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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of a credit card as a means of payment for modern transportation projects. They explain that certain regulations apply to credit cards, including a requirement to pay in full and a one-time payment in case of delays. The speaker also discusses the concept of river interest and how it can affect the behavior of drivers and passengers.
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Is it permissible to have a credit card or apply for a credit card knowing that I'm going to be signing for a contract that says you need to pay the river or the interest? in you know, in case you couldn't pay for? What if I paid all in advance? I paid all full basically, in this case, am I still allowed to have a credit card?

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Obviously, it's one of these contemporary issues, people they deal with it, does it? Does the rules of river interest apply to it or not? The answer is actually Yes, it does. Meaning it is considered a contract,

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a loan of an interest loan, that's what a credit card is based off, you may see the borrow the money from the credit company, a great company, a good company, and then you pay it off afterwards. So if you delay the payments, you're going to start paying interest and that's why it is considered Haram. In essence, however, some of our time Muslim scholars, they look into this as one of their one of the one of the situations that is considered

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an unnecessary necessity, because for some people, it's a necessity to acquire a credit card because they deal with a lot of online, let's say trading, or even they are their frequent traveler that require a credit card to be with them to rent cars or, or hotels or anything like that, and so forth, and debit card might not do the job for them. So therefore considered an assisity for them to survive, and their job line of, you know, profession and so forth, other people does not necessarily but it's harder, which means it makes it convenient for them to acquire things and deal with them and so forth. So as a result, there are many say if and the harder sometimes tantamount to the level

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of an assisted hajah can lead to the level or the level of necessity. So based on that, I would say it's a case by case by case scenario, if the person is in need of having a credit card, and yes, in this case, they do so However, when they do so, they need to make sure that they pay the balance form before it starts accruing any river or any interest and they need to make all the arrangements avoid you know, paying a river. And also if they need one credit card, they should not be applying for 10 credit cards. One should be sufficient for them and shout out about a katana. What about the contract the condition that you sign off, you know, that says you are signing and agreeing on Riba,

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the remedy found that your solution for us in the habit of very early on when

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she was at the time of the Prophet salla salon she was actually asleep a female slave that I showed a lot and she wanted to she wanted to purchase her from her origin owners to set her free and one of the the sisters back back in the day a system of voila, which is basically allegiance that has some technicalities to it and in terms of financial you know, benefits and so forth. That if you free a slave that allegiance belongs to the one to two you because you freed that slave. So when I she was really purchasing her just to set her free for the sake of Allah siljan the original owner they say we give her to you with one condition that we we keep the villa if you set her free. We take a lot

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from you. I she was upset when she when she told the professor said I'm the professor Sam was very upset as well. He goes you know what you started Amendola. You know what, fine, tell them Fine, I'll give the wallet to you. But for enunwa element attack, because the default happens when you set her free is that a lot comes back to you even though they think that is going to go to them, but actually go to the one who freeze that's live. So eventually from this generation, some of them it made analogy, that it's actually it even if you if you put that condition of river interest, then the massage from it which basically defining a way out of it is if you need it, and in this case you

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as long as you you make sure you make the arrangement to pay in full and shallow data. You should be fine with the last as a concession and voila.

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