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Larry Rafi Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah vida le he was suffering he will know why they were bad. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Well praise and thanks to Allah Allah azza wa jal to speech blessings and salutations upon our Master and digital w Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Subhana Allah the story of Moses and Harun the people of the Israelites, at least the bunnies, right? This is such an important story in the Quran that we see it featuring so frequently so often. And you know, if you study the Quran, especially if you start from Sorrento Fatiha and you carry on, you will soon begin to ask the question is this book for the

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Muslims or for the Israelites, you know many of you. And the reason for this is because of the the frequent mentioning of the story. Now in the story, the famous incident of the opening of the Red Sea, what is the story and sets the Red Sea and the people of Moosa, the Israelites going through safely welfare owning his army was drowned and we spoke a little bit about that. Now,

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I would like us to begin asking the question,

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why does Allah mentioned these stories so often in the Quran? What is it that Allah azza wa jal wants for us to take heed of besides the individual messages, and the individual lessons that you know this great story has for us as a whole? Why does Allah azza wa jal want this story to feed yourself frequently for the home of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now with that in mind, we continue, we we commence from where we left off so they reach the other side of the Dead Sea. Now ask yourself, how would you imagine be if you were standing externally Moosa, right then in the end, he put the stick in the water and the ocean split open and they you know, the bunnies, right? You

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walk through and you walking along with them. Can you imagine how your faith would have increased? We ask the question, so do we think that now immediately thereafter, they were complete believers, the reluctancy disappeared, they believed in Abu salah satu Salaam, they lift the ways of old because they were now free people, or what happens next? So we go to sudo to our off Allah Subhana. Allah tells us how to be lamina shaytani regime or older Snell como la Vina, can you start our food and machinery called out of the Omaha river? And we Allah, we cause to inherit, what did we choose to inherit alko melody Nakano, those people who you stopped the iPhone, they were being oppressed,

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they were being persecuted they were being weakened. So to midweek, Masha Allah are being because them to inherit the east of the earth mahadi bahat in the west of the earth, alleppey Barak nafi ha, and that lands which we had placed, that, you know, referring to acts of Palestine, in the lands around Palestine, what I met Kalamata Rebecca, and the words the speech of your Lord was complete, in other words, that, that he was told, you know, you will save them you will be saved, they will be freed, these words, this prophecy was fulfilled, because of your load, Elsner this good promise, I'll have a nice rail for the Israelites, female sabelo because of the suburb that they had, were

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damona and we destroyed America and is not of your own, that we should own used to do work. And notice people used to do America new addition, and that which they both so the entire civilization, you know, with except for some traces of the existence of the perimeters and the like, but they as a as a culture as a movement, they will completely destroyed. So this is the condition now, unless behind what are they saying that they inherited the lands meaning they became in charge, they were now given power. So what do we expect from them? How would we as an oma react if we are to be given power, the way that the way that Allah Subhana Allah gave them power? And of course we know from our

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history that there were occasions, periods of time in which the Zuma was in power. Allah Subhana Allah says in verse 59, COVID, olika or afnor have a nice view. And like that we made the children of Israel, the Israeli, the Israelites, we made them inherit the earth. Moving on to verse number 158 of Serato our off ledger was nabby Benny is wrong lol. And we Allah, we cause the Israelites to jawas now because in to pass through the sea, Fado and atonement. Now when they reach the other side, they came across some people. Yeah Khufu, who would devote from the word in cast. Iron cast for like Agatha saint

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same route letters that we use for the word guarantee calf, right so they were devout they, they really attached themselves to either a tsunami home upon some idols that they had. So they were these people were worshipping idols and they were devout worshippers of idols, all. So when the Israelites saw this, remember they now will preach to and they accepted the message of NaVi masala salat wa salam. And of course we know that the predominant, the predominant rule of the Hadees that you don't describe potters unto Allah. But when they saw these people worshipping idols, they said, Yeah Moosa Oh, Moses IJA, Lana, Illa. Han, make us a god, come Allahu Allah, like how they have a

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god Subhana Allah, perfect be Allah. Now, this tendency in humankind, to want something that that's tangible, that they can see, this is what leads to idolatry. Allah Subhana, Allah has made symbols, and pictures and so forth is a lot of restrictions about that in Islam. This is not the type of platform in which I'd like to go into detail. But the creation, you know, just in brief, making, you know, ornaments of things that are generally intimate, like living to plants, and, and plants or animals and human kind, and, you know, anything with life is problematic in Islam, except under certain circumstances. And similarly, you know, taking figures is fine on masajid we don't have

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pictures and ornaments of living animals or living living things, because these things are problematic, as I said, except under circumstances, which we need to study and, and really learn about in effect.

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But the reason for this is the danger that comes about when when people find that an unseen God is not enough with him, and they want something tangible they want something to imagine the ones that need to comprehend. And this is very, very dangerous. So this is exactly what happened to the Israelites said make us a god like they have a garden. Why can't we also have a god? Alana removes acid in Hong Kong. Tasha, hello, no, you people are very ignorant, for making this request. You're very, very, go to verse 139. He said, in oola, immutable maham fee about the room can we I'm alone, these people, they will be destroyed. You know, everything that they that they are doing is

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baffling, it's null and void, America and that which they are doing will also be distributed will not benefit them in the least. Why do you want to be like these people? When you have you have to hide you have the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah He said, I hire a lot of illegal Should I seek for for something other than Allah for you? Elana as a guard wahoo a footballer come while he Allah he favored you ll Allah mean of all the worlds he chose you to inherit the earth. He chose you to defeat fear only nice people at least to be saved from them. You have you know, you've been given this good frame of Mahler you saw that he opened up, you saw already moved the plagues from Egypt,

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and all of the different trials and tribulations that went through Egypt. Allah saved you, and this is what you want. So they were very treacherous. Why even LS is again it's a little our office 141 what is what even remember when and Jane can we save you in Alif around from the people of your own? So Mona Consuelo, either they were afflicting upon you the worst of punishments. You got the Luna Vanakkam they were killing your sons Western Union. He said they were keeping you your daughters alive. And another meaning they were enslaving them even raping them that was Billa Wolfie Veliko. And in that Bella omura, become alvim is a great taste for you from your Lord. So Allah subhanho wa

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Taala doesn't only test us with tribulation, he also test us when he saves us from tribulation doesn't only test us with a difficulty, like adversity, it also saves us sorry, test us with prosperity. So we need to make up our own selves. And you know, in the time that we are currently in with COVID-19, and so forth, we are in a great test a great tribulation, but be in the law, they will come in this trial will be removed and we'll go back to times of prosperity insha Allah, how will we be then will we forget about the two as we made now, Allah save us all to help us all to take us out of this difficulty, Allah we make Toba and so forth, will we go back on our word? These

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are the type of lessons that we learn from the treachery of many serai Allah Subhana Allah says verse number 142 Well, I didn't move South LA Athena Laila. So now, Allah Allah continues with his mission with NaVi musala salat wa salam, O Allah Adena and we appointed for Moosa for Moses fell Athena Laila for 30 nights are at Manor have been ushered in, and then we completed it with him, so 40 nights in total, but Tamiko to Robbie so he can

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completed the appointment of his node. So this refers to 14 nights that maybe Moosa was called to come to leave the people and go alone to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala either in some place in the mountain, and I'd see what you had what we call hollow isolation, much like the hollow of the profits of SLM in our era, in the cave alone, we receive certain commandments from Allah Subhana Allah what today we call the 10 commandments, and he received you know why an inspiration from Allah Subhana Allah because he now needed to be further paid for his mission, not against fear around this time, but his mission with these people to buy nice are you. So this is Allah subhanho wa Taala

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completed to the significant period of 50 plus 10 days equals 40 days, he had to go in, worship Allah Subhana Allah, Allah by email a letter and 40 nights what Allah Moosa so nobody moves or Moses sadly, he to his brother Harun orange, Harun loose knee feeco me you be my halifa among the people in other words, you take my place you are now the leader you are in charge you are representing me What else and reform in other words, do what is right, so he's also an abbey and then he moves us closer is slim is in charge. So this Nabhi is actually following w mu salicylate, oh snap right? Remember how nabee her room was made a profit it was made a profit by the call of NaVi Musa to Allah

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for an assistant. So in Abuja, Harun and he said to Salaam is gonna stand in St. While at the VA, Sabina move CD, and whatever you do, don't follow the way of the characters. So he knows that he also knows that there will be people who's going to try to cause problems, who's going to cause corruption and he's commanding his brother, not to follow in the footsteps not to follow in the the aspirations while I'm Moosa was 143 so when w Moosa came, give me a patina to our appointment. What Karolina hora boo and his load spoke to him. So yeah, again we learn that Allah Allah spoke to NaVi moussaka to Salim. This is why it's called Cali moolah, the one whom Allah spoke to just like he

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spoke to him at the burning bush. Allah He said, Rob be rainy under a lake. So now we move on. Is this an AST Allah? Oh, Allah. Let me see you. Let me see you. So obviously, we can relate this to the incident of NaVi Brahim lsfo salaam, where he's asking to see Allah who is asking for some sign some evidence, not that he doesn't believe in Allah Subhana Allah, but this is just a way of increasing his faith. Right? Because if we go to an abbey to increase our faith, then what does the Nabil go to see we speaking to Allah Subhana Allah He really just wants to see Oh, he wants to see that Allah Subhana Allah in all of his Splendor in the form that only Allah knows best. This is

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angled a leg let me look at you. Allah lenta Ronnie, you will never see me said Allah. Allah Azza wa Jalla wa lacking but while I can in good ineligible, Allah said no, you can't see me. So this world cannot contain a lot. We cannot see a less behind without in this world and we learn this from our Qaeda. But we will see on the deaf piano or at least we will see in the agenda in the light Allah you know that will be the ultimate reward of the agenda is when the believers are you know who do yoga even now there are a lot of behind in faces on that they will be glowing, as they look upon the noble Lord, so behind Allah in a way that we fit his majesty, but in this world, no way. Unless he's

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a lantern, you will never see me while I can indeed illegible. But look at the mountain for any staccato McKenna, who is the mountain stays in its place. So there's this mountain look at it. If the mountain stays in its place myself at arani then you'll be able to see me by lamotta geladeira book. So when his node revealed, revealed what did he reveal? So the more fascinating explain here, just a minute, portion of his nor of his splendor, not his full majesty, he didn't reveal himself, it just revealed portion, a very small portion of his noorani splendor to the mountain that cannot be more or less of something just to display how incompatible His Majesty is with with being

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presented here in this world. Then Jalla who

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the mountain was completely and utterly destroyed, crumble Subhanallah imagine a mountain always look at that mountain if it stays there, and already feels to better be splendid to the mountain vanishes. It just crumbles before and that'd be Moosa. Listen to Sam was so shaken up a hora moves and it moves so he fainted. Harvey fell down Siachen unconscious, and we remember that we moved as this big man is powerful, strong men and strong men, you know, although I am but I don't think they have a tendency to just think from being scared of something. But I'd be more selective so I'm so scared. He fell down unconscious by lambda when he regained consciousness

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I said super high neck, super hair neck alone. Beautiful expression. You are perfect Allah, you are transcendent. How could I even think that it's possible for me to see you in this world to be to like everything to your light and back to you in repentance and meaning, and I am of the first to believe in you, Europe, what a beautiful incident that we learn about when we musala set Islam the next verse, our layer moves and then we also said or other lessons don't ever move So Moses in mystified I have chosen you island as all of the people who descend it with my message will be calamity and with my speech for what it took to take this that I'm giving that I'm giving you now.

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Welcome Mina, Shakira in and be grateful and it was here that Allah Allah had given him what they refer to as the commandments right the commandments are Katana Allah who and we wrote for him Phil Allah in the tablets so these were stone tablets that Allah Allah written some notes on min Cooley Shea in of every category of everything nor is that an investment of sealant and an explanation liquidity sharing for everything every law that they needed to know for her so take it before what he was distinct and as it's taken firmly, what mortal Mecca and go in command your people yet who do be asked anywhere within take its beauty salary, come down on fast shipping, and I will soon show

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you the abode of the centers. And that brings us to the end of the chapter. When we move Sally citizenm goes in worships unless behind you're out of it again, this is mentioned frequently in the program. And what we take from this is now the treachery that we begin to see from the Israelites and we ask ourselves the question, so often every Moosa now warns them and he goes in worships Allah like this and he brings them the commandments. Will they now take heed? Will they now you know, be as adhering to the law as they should be off the scene so many miracles of Allah subhanaw taala of the being witness to this great miracle of Allah subhanaw taala or will they turn on the heels and

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we will find that out in the next chapter. Ignite Allah sallallahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh