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Defend our Prophet Campaign – Day 02

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Haifaa Younis

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Bismillah you're loving man, you're walking, um,

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how should I respond as a Muslim

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man or a woman, young or old? How should I respond? me as an individual, I will say to myself the following. It's a message from Allah subhanaw taala to me, to us all, we need to resuscitate, bring back, our Swati Hisar to sit down in our life.

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We need to bring him back because Allah showed us that we love him. We all are very upset. We all are not happy Alhamdulillah to beautiful. We need to translate this love to actions.

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And the first action we need to do and before due to feel because once I feel this, the action will come. I need to bring back to me as an individual, to my house to the people around me the value and the real status of Roswaal ASR to a tsunami inside me. I need to feel it. I really need to bring back everything Allah subhanaw taala described or described him in the Quran, or how he mentioned him in the Quran. I need to bring it back