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you feel

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to the left rasulillah while early he or Safi Ramallah or bad or praise and thanks to do so de tolosa behind over dielectrics is peace blessings and salutations upon our Master and exemplary Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is behind Allah, the month of Ramadan is going by so quickly the days of flying nights of flying. We are currently at verse number 18, our discussion of surah two cos it's not only going to be about certain causes, but as I said before, this is one of the places in the Quran where you get a chronological format of the life of NaVi Moosa to a degree in the night Allah. So previously,

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the mother of an OB Musa la salatu wa sallam put the baby and we moved them into a basket or a box or whatever it was, and sent him down the river to protect him. Because what was what was happening around was that the soldiers were coming, and they were going to be taking all the male babies and killing them, as we said previously, and Allah Subhana Allah inspired her, look, do this, he's going to be a prophet, and we're going to return him to you. You know, and this is Allah Subhana Allah is ye that or his inspiration that came to her. In this verse ulisses fell Takata who albufera una Leah Khun Ella, whom I do well was Anna, in the theater, I will never have a man or a woman can call him.

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So behind Allah received that this studio is going to be defined by the phrase against all odds, against all odds, instead of dying, drowning. Somebody else, you know, finding the baby, the baby being washed up by the river bank some way know who should find the baby fell Takata who so found him loafing around the family of your own specifically, the wife of your own lacuna. Allahumma dubeau has done so that he may become for them an enemy or has an as a means of grief, a cause of grief. So behind Allah, this is a left behind without a system, that of all the people it was the wife of your own, who found the baby.

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And this is all part of a less blend. So, you know, Allah subhanaw taala wanted to be Moosa to be found by the wife of her own, so that he can, you know, infiltrate into the family and actually become the means of that family's downfall. And that Allah says specifically, he's going to be a means of of enmity, or he's going to be an enemy for them, or hazard is going to be a cause of grief in your own man. Indeed, Pharaoh and Harmon is leading minister, what you knew that Houma and the armies can hold in, they were sinners, they made deliberate mistakes. And they also said enough mistakes, they deliberately sinned. And they also fell into a point that Allah subhanaw taala wanted

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to put them into check. But look at the way you know, Navy Mossad except wassalam could have come into the home of Iran in various ways, it could have just come as an emissary, or it could have just been a stranger, but alone did that this very baby that he's getting to now be picked up by the wife of Iran was to grow up in his home, and that very baby, that child would then become the enemy of your own walk or let him run around. And the wife of your own agency is now the wife of Iran, and then was Asya. She's an important figure, because she's got a unique position in the Quran. Allah praises a tremendously in the core and in a different place in the Quran. Allah speaks about Ada

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Maryam and Allah speaks about her. And the prophets also told us that she was one of the best women to have ever lived in this earth. It's very important that we get a name right? It's not arsia which would be a center that would literally mean a female singer. But Asya and asiyah. Despite being the wife of one of the worst people who have lived, she was one of the best people to have lived Subhanallah Imagine that.

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Some of us complain about our spouses, husbands complaining about the wives wives about the husbands, but I don't think any of us can compete this couple. You have the best of the best and the worst of the worst Subhana Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala alone knows

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Why that was, but today we can derive a lesson from and that is you do not need to be defined by the person in your life.

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You don't need to be defined by your wife, by your husband, etc. And despite their mistakes, you can still be an absolutely brilliant person. Or call it in right if you're around so as you say to around curato Amy Lee. So Angela kurata, in we spoke about this expression in the word in the de robina, habla nemunas vergina Maria, Tina kurata Are you the coolness of our eyes? Yes, she sees the fear and that I found the coolness of my eyes in this baby. I find comforting him. So clearly, she took an immediate liking to this child, while back and I'm also seeing the coolness of of eyes for you around letter Cthulhu Do not kill him. Do not kill him because of course your own would know

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that this baby was

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put down the river so that you wouldn't be killed because he was one of the Israelites. I saw a young foreigner she seems to fit around appealing to his his consciousness could appealing to his greed In fact, that perhaps he could be of benefit to us. You know, maybe you can work for us etc. But then she pushes it even further. She says oh net that is oh well I then all we can adopt him we can take him as a as a son. While home law, yes, our own. And then Allah says but they did not perceive. They did not know what was really going on. So what was really going on is that Allah wanted all of this to take place and Allah uses this amazing woman to take this amazing child to

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become an amazing prophet in the home of the west of people. And the story continues.

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What else behalf will add on me moussaieff Raven, in debt to be DB Lola our robot Juana la Colombia. Lita akuna minal mcweeny, then the heart, the head of the mother of Moosa became Johan became empty. This is an expression. It's an idiom that indicates that she she could, you know, we can describe it that she was completely consumed by her grief by her thoughts of Musa la salette was an

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encounter that led to BDB. India means a form of emphasis. So she cared that she almost led to by dB, she almost manifested it. In other words, she almost came forth and said, Listen, I'm actually the mother, that's my child, give my child back and it's understandable. What mother in her right mind wouldn't do this. But she was under strict instructions are Llosa behind with Allah and another instruction, but also because she was obedient to Allah. Look at the comfort that Allah gives up. Lola Roboto. Now Allah, Allah we have added not being that we Allah strengthened her heart. We are lusting for the heart the word robbed, means to tie something together, right? So she say Roboto is

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to tie something together. Sure, you've heard of the word, rebuilt, for example, and more are built.

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But Allah azzawajal strengthened our heart. We can learn from this, that in our times of anguish, in times of despair in times of hopelessness, in times of depression and sadness, if we remain true to the law of Allah, to the wisdom of Allah to the instruction of Allah, we could receive our contentment directly from Allah. And we also learn, that we would give into our human nature would get, we would give into to those things that we would consider normal and understandable, you know, just instinctively, without any, without any hesitation, reluctancy if it's not for Allah to Allah intervening and strengthening our hearts, we also learn that strengthening of the heart comes from

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Allah. Yes, we should do what we need to do, you know, meditate, make Vicar.

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seek counsel, seek therapy, etc. but inevitably, your heart will only be strengthened by Allah, Lola Roberto. Now Allah cobia had not been at V strength in her heart. She wanted to go and tell them that Listen, I'm the mother give my child and then unless you know, we strengthen the heartbeat. akuna Minal meaning so that she may be from among the believers. And this promise that Allah to Allah gives her that you know, strengthening the heart so that she remains true to the instruction that Allah Allah had given. And by remaining true to the instruction she is of the believers.

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Now, this is a beautiful element that we can learn in this verse about Arabic, the amazing

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nuances of meaning that you find in the Arabic language. I'd like you to take note of the translation here for a second. So the translation

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And the heart of Moses mother became empty of all else she was about to disclose the matter concerning him had we not bound fast heart.

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So if you look at that, you will see that these two mentions of the word heart and the heart of Moses, the first instance, the second instance is, we had we not bound faster heart, I do not strengthen our heart.

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These two instances are identical in the English translation. And in I think every translation there'll be identical. But let's just take a moment to look at the Arabic and the Arabic says, what else behalf do Mimosa before add the heart. So the word for for holidays for add, became empty. In Canada to vdv Lola Roboto. Now Allah, Allah will be her upon her heart. Yeah, the word is called. So for ad and call in the Arabic. But in English, it's hot and hot, because in English, the unknown nuances of meaning for this word, the regardless of its context, but in the Arabic the nuances of meaning. And what gets lost in translation are these nuances. If that meant exactly the same as the

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English limited simply arrayed, whilst we're halfway through Mimosa, and then Lola altona, I left for idea, but it doesn't work that way. Because the meanings the levels of meaning would be lost. We learn that we know heart becomes completely, you know, submerged into this, this negative sphere. And she can't process anything else besides thoughts of NaVi musala salat wa salam, and she hearts just one on one track. Allah uses the word for ad. And then we notice that when Allah gives a change of heart, then Allah uses the word column because he sees the strength in the heart. So she gets away from that, that display, she gets away from that, that consumption of thought. And she changes

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she gets strength of heart. And the other word that is used is called because the word caller that called literally comes from the word to turn. However, if something turns if that means something changes in it, it's called a callable. So the Arabic word for heart that we normally use, which is called not Calibri, by the way, which means dog, very subtle,

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indicates that the heart constantly changes. So the point in mentioning all of this was that the beauty of these nuances, that is the slight, you know, very really slight differences in these words, gets lost when you only understand it through the English. And my reason for pointing that out. So that if anyone listening to this and watching this right now can make the intention that we would strive to learn more Arabic, if it is not that we can learn it to the extent where we understand the entire Qur'an, if at the very least understand some of the Quran, and we have no excuse. It's just a matter of making the intention and making effort towards that intention. For

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more full time learning would be the best part time if not, but if not that in some time learning you know, now in then learn a bit more about Arabic increase your knowledge in sha Allah, and of course mediums such as this would definitely assist you.

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What Paulette Lee de pusi So, she the mother of Novi Moosa says to his sister, Is this his name is Miriam, by the way, he says to her, go and follow him to see for basura to be here. So she watched and she she kept follow. But Angelou been from a from a distance, you know, she didn't like follow him, right. He just kept the distance and she kept the watch down the down the river now with this basket is going and then she saw them picking him up, and she saw that they were talking about imitator or Himalaya Sharon, but they didn't know that this young girl is following him or what the relationship is, the verses continue, or how brahmana, la Hill murale they are mean COVID. Now years

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we Allah Subhana Allah revealed some of his wisdom.

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Just think about this for a second Allah says we prohibited upon him be Moosa here not haram as in operated as in it's not permissible for him, but rather we made it repulsive to him and more all the admin COVID all forms of of witnesses. We've we've made it completely unpalatable for for the baby to have any more sound we didn't think wouldn't latch on to any woman who would defuse any food, any milk or any form of nourishment from everyone. And this is because Allah Allah had made it such. Why would Allah do this? The only person who could feed that we Moosa was his mother, Allahu Akbar, for call it hell I do look now the sister comes out

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of the woodwork, she comes out from the sideline. And she says hello, I do look him liberating, shall I inform you of a family? Remember, she can't reveal to them that she's actually a sister. And she knows the mother. So she says, Oh, um, I know a family who's capable of doing this yuck for Luna, who lakum they will be able to look after him for you. So this is a common practice. In ancient times, we would be a witness from a different family or family or to give the like the prophets I swam with Halima idea. She raised him similarly, this girl is saying, you know, I know a family who could could take care of the baby for you and could feed the baby for you, while hula who

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now sing home. And she motivates the answer. She says, this family will it really be good to him, there will be NASA from the word naseeha. There'll be sincere towards him, they will be

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kind hearted, there will be good world towards him. And in this way, photo dead and now who Illa Mimosa, and this is Allah Subhana Allah, Allah

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got the baby back to the metaphor, I didn't know who he left me, we returned him a baby, he led me to his mother, Kate Acorah, I knew her so that her eyes may become cold once more, so that she could be finding comfort in the baby once more. But Allahu Akbar, you know, think of our own lives, think of our current situation.

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We can never, the Quran is unique, because the Quran tells us about why certain things happen. But in our own situation, we just don't know until we can see it retrospectively. So when this whole COVID-19 thing started happening, I'm sure many of us felt a great sense of unease and so forth. But then as time goes by, you know, all the pros and cons become manifest. And of course, the cons are horrible. We beg of Allah Subhana Allah to take this by law, this is the way to make a successful through it. But we also thank him for the favors that it brings. And there are so many, you know, where do we begin? I think what Sam's that is the Arabic expression. And number two, either for pay

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that or effect, a favor is really known when it's taken away. We have appreciated our families more, we have grown closer as a family unit at home, even our distant relatives were unable to visit, you know, we perhaps didn't even bother with him. We didn't visit them, we didn't speak to them. But now all of a sudden, we are zoom, calling them Skyping them, you know, messaging them, we've become more compassionate. We we've had amazing results from, you know, no Hummer. And that something it speaks for itself. So many things nature has really rejuvenated itself outside because we wouldn't need to disturb it. And we don't know and the devil PM, Allah Subhana, Allah may perhaps tell us, this is

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why this pandemic took place. This is why this virus was created, etc. But that's in a macro scale on a macro scale. In our own lives, how often do we ended go certain things that, you know, if we were to describe them, we would describe them as horrible, as difficult as painful. And then we look back retrospectively a few years down the line, and we say, wow, you know, what, if that didn't happen, then this, that and the other. Now, of course, we can't do this in a negative way. You know, if only I did this, and if only I did that, then I would have been more successful, because the profits are some bonus against doing that. But, you know, sometimes we could fabs not get the job

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that we were trying to get applied for. And then later on, we come to discover that you know what, if I got that job, then all of these opportunities would have been missed out on. So look at how Allah returned, who said to his mother, and in that is a beautiful lesson that we can all learn in sha Allah with Allah. And then Allah says, while at the center, so that you do not get Eve so that you don't become you know, get into the space, Allah clearly doesn't want people to fall into dispay or interdigitation. Juanita and Emma and so that you know, and now are the law How can that the promise of Allah is through they need Allah to Allah needed to establish in the lives in the heart

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of who says mother and his family,

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that you can trust a law that God is to be trusted? I mean, so Hannah law she really with a life in the line of sands life in the line, and she trusted Allah and Allah wanted to establish that and he did by showing her that Allah in fact keeps true to his promise. While I can act Thoreau whom but most people lie on the moon, they don't know they don't realize it. Clearly inshallah that really started unfolding the story now and we can proceed again. Next time Jacqueline O'Hara and also the lower LSAT now Mohammed's have a handle on how many subhanak alohomora how many

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dentists who get one or two we like I said and why they come off metal IE or better barakato