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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of fasting in achieving goals of achieving Taqification, including the need for a strong mind and training to achieve success. They emphasize the importance of sh matter and avoiding physical engagement during activities, and emphasize the need for flexibility and self-development to achieve health and success. The speakers also emphasize the importance of avoiding alcohol and drinking in public settings and working on one's behavior to avoid future mistakes. They emphasize the need for a permanent plan to avoid mistakes and emphasize the importance of planning for the upcoming year and addressing weaknesses in one's life.
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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen

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or salat wa salam morada should be even more serene. Say Edie now when a beginner or Maulana Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wider early he was being a Jew Marine, rubbish rally surgery via silly Emery Locata melissani of Coco Lee, super Hanukkah la Mulana Illa Allah Montana in the candle Alima al Hakim

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Allahumma alumna my unfair owner was ignor I mean a Bureau of medica Yeah or hamara I mean

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excuse me, I said Mr. Ajay Kumar rahmatullahi wa barakato.

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All Praise and thanks are due solely to Allah subhanahu wa ala Teresa's Peace, blessings and salutations upon our Master and exemplary happy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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Beloved, all these Brothers and Sisters in Islam, we are about to enter into the month of Ramadan.

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And part of our preparation for Ramadan is the mental climatization to this arena that we are about to enter into. It's a training ground, it is a madrasa. It is a living reality that Allah has set for us. It's a very special part of Islam. It's one of our pillars, as salah is a pillar of Islam, so to his Ramadan.

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I think that despite the fact that we all benefit from Ramadan regardless of our level of relationship with Allah subhanahu wa dialler. By framing our understanding of what the objectives of Ramadan are, and our purpose within it, we will be able to attain much more and much more efficiently as well.

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So often kids would would respond by saying Ramadan is the month of fasting surprisingly often adults to respond by saying that Ramadan is the month of fasting.

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So I think some people may be surprised if I start by saying that Ramadan is not a month of fasting. We fast in Ramadan, but it is not a month of fasting.

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Ramadan if anything, is the month of Taqwa

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it is the month of Dakka Dakka is the objective. Fasting is the the means fasting is the means to attaining that objective. Yeah, you're letting me know. She's me. I will be Lamanna. shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem you Hello Dina Manu katiba la Kumu cmo gamma katiba Allah Allah Dena mean publikum lacunae that Khun O Believers fasting has been prescribed for you as it has been prescribed upon those before you so that you may attain Taqwa. So Taqwa is the objective. Fasting is the means towards attaining that objective. And in many Ramadan before, we've discussed here and elsewhere, that fasting leads us to Taqwa because of the facilities, the functionality of fasting.

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There is a battle that takes place when we are fasting, for example, that when the when the gluttony which is the last of the stomach, calls us towards food or drink, the alcohol the Kolbe says to the nafs No, not right now. Allah wants us to wait, we will wait. And then the nafs is defeated. And then we private parts, which is another form of last it's different last the last of the of the private bots. Remember has led first to the two last is the last of the stomach, which is gluttony. And the last of the private parts, which we generally refer to as last that

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also calls us in Ramadan. It tells us the halal spouse, we have urges, you have biological needs, right and psychological needs proceed to your spouse, the colbyn the an apple tells the body in the nafs now not right now, it's Ramadan, you will wait till when it is appropriate for that.

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And sometimes we go into an extra level of a burger. And all of that counts towards the progression that we make in Ramadan, for example. It is not compulsory to sit through the Quran during the day in Ramadan or during the night it's not followed. But we do that. So again, something's happening way to Linux. It's not compulsory or followed to perform Salaita we, but we do that. Why do we do that? Because we want an extra level of something, something

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is happening the width enough's. And the result at the end of the month after the fasting and the Quran, recitation and the taraweeh, and the lectures and classes, and the time spent in the masjid, and the RTF, and the tahajjud, pray and the fitrah. And if, if required the media and the time spent to the family and the applications that we read, at morning time or at evening time, and the visits the more frequent visits to the houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala for the five daily prayers in the like, all of which results and culminates toward a peak at the end of Ramadan, a feeling indescribable, in human words, but described by the Divine as Taqwa Allah.

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That feeling that brings us many of us to tears on the day of varied

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for that very month that we

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that we may be even worse, we might have been apprehensive about before

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we may have been apprehensive about the month before.

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But by the time we reach our aid,

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aha, hearts minds and souls yearn for this man. We want it to be prolonged. We want it to be to be with us forever, but we know it can't. It will lose its efficacy, right? If it's more than one month a year. We don't have that type of insurance. It's an intense training ground. It's an intensive training ground and this training ground is there to train what

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based on everything we see right now it appears that the entire training of Ramadan is the to train our knifes to rein in the neffs all our Rasulullah Hisa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam LK he Suman, Dan and EFSA who are Amina Lima battle mode. The wise one is the one who reigns in his or her knifes and they prepare for what comes of the death.

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While it is human at pi NAFSA who Hawa with Amana, Allah Allah, the foolish one the ignorant one is the one who pursues every desire every last every calling that distracts them and then they have high hopes law. Allah is a fool Rahim Allah is Most Merciful Allah is gonna forgive me you know that type of thing, but they doing anything and everything they want.

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Now in our individual capacities, we know our own weaknesses. We know the nafs right? Sometimes we are acutely aware of our knifes and its its level and its weaknesses and its strengths and sometimes are somewhat oblivious to it.

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From a theoretical standpoint, we know that the nafs is not monolithic. There's not only one type of knifes, it depends on the person. It depends on the endeavors, right? We know that we get the base level of the Nazis enough some amount of be Su, the nafs that perpetually commands to do evil Illa Rahima Robbie, those who are saved from that it's from the Mercy of Allah. We know that there's another level of the numbskull an absolute worm, the nafs that all falls into the wrong still makes mistakes. However,

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it's a blame within apps. It's enough that takes the blame that scolds itself that, that rebukes itself that does introspection and sees LUCAM and you can't carry on like this. These habits of us you know you need this now, the way you treat your family this addiction to pornography, this addiction to movies music, this addiction to entertainment, this addiction to sloths and laziness, this addiction to food you know you constantly want to feed your face this is this isn't enough all of this but this is enough Salawa because this person he knows he knows look here this isn't right. And all of us also know about enough so moto my inner and we all desire to have enough sumo toma in

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isn't it? The Content ID so the one about which Allah to Allah says that under dev the AMA it will be invited into Jana yeah yeah to enough sumo Tama in Erie je la robic here all the atom mabuya fighter who leafy a birdie or the holy Jannetty Oh contented soul

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into among my servants into into my Jana into the in forever. We want to be that we know that that nafs again, from theoretical perspective and this has been analyzed and discussed before that knifes, its desire. It's one is in accordance with the one of Islam. So that person when they when they wake up, they desire they have they have

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a magnetism towards saying Alhamdulillah hilarya Nevada, Mr. Chu, when they when they

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Do something they want to do the right thing they want the desire is in accordance with that of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the end goal. Right? That instead of our nafs dragging us towards finishing all the food on the table, and so will will find pleasure and comfort in a little bit of food. Because that would be the the way that the prophets Allah Allahu Allah was cinnamate and we will will feel happy about that. Like the food won't offer us any joy beyond how we can emulate the Sunnah of the Prophet saw the lioness and that nafs will want to sleep like everybody else. But the sleep isn't for the sake of sleep it is I went to sleep like Rasulullah sallallahu it was and I want

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to follow the Sunnah I want to sleep as much as he did or as little as he did that nafs looks forward to being in the masjid looks forward to the other than for Salah that that nafs looks forward to fasting on whichever days because that nafs has been trained that nafs has gone through an intensive training.

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So by understanding the theory, and the framework of how we get to that point, I believe in Allah knows best that we will more efficiently be able to reach our destination and that this nation is the koala. So all of us we going in sha Allah if Allah Quran says life we are going to enter into the month of Ramadan shortly with the proper mindset with a proper understanding of the battleground and how to navigate that battleground Insha Allah we will all come out with a superb level of Taqwa. I mean, so there are three there are three tools at our disposal in Ramadan and in fasting that make up the tools of training against the NEF. So for the neffs these these are Battle Points. Today we

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are discussing our battle plan, the battle plan against the neffs it's just me and my neffs right.

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What are these tools? It is

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mohale effort to knifes Mujahidin knifes, and Moe has about two knifes just three things mohale effort to knifes opposing the knifes

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moja to knifes working the nafs and has about two knifes Thank you taking the reckoning of the knifes self accountability Those are the tools

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How come though we only speaking about the battle with enough's that we all have to be on the same page here remember what Allah does for us in the month of Ramadan and why Ramadan is such a special training ground and why it is such a fertile time and place and ground with which to build and our relationships with Allah subhanho wa Taala number one who's locked up in Ramadan

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shaytaan public enemy number one

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public enemy number one look with him out of the way we can focus on other things that's basically what it's what it comes down to shaitan is Oh pistillate I don't need to stress about shaitan I just need to worry about my knifes because essentially we are given three primary enemies in our path to Allah shaytaan the knifes the environment look at the beauty of Ramadan shaytaan locked up, the environment changes everybody's fasting. Everybody's in Ramadan mood, everything on media around us of course to the extent of our of our willingness to do so becomes

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a souped up Islamic environment compared to what we are used to and accustomed to we are surrounded by people reciting Quran listening to Quran coming to the masjid listening to talks on the radio it's a different world that we living in for one month. Again to the extent that we welcome that into our life some people just carry on you know as it's nothing the only difference between their Ramadan and outside of Ramadan is that they're hungry and that we don't want that right. TV continues movies continue MUSIC CONTINUES social gatherings as Purnomo continues dress code is the same the habits are the same the nights are the same the days the same only difference is the

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hungry, add in a Polka time they maybe that's not what we want, we want we want to accept the change of environment. We want to welcome the thought all we who want to welcome the Iftar and the so hold and the masjid and the classes and the lectures we want to welcome even if it's so much as the radio playing in our homes, the local community radio station when they some good programming they in Ramadan, we work we want that because the environment plays a role. So shaitan is taking care of the environment if you want is taken care of what's left. You in the knifes? It's one on one

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against the knifes

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and then Allah gives us fasting. Allah gives us fasting. So in fasting what we have is mohale Effa to nefs opposing the knifes the nafs. If at its basic instinct level that I is what a natural amount of Bisou the nafs that constantly commands with evil constantly invites you feed your face, feed your private bots, feed your desires, pursue your dreams, you know, obey your thirst, just do it. That's all nuts messages that I think so under normal circumstances we may just give in, but in Ramadan I can't even fulfill my basic human needs because Allah restricts me so I can drink when I want. I can be thirsty, my throat can be dry. My stomach can be making sounds that I can be coughing

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i May I might even have flim I may have overslept for so hold in the morning and all of that I still going to have lunch. I still going to have lunch. Somebody can give an ice cream cone to me delicious ice cream cone in my hand and say Yeah, go for it free of charge. I still can't indulge because Allah takes priority we have Mohalla for two knifes I may want to sleep late I may not want to wake up to the whole but I know this is part of Ramadan I wake up anyways, I may not want to attain tarawih because I'm tired that night.

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But the primary the primary factor is the opposition to the enough's enough CCA and the pulp and the Ackles is ne not going to happen and we have 30 days of this right we have 30 days of this. So this is Mohyla for two knifes away to nurture the soul and its good qualities and keep the bad qualities at bay. Which is essentially what does get through knifes ease the growing of the soul the growing of the self right self development that day requires Mohyla to knifes. Now

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is Mahalo for two naps easy. No, it is not easy. It is going against your animalistic instincts, right? It's going against your animalistic. It's like telling an animal not to eat not to drink. The animal has nothing that stands in its way of eating and drinking except video physical factors. Other than that the animal is going to eat, you can tell the animal Jaime kuasa is going to look at you like that right? The animals gonna eat. So we are also part of us, we are biological animal creatures, but with Ramadan, we oppose that. So under normal circumstances, mohale effort to knifes going against your base desires is hard. It is difficult when the private parts urges us to fulfill

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our sexual desire. And we have the halau means to do so. We just go for it sometimes even if we don't have the means to do so. Now. We go for it anyways, because the nafs wants it. I give it right we go for that pleasure dopamine release.

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However, in Ramadan, we have facilitated Mohyla for two knifes opposition of the knifes Made Easy why no one opposition of the nafs for Dummies right? Allah grant says this this arena because it's training other times try to oppose the nafs and then what happens shaitaan comes in he says why not have another piece of chocolate cake? It's not haram right? So what if you full just just have another piece? Just another piece? Why not sleep an extra hour or two? Why not procrastinate and leave your work over till tomorrow? No, you can make up for it tomorrow. Joe relax. So shaitan is always going to be the to interfere. Ramadan cow has no more shaitan just you in the neffs Allah

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Quran says that.

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But Mohyla for two naps and opposing the nafs is only one of three important exercises for the training of the neffs opposing the nafs is there and it's built into Ramadan. Right? It's built in it gives us that Taqwa at that level automatically insha Allah if we if we follow the rules of Ramadan

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but what about moja to know what is that working the neffs we can't just oppose its base desire we also need to feed it with things that are hard for the knifes difficult for the enough's goes against the desire but not just goes against gives it an alternative that it doesn't want. It's like giving the knifes medicine that when a person is sick, right when a person is sick, the doctor may say okay, avoid X y&z in your diet. It's smarter and the doctor says no more dairy

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dairies affecting whatever the case may be. So you abstain from dairy, but that's not all the doctor is going to do. The doctor is also going to prescribe medicine, he needs to take the medicine now sometimes the medicine is very better, or it's not a very pleasant experience to take the medicine maybe it is the type of medicine that goes in, you know we're in it's not a very pleasurable experience insha Allah I hope it's not that they is Mujaddid to nafs working than us because now you must feed the nafs with medicine. What do we do in Ramadan? Now? This is no longer followed. This is no longer followed. Because we have the sooner to teach us what medicine to give them in Ramadan.

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This is up to you. How much do you want? How much are you willing to put in? Because what you're willing to put in? That's what you get out. This is sitting with the Quran that's the next one to sit to the Quran. No, the next one's to watch TV. That's the next one to go to the masjid for that all we know the next one's to list the next one's to spend time with the family. The last one is to show the nurse wants to go and sleep

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that's the next one to sacrifice the comfort of the home to go and perform attic if not at all the nafs once the king size Sealy Posturepedic bed and the wife that comes along with it, that's what then after once, why would they not want to voluntarily give those things up to come to the masjid. So we oppose the enough's masala fat enough when we work in the nafs read Quran, attend classes, listen to lectures attend our we sit with our studies our books if we if we so choose to do and so on and so forth the nafs constantly needs to be fed if we don't feed the nafs it's like not nourishing the body with

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with nutrients. And this is this means that we certainly going to die. So moja to nafs is feeding, feeding the nafs with the nutrients that it requires in the third tool. The third tool that we have at our disposal and all of this is coming from your Mamula Zaarly and he is here Luma Dean his magnum opus

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he's got an entire section on Jihad knifes right which is what this goodbyes essentially based on. The third tool at our disposal is Maha Sabha to neffs self accountability right self accountability is when

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we take stock of who we are now,

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for self accountability to take place one needs to accept the fact that we are not we are not.

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We are not only good, nor are we only bad, but we need to be mature enough to recognize that we have strengths and weaknesses and those strengths and weaknesses. The origin of them are built into the knifes Allah says burden Akula will be administrate on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim when fcoi mercy for Allah Maha Fujiwara wata Pahwa, the nafs and the one who fashions it and then inspires it inspires into it. Its potential for evil Fujikura Watarrka and its potential for for good for Taqwa. But Allah Hammond Zakka and in successful is the one who purifies it. So what is what is Maha Sabha to know all about? It is to look at this battlefield year look, Allah gave me for example, the

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person may say, Allah gave me sober and Allah gave me I'm very grateful person I've got some sugar, but hold on I have I'm lacking lacking when it comes to the way I feel about other people. Maybe I look down upon other people that is a form of Cuba maybe I'm very jealous about other people and what they have and I'm constantly you know, thinking Why do other people have things and I don't have them. So I have got to weakness the then okay, my spouse says you know you are very boastful person, these are all examples, but each person needs to evaluate their own neffs and see what are these things and what are the weaknesses and then self accountability takes place. Now how does

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Ramadan provide us with a platform for self accountability?

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I believe in Allah knows best that

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Dora. Dora has been both into Ramadan as an as as an option but also as a highly encouraged option. And in the DUA, we are seeking Allah Subhana Allah is Toba. And when we seek ALLAH Stober for 30 days at if thought and with 30 Nights at all we are in tahajud and for 30 mornings at Soho making dryer because we are constantly encouraged

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Do I have the forcing person is Mr. Jab throughout the time of breaking the fast is Mr. Jab. All of this, do I if we think about it is a form of self accountability and self reflection I have to sit down and pray to Allah Oh ALLAH.

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I turn to you

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and make Toba for the mistakes that I've made in my life. I turned to you for this day that I did that thing and so on. This is self accountability, where we present ourselves and our weaknesses before our Rob and we call upon Him and we supplicate to him to remove our weaknesses allow us to gain strength over it and to nurture our positive qualities.

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And with these tools, with these tools, not once off right not once have but with a consistent application of these tools, which Allah facilitates for us in the month of Ramadan. The resultant attainment at the end is Duk Walla

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Dakka Dakka, which is not the discussion of this goodbye but Dakwah is Malacca tune it is an internal quality, mula Sahiba. That will drive us LMT thoroughly our Marilla HeyWhat Shinobi, Noah he to pursue all of Allah's commands, and to refrain from that which He prohibited. It just comes, but you don't just get that. We don't just wake up in the morning. Oh, it's Ramadan. I've got taco now. It doesn't work like that. Right? It doesn't come it feels like that because we super pumped at the beginning of Ramadan that we feel like we can patch up a hot arm of the Quran. So the magic is so full in the first night, and the second night and then

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like, you know, right, in and it fizzles, and then it just dissipates. If a VC doesn't last that long. Now we are looking for innovations we looking for like you know,

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Coca Cola.

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I don't know what else to say. But that that's the most sustained level of gas, right? Don't be full of gas. Just be full of Taqwa.

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And the way to get to that point is is really to just allow Ramadan to do its job without getting in the way with the neffs. Allah locks up shaitaan.

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Okay, the Hadith also mentions that the doors of Jannah are opened and the dose of Johanna makellos. Many people kind of misunderstand this. They think that okay, if somebody dies in Ramadan, that's instant Jana, doesn't matter who they were a leader of some gang maki Saki doesn't work like that. Even modulus Kalani in his whole body actually, he gives some alternative views with that which I think we need to consider the dose of Jannah open meaning the pathways to goodness is like wide open. Everywhere you look, there's a program, whether it is online in the messaggi in the schools, it's a through the some goodness, and somebody is inviting as to what the goodness, that's Ramadan,

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just allow that to take place. And you know, you'll you'll benefit from it in sha Allah. The doors of Jahannam are locked chat, because the pathways to evil has become more constrained, more restricted, more rather difficult to attain, like the person who's addicted to pornography, they may think nothing of it outside of Ramadan.

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I think I hope that in Ramadan, the chances for that evil deed to transpire is very restricted. Right. If the person actually allows Ramadan to do its job, they fasting during the day, at night they should be in taraweeh then they've still got the Quran to betcha with their chance for this evil to take place and by the time they eat a chance, right it's a this person's habit is like at night when everybody's asleep. By the time that chance arrives.

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And then the taco has already been pushed to a certain level. Now this person is gonna think oh no, I can't do this. It's Ramadan. Ramadan. So

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Ramadan just makes the training ground to reach Allah easier. Now, what do we do with all of this? What do we do with this? Number one, we've understood that Ramadan is a training ground because Allah removes public enemy number one shaitan. Allah facilitates our environment in such a way that reaching him and reaching our goals for his sake is easier. Then we have the privilege and the opportunity to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Sal assalam, which will follow intents and purposes for full Mohyla for two neffs Mujahid to nefs Maha Saba to nafs if we follow it correctly, whether we understand what I'm saying or not, it's still going to happen if we late Ramadan do its job,

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though one thing, the one thing that could ruin our Ramadan really

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is if we, if we don't think of the knifes as you know

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being under training is no badge that's his training. He just lit enough continue while IG zoom and if Sahaba termina Allah Allah the foolish one is the one who just lets the nafs go ahead and do whatever you want

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insha Allah I will still get the forgiveness of Ramadan in sha Allah I will still be from among those who think that Koala and so on. That's wishful thinking, right? It's wishful thinking. So the person who does not make Mohyla Fatou neffs in Ramadan, that's the troubled one, the person who does not make Mujahidin to neffs in Ramadan, that's the one that's going to get into trouble. The person that does not do Maha Sabha to knifes in Ramadan, that's the person that's not going to attain it. How do you do out you know off the everything sit in that how do we even manage that? Yours how qualified to enough just tells you stay away from food, drink physical intercourse, right from the

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time of through dawn until the time the sun sets.

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But isn't it true?

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Excuse me, had Rasulullah sallallahu SLMC that

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Allah masala alesina Muhammad Rupa saw him Lisa means yami Illa jewel Outteridge Rupa ma Samuel PME LSR many of us think person attains nothing but hunger and thirst. Many standing person meaning a person who plays at night attains nothing from the standing except fatigue. So it's possible you know how this person does not abstain from the knifes desire except food drinking intercourse. And only for the time that they must. This is the person the last thing that they do before the other hand is going off is still taking that last.

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The first thing that they do in advance and Sumatra is of okay first date and in

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Mullah casamento La hawla wala Quwata illa will then on top of it. Not gonna you know, like attack them specifically. These the other group

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they look forward to the moment of the thought because they're gonna make corridor now.

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They're gonna make Cadorna Donna right. A What can I have for supper? That's gonna make up for the lunch that I missed. Plus one extra because I'm still standing taraweeh tonight. Okay, 10 some more sustained buys only five pizzas, you know, I'm gonna die it and then a couple falooda fruit salad, ice cream, and then my plate of food and in taraweeh when I come back, I'll have my second helping what you just did to the knife that ID is during the day you told enough? No, no, no obedience, obedience, obedience and in the night, right? Bismillah Go ahead, just go boss. Like he would say.

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That's not gonna help because now we're taking the NAPS like an elastic band. Right? That type of tension and release is not going to be helpful. Any training that you may have, you know, received during the day, we ruin it at night. It's like physical training. Actually. You have some some people who think look, I can go to the gym for 20 minutes, and then I can eat for 20 minutes. Anything that I want afterwards. Also, it's like some incense. It doesn't quite work like that, right?

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We have to accept welcome and embrace Mahalo for two knifes. Even after we break our fast, it's not that we must abstain from watching movies and porn and listening to haram during the day. And then after my three bits, okay. It defeats the purpose. Any training that we've gathered during the day in Ramadan, it's going to be completely lost to us in the evenings of Ramadan. Right. We have to think about it this way so that that difficulty in fasting is part of what gives us the taqwa. So embrace it, embrace it throughout Ramadan, in the nights of Ramadan, that difficulty is is a key factor because that is Maha Allah for two naps opposing the naps.

00:33:54--> 00:34:38

The second one, the person who doesn't do mujahed to knifes. Now remember, we said it's not foreign? We can't say that it's foreign to sit in bacha juice every day. No, can we say that it's foreign for the person to come to taraweeh and pray 20 rockets or rockets or whatever the case may be? It's not followed. Right? But that is just to knifes. That is the training. Right? It's like the a game that I was using examples is my person who is physically training, right? But all they do is the diet part. The nutrition part, they just eat well, but they don't move. No muscle is being trained at all. You getting one side of the coin, but not the other. It's not a complete picture. You have to

00:34:38--> 00:35:00

put in the work and putting in putting in the work means I'm going to sit with the Quran even though I'm tired I'm going to go to the masjid without all we even though I don't feel like I'm going to give charity even though I've already paid my fitrah I'm going to help feed the poor, the needy I'm going to look after those who need looking after look how many people how many widows widows are they and when

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

Those are the because of COVID-19 and other things. I mean, my mother and I were discussing actually last night, a distant relative, about my age is slightly older, who she has like four kids and her husband died very suddenly during the pandemic of COVID-19. So these are the people we need to be thinking about right now. How can we go out of our way to uplift the lives and the livelihoods? You know, because this is the spirit of Ramadan, this is what we spoke about last night. This is the the hallway that is required for us to reach Allah subhanho wa taala. And then if you put in the work, the moja Jahad is hard work, right Jaha it's like it's the same route it is as Jihad it's tough,

00:35:44--> 00:36:26

it's difficult. Waking up with hygiene is difficult. Leaving your home to go to the masjid for Salah is difficult. Sitting and making do it for time when the stomach just wants to have that doji is difficult, right? But doing it benefits, the training of the nafs. And the more we put in, the more we get out and then the final one is Moe has about two knifes. The person who does not do more has a button knifes taking self accountability goes into Ramadan, goes into Ramadan, with crocodile tears, right? Crying, praying to Allah making Toba to Allah we've all done this before.

00:36:27--> 00:37:12

But there is no sincere if it's a plan of action to not go back to the same mistakes as before. So Ramadan comes over to Allah Allah, I'm gonna change I'm gonna change I'm gonna change I'm gonna change, Ramadan leaves back to square one. The Ramadan comes again, Oh Allah, I'm gonna change I'm going to change I'm going to change I'm going to change, Ramadan leaves back to square one, because Maha Sabha two naps didn't take place. Doba is not just about promising that we are not going to do the thing anymore. And you know, Dubai has a number of factors, it's going to take too long to get through all of them. But part of doba is having a genuine plan to burn the bridge that we use to

00:37:13--> 00:38:00

access the sinning. For example, the person who is afflicted with pornography addiction, that person needs to take some serious action, maybe cancel the Wi Fi, right? Maybe just rely on data, if that's possible at all, maybe have some software installed that would that would prevent one from doing that. Maybe speak to a relative or get professional help, because apparently it's a serious mental disease, right, any form of addiction for that matter, any form of addiction. The point is a person who sincerely wants to change and not just be in a cycle of make the mistake, make doba make the mistake, make doba make them until we die now to be fair, and you know, Allah protect us and, and

00:38:00--> 00:38:44

not make us others. But we want to be from those who if you Ramadan managed to work in a new thing, maybe last Ramadan I was. Maybe I was proud, and arrogant and vain and conceited and all of those things, but I worked on that in Ramadan. And I did Maha Saba to nafs and I reflected on myself and my qualities, and I spoke to learn it people and I read books on how I can deal with these things. Right? And I deliberately put the work in and I got the with beta. Now in sha Allah this Ramadan, I'm going to work on the relationship with my spouse, how I treat my wife, how I treat my kids, how I treat my parents, I'm going to work on this and and in order for me to do this, I need to address

00:38:44--> 00:39:24

these weaknesses that I have. And in order for me to address the weaknesses, I need to go and learn. I need to reflect on my nafs that's a serious plan. Planning for Ramadan is not just about filling the cupboard it's not just about learning the flip of Ramadan. It's not just about you know getting the family ready and just telling yourself that it's Ramadan planning for Ramadan is a spiritual exercise as well. These are the tools that Allah Tala had given us that is the arena that Allah gives us. A THON is locked up Jana open Jahannam closed three tools both into Ramadan, it's up to us to use it Mohyla for two nafs opposing the neffs Mojo had two naps working then AFS and Maha Sabha

00:39:24--> 00:39:59

two naps, taking account of oneself so that we can improve and let dearest Brothers and Sisters in Islam is through self development, the self development that the self help gurus want to teach us that's positive and it has some benefits. But this is divine self development. This is how Allah wants to wants to train us not to develop enough so that it's stronger with his desires, but rather to gain control over that nafs because again, as I began calling Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam I will tell you so Mandana

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

If so, who are we learning about idle mode? The wise one is the one who gains control over that knifes and prepares for what comes afterwards after life, which is the day after. While I'm learning my burden mode while I jitsu But the foolish one is the one who thinks that they can get away with anything and everything that didn't have Swansea monad but if so, who? Or what? Allah Allah insha Allah Allah is a fool Rahim. Allah is hotfooted Rahim Allah you know that deadline? Yes my brother Allah is awful Rahim. Allah social Shadi Telerik Bob, you know,

00:40:37--> 00:41:01

which means Severe in punishment. Right? We must hire someone who's accountable and to hustle, improve yourself get better develop yourself before that day comes when Allah with the analytics accounting of us was a little lower LSAT, no Muhammad Subhanallah humbly Subhana Allah Mohammed ignition to Allah Allah Hi lantana stone Fuuka want to be like a brief reminder one is about the dates that continues to be for sale

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it's been a while since we did this, but it's a car or white or kind of course, that

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Suzuki needs to please move in publican from the parking spot that they are occupying C double A 90519. So, the dates are for the Majeed Ramadan activities. Please do purchase for yourself and your family members and it will be in support of the magic activities Ramadan, our class continues on a Wednesday evening and it commences now after maghrib Inshallah, because of the times and everybody is welcome to attain that just Camilla Harun AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi he or better get to

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