Mirza Yawar Baig – Ramadan Reminder #18

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including Omar weightless deeds and the use of vasila ultra Zenigrams to reach authority and achieve goals such as sending messages to powerful people and avoiding giving false information to others. The speakers emphasize the importance of respecting Allah's teachings and praying for healing, particularly those who have experienced similar injuries. The speaker also emphasizes the need to focus on one's strengths and sincerity to ensure that any actions taken are beneficial for others.
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Sally, Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to

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sisters and hamdulillah we

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we act and we do things

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in order to please Allah subhanaw taala This is one of the basic fundamental conditions for the acceptance of deeds that they are done with less they're done with only and only to please for no other reason.

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Now we have this beautiful story

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in say Buhari, and this is a true story, this is our aqeedah about their hobbies also sell them where when a seller told us about people of the past, and about the vibe and so on, that we believe what the prophets Allah told us

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because he always spoke the truth. And he spoke from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Now, originally when Omar Abdullah Abdullah bin Omar Golan that Rosaura, Salah Salim said that there were three people and they were traveling, and they were overtaken by a thunderstorm. So, rain started falling heavily. And at that time they were traveling and this or he said they took shelter in a cave in a mountain side of the market.

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As they were sitting in this cave,

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waiting for the rain shower to end, there was a landslide a big rock slid from the mountain, over the mouth of the cave and blocked it.

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So, now here are these three people and they are in pitch dark, they are inside this cave and the mouth of the cave is locked with a huge rock

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there is no way they can escape.

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They are looking at a very horrible way of dying very slowly, literally they were buried alive.

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Imagine what must be going through their minds. How did you find there must be

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a handler people who are connected with the loss of animal data. They look to Allah subhanaw taala for

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for help.

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So they said to each other think of such good and righteous deeds which you did only for the sake of Allah

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something which you did, which was inshallah free from anything else from Pretoria free from trying to please anybody else, you did this deed only and only to please Allah

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and call upon Allah subhanaw taala invoke Allah giving the reference of that deed, so that Allah may relieve us from our difficulty.

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Now, this issue of, of vasila ultra Zen Baba whoo la Hill was sila,

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Allah said seek our sila. vasila is a means of getting close to somebody in power right.

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In the Middle East, for example, you want to go meet the king, I want to go meet some minister or something or the governor of a province, you know, you look for you look for somebody who can take you there, somebody who has a connection, somebody who can open a door for you. So what sila is a means you are seeking a means to reach someone in power and authority. Of course all power and authority blocks on the Samaritan and that's it seek vasila now in Islam widow from arcada did this vasila is not an individual is not a human being. Or it's not some other agency, though our vasila our best was our own actions.

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What did I do for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala alone What did I do only and only to please Allah, this is my vasila so that is why it is very important for us to do things for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala in secret, do this good deed. Don't tell anybody about it. That would be something purely between you and Allah. So very big mistake that native people make that even deeds which are by definition they are or should be secret for example.

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Whether you are praying to Angela or not, whether I am praying or not is something that is between me and Allah. It is not something that other people know

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Or should know, if they happen to know by some means that's fine, but I at least I should not tell people that you know I pray every night.

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But what do we do? somebody tells you please make dua for me and you say yes inshallah I will make a intogen No, did he ask you where they will bring that? No, he just said men got the CSS and Java class,

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let your tattoos be a secret between you and Allah. So, similarly, keep some dates, keep at least one

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something which you do only for the sake of our last parameter, and nobody knows that except a lot.

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So now these three people are stuck in this game, there is no hope of escape, except by the will of Allah subhanaw taala. And they are saying to each other, because they are people who are connected with Allah.

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Let us think of something that we did only for the sake of Allah and let us make dua and recall this deed refer to that deed and say, Allah, I did this only for you. And today, I request you, please relieve me from this difficult.

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So one of them said, Oh, Allah, I had my parents who are very old. And I had small children, for who say, I used to work as a shepherd.

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And my practice was that when I returned to them, when I returned home at night, I made the sheep, I then used to begin by giving that milk first to my parents, before giving it to my children.

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And Monday, I went far away in search of a grazing place for my sheep. And I didn't return home until late at night, and I found that my parents had already stepped,

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I milked my sheep as usual, and I brought the milk vessel. And I stood by the head of the bed of my parents,

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waiting for them to wake up to drink the milk. He said, My children were crying with hunger. I didn't like to keep them hungry. But I waited until my parents woke up, or would wake up so that I could give them milk first them and then give it to my children.

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But it so happened, that they didn't wake up until the money to the children just went to sleep hungry. My parents was sleeping anyway, and didn't wake up until

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then the man said, or nah, if you consider what I had done,

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only to seek your pleasure, then please let there be an opening to which we can see the Skype.

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And so unless you made an opening through which they could see the sky, right. And this is the first man and historic sometimes when I read this is I think to myself that even when we make that we make guys which are limited. This man could have said yellow rock, and they would have walked up right. But Malala whatever was the thing, the manager doesn't see the sky. So they saw this guy.

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This is like a one of my very, very, very dear friends who was who took his parents for Hajj. And during the Hajj. They got very sick, the parents got very sick. And my friend went

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in he said, Oh Allah, do not allow me to get sick until I reach home. I'm

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at Mercy. And Bella, first of all of us, you could tell Yella, don't allow me to be sick. That was good enough.

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He said Oh Allah don't don't let me fall sick until we get home because you know, he has to take care of his parents. So he's saying Allah, I need to be healthy to take care of our parent. So don't let me fall sick until I reach home. And he doesn't mean that literally, the plane landed in Hyderabad. He said I stood up from my seat.

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You know, I mean that that that is how

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he got what he asked for soon as he saw that he was sick. So anyway, in this particular case, now his bandwidth desire and he said, Oh Allah, move the rock so that we can see the sky and the rock moved a little bit. It's not big enough for them to get out. But they can just see the sky.

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Now, the second person, he said, Oh Allah, I had this girl cousin of mine, who I loved

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with as much passion as a man can love a woman.

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Now this is you know, he's talking about physical lust.

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So he said, I loved her, I really was very passionately, I used to love him, and then his hair. And I tried to seduce, but she refused.

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And she said, You know, I, if you want me to sleep with you then give me 100 Dena, gold coins. So you said I worked very hard until I collected 100. And then I went to her with that. There is a when I sat between her legs, to have * with her, she said,

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Yeah, Abdullah.

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He said, Oh slave of Allah, be afraid of them, do not devour me do not have * with me.

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Without manage.

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If you want to have * with me, Mary, don't do it. Don't do it like this. So the manager, so I left.

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And I left that money also will didn't take the money also, I just left.

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Then he says, Oh Allah, if you consider that I had done this, only to please you.

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So please move the rock a little bit more

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enable us to

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make drugs which are powerful, and which, you know, is solve our problems. But anyway, he said, moves a rock, make the opening a little bit bigger. And Sam said, the opening was made bigger.

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And then the third person, he made dry, he said, Oh Allah, I am right, this labor this man,

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for you equal to a certain measure of rice of ferox, which is called ferok. I, I gave him employed

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for these wages. And then he said when you're finished a job, he demanded his wages. But when I presented the wages due to him, he refused to take it.

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Now, you know why he did that. He said, I give it a medical stick. And he went do it. The man says then I what I did was

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he said I saw that. I didn't use up that thing. I saw the price.

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And I

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when I was showing the lines, I said this is for this man. And then the several cycles of that he saw the rise, you know, he harvested the next time he saw now obviously much bigger area. And he said several times I did that. And then I also managed to acquire some cows and a shepherd with the price of that rice.

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Later on the barn, came back to me

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deliver came to me. And he said to me, yeah, the likes of Allah. Fear Allah, and do not be unjust to me, give me my due, right? People at work. When the man first was giving his due this federal refusal walked away. Now he comes back and he's demanding it and saying give me Why do federal law, you know, don't be unjust to me, the poor man was not being unjust in the first place. But anyway, these are people are. So he says,

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Give me so he said this man said, I said to him, those cows and that Shepherd, all other blocks would take it.

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So he took them and went away. And his man said, Oh Allah, if you consider that I had done that, seeking your pleasure, then please remove this rock remaining part of the rock. So that we are free and Allah subhanaw taala release them from their difficulty and this had this is it.

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my brothers, sisters, Adam and myself knew that let us think about the disadvantages this whole story. What is this telling us the first and foremost thing that this story is telling us is the importance of obeying Allah.

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In all the three cases you see the issues of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala and issues of obedience, which are not this clearly, except in the case of fornication, but beyond that also in terms of trying to please Allah subhanaw taala try to do something, which is more than what is required, right to please

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these people did that one by one. Second thing is and as I mentioned earlier also the importance of a class the importance of hellos the importance of sincerity, that we do something only and only to please Allah subhanaw taala and for no other reason.

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And that is why sincerity and eflags is such a critically important thing.

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It's very important for us to understand this because

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without his last without sincerity, what comes in his ship, what comes in is,

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is showing off and Ria which is hidden ship. So as I said, I am not afraid for you that you will commit open ship, that you will worship idols, but I'm afraid that you will commit hidden and as I was eight years old, what is it ship, there is an absurd hidden ship is here it is to do something to please the people, which is to do something to show to people, rather than to please

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see a person is trying to pretend to be pious a person is trying to when he's praying in public in the in the masjid is, you know, making yourself look the outward

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shape of it, and how he stands and so on and so forth. To show people, that people should think that he's a very righteous and pious man, whereas in his heart, this is what his heart is not praying in order to please Allah Subhana Allah, so Allah sent away to Saudi Arabia, Oman, sadati himself alone in a home of your own, and those around her that said, Whoa, on these people who do things to show off, whoa, and these people who, who pray in order to show off and would lay their son, right.

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This one was rented as a foil, it was only people let's say the people were praying are punishable.

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Prayer is by itself a good thing, which we should do, but if you do it this way, which is to show people that obviously, it is something which is so,

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so reprehensible, right. So, it is very, very important for us to maintain our

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momentum, our class, we have the in terms of the Hardys on its last,

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the headings we have of

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you know, what is called the salad aware restaurant upset that on the Day of Judgment,

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unless there will be three kinds of people or three people who will be presented.

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And all three will be put into Jad. And they asked themselves, each

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one of these people, naturalism said, The first of them, the first of them will be an island will be a scholar of Islam. So he will be asked, What did you do, and he will say, Allah, I learned your kita, I learned your color your book for your sake. And I taught this book to the people to please you. And it will be said to him that you are alive, you learn the art, you learn the Islamic sciences, in order that you may be known as a great ally, as a great chef. And so that you may have fame among the people, so that you may draw the attention of people towards you, and show that you will benefit from this thing in a material way. Right? All of these words are not about this, I'm

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explaining this to you. So it will it would be said to him that you did all of this for these benefits. And all this was already given to you, there is nothing for you here and this person will be dragged into

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the misery that the second one would be somebody who was a lot of wealth too. And this person spent this wealth in the heart of Allah, He spent his wealth in doing all kinds of good things.

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Whatever he did, maybe build massage,

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hospital, you know, he dug wells, shelters, a lot of what he fed people, he went school, he built schools, whatever he did, this person had a lot of wealth, which one does matter, and he spent it in doing good things. Now, on the day of judgment, this man will be presented to us by Nadella and he will be asked what do you do and you will come out and you say, I did this, I did this, I did this, for your sake, it will be set to him, You are a liar. You did all of this, so that you would be known as a philanthropist so that you know as somebody who's charitable and somebody who was so kind and generous, and this happened, this was done

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here, there is nothing for you and this person will be taken and thrown into the Hellfire right. So this is the second person. The third person

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is somebody who will be presented before Allah subhanaw taala.

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And he will be asked, What do you do? The man will say, Oh Allah, I fought in your path. And I was martyred. I was killed in that process. So here is one of the

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You know, highest deeds that one can do, which is to fight for the sake of justice, is to fight for the sake of Islam is to fight in the path of Allah subhanaw taala. This man says, I did that. And I also lost my life in that process. Right. So in the eyes of the world, he will say, feasibly that it will be set to the man, you are alive. You went into that battle, you fought that battle, because you wanted to be known as a great warrior. You want it to be known as a brave person, you wanted to be known as somebody who fought this good fight. And this happened, you were very famous, you became very famous as this great warrior who fought this fight, and so on. And now baby, when all this

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happened, you've got all of his name and fame. Here, there is nothing for you. And this person who apparently died in the world, in the eyes of those who soy as a shade is a beauty that people would have seen him and people have said, Surely the genetic, that man was in the headphone. This happened in the time. And

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if I'm not mistaken, I think it was in the Battle of a hot Holla Holla. But I think it was a battle over, somebody came up to me, and they said, jasola, so and so is fighting is the tick of the battle. And surely he is from the people of China. He is from the people of the of paradise. As soon as he said, No, he is from the people of the hellfire. He is from the people

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now undesirable heard this, one of them was very curious to see. Why did they say this about somebody who's fighting on the side of the Muslims against the enemies of Muslims, and he is fighting so bravely. So he said, I followed him. And I found that in the end, towards the end of the day, this man he was whatever it is, maybe he was brought to us in pain or something. He committed suicide, he put his sword and he fell on his sword deliberately going to say, now we know that somebody who committed suicide is in the hellfire. Suicide is haram in Islam, it is privated, and anybody who commits suicide will be fired.

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So there was the evidence to say that even though this man was a fighting, he was a preacher he was fighting in the battle, so to speak, apparently, the man ended up in the head of fire because of his action, because of his near because of the reason why I was fasting, fighting it because he wanted to be known as a great warrior. Rather than just myself when you the whole issue of this lesson is for us to focus on our heart, and to focus on our strengths to focus on our sincerity. And to ensure that whatever we do, whether it is small or big, we do it only and only to present us matters. That's why

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he said that unless manager likes charity, which is done in secret where the right hand does not know where the left hand does not know what the right hand is given. Now, obviously, it is also permissible to do charity, publicly in order for therapy in order to encourage other people to do that. But let some of your charity or a lot of your charity be something which nobody knows about quietly, secretly Just do it. And once you've done it, you don't know. And then you realize that you know, hamdulillah These are things which Allah subhanaw taala obviously knows, and this will be your favorite. I remember I was about 2022 years ago, I used to live in Somers Connecticut. And we heard

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about this lady who was who died up north, I think it was

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it was a bear or something. And they had this was at that time, this was our, the the cemetery in Enfield, Connecticut was the only Muslim Cemetery in this area. So they brought this, this hearse and they brought this lady's body for the funeral. I went there just I thought it was late in the evenings.

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Here, maybe very few people that

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participate. When we go there, we find the whole cemetery is full of people, lots of cars, people all cut out people that

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the hearse driver is no this whole universe is filled with perfume. It's beautiful smell. Did you put perfume on the body? We said no. The people said the appearance. And this is the Monica. In a sense. So I said what is people? He said all of these people are people that this lady was to teach as children she was to teach karate. And all of these people now they know they're a big position. They're all over the place. But when they know that they knew that their parent teacher had died, they came for a funeral. This is the beauty of doing action that secret We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help

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busted and replaced with us and never to be displeased. We asked them

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to take to enable us to do that which he finds pleasing. Getting radical savage

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