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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah vida le he was Sufi he will know wala Obeid Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to the next part of our story of abuse of Allah salat wa salam, the story of Prophet Moses. Now often every masala citizen speaks to Allah subhana wa tada at the burning bush receives ye from Allah receives miracles from Allah asks a lot to make his brother Harun are in a prophet along with him so that they machine the mission, led dispatches the two of them to Freetown to Pharaoh, to call him towards Allah, and for them to free the children of Israel or the Israelites as they are called. So we continue and we have quite a few

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items to cover. So we will cover them as swiftly as possible, while still maintaining the storyline in Sharla. Bear in mind that this storyline is now going to contain quite a bit of dialogue, meaning interaction between Musa heroin in Freetown and of course the people around town as well. It's mainly Rahman and Rahim, I take refuge in Allah from the acres it's a top Satan or shaytani r o dilemna. shaytani r Rajim surah. Taha like to Allah says in verse 47, to go the two of you suppose you have a new Sacco and say in Rasulullah Arabic We are the messengers of your roads, our Selma Anna Bernice, right. So let you know like the movie we say, or the video clips, make my people go

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send with us, the Israelites while at zebra home. Don't punish them. You know, don't don't take your eyes out upon them. But it can be if we had come to you with a miracle. mirrabooka from you, Lord was Salam O Allah, Manitoba. alhuda and peace be upon those who follow the guidance. Unless he's in Napa. Oh, hi, Elena, that Allah speaks on what am I saying? In here, Elena indeed we meaning myself and Harun who here Elena it has been revealed to us why he has been given to us. And then either that the punishment ILM and Canada will be upon those who deny. In other words, they reject the signs of Allah and the way of Allah, what Allah and they turn away. Now we move on to Sora to show

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our or we get the same incident slightly different information. Fact. Yes, Your Honor. Both of you go to Pharaoh, Pharaoh akula say to him in narrow Surah Al amin, the two of us we are messengers of the Lord of all the worlds. Then tell them to tell Pharaoh and our semana benissa he sinned the Israelites with us, you know make my people go. Allah lm no Robic. Now Allah tells us what Pharaoh and said in this incident. Iran says to them, lm neurotic Athena, did we not look after you? Did you not grow up here among us while leader as a boy as a child, while Abbess dafina and you were staying here with us? We know marchesini for many years of your life so now Iran is playing on his conscious

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because you know, we favored you we raised you you grew up in this home of ours. Now you want to come and tell us this type name. We spoke about this in the previous episode. Still suited to Shara let Alex is that fair, I would say to navamsa Well, for alta falletta, Kal Latif Alta, and you did what you did. So for Hannah Lacey reminding him of the crime, killing the cop by accident around his remaining Mussa you did that thing. In other words, I've got something against you. And then you just have to move sell Moses and terminal carefully and you are ungrateful. So my handle is really playing and he's conscious is telling him Moses, you're ungrateful you grew up in this home and we

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look after you and you kill this man. Do you remember you kill that man? If we just remind you quickly that you kill that man? And you are you're ungrateful because now you're coming and you opposing us?

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Allah levy moose has now coated versus qualified to her. I did that event. Yes, I did that. I nominate Pauline and I was I was wrong. I went straight in he says, Ferrara to mean come and I ran away from you. Lemme have to come when I became fearful of you for what happened he robbed the hookman I think my Lord gave me a ruling and he gave me decision and he gave me wisdom. All those meanings are containing healthmap or Jalan Amina mousseline, and he made me from among the messengers, meaning he dispatched me as an AVI.

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Then Allah says in Surah to show our office we need to wait till Kenya Mattoon Tamil Nadu ha Allah Yeah.

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Moses talking to Pharaoh.

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though that was the favor that you favored me with meaning you didn't take me in because you were forced to or because I asked you to be looked after me because you you did me a favor. That was a good treatment of me. And a better buy nice right? But is it

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This favorite now justifies you. enslaving the Israelites is this favorite now the reason why you have to capture these people and treat them the way you are treating them all of your own Pharaoh said one horrible al Amin. Now he becomes obstinate and he starts speaking about who's this god that you're talking about or Moses? Who is this God that you calling me to? What is this load of all the world's Tell me about him Allah be Moosa responds, Prabhu sama what what

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is the load the narration sustain of the heavens in the earth? Why my bainer whom and everything between the heavens and the earth, including to mukuni if you are to really be certain of him, right if you if you're clean, and you know that is the Lord of the heavens in the earth, then it's going to show up as 25 Allah lemon hola who alatus them your own. So Pharaoh is now quoted, he's becoming more and more obstinate, Satan's to his ministers, his, you know his cronies around him? And he says, Are you listening to this guy? Do you really hear what this person is saying? What what Moosa is saying all our ob okumura equal awali. Now he moves 1000 Yes, is your load and is the load of all

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your forefathers as well. So now, Pharaoh being as obsolete as he is, is really not liking this. Allah in Rasulullah como la de una de la la Camila Majnoon. He tells his ministers, hey, this this messenger that was sent to you, this guy's mad, you know, because he's now he's becoming more and more abstinent and he's really his ego is pushing him harder and harder to oppose or be more satisfied to set up all our apple machinery kiyomori Bobby Moosa is firm. He says, No, he's the load of the hip of the east and the west. So he's in charge of everything. Why am I buying oma and everything between the East and the West in country Cologne, if you if you if you have an

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understanding, if you have an apple, if you have an intellect scandola to now you're really pushing the buttons of Fado, what happens next, in sort of to Shara and analyse it, the following verses appear. Just take note of the difference, all alike you need to have. If you were to take illa anniverary a god other than me, Pharaoh says to Moses and to and to the people around him, his cronies, his magicians, his ministers. If you want to take a god other than me, other than Pharaoh, he regards himself as a as a god. I learned the communal message you need, and I will imprison all of you. I will definitely in prison all of you in sort of naza atleta alysus for hotshot of Canada.

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He then gathered his people together and he called out all Anurag buku Allah Allahu Akbar, he says, I am your load the Most High serum says to the people, I am your load the Most High, ultimate Cooper, not only is he rejecting Allah, not only is he making chic, he's making a claim that he is God. Now the bill eligibility test, he goes on to have us 49 all ephemera buku, Maja Moosa, he says to Moses and orange mousse and how to who is the load of the two of you, oh Musa, who is this load? Color Me Musa response, Rob una de atok leisure in Haku Suma Haida, our load is the one who gave everything its creation, meaning he created everything and he fashioned it the way you see from my

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dad, and he programmed everything. He made the sunflower yellow, he made the watermelon, you know, of yellow with pink inside and he made the grass green and the sky is blue, etc. Allah is the one who program everything. Suma had he guided all of Mr. Ballew kurunegala then he says what is the case of the former generations? So if your own is asking you now what about the former generations? Allah Al Mohinder, Robbie? So Moosa says Look, I'm only coming to you with that with the knowledge that I'm that I've been asked to come to you with the knowledge of other things like people of the past and so forth. It Mohinder be the knowledge of that is with my load fee kitabi and it's

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preserved in a book liable Europe violenza my load does not earn he doesn't make mistakes, while I answer No Does he ever forget. And levy jalila como automata. Now he goes on to describe a law. He says he Allah is the one who made the earth as a cradle for you, you need to sustain life was celuk. Allah confy has sabula and he's the one who caused pathways to appear on this earth so that you can reverse it. weinzierl Amina sama, he's the one who sends down water from the from the heavens meaning rain Raja NaVi as Raja and then he takes out from the rain was there anything out from the earth as large I mean about in chat that is of various different types of plant life, all the

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different types of flora, he brings it out in peace. And he carries on in Soraka was 54 G's kulu an AMA come that Allah commands you can eat and you can give pasture to your to your your livestock in the feed alika yet and in that in all of these

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Natural Science they are yet they are miracles they assigned Lee knew her for people who have intellect for intelligent people who knew her means the positions of intellect behalf Allah pania come from this earth we created you a few 100 to come and into this earth we will return you want me now locally to come into town and from this earth we will bring you out a second time. And this is of course, that very same verse that we recite at the janazah when the body is put into the into the into the ground, and then send three handfuls of sand up is poured onto the body with a first hand for it so Natalie said Mina holla panakam from Italy created you and the second handful of San

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Fernando a to come to eat we will return you and then the third handful of said Amina no free to come Tara from it we will resurrect you and bring you forth another time. This is the into the the the dialogue between Moosa Harun and fair Owl and things are really becoming heated and we will continue with this heated discussion in the next episode in the light Allah sallallahu alekseevna Mohammed, so behind Allah Johan de Silva, hi, Nicola homo, how many concetto Allah and Mr. felucca wanted to be like Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh