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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a busy period of Islam, including public statements and daily acts. It also touches on the importance of not overthinking and not giving up on one's opinion, and uses "na" and "na" to describe actions and events. The group discusses the use of "na" and "na" to describe the concept of Islam, and how it can be difficult to achieve goals. They also discuss the use of "na" and "na" to describe the concept of Islam, and how it can be difficult to achieve goals.
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Larry smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah le wasafi. oma Obeid. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And then was Allah and Allah hadn't become Welcome to our series on the pisser of NaVi Moosa. Oh the Sierra the story of Prophet Moses, peace be upon him. This story has now led us to the burning bush incident it's quite a well known incident, it shared across different religions that we musculoskeletal Islam is speaking to Allah. And we learned in the last in the last episode that me musala salaam took his time to speak to Allah Subhana Allah as we should learn to do in our in our Salah. We should, you know really should the moment cherish the

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moment and try to keep dragging that moment at because we are so close to Allah Subhana Allah interestingly, that we must Elisa to Salaam is speaking to Allah His voice right in the sense of of polyline method will add and nothing of creation applies to all of us behind it with ally shouldn't even be using the word voice. But while understanding is yearning a lotion behind it with Allah and speaking to a tree technically, we are told by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the closest we can be to Allah is whilst we are Institute. So when we are introduced we should try to prolong that especially now in the month of Ramadan. In our Torah we had good this is the type of Salah that you can spend

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time with Allah subhana wa tada Yes, make salata with your family, try to keep that moderate, so as to not make it too burdensome on them. But thing as individuals, you can get up in the middle of the night or later on after everybody's completed and you too can pray to Allah subhana wa Tada. And take your time, like NaVi musala slagter, Sunday. The last point was we elected to throw down his staff and we can see that in verse number 19, out to be lamina shaytani regime I take refuge in Allah from your case and Satan, Allah He said, Allah said, alcohol, throw it in other words, your staff, yeah Moosa Moses for alcohol and he threw it for either he or hi yet one. And suddenly it

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became a higher, it became a serpent. That's our that started moving and started going through. So that's Africa would say, it started smithing quite fast. Now take note of the, the staff of Naboo salicylate was enough. So like the companies, the garment the shirt, in the story of abuse was a significant element in the story, the stick of NaVi musala, etc. Sam has a significant role in his story. So imagine now you're standing the and the stick that you just held in your hand, all of a sudden turns into a snake in front of you. So what did not remove Sally said to Sam do, he actually turned and we learned this and sort of cos he turned, he fled and he didn't even turn around. But

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then Allah, Allah told him to come back, you know, apabila turn and come closer. Now the masala citizen is now standing the LSE steam, Allah who that take it while at the have to not be afraid, send your ad to her because we allow will return it sirata to its form alula its previous form. So it's going to be a stick again, this is just the same, you know, Allah Subhana Allah is easier alert Allah is is in control of what's happening. So he must become accustomed to the fact that this is now how things are going to work. So behind Allah, what mama duck, take your hand in a generic and place it in your wing, right. So this means in the in the opening of your government. So if you

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imagine a Juba with this film of mine was open and had my hand inside, we a pocket would normally be so Allah commanded him to do that.

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Raja and when you take it out, by law, your hand is going to be white, you know, not even like lighter complexion, it's going to be white, it's going to be shining. Meanwhile, at so in, this is not like a disease with defect. I had an overall and this is going to be another sign another miracle. So why does he need these signs and these miracles, it's read the gnudi I come in, I attend el Cobra. So that we show you on Moses, our great signs, we want to show you our signs and of miracles you need to get accustomed to this. This is what you need to be witnessing. Now comes the message. So in a B doesn't just come with miracles for the sake of miracles, oh look, I can do this

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and I can do that and I can walk on water just for the sake of doing it now. And Abbey of Allah, Prophet of Allah comes with the system.

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This system was followed by all of the prophets. They inform the people I am a prophet of Allah, I am sent to give you glad tidings.

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of Paradise if you live righteously of Hellfire, if you don't have seen, I've been sent to the message to worship god alone, don't make any partners with him. And to prove to you that what I'm saying is true, I have come with a sign. I'm not, I'm paraphrasing what every single prophets message was basically about, then he would produce the miracle. And that miracle was to indicate his truthfulness. So now we move to a set of Salamis given his, his arsenal, now he's given all of the ammunition that he needs. And then Allah tells him what the mission actually is. The mission is not the medical miracles of the science. The mission is in the habit go you'll have your own Allahu

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Akbar, go to Pharaoh, of all the people against all odds, the one person that never be moved to La Silla to SNM must go to with his message is none other but around that very same fear around who is pursuing the musculoskeletal system because of the the death of the court that very same fear around who will be moved to LA cetera cinema, you know, grew up in the in the home of the king of the phaedo. That's the same fear around in that very same fear around that now be musasa to cinemas fleeing from when he left Egypt to go to my dad, and very same fear I'll never be moosari citizen was going to hide from you, in fact, Egypt on this journey. Now let us go to fear around in Hutto

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because he has rebelled if you're only sending is causing problems in the land Subhana Allah against all I said that would be the phrase for the series and and we can really see how that is coming through again and again. Unless is that NaVi musala status and I'm turn to Allah. Once again, we see that in a moment of great

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of great impact, whether that be on a positive nature or on a nature of adversity, whether it is in times of prosperity or adversity, with it in good times or bad times. Difficulty is we see a common trait in the life of NaVi musasa to slam that an important turn of events. He turned to Allah and made do I say he took this opportunity and asked Allah Allah Allah from beshara Holly Sadie Oh Allah expand my chest for me. Why yes see Lee Emery Allah make my command my matter easy for me. Yes sir. Is Lee for me Emily my command my matter what lol and anti awkward that then we not mainly sunny from my tongue yes a whoo so that they may understand only my speech. This though I'm sure you've

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heard many Islamic scholars and auditors etc. reading this before I hit the bar before a speech etc. Because this was the DA w mu solicitor slam made it analyze this very quickly. Oh my lord, is Sherif Ali, expand for me suddenly, my Chase. What does this mean daily? What are we saying? Yeah.

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When you chase is

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easy and calm and relaxed. There is no constraint there is no there's no tightness in your chest. That's when you are easy. When you are relaxed when you are calm. When you are distressed, when you're under pressure, then there's a tightness in your chest. Like even me speaking now and wanting to do a good job at this. I feel a slight tightness in my chest. And this happens to people whenever they reach a stage of fear or anxiety or nervousness. Now Subhanallah the fear of public speaking is a tremendous fear. So people just become constricted, right? They become distressed about that. And we move salicylates salat wa salam is asking Allah to make things easy for him that it's not the

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actual chase that he's worried about, but the conditions that come with it. So when when things are going easy and smooth, and you're calm, and you have a law on your side, then you are relaxed, you are contained, and you're at peace, and that's actually what he's asking for, but in a beautiful way, instead of asking directly for all the causes, he asks for the effect of those causes, which means that Allah Subhana Allah if he answers these two, I will give him all of those causes Subhana Allah, this is the beauty of the way the profits made.

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Then the fact that if you know Allah Subhana Allah is going to be there with you to command you to to assist you. Then you will have an expanded juice you will have a relaxed chest and heart Why is simply me make my math is easy for me. Of course we can make this to I whenever we are going through any form of difficulty or expected difficulty once upon a time melissani untie the knots from my tank. So yes

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And if you're new solicitousness understands that he needs to go and give our to figure out what is our, to call to Allah to call people to Allah. Thou our many people have different understandings of what that is. But the simplest Quranic understanding that the MBR lm sathasivam had was what we are seeing, you're going to Pharaoh, he has rebelled, going according to Allah, then every musala citizen understands this is my task. So he turns to Allah and he says, Why, operetta melissani untie the knots from my tongue so that my speech can flow, what we learn from the Mufasa room. And yeah, we have we have, you know, different narrations and so forth about what exactly happened. But what

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we know is that a B mu solicitors Anam had a bit of a speech impediment, the ease and adoration that's basically reported in all of the books of Tafseer, that now be moved to LA Seto Salaam, when he was a young child, that he he took a piece of code, and he put that in his mouth. And that caused him to have a speech impediment. And that that incident was actually like a test from fear own or the the family of your own, to see if he would go for the gold, right if he would go for the jewelry that was offered to him. Or if he would go for the coal, and he went for the coal, because if he had gone to the jewelry, then they would have said no is off the power he's after. He's going to be off

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have the power and wealth. And therefore we will kill him if he takes the gold, but he went for the coal. And he put that in his mouth. Of course, Allah knows best the veracity of this incident. But that's what the mufa sirona told us. He had a speech impediment. So he's worried about the fact that he's gay is not going to be able to perform his task. Well say ask Allah to untie the knot from his tongue. I'm sure even if you do not have a speech impediment, you know what it's like to be under pressure and have to say something, you think you know what you what you want to say. But as you open your mouth, you know, your words get get stuck in your tongue tied. So he's asking Allah to

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loosen his tongue for him? Yes, whoa, whoa, whoa, Lee so that they may understand what I'm going to say to them. So let me musasa to Islam is teaching us a number of things here. I would like to conclude by saying that, notice how the first thing in every muscle is that Islam does is turns to Allah for help. And it realizes that he cannot, on his own accord accomplish this mission, he can only do it with the help of a law behind him with data. So what happens next?

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He decides that he can't do this alone. Yes, already kind of do this on his own volition, he needs all his help. But he also decides he cannot do this by himself, that he needs a helping hand. So who is that helping? am going to be that you will discover into modern installation? evening that Allah sallallahu alekseevna Mohammed, so behind a little behind the behind Niccolo Mohammed, make sure to Allah and Estelle fuuka wanted to be like Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh