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The conversation discusses the concept of positive and negative views of situations and the importance of learning from mistakes to improve one's life. The speakers emphasize the use of positive language and the desire for positivity in one's life, including avoiding negative consequences of actions. They also emphasize the need to be positive with one's actions to avoid future negative consequences and to be optimistic with one's actions to avoid future negative consequences.

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In Santa

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Maria de La Villa, only an idea

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although we learn the shape on LG Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, when

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you come to me, sort of the moment of

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respecting yourself as it is IKEA, follow IKEA, dear friends, my beloved students.

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There are two ways of looking at each and every method is the positive way, and related,

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a person who looks at each and every situation in a positive way, he stays happy in his first sentence. And of course, it looks at each and every situation in a negative way. He stays sad, and he spreads his sentence. And together with that, he achieves less from the point of view, and from the worldly point of view.

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And this aspect is known as the aspect of pessimists and optimists.

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a pessimist is that person who finds difficulty in each and every solution.

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And then optimists is that person who finds a solution in each and every difficult

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cycle, you put the dolans in front of the person, if a person is optimist is going to look at the doughnut, thank Allah, empty bedrooms. But if the person is pessimistic, he wants to focus on the moment, he will focus on the hole, which is between the moment then why is that that's a pessimist.

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And Islam teaches us to be optimists.

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It teaches us to be positive.

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That is why

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I'm saying that never keep using the word low. From the English Low, low. It's another big word which means if don't keep saying if, if I had to do this, and this was way too loud. If I didn't do this, then this was going to be the outcome. by example, when the dollar The day was X to qualify, it was nine. If I protected the dollars at that time today, I would receive the dollars at the rate of 13.5. Leave those in empaths. Why? Because Lisa Walker says it opens the doors to shake up

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local speedos to shake up. And brothers we have to understand nothing goes without rain. So we have to learn to embrace the stones in our lives. To accept the mistake to learn from that mistake just about a new format. Another example of it, you must have seen a rose without a rose. It grows a measly follows. It doesn't say that I'm a beautiful flower. Such a good fragrance comes out for me and how to grow and it's the thoughts No, it blossoms in the same way we are supposed to blossom have that rose amidst our challenges and difficulties which we face in our life.

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And, inshallah, you will understand by the end of this lecture by the end of this talk, this is what we're all talking

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about teaching us. Once a man comes to the center. And he says a prophet of Allah. I've made a mistake, I've committed a sin. He presents the problem. So that is a

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statement that says to him that cover up your bad deed with a good deed

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gives me a solution that

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shows optimism that cover up your bad deed with a good thing. Why in the persona uniqueness because good deeds, wipe out the bad deeds, let's see solution to your problem.

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was always positive. always positive. It is one of the greatest tsunamis

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to be positive in all the mentors we face from x.

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It comes in a nation very famous nation that when others have been Cambodia, Hong Kong, and some have migrated from across Madeira, and they were hiding in the cave. And the people of Quraysh were trying to kill themselves

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up and they came a time where the people almost Scott

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Baldwin is just outside the game and we'll see

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Luisa walls and they open up in a lock one step. And we are

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one step away to find this. And at that moment in that moment of difficulty in that in that situation, now he said a lot. So is teaching positivity to others the proper camera the account by Terry, he

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wouldn't be stressed in America

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have you said a lot

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about positive,

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another famous nation,

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sort of main draw that all law, strengthen Islam strengthen your religion within Islam of Allah.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted this dua in the favor of

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God and

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was optimistic to a law, middle ground over environmental laws.

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Now, who is a good one? You see, it is short, it was far fetched from the minds of the Sahaba. That woman will accept this, because one of the greatest enemy of the time, just to just to just for you to understand what a great enemy He must be. When we become one of the accepted Islam, one believer and his wife decided to leave Makkah, due to the excessive torture they were facing in my car. So now they were waiting outside in the outskirts of the station or bedtime, from where they used to catch the mode of transport whatever was available at that time. So the man is waiting, and the lady is waiting downstairs. And the man goes to relieve himself and other woman passes by who's still on

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the Muslim

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looks at the lady and asks her the reason for her being there. And she tells me the whole reason now who's not saying shows positive positivity to this lady by telling her that we are not using your better May Allah tala grantees in whatever you're going through another

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post. Now when the man comes back, the lady says to the husband, that I feel that Omar is close to accepting Islam. Because today is the first time I've heard something positive regarding Islam from his mouth. So now the husband says to the wife, that if someone has to come and tell me that the donkey of kata is a product rather than the donkey, or Thomas accepted Islam, I can believe that but I can never believe the court has accepted Islam now that

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why? because like you said a lot, so was optimistic, it was positive.

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When the Battle of Canada was taking place, the better way the Sahaba

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decided to dig a trench in the boundaries of Medina because the whole of it was against the Muslims.

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And they were given a number. At that time, a very large stone of all the killing between wives digging a trench, and no one could break. So nice. I love it when sun hits the both the meat and eggs. And when he leaves the bowl down a spot comes out of it. And in the spot when he sort of sees something which he says to the Sahaba they always hahaha Oh my Sahaba I see the treasures of Roman and Persian Empire in this spot. Imagine how it was lifted the morals of Sahaba because they were fighting against the whole of the whole of Allah. And the result of love is always telling them that this is not the end of a time is going to come when you're going to Russia, Andrew will be someone

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who portrayed positivity and he always lifted the walls of the people around you.

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When we talk about being positive, there are certain aspects we should know. The first aspect is of you being positive with your Creator, you being positive with your alarm. Karissa pauperism, says that Allah says on any given day Abdi I deal with my slaves according to what they think of me.

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That is why I mentioned that when we are in a young age, the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala should prevail. And when we are towards the last days of our life, then the hole in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala should dominate. Right this hobby was in his last moments, and that he said, goes to visit him and then any sort of all kinds of questions in that what do you say regarding a law being in the situation. He says that oh prophet of Allah and fearful of life

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Seems, but I'm hopefully in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In episode one person replies to me that if someone has these two things in his last moments, then Allah subhana wa Taala with regard to security from what he feels,

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drawn to what he has to ask them, that is basically gender that is supposed to be often we do everything, after we try everything, that is when we can be optimistic to Allah subhanaw taala if a person doesn't try anything, and now he's optimistic to Allah, and Allah, Allah will forgive me, the Sahaba used to say that this is one of the greatest deception of Shakedown, to do nothing, and to be optimistic with the Mercer proposal. So that is the first aspect. And when we talk about being optimistic to us in Panama, it should only be even worldly, even worldview, we can be optimistic to Allah, we all know that our country is facing economical crisis right now. People are closing their

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stores, it has become difficult for people to buy a bagel and a packet of sugar available mini mill. So a lot of voters know lies, damned lies, watching everything. And a lot goes what we are going to, and we are supposed to be optimistic that is going to change the situation. In the same way. We are always going to political crisis for both sides of the world. This woman is being bombarded today. So always sleeping, Allah is not looking at us, otherwise looking at each and every better. So we are supposed to be optimistic with the law, that law will hurt today. If not today, then tomorrow.

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Now we'll be talking about being positive with the second aspect is being positive with the creature from law with the creation of some kind of a data, we are supposed to show positivity in our actions in our world talking, you know, dealings, you know, interactions whenever I

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was going to yaman the reason for

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that, oh, Laura Bush Oh.

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Good glad tidings don't this unite the mama? Yes.

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Your Sera, Sera. Omaha make things easy for the people don't make things difficult for them. And the sum of total positivity, that show positivity in your actions and in the way you deal with the people. So that is what we are supposed to do. Now the other aspect we we might come up with is that normally when we try to portray positivity, the component is showing negativity. So what should you do in this? Like you're trying to be good, but the opponent is trying to show negativity and time entertaining each and everything you're doing. What should we do in this matter? We have to understand Allah subhana wa tada has created this world, because mixture of people with different

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things. So there is going to be negativity, we shouldn't be disheartened. You shouldn't be demotivated, we shouldn't stop doing whatever good we are doing.

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mothers, our our chips,

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all these things shouldn't affect us. If we are doing something for the sake of Allah, and the intention is correct, and the will is correct, then you shouldn't be throwing stones at every barking dog for final domain.

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That is what the song teaches us.

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I just read through those and friends. When you're facing negativity from others, let me let me tell you an incident.

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This man who's a friend of a law, just make sure that sometimes they you are going to find someone who's going to be negligent in whatever you're doing. A friend of ours, you see some friends of Allah gifted with such miracles, then they do something against the nature. So this friend of Allah used to flying this car, used to put the myth and find the staff. So his wife was standing outside and she saw that someone is flat.

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Now when the husband came there, but the friend of oma came back, the wife said today I saw someone flying in the sky to Panama with a great friend local law, he must be Australian in the sky. So the husband says it was me.

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Crying was a little bit. So that's how it is going to be you are going to find someone who's going to be negative in whatever you're doing. But you shouldn't lose hope in the mercy of Allah and whatever you're doing.

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You with one example, which will make us understand the whole perspective of negativity and positivity. There was this man who decided to have a lemonade juice in a really hot summer day. While he was making the lemon juice. Instead of cutting one level, he ended up cutting four levels. He was busy He must be thinking about something and when he tasted the four levels mixed in one glass of water depending on how solid

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He came back to his old senses, so to speak with elders and friends, can this lemon be separated from the water, it can never do. So, some things which we have done in your life, it can never be under the wrong decisions, the wrong choices, the wrong mistakes, wrong statements, but base a solution to this problem where there are four levels in this glass of water, you can add another full glass of water and have full glass of lemonade, which you can share with us. So you can make decisions, make a correct decisions, if you have made photo statements, make a correct statements as a result of globalism same to the SRB that come up

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with a good team. So the message today is that we are supposed to be positive in whatever we say in whatever we do in whatever we think there are lots of other people's ability to purchase or whatever has been salami was your loved one