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Sort of who he respected yourself because I you know, one of my dear friends and my beloved as a song. From time to time we speak about Saba is wonderful and much money in order to extract the lessons from their lives and implement it into our lives. We also kind of make mistakes our I mean, for today I decided to talk about whether it's a hobby, whose name is Aveda, with nature raw energy long gone on. His real name was army evening Abdullah English yoga, but he became more famous with his style with his nickname above America. And he's from those were simply surrounding his beginning days. In fact, this comes in nations, where he accepted Islam just a day after others have gotten

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accepted Islam. And we all know that for those above except the disarm, in the beginning days were to go through a lot of persecution and torture in order to preserve the sea, even as a tribal beta went through all those tortures, and he remained steadfast on his beliefs, others like me, Maria Mangala mentions that there are three Sahaba there are three Sahaba were the best of character this alternate way before you saw when he

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started preaching, the first one of them was

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the second one of them was that it was mom. And the third one of them was a book of Asia intellectual property about Ghana, the Buddha explained on this narration, that is it is important for us to become good humans first, and then become good Muslims. We can understand from this tradition, that these priests are good people waiting for Islam. So it is important for us to become good humans, and then become good Muslims, but

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who was famous for two things? Firstly, is adequacy. And secondly, is trustworthiness. He's honestly talking about his eloquence here, very strong, very gentle, and a winning down when it would sit with his friends. He was winning them when he would sit with his friends, which is 70 members, they would win them. But when it came to Allah is no fool. When it came to Islam, he was small in his release, he was strong in his beliefs. And that is what I mentioned is already going on. It's just been a little movement, he was gonna copy that the Sahaba was those people who was kind to their own people will guide to their own time. And they were strong, and they were firm, with the people from

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the other groups when they suit against them. And as an example of that, in the lesson of whether there was a man who was trying to pursue others,

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it first tried to go up, but then went to the Excel of trying to kill us with a move Asia. Now on the beta I was left with no choice but to encounter him and to finish. And you know who this man was? It was his own path. It was his own father when he came out of school. I mean, he was he let me handle coffee. That is such a razor in Java with your mom, in the circle of Ohio, when the nccn close to the Prophet of Allah, and then we said a little while ago someone was hurt. Dan Saba decided to surround the Prophet of Allah from those cells haba One of them was about to write in a journal what happened is that two leaves from our of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam penetrated the cheeks of Prophet moments and

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so on for those who are away, waiting for it to remove them. So that Aveda says Let me deal with and then as always, our hosts when he tries removing those links with his ski, now in the process, he started to be gentle. So then we said Mr. Wilson doesn't get there is to try to get a big amount. Now we have to understand two things here. Firstly, when the two T's come out, it becomes difficult for you to pronounce. Sure. That's how you speak. Secondly, it decreases the beauty of a person imagining a smile, and there is no remedy. It looks funny, it looks ugly. But the Sahaba mentioned that after

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he left he lost his duty in protecting prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah increased this even more handsome on there is the miracle. Allah subhanho wa Taala gifted VEDA in the generosity of Ghana. Upon one occasion, people from Nigeria is profitable.

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This is the real Prophet Muhammad, give us a trustworthy person who can come with us, stay with us and teach being to us. And at this particular moment, it is this particular phrase which that we sell about while some of us have been selling barbarism say interlingual makina miyun. For every nation for every oma, there is a trustworthy person, Amina Hari Rama about VEDA in a Yama and he just was the person the owners person of this month is about Malaysia in

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Ghana, the Secretary has impressed this quality of being a trustworthy person is one of the greatest sin of many Mohammed senemo. I didn't even send them. A letter of Jesus told His brother in law, a young woman was Ramadan, Rania, Prophet Muhammad, Allah is commanding you and your people to give their belongings to the right owners. Now today, when we talk about trust, unfortunately, we only have one concept in our mind. For example, if someone gives me something, I should take care of it, and then I should return. That is Amanda. That's what we understand in a manor house. But if we have to understand this call is your mother deeply and we have to go more real to understand it more when

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it will come to a conclusion. That is just a concept. It is just a diet. But this quality of Amanda is vast, it is why meditation involves many aspects. For example, at the time of Professor Mahajan, when the Hussein's way, few numbers, maybe some of Mormonism goes to the Kaaba, and he meets the person who's in charge of the key of the Kaaba with Mandela. Taha was still not a Muslim, but it's a long time asking for the kids to perform saliva refuses. So let me say,

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that almost man, a time is going to come with this key will be my hand, and I will give it to whomsoever I want. So if one says, then that moment that time was a distressful moments for the people of America. So the reason law medicine says no man, in fact, there was a moment of honor for the people of Africa. Nevertheless, time goes by nothing sells no one enters into Makkah as a conqueror. And then he goes to the Kaaba. He enters the Kaaba, perform Salah, he comes outside, on the steps, all the Sahaba, standing in the line of smart, Nikolai Joseph standing there, who's now Muslim, and he's thinking, what is the Prophet of Allah going to do? Who's going to get the heat and

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also, the views of us in the LA

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area, a prophet Muhammad, we know that this one has not been nice to you, but this key belongs to him give his best to the rightful evil that is Ahmad. Because there is a spirit of harmala, who,

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Allah Jalla spinomenal. When a person goes and shares a secret with you, something's wrong with you. It is a trust, it is an Amana, you're not supposed to share it with someone else. But unfortunately, what we do today is that it will go to the next person, that I'm only telling you because you're my best friend, and not telling anyone else, I'm only telling you because you're my best friend, this person will go to the next person, I'm only telling you because you're my best friend, and like the whole of the society knows about it, and we send them off and say, This is Mr. Marisa

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between this person goes to you seeking for an opinion, it is an Amana for you to get the right opinion. There should be no ulterior motive, there should be no personal agenda involved, in your opinion, even better than a man. So all these aspects of Amala were found in beta, it was your walk with a lot of data and nothing.

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I'm saying that as time is going to come, it is from the size of Yama, that Amala trustworthiness will be lifted from this room now. It will be rare to find a person who will be trustworthy to such an extent that people will get together and they will say let us go to this city or this village. And let's just go and meet this person because he's a trustworthy person. My friends and managers let the smoke become from let us not become from those people regarding whom Nabi sallallahu wasallam associates, Allah, Allah, our college guidance, and below spinal metalor make us on a secret. And many of you are trying to practice this soon of the Santa Monica center, or this

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practice of others obey major law. Apparently, sometimes it could look like you're losing. You're losing when you're trying to be honest. Apparently he will look like you're losing. But in the eyes of Allah is the fool, you will always win. Let me give you an example. A few years ago in India, there was a dispute

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Amongst between Hindu and Muslim Brothers regarding the land, the Muslim says, This is our land. And the Hindu says this is our land, but is this matter the Muslims who are on the land belong to the Hindus. So now the method goes through the court, and the judge after trial, and each and everything comes to a conclusion. And he questions the integrals, then do you recommend someone from the Muslims, that if he has to stand up and say that this land belongs to Muslims, you will accept? So they say that? Yes, we do recommend one person, but just question Who's the person who seems to say refer to La la, one of the great scholarpedia, from San Francisco and the judge questions. Looking

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at this one, we can say that this land belongs to Hindus, this land belongs to Hindus, tsunamis, all people start insulting, they start raising fingers at him, because this is what happens today. When a good initiative is taking place when something good is happening, the first people to oppose with their own people. I mean, that is what happened with the Prophet of Allah, when we shall allow them in violence is equal to one this is our environment, his own family members was, and the first peoples who are most were his own family members, some of the number of sin is being insulted. So the judge looks at him to say, and he says, All Muslims

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are musalman harga. What is wrong Gk?

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omega? Today, the Muslims have lost the case. But Islam is victorious because of your honesty, your trustworthiness, your conduct and your character.

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That is the honesty. And that is the owner we belong to the second is that a scumbag to the heavens? Nevertheless, coming back to the second beta even

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after the law, passed away, all the Sahaba decide on who's going to be the next holiday. So

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who says that has a double beta should be the first alpha, he should be the next missourian. But again, look at the trustworthiness of other champoux beta. He says no Omar in the presence of many sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I never saw anyone else apart from

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Saipan in the essence of militia law whenever from the world would deserve this one of us is

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gonna, unfortunately, again, today, we run for authority we run for dictatorship. This means for us to move away from although you belong to them, but they move they moved away. Then, at the time of

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the Roman Empire was being dominant on the most sense, such as the amount Allah who decided to use a to use another strategy in order to deal with this situation. So he chose all the Muslims to centralize themselves. So all the governors and all the Muslims killed one place. And at that time, as a move ADA was the governor of his, when he decided to leave with the Muslims. He told the workers were letters Give back the GCR, which we took from eternal Muslims, the deaths at that time, when the non Muslims wanted to stay in the area of the Muslim which is Asia, which was founded by the Muslims, they had to pay a certain amount of days, in order for them to stay safe. In order for

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them to be protected. The machines took the rest of the process just under motion for the visa say that unless the GCR look at the trustworthiness again. Let us get a disease. Yeah. Well, he says killing me started leaving all the loose ends started crying, the sun is going to go away. We would love to see them since the contest is the capital of the summer, once upon a time was such that these people of other faiths wanted to share the resume.

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Today, let's just wander off and open it again.

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Nevertheless, then the last moments of others will be tied to Java or the among

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others VEDA was the shower and there was a play.

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So Amiga being an asset to the cinema at the toddler who wrote a letter processor who baidya they don't do well. If you receive this letter in the morning, don't wait till evening to some and if you receive a letter in the evening, don't wait till the morning to start off, and he never knows the reason why, when others are who received a letter he read, and he said, when I know that hundred Kumar wants me to get out of display, so I don't die. But Alma you are, my army is

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I'm supposed to be but I should not forget the heartbeat of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whenever he said Allah, whatever Some say that when a plague has to break out, you're not supposed to leave his face. And then he sent the letter processed Kumasi about Allah Who are the Marathi Allah tala who read the letter, and he started crying. He started crying, because as I said it was a movie that was an asset to the super independent. According to others, Kumar is supposed to be the alpha to the Saba after that it was with Omar Why are you crying? Because at the time when beta passed away, a lot of drama he replies that no he hasn't passed away, but he will soon pass. So this

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is reliable positive beta, beta, the above data and when it passed away, but this multiculturality alone calendar is Genesis Allah, Allah subhanaw taala made mistakes are

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very jealous, because the honesty the founder, the character because of the way it turned off earlier, mokara amin was the one