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Merry Christmas Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Juana alihi wa sahbihi wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to the next installment of our story of NaVi Moosa Allah salat wa salam for this Ramadan 1441 v 2020. The last time we discussed the remote salicylate was Sam lift his family, at least is in Lowe's now, to go back to his own family in Egypt. It was a dark stormy night, and it was completely dark. You couldn't light a fire on the way he saw a fire at my door. And he told his family remained behind I'm going to see what's happening when he got the sophistry on fire and he heard a voice coming from

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the tree. Oh Moses, I am God, the Lord of all the worlds and then we saw that Allah interacted with Nabil masala salat wa salam, and told him to throw a stick down and became the serpent and he told him put his hand in his in the in his garment, and it would come out, you know, white with this with this light, but it won't be defective. However, we don't know the context of this story, or rather, we don't know the context of the incident. And what else Allah Subhana Allah actually told me Moosa Allah salat wa salam. So tonight we will continue with the story back looking at it from other sources of the Quran in which the same incident is mentioned, but from different angles, meaning it

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gives us other details. Now, we may ask, why does this happen in the Quran? Why is it not chronological so that, you know it reads like, like a novel way, it starts off at one point, you know, once upon a time, and then it ends up at another point they lived happily ever after? Well, firstly, let's say that that's a very human way of telling a story. That's not a divine way of telling a story. And this is one of the unique features of Lacan and in that, yes, never you never use of Elisa to slam story was like that. But this is not the norm, we emphasize that that's the only story in which we get, you know, this type of chronological format, to a great extent in

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certain cases, up until now it's been chronological, but now he's starting to look at other sources and operand so that we can get more information about that incident Remember, the principle of Deaf CDs and when you first see Roberto Baradar, the core and some of it you first see to make stuff see of Baba others. So one element in the Quran will be mentioned and just a basic description of it will be given then in another portion, the same thing will be mentioned, but with more details. So we draw a whole picture from that. Now, we may also again why is it like this? Well, one of the reasons is that the Quran is a book of signs, right? It's a book of signs that indicate to Allah

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Subhana Allah. Now, you know, while a story from from point A to point eight is something that's easy to follow. However, that story may contain far more signs, far more lessons than just the chronological story of that one particular character with a few characters that are the, if we take it from different angles, you know, the same incident can give us different lessons, same sorts of courses, we get the basic chronological format, but in other places of the Quran, we can derive other lessons from that same incident that wouldn't necessarily be derived from that one point. And because the Quran is meant to be interspersed throughout our days, in different silos when we read

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it every day, a portion of the Quran, so you open up and you don't just get, you know, only theology on day one and only eschatology on day two and only law on day three. Now, every recitation every surah, every Jews is going to be interspersed with lessons from different themes of the Quran. And by getting exposure to all of them, you actually benefit spiritually from all of those lessons. So without delaying this any further to the next surah, we're going to look at a sort of two naml. That translates to the chapter of the end, these two verses verses eight and nine that we're going to look at, from the incident of the burning bush and Alexis falam magic, Aha. When w Moosa came to

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at&t, the burning bush on Mount to nodia, it was cold, and that Boudicca is blacet manfield. Now, the one in the fire, and of course, this is not to be understood, literally, you know, like always in the fire. Now the villa, Allah Allah is transcendent from any form of creation, anything that is similar to creation. Allah is not like that. Let me akula Hakuna had LASIK me Felicia, he's not like anything, nothing is like him. Woman Hola. And also those around the tree was super Han Allah. So obviously this refers to the melodica was Subhana Allah and transcendent is Allah or bill I mean, the Lord of all the worlds

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So Allah Allah is telling me Moosa you're in a different way so the first time we heard the incident we heard in an Allah indeed I am God. Yeah we are told that Allah also said that the one who is talking to you from the tree is blessed, right booty Comanche now he's blessed. So, now we must listen to salons fear can abate. You know, this reminds me of the story of Santa Maria. When she was approached, approached by Julio, initially, she said, I was a bit rough man, I take refuge in a rough man because she was afraid. But once she was informed that he was in fact an angel, now the fear subsides. The same thing with Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in the heart Hara in you know, at

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first he didn't know what's happening. But, you know, he then realized that this is in fact your video. You know, later on of course, he was still shaken up and uncertain but essentially, this is why Allah subhanaw taala is making it known that he's blessed. It continues yeah Moosa indeed. A Moosa in the who and Allah. Al Aziz al Hakim, indeed, I am God, the most mighty, the most wise synnovia musasa salaam is getting an introduction to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that covers surah to number 10. Now we continue with Surah Taha from West nine onwards. So it's the same incident, but now we're going to get a different perspective, a different version of the same story. And that's

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some more details in sha Allah. And I think this is the most extensive description of this particular incident in the life of an AVI Moosa Alessandra. Sam will attack Heidi through Moosa did the story of Musa come to you Oh Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam In other words, have you considered the story so obviously By this time, we would have heard you know, by the time of the revelation of the surah he would have heard some version of this already. And then unless he's either an hour on remember when he saw a fire for Cali alley and then he said to his family enqueue in Romania, Indiana's too narrow. I perceive a fire largely it Caminha I will come to you from it because him

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with a brand with some news or agito Allah nadie Huda oil we'll find some news and guidance from the fire meaning from the people who started the fire. So now

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it's exactly the same incident. It's exactly the same description, slight difference. So instead of saying as we did the first time, I'm going to bring you some news or I can bring you a firebrand he sees it the other way around. I can bring you some torch or I can bring you some guidance right. So this describes the type of information that you wanted to get. It wasn't going to be like you know, simple everyday information actually wanted to find some guidance, because they were they will obviously last century Moosa, Allah salat wa salam. He continues, Allah to Allah continues for lamb Mata when he came to eat new Dr. Musa It was called Oh, Moses. This is of course now in his at the

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bush. So the voice comes in says, oh, Moses, in me indeed I Anna I rabuka. I'm your load. So now we get a different perspective. Again, now the version standing as ice, Alessi am your load. It's the same thing. But the the slight difference, the winds is in the ANA law. And the one says I'm your load. Now it's a connection between a V musala salaam and the being that speaking to him, I'm not just God, I'm your God and your Lord and your Creator. You're the one who cares for you, the one who created you the one who sustains you the one who gives you life. This is our inner lake. So remove your shoes in nikka bhilwara deal mocha deci. Because you are by the blacet Valley of the Sacred

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Valley of tour. Now, just a side note quickly from this many Muslims think that the reason we take off our shoes when we pray is because of this verse. And they would even cite this as evidence for for other people and people of other faiths or non faiths that you know we take off our shoes because the Bible says so and this is the right way to pray and why didn't you take your shoes off in the church etc. However, this is not the case. Yes, now Moosa was commanded to take off his shoes they because it was a specific command from Allah Subhana Allah to NaVi masala so that was said Salam. However, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not say that this is a law that we are

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to follow as far as when we pray. In fact the prophets Allah sermon the Sahaba would play as often with issues of as they did when when they were praying with issues on so there's absolutely no problem with praying with your shoes on

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from a physics point of view and there's no differences of opinion about this either. The only time it would be problematic is if it is NASA on your shoes or on your on your sandals. But that is not you know, walking in the road in the sand and do these, the some painter knew something in that dirt. No, that's what we call everyday dirt but that's not an edge asset according to the definition of of fake. So that's not you know, it isn't enough to have to take off your shoes. We did.

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Are shoes, because we don't want to get any, any dirt like normal sand in the masjid or on the masala. And a second reason is, it's easier to play any smaller when you can when you can actually bend those in the way you're supposed to in sujood. And you can actually sit properly Institute and so forth. But it's not a prerequisite. So if you find yourself outside in the road or on the beach, etc, or the ground is hot some way, there's absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your shoes on the profits or some would pray like this and this habit even in measurable, measurable way because there was no carpet the and many people are actually very surprised in the year this. So okay, fine. Our

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culture is a bit different. But you know, this one incident we during the solid, the profitsystem he removed the shoes. So when he was done in the slide turned around and he saw this I have also removed the issues. They asked him why did you do that? So they said because we saw you remove your shoes. They said no, I only remove my shoes because I was made conscious of the fact by gibreel that I had some nudges on my shoe. So I removed my shoes so that might my pre would be valid. Otherwise I wouldn't have removed my shoes. So this is just something that we can take note of because it is something that comes up and crops up when this particular verse is mentioned. So now we've drifted a

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bit but the story itself goes on. So NaVi moose had to cough issues specifically because Allah told him to take off issues they and that is why he had to take over issues they the next verse is what Touka and I chose you festa mayor and Lima you have so listen to what is going to be revealed to you. So this this word what I have chosen you, meaning you are now a prophet. This is Allah Allah declaring Tw most officially You are a prophet, and I have something very, very important to tell you so that he doesn't say fast math. So listen to what I have to tell you. He's his first Amir Lima you have to listen attentively to what I have to tell you because the message that I'm about to give

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you is extremely important. And what is that message? We'll find out tomorrow night inshallah to Allah, Allahu Allah Satan the Mohammed's behind a lot behind me. So Hannah go home. oberheim nickname shadow Allah, Allah enter Nestor fuuka wanted to be like a Santa Monica warahmatullahi wabarakatuh