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Rania Awaad
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a famous Hadith in which a Prophet sallavi alayhi wa sallam is describing a time of chaos and destruction. The speaker describes a woman who finds her child while trying to find him, and eventually finds him. She describes the feeling of loss and relief when she finds her child and is punished by the Prophet sallavi alayhi wa sallam.
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And one of my favorite Hadith honestly one of the very favorites, I'm sure everybody has like a series of different favorite Hadith, you know that you've heard over time. Certainly, one of my most favorite hadith is a Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is sitting with his companions. And it's a difficult time. And I think this is SubhanAllah. It's so

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at all, when I, when I reread this hadith, all I could think of was it was, that's all I could think of was was. And he's because he's describing a time in which there has been a battle that's happened. And it's the aftermath of the battle. So it's chaos. There's been death, there's been destruction, there's chaos happening. And there's a mother, who's running frantically through all this chaos trying to find her child.

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You've seen images, and I've seen images of Eliza.

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And you have seen this exact image play out on your screen,

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where a mother is running, calling, trying to find where the child is, Are they alive? Are they under rubble? Are they lost? Where are they? Are they with a neighbor? Where are they?

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So here in a parallel story, it's the Prophet's a little audio Sydenham, and he's witnessing a mother running through all this chaos trying to find her child.

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And then she finds him.

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And she picks the child up. And the first thing she does is nurse him.

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Have you seen some of the videos where a mother is reunited with her child, and Alyssa,

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where they don't know where the child is for periods of time, and then they're found, maybe they were with a neighbor, or maybe they were just stuck somewhere, or whatever it may be. And the kind of a new many of you who are mothers or spiritual mothers, if you're not biological mothers, you have a sense of what that's like to lose, and then to find, do you know that feeling when you lose and then find it's like this incredible tension, and then a relief, write an immense release, and you're so overtaken by emotion that all you can do is cry, even though you're happy, but all you can do is cry. It's just this release of emotion that happens.

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So the prophets of Allah Hadiya, Saddam is looking at this entire scene of the mother who's running through trying to find her child and calling out calling and eventually finds the child, and then immediately nurses this child.

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And so the prophets of the lives that I'm turns to his companions, and he says, Do you see this mother?

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Do you think that this woman would take that child she's nursing him, you will take this child and throw the child into the fire with companions or like,

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what it was, What a strange question, right? She finally found this child that she was so

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earnestly looking for.

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And they said to him, No, by Allah, she would never do such a thing. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Allah, the Exalted is more merciful with his slaves has a bad then this woman is with her child.

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And in this narration, you understand the kind of mercy that Allah subhanaw taala has

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