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The transcript discusses the use of S Reliefia for healing and shale practices, including shale techniques such as "will do" and "will do" for all actions of worship. The importance of intentions in relation to actions of worship is discussed, and the use of "will do" in shale practices is emphasized. The segment emphasizes the importance of practicing these practices for optimal results and provides examples of actions that can be done during a meal, including wiping and cleaning one's body, removing hair, and holding a wiping brush. The use of the operator to indicate when to "will do" in shale practices is also discussed.

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The lion amine was Salatu was Salam ala shadowfell MBA you will more serene

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Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was Herbie he he marine or mistana bissonnet de la COVID de buried. So brothers and sisters said Mr. De Kumara to LA he wabarakatuh.

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And welcome once again I think this is session number 11 or 12 that we have in our Sala series titled The prophets prayer describe, we're actually going to just swerve away from that topic but not completely, because we'll do is still of course related to avasarala itself. And obviously it is the main condition for the prayer to be valid. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned to us that there is no Soller, except in the state of will do so a person has to have it. It's the one of the strongest conditions. When it comes to a valid prayer, though we'll do

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is an absolute nerima and blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. A Companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam got Jenna, just because he loved will do. And you guys all know him. He's none other than beta roll Viola horn, Bella rhodiola, who is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comes up to him one day and says, oh, Bella, I see and I hear your footsteps in the paradise. I hear it. What is it that you do? And he just says the auto solo law, the only thing that I do is that every single moment I come out of the state of Volvo, I make sure that I get right back into it. In other words, he's always performing will do and he's always staying in that sacred state of

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purification. Because of that love for will do the prophets I seldom hears him walking in paradise will do is a gateway to the agenda itself will do is a protection from not only the evil inclinations that we have within ourselves. So if a person thinks about evil things, evil thoughts come into you, you know, you start imagining all the wrong things, especially like when you're at home, and you're trying to like review some porn or read a book or something. And then all of a sudden, somebody comes into your mind that you know is how long you should you shouldn't be thinking about him or her. But all it is hot on things coming to your mind. One of the ways to extinguish

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that is to be in the state of although it is a habit that is highly encouraged in our shared era, it is highly encouraged for students of knowledge, try to be in the state of Waldo all day, as much as you can, as much as you can, will do should be something part of your life, it shouldn't be something that's only restricted to the solder. But it shouldn't be something that's part of your every single day life. Don't ever leave the home without being in the state of Waldo, don't try to remain in the house unless you're in the state of voldoen. And I can guarantee you in sha Allah, with this habit, you will find that will do will perform miracles for you. If you get upset, because

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you're in the state of Ohio, you're naturally just going to feel more relaxed, and you can control those emotions just a little bit more. If you want to be kind by being in the state of boredom, usually the sort of find yourself that you're just more kind, you're more, you're smiling, you're more relaxed. All of this comes from the state of Oldham. And of course, one of the greatest blessings of being in the state of Ohio is that we'll do is a protection from the influence of the shale team. As a matter of fact, one of the techniques that you use whenever you perform exorcism on someone is you try to encourage them to go to go and perform we'll do because we'll do in and of

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itself is something that shaitan hates and dislikes because it's the complete opposite of what he loves. The shaytaan loves when we are dirty, impure, and we don't keep ourselves clean. Obviously the will do does the complete opposite for us, keeps us clean, keeps us fresh. Even there are like medical breakthroughs with a person with a person who does this. Like for example, similar simply like washing your feet, washing your feet five times a day at least,

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is actually a very healthy way to keep certain elements and bacteria to come down into a person's feet especially somebody who's working all day who's wearing shoes for long, long periods of the day. will do is a way that cleanses all of those bacteria cleanses all of those elements and actually makes you and causes you to become more healthy. There are so many benefits with the window itself. As a matter of fact, some of the LMS say that you don't need to waste your money getting a facial

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cleanser. So like getting all of those different products that you'll go to like the drugstore, you don't need to get on any of those, if you have will do in your life, because we'll do is the ultimate facial cleansing tool. And especially when you're doing it more than once a day, twice a day or five times a day, no Subhana Allah, it's even physically it has such a profound effect on the way that we live, will do is defined in the Shetty era, as a cleansing state, or a cleansing method to fall into a particular state, were certain things that were permissible for you to do if they happen, it causes you to come out of that state as well. The element they say that we'll do has a

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number of different rochen or pillars, a number of different son acts. When we say certain acts, we're talking about acts that are recommended for you to do but if you don't do them, they will do in sha Allah is still permissible. There are also acts of worship, that will do is required for they are required from them. There are actually three three of them, that the majority of them and they agree upon. There's one of them where there is some discussion which we'll talk about in sha Allah, when it comes to the acts of worship that are needed to perform the will do number one is of course, prayer. And this has been each month this is a unanimous consensus, because the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam says that there is nothing, no prayer is going to be accepted, unless there is a purification or will do. Number two, the second act of worship is the follow up.

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Let me get one off the wall. This is the the second act of worship is the power of this is of course during the times of Hajj and Umrah Also, if you happen to be living in Mecca, and you just want to perform a bow off, then you can you also are required to be in the state of womb. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that bow off is a type of prayer except that Allah has permitted speaking during it, that Allah has permitted us to speak and talk during the power just for those of us who might not be familiar with the tawaf the tawaf itself is the seven times that we circumambulate, the carrabba when we perform the Hajj and the Ramadan, number three, the third time

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where we'll do is required is to touch the poor and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that no one should touch the poor No, unless he's in the state of pa hero purity, according to some are limited, this is talking about will do, according to some other scholars This is not talking to a world about will do, but it's talking about a higher level of purification. In other words, the person who was in the state of impurity after like an intercourse or something, then to get out of that state, you obviously have to do the ritual bathing or the Ulsan. And then you can touch the most half and recite the Quran. That's what the Hadith is talking about. There's a difference of

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opinion regarding this and we're going to discuss this issue. We're going to discuss whether a woman during her period if she's allowed to touch the poor end or not, and what are some of the evidences that scholars use in that particular setup? Let's look at the procedures of the womb.

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This is what we're going to look at called the autocannon, or the pillars of Walden. In other words, if you don't do this, your will do doesn't count number one, is to have an intention for that will do itself. What are you performing will do for, according to some scholars, if you perform will do just for the sake of reciting the poor end. And then one or two hours later, it's solid time, according to some earlier man, that will do that you did for the poor and is not allowed to be used for the sada why because you restricted your intention just for the poor in itself. So this is why majority of our demand, they said that it was permissible for you to make a will do to do these

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general acts of worship that require the will itself so you might have in your heart that you're performing will do for Salah, but at the same time within your intention, you might want to recite some poor and before or after the prayer. So you want to have that part of that element with your will do itself. So that's important. A second important wisdom that we get with this intention is I remember a long time ago this brother called me from the States and he said to me that they just got an Imam and the Imam stood up in front of the masjid and said to the whole Congress

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allegation that

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you cannot make one we'll do for all of your solo effort. But what you need to do is a no sorry, it's the opposite. Your you need to have one will do for all of your prayers, but to make will do for one Sala and then the other side. This is a bedarra. This is not allowed in the dean. So that's what he says. So eventually when I'm talking to this brother, I said that's a valid opinion. This is the opinion of Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah man, Abu hanifa says that, if you make will do with the intention of performing an act of worship, so let's say just for poor earn, it automatically includes Sala itself. As a matter of fact, emammal hanifa goes further and he says, If you didn't

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have an intention for the heart or acid or for that particular prayer, your will do still counts. Because naturally when you make will do, you're doing it for prayer anyway. So you don't need to specify that intention in you. It's naturally already there. Do you see how strong Imam Abu hanifa his logic is, that's why his filming his method is so difficult. It's so difficult because his thinking is so deep, the concept of Imam Abu hanifa It's so deep. So I was telling this brother that it's not a bidder, but what he's saying is a valid opinion. But it's not the majority opinion. But it's an opinion that's there, you can't avoid memorable hanifa says it and it's there. It's in his

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books. So the problem with that is the brother was saying, I don't want to pray behind this Imam anymore. And that is the whole problem. This is what happens when you don't have about filk

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part of studying film is you get into gray areas, you get into lt laugh, you get into these problematic areas where things are not 100% clear. That's what makes films so difficult and tricky to understand. That's why there are limited, they said that film is there l molokhia. It's the knowledge of only the thinker, the person who has wisdom, the person who has intelligence, they're the only ones that that can comprehend fill. That's why every time you see scholars, they're so brilliant. Because they know a little bit about anything you ask them, you can ask them about al Qaeda, they'll tell you a little bit about PETA, you can ask them about Hadees, they'll tell you

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about how you can ask them about the Arabic language, they'll talk to you about that as well. Why? Because felco reaches into all of these different branches. So that's why it became a still it's still a valid opinion. And this is why we have so much lt lab. But the point here is is that intention, it should always be there you should have an intention for that particular will do and of course, the prophets of Allah Allah He was seldom tells us in the very first Hadith in Bahati in the very first Hadith in the majority of Hadith books, is that actions are judged by their intentions. Number two, the second rokan, or the second pillar of the womb, is that you wash the face in its

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entirety, which includes the mouth and the nose. So what is the face in the shed era, what is considered to be a face, the face in the shed here is the top of the forehead, ears to ears, meaning the inner part of the ears, not including the ears, but the inner part. And as well as to the bottom of the chin itself. All of this is classified as a face in the shed er, especially when it comes to the womb, when it comes to the chin area, the rhythm and they said that this is where hair will commonly grow. So this is also required for a person to wash in that area. So this is what you're going to do. If a person takes take some water, and they just go like this. This is an invalid will.

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But we'll do is broken, you've missed a pillar of the womb. So what the person is required to do is to take their hand and go entirely all around, touch the inner part of their ear and get down to the bottom of their chin. Now for the brothers. Obviously, our beard is an issue here. Scholars, they say that a thick beard, what you should try to do is at least get the roots of the beard wet. So what you should do is you should literally try to get some water where you feel it at the bottom of your skin. Once you've done that, then you've finished with the beard. What do a lot of brothers do, especially those who have a large beard, they'll just grab the beard and pull on it. And that's it.

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This here, it goes against the perfection of the window. Of course some are the men still valid, but it goes against the perfection. You want to actually get water within that beard, or at least the outer portion of that beard in sha Allah as much as you can. Number three, the third pillar of the will do

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Is to wash the hands including the elbows. There is some difference of opinion regarding this. Why? Because Allah azza wa jal says in the poor en su de tomar EDA, verse number six remember this suta telma EDA, verse number six has the what scholars call the area of Waldo. If you ever want to know which verse in the Quran talks about Waldo from beginning to end, not in detail, but gives you all the basic steps.

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It is this Surah Surah telemeter. It's the fifth surah in the Quran. And it's verse number six. Now in this sort of here, Allah so it just says 11 more often to the elbows, scholars differ. What exactly does that mean? Does that mean that you include the elbows? Or does that mean that you just wash and arrived towards the elbows and that's enough, and Allah azza wa jal knows best button. It seems as though that the most correct opinion that the majority of them that have used is that it includes the elbows itself, that elbows itself should be washed it and Allah azza wa jal knows best because this was one of the practices of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that was most

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commonly understood by him. Now when you're washing the elbows unique to wipe those elbows, the you need to wipe because this was the price practice of the prophets I sell him is that he would take his left hand and he would actually wipe it. Now here's what you do. If you're standing under or you have your arm under the water, you don't want to just wet the arm once and just wipe 123 It must be three individual washes or wipes. So you want to wipe wet it, that's one, two, and then go back three again, or you can just use your hand get some of the water that's one, two, and three, that's considered a sufficient wipe and you repeat the same process with the left arm. And as I mentioned

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to you, Allah azza wa jal knows best but it's also including the elbows as well. Number four.

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Number four is wiping the head. Remember, we're not going through the actual steps of Waldo in its entirety. We're just going through some of the pillars of the window wiping the head. The IRS here is considered part of the head because the prophets Allah la hora de he was sending them tells us one minute rots, so the two ears they are part of the head. Now wiping the head scholars differ on this. If Emma sheffey Rahim Allah He says that, wiping the head, if you just get three strands of hair, you're done. You've wiped your head. Literally just three strands of hair is enough and your head is sufficient. Mm hmm. Rahim Allah says know, what you need to do is you need to go back all

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the way to the back of it and come back forward as well. That's considered to be a wipe. And the other Imams and other scholars said that one wipe is sufficient enough. All of these on a lot. So a gentleman knows best was never a major issue amongst the LMS or all of them are generally Okay. What happens if you're bald, you naturally don't grow hair? So do you still have to wipe your head? According to the HTML on this issue? Yes, you do. You still have to go through the ritual of wiping over the head doesn't matter if you have hair or not. It's a ritual that has to be performed.

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What happens if you have hidden on your hair

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and you need to wipe over your head for the slaughter.

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Now here you can either go to mmm a chef he or his opinion and just try to poke out three pieces of hair lay wipe it, but the safest way, of course to get out of this is wash off the hidden, wash off the hidden and then do a normal wipe and that's the safest way out of this. Personally for me, I always look for the safe route whenever I study filk because that clears up a lot of doubts in your heart. What if What if I don't know really, if that will do was accepted or not. So to get out of those areas and just pray with a clear mind, try to do the safest as possible. Number five, is that you wash the feet,

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washing the feet. This also includes the ankles as well. Now you're going to wash the feet the same way that you would wash your hands. So what you're going to do, according to the majority of meta hip is that you will use the left hand to do this because the Prophet salallahu alaihe was sending them. In one authentic hadith he mentions that he he used to love doing all the good and pure things with his right hand. So used to like to fix his hair, put oil in his beard, put on his clothes.

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thing, all the healthy good things that he liked to do in his life, he would always start with the right side or use his right hand, when it comes to removing elements or nudges or impurities and things like that his left hand will be the one to do this job. And obviously, this all goes back to it's the, it's all attributed to the habits of the shaitan. As we all know, that shaitan loves it when a person uses their left hand. Now this here or there, Matt teach us this is not for the person who is naturally left handed. If you are naturally left handed, then what you need to do when it comes to these situations, you need to use your right hand as best as you can. So for example, if

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you're naturally left handed and you decide that you want to eat, and you said, Well, I'm naturally left, I'm just going to eat with my left hand, no, this obviously, there's no exception to this, you are to try your very best to eat with your right hand as much as you can. The same idea when it comes to wiping off the limbs. If you're naturally right handed, use your left hand and get between the toes. Now between the toes, this is actually a highly encourage sudden act, a highly encourage second act is that you want to get between the toes the will do is still valid if you don't do that. But of course, it goes against the purification, the perfection of the womb. Number six is that it

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must be in this order, you can start will do with your feet first, and then go to your face and then go to your head you can't mix the order Why? Because this is the order that Allah azza wa jal himself place. So it has to be in that particular order. Number seven is interesting.

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Number seven is a concept called mulwala. mawatha is basically what it means is that washing each limb must be done within a reasonable period of time. So in other words,

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam mentions here that he saw a man praying, and on his feet, it was dry, and there was a part of his feet that was dry, that was the size of that was the size of a coin. So it was just a small portion of his feet that was dry. And the prophets I send them ordered him to go back and pray again. In other words, go and make the will do again, and come back and pray as authentic hadith in the sin of Abbey Road. What does this mean? This concept of Malala is very simple. Basically, what it means is that if you wash one limb,

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you need to wash the other limb within a reasonable period of time where that first limb that you wash doesn't dry up before you get to the next limb. So for example, imagine a guy's washing his hands. Then he gets to his mouth. And then he washes his face. He washes his right arm, then the phone rings. So he knows it's an important call. If you have like one of those phones that I have at home, the house phones, it you can there's this feature where it can actually say to you who's calling. So he hears like it's mom long from long distance in like Africa or something, right? So he has to stop what he's doing. So he watched this one arm, he stops, turns off the water. He goes and

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answers the phone. Then he gets into a long conversation. And before you know it, maybe 10 minutes or 15 minutes goes by he hangs up the phone. Is this man allowed to pick up where he left off? Or does he have to start the will do all over again. That's the concept of Malala. Now the houses implemented here, he basically has to use his judgment, he's going to look at that right arm if it's dried up, he has to start all over again. But if it's still dripping with water, it's still wet exactly the same way he left him. He just went and answered the phone or answered the door let someone in and he went back then he's allowed to he's permitted to continue his model as long as

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this concept of molalla is always there. So what's the rule? Each limb should still be wet before you reach the next limb. Each limb should still be wet before you reach the next limb. Now all of these seven points that we've given you is all found in verse number six in sudut Matt EDA, and this here Allah azza wa jal mentions either puntomio la sala This is the part whenever you stand up for prayer This is the part for the intention falsetto would you How come idea come lol muroff. So wash your face and your hands to your elbow. So all of that is included there. One second Roberto OC como la jolla, como el el Kheir urbaine. So wipe your heads and wash your feet to the ankles, the order,

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where's the evidence that it has to be done in this order in that verse? It's the actual verse itself. Allah Himself put it in this order. This is the way that it's mentioned in the Quran. So that's why the order is also introduced to that as well. Just a side point

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Allah azza wa jal says to wash, but it doesn't tell us how many times that we need to wash. It doesn't say that if it needs to be two washings or three washings or one washing, it doesn't say. So this is here.

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The element they tell us that the minimum a person should do is watch wash each limb at least once. And this of course, is permissible like you can actually wash the arm once could do the other one once, but part of the perfection of will do is to do it at least three times because this was the most common practice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now let's look at some of the sin acts of will do some of the Sunnah acts of will do.

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Number one is Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim or Bismillah either or is fine. Mmm, no, he has a very detailed discussion about this concept. But both of them in sha Allah are okay.

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Number two is washing every part except wiping of the head at least three times. Sometimes the prophets I send them would do it two times washing the ears separate and with a separate amount of water. So this is how this image looks. You want to wash every single part at least three times. But the prophets I send them was known to have done it twice. What scholars said with with this is that it was permissible for you to also do it once as well, if there was a reason behind it, because it's not specified that it has to be three or it has to be two, there's no number specified in any authentic hadith or any authentic source. Now, when it came to washing the IRS, the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would use a separate amount of water for the ears. Now the way to wash the ears, the way the prophets I seldom used to do it is he would take the index finger and he would place it inside the ear, and he would wipe all inside of the ear like this. Then he would take his thumb and wipe the back of his ear at the same time, then it's done. There's a difference of opinion whether if you do the ears, should you include the neck or not. Majority of women don't classify the neck as even part of the window itself. But some similar demos said that it was permissible to include it as part of the IRS. But a lot so agile knows best I never found a majority opinion on

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that. But the majority agrees that the IRS is sufficient enough. Now

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how do you this is number three gargle or put water in the nose? This is the third sin act you gargle or you put water in the nose. How do you do that? The prophets I send them says exaggerate in washing your nose. Unless you are fasting, exaggerate in washing the nose. Unless you are fasting, this is a handy thing as soon as you have a veto. How do you do this? I've tried this a long time ago. And it's really painful. If you can do it Alhamdulillah you fulfilled it you're perfected your will do one step better than anyone else. And basically, what you're going to do is you're going to take some wild water, and you're going to place it to your nose and you're going to sniff it, you're

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going to literally go like this. And then obviously it's going to cleanser and then you would you would blow that water out either by spitting it or blowing your nose or cleaning the nose. But this like I said, it's difficult to and some doctors even have mentioned that this is the best way also to clean the nose and to prevent some forms of cancer. Some doctors said this is a way to even prevent some forms of cancer in the nose. Now we know that this is very possible I remember used to have a high school friend who died because he had a cancer in his nose. So this is so panela again, one of the miracles of over will do itself.

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Number four is

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this is a concept which we talked about which is called to Holly little katha. So this is of course taking the fingers and wiping over and through the beard between the fingers and the toes as well. So you're wiping you're taking the fingers and you're going through the beard. And then you're also using the fingers going going through between the the fingers in your hands and obviously the toes as well. These are all student access we mentioned earlier. Number five. As you start with the right before left, you start with the right before left if you don't, the majority of our LMS say that the will do is still valid but it's disliked. It's a disliked act to do, but it's not one of the things

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that nullify the will do itself. We're going to talk about that next week.

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What nullifies the we'll do. Number six is the supplication afterwards. So what is the supplication of when you're finished the Waldo? Somebody told me one of the kids anybody here know what's the Dora after the Waldo? What is it?

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What is it? Go ahead

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okay so the shadow shadow wasn't that Yoda Illa wash How do I know Muhammad Rasool Allah okay?

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Allah him HR Li minutos Tobin,

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which are Nieminen moto hearing two things, or Allah make us of those who repent to you constantly, which are the Minamata hearing, and make me of those that are in the constant state of purity. If you don't know this, Dora, you can memorize it in literally like two minutes. If you just say Allahumma hai Li minutos been what a journeymen motel pa hearing done this is the Dora after the will do want to hear the reward for this Dora. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Whoever makes a proper will do and concludes it with this Dora.

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He will have the gates of Jenna all of them will be opened up for him, and he can enter in which ever gate he wishes, all of the gates of Paradise will be open to him, and he can walk into any of the gates of Paradise as he wishes. And this of course, is authentic hadith because it is narrated in Sahih Muslim. Number seven. Number seven is to use the C work. Now the C work I have an entire discussion of the C work in and of itself. Maybe we will do that on Sunday the whole halaqa will be on the C work itself. But just to give you a brief insight of the sea work. The sea whacker is a miracle from Allah azza wa jal, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam always had a sea work with

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him. And if you don't, for those of you who want to see exactly what the sea work is, never leave home without it. Obviously, this is my see work. So this is of course the sea whack the toothbrush of the Mothman the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam always used to have this with him now, the sin of how to hold a celiac there's some discussion amongst Orellana Imam medora, Hema, who Allah says that this sea wax should be held with the left tag. And the reason why I mean, his logic is very strong. The reason why is he says, What's the purpose of the sea work, the purpose of the sea work is to clean impurities to clean nudges. So he says, obviously, you're going to use your left

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hand to do this. However, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the way he used to do it, is he would hold it with his right hand. Now how do you hold a see whack you know, some brothers Mashallah they hold it like it's like a big, you know, piece of metal and they just go really crazy in there, right? You don't want to exaggerate this Ewok in that regard, that C whack is actually a very gentle tool, it's a very gentle, very peaceful thing to do. Now, what you're going to do is you're going to take this three fingers, so the index middle, and I've just learned today from the sisters class that this is like the love finger or something like that, right. So you're going to take this, these

00:33:39--> 00:34:21

three fingers, I'm going to place it on top of the C whack, your pinky finger is underneath the C web. So that's how you're going to hold it. your pinky and your thumb is underneath the seawalk sin of how to use the C whack is you use it up and down. You can do it circular in circular motions, there is a narration about this that some of them are that are permitted. So either or is fine. I like to do it up and down just simply because the majority of the narrations, the majority of the time the prophecy seldom used to do this was up and down, up and down. Now the purpose of the C whack is not to cause injury. And I use this term very loosely because what a lot of brothers they

00:34:21--> 00:34:37

do is that when they use the cvac they like they keep attacking their gums and before you know it, you end up visiting the dentist a lot earlier than you think you would and you end up having to get all these problems with your guns and things like that. Let me tell you how much of a miracle This is.

00:34:38--> 00:35:00

There was a brother that once went to the dentist and he went to the dentist and the dentist looked at his gums and said to him that you are on the path towards gum disease. You are on the path towards gum. There's a lot of darkness in his gums. I mean the brother used to see a lot of black discoloration on

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

The government itself. So the dentist told him that. So the brother, the brother asked, so what should I do? The dentist says to him that we're going to have to extract some of your teeth. If this doesn't, if this doesn't go away this gum disease, it's going to cause some of your teeth are rot. So the brother got really depressed. He says, Okay, I'm let me go and think about this. Let me let this sink in. The brother used to come to the masjid and used to be really depressed. How can you take away my teeth? It's my teeth. I was grew up with these teeth. These are things I take care of. I mean, how can you just pull it out? And that's it Salaam Alaikum to my teeth forever, right? So

00:35:41--> 00:35:46

the Prophet got really upset and got really depressed by this. A brother came to him in the masjid

00:35:47--> 00:36:26

and asked them and saw him like how he felt. So the brother asked him is like, what's wrong would happen to you like somebody died or something? Right? So the roses like, you know, I think I might have gum disease, and I might have some of my tooth extracted. So the brother said to him, don't worry about that. And he pulls out a brand new c whack and it gives it it says use this. It goes when are you going back to the dentist again, he goes in about three months. He goes use this until you go back to the dentist. So the brother starts using it awful taste in the beginning. Anybody who uses see what you know, this guy's very bitter, very strong taste at the beginning. After you become

00:36:26--> 00:37:14

addicted to it, you can't live without the taste of the seawater. As a matter of fact, I always say to my family to my wife. So after I take a shower, and after I get dressed, and after I perform will do and I used to see work only then I feel like I've taken a shower. I don't feel like I've showered until I used to see work. So the brother starts using it about three months, goes back to the dentist, the dentist sits down and looks at the brother and says this is a miracle because you don't have any traces of gum disease anymore. And what's really what's even more amazing is that it doesn't even have the slightest indication that you're going towards a path of gum disease. The C

00:37:14--> 00:38:03

whack eliminated completely what was causing or leading him towards gum disease. the C word completely extinguished it from him. This here guys is a miracle from Allah. And this is not a marketing tool, but you can get one of the Khalid's bookstore here inshallah, after the halaqa I'm sure they have some in there as well. Don't whatever you do, don't move. Don't go anywhere without this. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says to Hadees that you guys all know while law he if it wasn't for hardship, I would have ordered my oma to use a sea whack before every single will do and then the second Hadees will law he I would have ordered them to use it before every single Sala

00:38:03--> 00:38:42

however the practice of the prophets I sell them is whilst the karma is going on, you pull out the seawalk and you use it while the karma is going until the of karma is done. That's why you'll see like ship the shirt on a lot of the Imam they do that a lot of people who don't have their ill about the celiac they'll be like why is this guy brushing his teeth just before sold out? Right? But this is not the case. It's actually a Sunnah practice of the prophets. I send them so try to do this. So brothers and sisters, what do you think I'm going to request from you? This Sunday, no one sits in my halaqa unless you've got a C whack in your hand. We're gonna call it yomo seawater is gonna be

00:38:42--> 00:39:22

our day of the sea welcome is going to be on Sunday, every single one of you have a sea whack in your hand. And I'm going to ask you to raise your sea whack in front of you while you sit in this halaqaat in sha Allah on Sunday because why that's what we're going to have a full detailed discussion about the see work itself, so make sure that you have it. And in sha Allah, I'm going to tell the brothers who lead the Salah here to pay attention to those all the people who are praying behind you that when the karma is going on, that brothers are pulling out there see work and I just want to hear see wack packages pulling out all the time in sha Allah. So try to do that as one of

00:39:22--> 00:39:59

the easiest easiest blessings that you can get. No man should wake up or sleep without see work. This is how amazing I guarantee you. I guarantee you in sha Allah if you have a seiwa your entire life will be completely different. I don't know what it is about this. This is probably my 10th or 12th the year that I've been using it consistently Why? Because I'm addicted to I can't let go of it anymore. Whether I'm wearing jeans whether I'm coming to the masjid when I used to go to uni all the time I had to see work in my hand. So make sure that in sha Allah you

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

Get your hands on that. And make sure you're here for the huddle call on Sunday because we will discuss that in sha Allah. Let's start just a couple of the things that nullify the world. And then we will pause for today in sha Allah.

00:40:12--> 00:40:57

What nullifies the world's number one anything that discharges from the private region. So anything that discharges from the private region, of course, breaks the womb. Now, if a person wants to know this is important, because we it's mentioned here, that if a person wants to be affectionate with their spouse, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to kiss his wife, before he would go out for Sala so this was permanent and this was also a he also used to do this while he was fasting in the month of Ramadan as well. But obviously the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was most in control of his desires. So obviously there would never be a discharge, you would never have this

00:40:57--> 00:41:10

problem of controlling himself. He was the most controlled when it came into this area. So the permissibility of it is there, but you just have to know what your limits are in sha Allah number two is a