Sacred Truths #10 – A builder’s retirement gift

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not sure I'm reading this book on history or

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it just came into my mind that why do people revolt? You know, why are the movements revolutions happen? Yeah, I think it's dominate because leaders and the people in charge,

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they don't give the rights. They don't give the dues to the people they get from. It's that antagonism amongst people.

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And then it made me think of this beautiful story.

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It's funny story, not true, but it's a nice anecdote for this topic. So this guy, he was a builder, construction guy, really, really talented. He used to make loads of houses and so forth very beautifully. He was sort of the store employee of this construction firm. And so he's come to his retirement time. And his retirement time basically. So he's, he wants to put in Vietnam. He's done 50 years of his work. And he wants to now go put his feet up and unrest. But man just says to him,

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before you go, wants to do one more house. Yeah, yeah.

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Okay, no problem. He goes ahead and builds and builds a house but the problem with the building the house is that he was his mind was somewhere else. And and half heartedly said, he cut corners throughout he cut corners. And then he said too much I've done my job. Can I be relieved, go to my my retirement. And the man said, no problems. Thank you very much for your service.

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And I've got a gift for you. And then he handed him the keys to the house that he just deficient on that is, yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. He tried to deprive someone from their use. So Allah subhanaw taala. deprived him from what should have been his luck. Well, I mean, this is a Quranic principle. Allah subhanho wa Taala said, what are typical sunnah says you don't deprive people from their use.

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And it was repeated in no less than three places in the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And interestingly, all three of those places appeared in the context of the Prophet of Allah Schreiber, who said Madeon Prophet, tribes community, when they started to experience several forms of degeneracy, one of which was financial, Dr. was sent to them, and he began to advise them Allah said, what ulama Dianna whom shall you bang Paula call me boo boo, La ilaha illa Yoda, who are two Medion

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was their brother shy, he said, Oh, my people worship Allah, you have no god other than than him. There has come to you clear evidence from your Lord, he said. So give full measure and wait and do not deprive people that use or don't cause corruption upon the earth after its reformation, Valley Delica, you will come in control meaning that is better for you, if you should be believers. So that's what he said to his people.

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Now, the prohibition of depriving people of their views is not exclusive to the people of Medina. This is a limitless and universal principle of Islam

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do use, they're either material like property, land, cars, cash, or juice can be immaterial, like respect, that's a do authority. Praise kind treatment, in both cases, do use are to be given in full.

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Now, whilst bearing in mind that people have Medion were eradicated for reasons which included the abuse of this principle. I want to share with you a few common examples of this principle in action.

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One of them is depriving an adversary and enemy from his views. So we may be at odds with another. But it remains however, that reacting in an excessive way, by for example, spreading misinformation about them, labeling them in a derogatory manner, or something to that effect. That's an injustice. Which conflicts with the principle of Do not deprive people of their use. Look Subhanallah even if he or she is an enemy, Allah says, Well, are you a journeyman a commissioner? I know coalminer, Allah Allah. Do you know? Do you know who ACARA booty Taqwa don't let the hatred of a pupil prevent you from being just be just that is nearer to righteousness.

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And think about leaving your lips carefully chosen words when he was asked to describe the Hermitage, a rebel group that was against him. They deemed him a disbeliever they actually ended up claiming his life. So when you say enemy that's an enemy, and they asked him Are the disbelievers. Oh

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leader of the believers, so this was his opportunity. He said they did what they did in in an attempt to flee from disbelief. No, they're not go far.

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So they said, are they? Are they hypocrites? He said that hypocrites don't remember Allah subhanho wa Taala frequently, but they do. So now we can call them hypocrites either. So they said to him, so what are the what are the How are the rebel groups, he said, If one owner, they are our brothers bucho Elena who transgressed against us, so we fought them because of that, that is amazing. Do not deprive people of their duty, even if this person happens to be an enemy, so are the above the Allahu Anhu was at major odds with them. But this never tempted him to deprive them from their use by dropping on them a label that was excessive.

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So that's example number one, depriving an enemy from their use Do not deprive people from their use, even if he or she is an enemy number two, depriving the inheritor from their use. Allahu Akbar, this is a tragically widespread practice. I missed the Muslim communities, of depriving females specifically from their rights of inheritance. And that is a sin Which Imam at the heavy moment I am and others have classified as major.

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And that is because Allah subhanho wa Taala has clearly demarcated, who inherits what down to the finest details. And then look at the verses which conclude the verses of inheritance. Look at how clear and unequivocal Allah was when he said, The Tilka who do hula, these are the limits of Allah wama you don't allow Rasulullah who you to kill who Jannetty into God mentality hell and horrible Halloween, if you know where the nickel falls on or the whoever obeys Allah and His messenger, you will allow him to enter gardens beneath which rivers flow to live there eternally. That is the greatest achievement. Then he said, Well, maybe I'll say now how Rasulullah and whoever disobey is

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Allah and His messenger. Why I definitely do the who and transgresses his limits, you will look in Hoonah Brancati, then fee here he will take him to fire to abide eternally. They're in Walla Walla, double Mohini would have been a humiliating punishment. Look at how stern these verses were concluding the verses that speak about who is to receive what with respect to inheritance. So that's example number two Do not deprive people of their use. This includes inheritance. Number three,

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depriving the people of higher from their use,

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depriving the people of goodness

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What do you make of those who,

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when the people have virtue, and knowledge and service to Islam and Gala, they make a mistake to then tear down their track record of goodness and they just forget their lifetime worth of sacrifice and giving these are oppresses

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who have not given people their use.

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It's a mistake. It's an error. It's a slip up. You then remove everything that he's done in the past because of that. So he didn't Musa yet. One of the key students of OMA, he said they sent me an island, while actually even while elgu fuddling Illa Rafi I won't while working Mina Nursey Mala Malayan Barry and to Ricardo oh yo, boo, well, I'm kind of a blue accent. I mean, Nazi they had an absolutely fabulous things. He said, There is no scholar or a person of honor and virtue except that they have faults. However, some people's faults should never be mentioned, those whose virtue is superior to their faults, their virtue expels their faults,

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balanced and nuanced approach. Instead of the black and white mechanical approach we see today, Muhammad mousseline another target, what does he say? And I'm reading the Arabic because of the beauty and the eloquence and the expressiveness of their terms. He said, volume only Africa

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and deathcore I mean, who asked what talent? What tech to hire Rahu for Metalla aliotta cartoonists, to make mention of the worst of what you know of your brother, whilst remaining quiet on the best of what you know of him is oppression. Then he recited the verse which we are speaking about. Now. When he said, Allah says do not deprive people of their views. So it's a principle. And Imam did not like him. He said mean kawaii Cherie, while Hekmati Odin, Eminem and Keturah has an article where I will not care that level thing is Nobita theory on diet for him now you cannot do that Humala, your WWE while you're for whom Allah you offer. And really he says one of the principles of both Islam and

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wisdom is every person who's good doings are so many and numerous.

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has clear contributions towards Islam. Then such a person's mistakes are to be tolerated far more than those of others and is to be excused in ways that others are not.

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Look at Imam Nakajima, you know who he is? He discussed a few theological matters not filthy matters, it matters which the scholars have assumed to have denounced but then look at the approach of Imam with the heavy when addressing this mistake.

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It was an approach of Do not deprive people of their views. And he said they said well even equals Aima avana to infinity foresee what you Allah Allah to refill cannoli. Let me hear you again. He What are you sunnah? He said, even though Kojima is held at a very high esteem within the hearts due to his knowledge and his religion and his adherence to the Sunnah. Then he said, making an excuse for the Imam. He said no under coolamon Allah if he heard he might answer hottie Imani, whatever clearly Diva and happy Adamawa Donna will Alemany Islam Minella ima. He says if we were to the nullifying the goodness of a person and deem him an innovator because of a mistake.

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Despite this person's Iman and genuine desire to reach the truth underlying that, then we would end up not sparing a single Imam. He said May Allah have mercy upon us all.

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So this display of justice and giving people their use is almost non existent in modern day refutations where the entire track record of the victim is demolished. And have you just raised the name we think that we are speaking about someone who is an enemy and an adversary of Allah his Messenger

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even though Nasir Alomar was in

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same thing he also had certain beliefs not fit heat matters beliefs that contradicted the mainstream Sunni Islam but again look at how email was a heavy addresses it brothers and sisters we want to learn from this methodology this man hedge he said cool. Mm hmm. And he had he had investor Ed caught up on my phone. I'm never gonna let you ever die. Now what you're gonna learn is setting up Manoj Nasir, one of them and he says if every time an email makes a forgivable mistake in HD had in isolated cases, we then classify him an innovator boycott him, then we would be left with no one. We would not be left he said we have no Nasir, nor ignore manda nor any scholar who is greater than

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them both. He says And Allah is the one who guides his creation to the truth and He is the Most Merciful. He concludes. So we seek refuge in Allah from how our inner desire and harshness is the problem.

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We seek refuge in Allah from inner desire. There's a problem here,

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and harshness. So these are phenomenal displays of rendering people their views, even if you are at odds with them in certain matters. Now, how different was different was their approach to some of us today who consider themselves as the sole Vanguards of the Sunnah. And as for others who are not identical to them with respect to the books they read, they teachers they study from the Aloha she stuff labels are given to them, and subjected to backstabbing and mockery, even if they give it other justifications. Look, the burden of data, right, can't be carried by any one carrier or group. Nor is the truth in its entirety found exclusively within your circle.

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Nor will the answers which the contemporary setting of Muslims require to be found amongst any one group. It's not how it works. mutual cooperation between us upon the conditions of beer righteousness and Taqwa piety. That's not just ideal, that's an obligation and distance yourself from all those who argue otherwise. Be fully aware that the young and the untrained and rash and colorblind approach to the mistakes of Muslims are worse. You're misunderstanding of their opinions. And it's not even a mistake. Sometimes it's just our misunderstanding that will eventually cost you yourself, and you will regret every second of it. And the man with the heavy he said speaking about

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the particular narrator and why he is deemed unreliable, unreliable, he said Canada Yes, the fifth bill. He used to belittle the emails Wahaca should not Allah if you could only manage that have been Alana that they are happy on. He said this is the way of Allah with respect to any individual who mocks the scholars, he remains pathetic. He will remain pathetic.

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So desperate is our situation as individuals and communities for a holistic retreat to the shade of this Quranic principle, the principle that says while at a costume NASA, Do not deprive people of that use

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Why Bill

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Bill help

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obey shield Oh, oh

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well go

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follow up on. Holy duck on Oh,

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nice yeah.

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Oh one as Selena Hooten Zilla