Quran A Personal Message From Your Lord

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Alhamdulillah hinomoto who want to start you know who when a stone Pharaoh when I was a biller him in surey and fusina woman say Lena Maja Hello Farah Mukunda may you know further ahead era when a shadow

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shadow shadow

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when a shadow no Mohammed Abu rasuluh Amalia cullotta berkata an image evil for Korean Hamid out the window Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Rahim kita buen ends la casa de region nurse Amina guru Murthy in a new world

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sakalava now the

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honorable orlimar respected elders and brothers.

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The Koran is the word of a law.

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It is a personal message of the Creator to mankind.

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A law is addressing un AI in it, and through it

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the message

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it is a book which will bring eternal bliss, which will bring happiness in this world and in the after.

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It is a book which has withstood the challenges of 1400 years.

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And it will withstand the challenges till the Day of Korea. As a VA has taken responsibility for it in not known as the Corolla in the half moon, we have revealed the poor art and we have taken responsibility to preserve it till the Day of Korea.

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And this is amazing.

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Over the centuries,

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rivers change cause

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civilizations rise and fall.

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Languages become extinct.

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new ones come in, and the old ones go out.

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But amazing 1400 years.

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The Koran together with this original text, with its proper pronunciation, with its letters with its meanings. Till today it has been preserved.

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During the bloodbath of the crusades, people thought Islam was wiped out from the surface of the earth.

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People thought Islam was gone and the Quran was gone. But centuries have passed. But Alhamdulillah the book is still in our life.

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It is a message from a law to mankind.

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Kita boon Enza Allahu la curry region nurse Amina boo Murthy. Illa No.

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award law in this verse outlines the objective of the Quran. Why have we sent the Quran to the world? Why have we revealed the Quran to you? Allah says Allah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we have sent the score on to you the to region nurse Amina guru Murthy Eleanor, so that you can take people out of the darkness of this world and bring them to the right path in the state path.

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We have sent this book to liberate the people from the shackles of darkness and ignorance and bring them on to the divine Path of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Look at the situation of Arabia. Look at the situation of the world.

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It's known as several Fatah. Between Orissa la Salatu was Salam and between Mohammed sallallahu Sallam this period is known as seminal factor of six centuries. 600 years no divine light in the world. The world was in darkness. Ignorance was widespread. oppression was the order of the day. The weak people suffered at the hands of the oppressors.

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women had no rights. Children were abused.

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Women were used as commodities. You could use them as you wanted.

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They had no recognition they had no acknowledgement in the society.

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People would marry their mothers, people who married a daughters people would marry their sisters. That's how low humanity stooped.

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People used to usurp the rights of one another. People were cold hearted. People would steal. People would plunder people would loot in broad daylight. This was the nature of humanity at that time, they would eat from the carcasses of animals found on the streets and wherever they fought one another for decades on end on trivial matters. They killed one another or another. They held enmity, they begrudged one another. This was the nature of humanity in such darkness. People were living. They used to bury their own daughters alive.

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What is an mo ood to

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be I either been quoted that.

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Allah says on the day of karma, we will hold those fathers responsible that for what reason? For what reason? Would you bury your daughters alive?

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People will consume liquor, people will consume alcohol, people will consume Riba and debt was the nature of life.

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It is in the backdrop of all this, it is in a situation like this, that a law sent down revelation and I was sent down this great book the Quran and took people out and took them from being the lowest of low and made them to the highest of high. Look at the Sahaba who they were and who they became

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the lowest of low

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became the highest of high through the blessings of the Quran. Allah classified worthy of love on home.

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Today, I am happy with the slot. They are successful.

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is rude owner echo who saw the code, Ola echo when

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they made Quran their life and Allah gave them success in this world. And in the year after they ruled the Persian Iraq, and they ruled the Roman Syria. The two great superpowers of the time, fell to the Muslims when they were on in their lives. And Mr. maryk Rahmatullah says, lay Yes. Aloha Pharaoh heard the oma in Bhima Sahaba a whoo Ha. This oma and the last portion of this oma, the latter part of this nation can never prosper can never be successful in this world. Until and unless it does not come on what the previous oma was on. And until this oma does not come upon what the Sahaba were on, they can never find success in this world in the after layer. Pharaoh has been in

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Bhima Sahabi her a whoo Ha.

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It is the success of both the worlds it brought people to light. People started respecting women, people started acknowledging them, a man came to the profitable one said, Who should I be duty bound to? Who should I be kind to? You said your mother, your mother and your mother.

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That's the status of law gave to women through the Quran.

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The Quran has been sent for the guidance of humanity, not for Muslims, for the guidance of humanity.

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manjaro Allahu Allah who called the who in a Jelena woman Gianna who hunted for Buhari soco in an hour when they make poor on the principle of life. When they made poor on the code of conduct and the code of life. They became successful in every sphere of life. Muslims were leaders in all fronts when they hit a law in the Quran in their lives. And the minute the Quran exited the life of love brought the decline of great great superpowers of this oma

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and the closer we bring our life to the Quran,

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the more fortunate we will be in life.

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Listen to this, the closer we bring our lives to the Quran, the more fortunate we will be in this world and in the after.

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will enjoy

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Peace will enjoy happiness in this world and in the after.

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And the further we drift away from the Quran and the further we lead our lives away from the Quran

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the more we expose ourselves to self destruction

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Quran teaches us a guide beliefs, morals, education, everything is taught to the Quran.

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You want to learn to hate you open the Quran, Florida and no la ilaha illAllah

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Muhammadan rasul.

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The Quran answers pertinent questions that everybody asks where did we come from? What does the Quran say? Where did we come from?

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The Quran says who Allah the haka. come in to rob from me not far from Amina aka

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from Mary who should come from military coup Ha. Woman coming up in Kabul, when he who agenda masala when

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a loon

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Where did you come from? You came from soil,

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transferred into a droplet of sperm, converted into a crock of blood. And then a lot brought you into this world.

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And then a war made you a child. And then Allah brought you to the prime of your life where you were strong.

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You had the energy and the power through malita kulu Shu ha and then came your decline in life where you came towards your 50s 60s and 70s going downwards, woman who may use our firm in Kabul, what do you who agenda masama and Allah says we have stipulated the time of every person in this world.

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These are questions which are on answers. What is the purpose of life

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for her siptu Mandela Hakuna Kumar

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Do you think that we have created you for no reason?

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Morocco Egypt noble, insanely opportune the Quran answers that we have been created for the servitude of a law

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and let me holla Mota will hire the legal locum.

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llamada Allah says we have created the system of life and death so that we can test you that Which one of you will excel and which one of you will give preference to the world?

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In her Dana, who's Sabina ima Shakira what a mecca for a while says we have shown you two paths in life. So the Quran gives us directives. The Koran shows us our objective in life. The Quran introduces us to Allah who will

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who will oh

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boy what Barton who will never use a welcome filler ham. The Quran introduces us to a law. The Quran introduces us to the subjects of life, it gives us morals,

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whether to Sahaja cleaners. shipping out of the model

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of luck gives us more models through the Quran. What does the Quran say about our parents? Well kabara Bukola tabuteau in a Villa de de niro Sana in blue Van Dyne, the cultivar or huduma, Oklahoma, further Taku Loma

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10 her Huma wakulla, Colin Karima was faithful Omar Jenner has been liminal Rama waka Rob Burnham, Boomer camara, Bernice Avira. When the non Muslims listen to these verses,

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they are left stuck to the Quran speaks about parents

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in such glowing terms,

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that after the worship of a wall, you are duty bound to your parents. Don't ever say

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don't ever raise your voice or your tone in your speaking to your parents and make to offer them this is the Quran teaches us.

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The Quran gives us directives.

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The Quran has been revealed for the success of humanity and the closer we bring our lives to the Quran, a loss custom, the more fortunate to be in this world in

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Tara, yerba will be hurdle kita be a woman who will be going through the score an a VA will elevate many people in the world and through the score an Allah will bring down many people also in the world.

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So brothers, we need to establish a bond with the Quran.

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We need to bring Quran in our lives.

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Quran is a means of connecting with our Creator.

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You cannot come closer to a law

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more closer to him in the Quran itself. You are connecting with your Creator, you are speaking to your Lord. Allah is addressing you in it and through it. It's a personal message for myself. It's a personal message to you. It's a personal message of a lot of humanity

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and we need to establish a link with the Quran and the Quran will never leave your site in this world. Not in the cover and not in the yard after

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all Allah Corrado Sha Ferran Masha found

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the Prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam said that the Quran will hold you in the cupboard and save you from the fire of jahannam. The Quran will make sure that it enters you into into into the everlasting paradise in general fear those brothers end off on this note, Lady Yes. After her the hill oma in Masada has been a word to her. I end up with the words of Mr. Malik rotten lolly, that the latter part and the last portion of this oma can never be successful. Until and unless it does not come on the same principle, which the first oma was on, and that was the kuranda if we have put on in our lives insha Allah success at every juncture, there was a panatela installed the love of

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this put on in our lives. May Allah make us look for the Quran. May Allah make us die for the Quran. May Allah give us the love for those people who love the Quran. May we respect the people who are connected to the Quran, in sha Allah through the blessings of Allah will also save us. Let us establish a bottom of the Quran or marlina Allah