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Salam aleikum, be yourself and be liberated. If you're not going to be yourself and you feel the need to be somebody else or to look like someone else, or to change what Allah has given you or to change the way Allah has created you and you feel that you are not acceptable to people, until you look the way they want you to look, then you cannot call yourself liberated. So if you really want to know what liberation is, to be liberated would mean to be free, to be yourself to be exactly who Allah has made you Subhana Allah without wanting to change anything, without the need to change the complexion of yours. The type of hair you have the eyes, you have the lips, you have the nose, you

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have the ears, you have the skin you have without the need to want to change all of that to conform to what others would be pleased to see you looking like with their eyes. SubhanAllah so you need to make sure that you look like yourself. I am a human, I am flawed in many ways, and I'm just a human and human beings are not perfect. We will have a few things here and there. SubhanAllah and yes, we all would like to look good, that's not bad. We all would like to look good, but to to be pressurized to look like what others would like you to look like is not being liberated. Just remember that. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us and protect us all. Assalamu alaikum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh