Irshaad Sedick – Nabi Musa #10

Irshaad Sedick
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam is discussed, including a secretive message from Jesus to sign for Islam and a promise to write a book. The use of the physical body to remember who God is and establish a belief in him is emphasized, along with the importance of not allowing people to divert from their beliefs. The message is to achieve a remorse and life extension, with the use of consoles and video recordings and watching YouTube. The importance of not being afraid of the "hamma" of Islam is also emphasized, along with the use of consoles and video recordings to observe and learn about the language of God.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while he was off behavoir my water are bad. Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Welcome to this next episode of the software story of nebby Musa Prophet Moses alayhi salatu was Salam. So in our story, we musalla salat wa salam got married in madeon, and served 10 years for the father of his bride. And this was his mahadeo his dowry. And of course, we know that this was a very long period, it's a decade long in his life, a lot of development has happened. Yeah, as you've been Kathy mentioned, you would have been spending a lot of time with nature among the sheep, you know, all prophets are shepherds. And

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there's good reason for that. So you would have been taught humility, you know, coming from a lavish lifestyle to a very humble abode to now and to be Mussolini's request. And I'm set out to go back to his family, the Benes route to the Israelites, and you would have done this secretly. He departed one night, you got lost, couldn't light the fire, and lo and behold, on Tuesday, so fire in the distance, they told his family Wait here, now go and check it out and see who started the fire. If I can bring some news, maybe I can get a firebrand, you know, a torch, and you can warm yourselves with it. So now we moosari set Islam went, he got the so the burning bush, and a voice told him that

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it is indeed I am Allah. That's where we are in the story right now, we always about to tell him something, you know, we already learned that Allah told him to signs do miracles. And this this serves two purposes. The one is it was proved to be musala setra ceram that he was in fact dealing with a luxury behind it with Allah. But it also taught him that he needed signs for something something major was about to be given to him some task and we are about to learn what the task is. So as a quick revision, we go through the if you already dealt with, well attack Heidi Moosa has the story of Moses reach to peace be upon him, give them an allen when he saw a fire for calling on him

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to see to his family wait in the Aniston era, I perceive a fire in the distance rally. It can make me go and fit you in half from it because in a firebrand edgy to Allah nary Buddha will find some guidance they we've started the fire and the Navy musala salat wa salam. Each day for that matter when he got the new dir mu site was called Moses.

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In me Anna buka indeed I am your Lord. Allah and Alex remove your shoes and yo we spoke a little bit about that. In a couple words in mocha, two for you are in the only Valley have to

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even say this Allah subhana wa tada saying, Well, I know that I have chosen you in I've selected you now that is like the word Mustafa to be chosen. He's chosen as a prophet of Allah Subhana Allah first time Yeah. So listen attentively my you have to what is going to be revealed to you and this is of course we will lift your hanging in the last episode Alhamdulillah we now come to discover what have you musala salat wa salam learned from a lotion behind the hall with Ida and this takes us to the next is number 14 of Surah Taha Allah subhana wa tada says, In ni and Allah Indeed, I am God, that

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there is none worthy of worship or there is no deity, there is no illaha God or deity in that except Anna, me alone, fat Houdini, so serve me that from the word add your slave and to me fabbrini serve me or insalata in and established Sala leave victory for my remembrance. This is a beautiful verse, it also tells us about the importance of cider. That the objective of cider is to keep us conscious of Allah Subhana Allah. sila is that many injection of taqwa we have different stages of injections of taqwa we have, of course, the daily silence, which is the constant renewal and replenishment of that taqwa of the taqwa stores and then we have young Juma and that gathering is a slightly bigger,

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you know, injection of taqwa and when we have Ramadan, which is a very big injection of taqwa. So, I think Miss salette le Vickery, established Salah for my remembrance, this teaches us that if we make solid as we are intended to make solid as the law of Allah states untime every day five times a day, then we will always be in the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Because you don't get the chance to forget, by the time you forget, it's time for the next Salah. So you will build up that consciousness of God and that is what will make us successful in this life and the next. So Salah is the so that we can remember Allah. This also tells us something about the person who makes Salah back mindlessly and mindfully. They are in a sort of off illusion they are and mindful. So they are just going through solid as a ritual, not actually thinking about Allah, even once, you know, they're just saying what they need to say they're doing what they need to do, or thinking about everything else. So that would defeat the purpose of Salah. Yes, they might have

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accomplished sila as you know, the CIC. The checklist, okay, yes, they perform hydrochloric acid Maharaja, but they would not have attained the actual objective of the Salah. What it is meant to bring about in our lives, we continue from the the message that Allah Subhana Allah tells me is number one serve me alone. Number two, establish solder. And then number three, the third part of the message is in the idea to know that the hour is coming. This is referring to piano spine a lot. This is the message to remove salicylate wassalam 1000s and 1000s of years ago, this is not 1500 years ago in the time of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, this is 1000s of years before that. And even

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then Allah speaks as though the hour is coming tomorrow. In the hour at the attune it will come occur Do we have an almost hiding it away? Meaning I'm not going to tell you exactly when the hour is coming. I'm almost hiding it away because yes, they are signs of the hour. But you know, even then you won't really know when it's coming but know that it's coming the torches and keyamo come so that may be recompensed, coolness in every soul be matters are for what it had striven in the dunya. So if we you slow for in the dunya that is what will be recompensed on the day of piano. so here we can see the message of the Hadees. So simple, the most important message to not be musala salat wa

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salam. And similarly to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is there is no god except Allah alone. That's number one. Then number two is fabbrini. Worship Allah alone. And the ultimate way of worshipping Allah Subhana, without of the primary way is with your signer, so that you can constantly remember him. And then number three, the objective of all of this is to be successful. On that day, the day of the AMA so beautifully in verse number 14 and verse number 15, we get a summary of the entire purpose of why as simple as this might seem, you know, reflect on how important this message is in relation to humanity as a whole. And how we can actually, you know, learn so much as a species, if

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everyone was to abide by these laws, these simple straightforward principles of life principles of divine revelation, the world would be a much better and different place in the lab, then Allah subhanaw taala 1000 filaria should then do not let keep you away from it. In other words, do not allow anyone to divert you from the objective of reaching, they have successfully, men, especially not those who lie you need to be happy, they don't believe in that day. So if you're going to allow those who have no Eman in the after, to lead you astray from the objective of the after, to take your eyes off the prize, because they you know, influenced you somehow with some dunia aspect, then

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you really have lost it, whatever. However, such people they follow the basic desires, they find they follow the animalistic instincts, you know, the eat, drink, fulfilling the sexual desires, just in engaging in any form of pleasure, just for the sake of pleasure, which is an animal quality as a human being is given the ability to keep the desires at bay, or to express the desires in a hollow man in a way which pleases Allah Subhana Allah as opposed to just pleasing the next photo there such a person will become destroyed. So many lessons that we could derive from this, but to keep it short, you know, don't allow people who don't believe in Allah who don't believe in Allah properly

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to take you away from the remembrance of Allah and to take you away from the success of the Deaf pm. Then Alessi steam lomatium cabbie aminika Moosa. What is that in your right hand? Oh, Moses. So now we get into the part of the story we insert onto consoles, we just had the gist of it, you'll be getting some detail. Your URL actually asks him What is that in your right hand? Oh, Moses. Now of course knows, but unless you behind him it Allah does this to put and we learn this in as soon as well. Even in heavitree video which questions are asked, but the intention is not for the for the questioner to receive the answer because the question knows the answer. It's the point towards a

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lesson is something important that needs to be observed. So attention is

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brought to this particular item or object or question so that we can observe the lesson. So of course we know that what was in his hand was he stuff right the walking stick. So that'd be Moosa, la salat wa salam resorts to something that is quite interesting. Listen to what he says, All I hear is I and IV Moses is this is my stick at the workout, I lay her, I lean on it, or who should be allowed on me. And I get further for my for my sheep to eat while you're free ham.

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And of course, I have other usages for it. And remember, I'm speaking like this in a very calm manner. But now the muscle etc. Sam is now he realizes that he's speaking to Allah. And he's been shown these these these messages, these revelations, that's, of course, tremendous. Now, he's speaking to Allah from a burning bush, he has no idea how long this is going to last. This is a this is a once in a lifetime experience, you know, of course, in his mind. So instead of just having a look at my stick, you know, it's my stuff. He uses something that people in English circumlocution, which means he comes with a beat around the bush style of saying it's my stick. Why would someone do

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this? Why wouldn't you just say it's my stick? because that'd be musala stiletto, ceram, knowing that he's speaking to Allah, He does not want the conversation to come to an end. You want the conversation to continue, you want to speak to Allah Subhana Allah. So he uses the opportunity and it is a long winded explanation of what what this thing is in his in his hand, which is inevitably just a stick. So what we can learn from this is that when we speak to Allah subhanaw taala. When we engage with Allah in play into our installer, we should feel the same way. I don't want this to come to an end, I'm speaking to my robe, I'm speaking to my Allah, I want this conversation to go on

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forever and ever, or at least for a long period of time. So we engage in that conversation in our studio in our Roku in our tilava in our door, and we enjoy it, we go for quality over quantity, but we can get both we get both in the light. And of course now Allah subhana wa tada 1000 moves to LA salat wa salam, O Allah, hi Moosa cost your stick Oh Moses. So we have an idea of what's going to happen now. But in total cost us we got the summarized version year into a thought how are we going to get the extended non summarize detailed version and exactly what was going to be the purpose of his stick now going forward in his life, but for that, we will meet again tomorrow evening evening

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night Allah Allah Allah Allah signal Mohammed Subhana Allah subhanho wa morbihan the cashew Allah Allah Allah antenna selfie Luca wanted to be like Selam Aleykum Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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