserve your body, it akuna demon alpha, so that you may be assigned for those who come after you people always need to remember you and how you were destroyed in the kathira mean, and nasty and 18 alcohol fuel. And indeed, many, many, many people are totally unmindful of the signs of God. Now they are scientists have actually investigated, the pharaoh that they've excavated in Egypt, that's in the museum, I think is still in the museum. And

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they they didn't autopsy or post mortem, you know, some investigation to find out how this particular Pharaoh died. And it was discovered that that Pharaoh died and died of drowning and because of the situation how he died. He actually was preserved on that day. I don't I'm not going to recall all the details right here right now. Because you know, time won't allow, but do some reading with regards to that and how this verse is so accurate because Allah specifically says, today we will save you with your body, that he wasn't only killed, but on that same day that he was drowned. His body was preserved because already been in the water for too long. Or had you been in a

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different situation for too long than you would have been completely decomposed with alekos that his body be saved so that he can be assigned for all those who come afterwards. flowrider as Duffy zoom in and out of the house Raka now Who am I who Jamie and another verse in Surah Surah Allah says we intended to drive in driving from the land, but we drowned him and those with him altogether so not only for your own ground, but all of his armies and soldiers all drowned together. Pelham SF una in the condom in whom

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and when they angered us, Allah God, we took retribution from them and we drowned them all together. sudo to Shara philomath para el djem and call us harbor Moosa in lm with raccoon, the Israelites were standing at the at the banks of the Red Sea, and they saw these these armies coming on and said, Oh, we really need to be overtaken now. Now there's no price. I like Canada in Europe, Visa de musala setosa Moses see to them at that time, so we're going back and forth but now because this is a different is

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Coming together. You say to them, no, no, my Lord is with me. He will guide me get this yaqeen this absolute conviction of Prophet Moses peace be upon him. He has no way out he has no idea how he's gonna get out of the hole. He knows he's God is with him. And he believes, oh hyena de la Moosa and Mildred Yasaka bow. So we instructed Moses and Mildred strike the asaka. With your stick, and behind the ocean, the sea fell apart, and it's separated, it's split open again. Aku Falcon cathodal Alvin. And each portion that split open was like a huge giant polar stitching into the sky, as the sea split open. And as I said, before the snow is dramatized in the movies. An interesting lesson from

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this is that every morsel is that Islam was instructed to take his stick, and hit a sea hit a body of water, we all know that this has absolutely no physical effect. Yet, Allah will cause the sea to split open, still chose one of the musar to hit the sea with the stick and that is going to cause the, the oceans to to split open. What I learned from this person is that despite the fact that God can do with the means without the means, against the means, etc, he still uses the means that is the system in this world. So yes, God can provide Yes, God can save you Yes, God can protect you. Yes, God can keep you from sickness etc. But you have to take the means, even though that means is not

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proportionate to the outcome because the outcome is determined by God Almighty. So behind him with either sort of tenacity I'd found all if algebra we showed him the greatest sign for kettlebell or saw he turned away and he denied any he was disobedient thumb at the bar Oh yes, I turned away from web services I'm striving for hash out of another he called his magicians together for Carla and Rob Bookman. As I said, I'm elude the most Hi, this is Sharon. And we see in different descriptions throughout the code and these are not the only ones we had to select some of them and leave out others alone Academy accurately we will add an overseas them with the punishment of the after end of

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this world. So he was punished here in the ocean, by their by dying in that way, as well as knee in the after in a fanatical are able to tell him a yaksha in that is a listen for those who fear Allah Subhana Allah and narrow your aduna la who do well why Shia while meta combs there are two other lF here on the other interesting first year, in that lscs is a fire which they are presented upon morning and evening. And then on the deaf piano, there'll be entered, the people of Iran will be entered into a more intense fire. From this verse, the scholars of Islamic theology have actually proven that the Quran speaks about the punishment of the grave. not explicitly, but implicitly. It

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implies this, because Allah says that you'll be you'll be punished in the year after and in this world. So that punishment in this world could have been the ocean. But it could also be something else. But in verse 26, we come to understand that there's this other punishment, that specifically a fire, a fire, that they are proof that they will be presented with morning and evening. And then on the Day of Judgment,

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it will be set to fit into into a even bigger punishment. So this is the punishment in this world. But there's no fire round. That's it. So that must mean that there's a space between his life in this world and in the world you're after, and that's called the barossa. And that's the punishment of the grave. So while some people just believe the punishment of the grave, the poor and does in fact implicitly support the idea of the punishment of the grave which is explicitly supported and proven in Hadith by Joel now who cellophane well, methyl and he, and that's we made them as a precedent and as an example, for those who come later, Allah Subhana Allah save us from such

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obstinacy from such arrogance. And until the next lesson, we can start asking the question, but what happens to not be Moosa? elesa to Solomon the Israelites after they are saved from Pharaoh? Are they all of a sudden full of Eman full of vigor ready to take on the world? Or is there a serious turn of faith waiting on the other side of that See? Allah Subhana Allah save us all. So Allahu Allah sitting there, Mohammed Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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