The Quran Mentions the Universe is Expanding 1400 years ago

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It was in 1925,

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a very famous scientist

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by the name of Edwin Hubble, and a famous astronomer.

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He said that the galaxies are receding. That means the universe is expanding.

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The Quran mentioned 14 years ago,

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and sort of area.

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Chapter number 51 was from 47 that we have created the vastness of space. The Arabic word Musudan means vastness of the expanding universe. The Quran mentioned 14 years ago

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that the universe is expanding, which we have come to know recently, eight years back 90 years back. And according to Steven Hawkins, who's a very famous scientist, he writes in his book, The brief history of time, he says that the discovery of the expanding universe is the greatest discovery of the century, which is mentioned in the Quran 14 centuries before.

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There may be skeptics or some non Muslims who will say, it is nothing great that the Quran speaks about astronomy, since the Arabs were very well advanced in the field of astronomy.

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I do agree with them, that the Arabs were advanced in the field of astronomy, but I'd like to remind them it was centuries after the Quran was revealed that the Arabs advanced in the field of astronomy. So it is from the Quran that the Arabs learn about astronomy and not the vice versa.

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And there were many things about astronomy mission the Quran, with the Arabic didn't speak about and which we have come to know recently.