Muhammad West – Izzah – Episode 01 – Islamic State And The Battle Of Badr

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and characteristics of the largest Islamist city in the world, including the return of Muslims to their cities and the return of their cultural and political orientation. They emphasize the importance of staying true to Islam and not giving up, as it is a state that is alone and facing crisis. The return of Muslims to their cities and the return of their cultural and political orientation have led to struggles and struggles with returning to normal. The speakers also touch on the struggles of Islam, including injuries and persecution, and the loss of people, including the deaths of two Muslims.
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I hope you're all well and hamdulillah We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive our sins and it is late this coming to the Juma be alight for us until the next week and all the sins we've done last week and until next week, we'll be forgiven inshallah for the Baraka of this holy hour holy time. Alhamdulillah we are in sha Allah today introducing and embarking on a new series. Yeah, come to light magic, ohana, Islam, it is our custom that we try to do things in series. So that inshallah the time continuity and inshallah today we begin a new course a new series, entitled The days of desert and glory, the days of glory, the good days in Islam, the great days of Islam, as we know, to

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introduce this course to introduce the series, we know that if we look at the reality of Islam today, not really Islam, but rather the Muslim Ummah, we look at the Muslim Ummah, from Morocco, to Mikasa. from the north to the south, wherever we look in the Muslim lands, unfortunately, we see and we find that we are in oma in decline, we find a common thread even though the Muslims are divided, we are all agreed that we are in a bad state at the moment that we are in the one of the worst declines that the oma has seen in 1500 years. When we look at our countries, the Muslim countries, the countries where the Muslims are the majority, we find that these countries unfortunately, lag

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behind the rest of the world, in terms of development and civilization in education, you find in those countries, unfortunately, illiteracy, poverty, and now lately, almost every one of those countries have some form of conflict or civil war with Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Nigeria, you find the Muslim lands are plunged into war, and these constant, this instability, this is on a global level. And then when we look at ourselves as Muslims, in our in society, and especially since we live in a non Muslim country, we know Muslims stand out from the rest of the pack, do we stand out for good or for bad, the title and the identity of a Muslim is not something

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that people unfortunately are proud to associate with non Muslims, either due to the bias, but also due to our weakness, they look at us as inferior, as a group of people that have still to develop and have still to come, we lag behind. And in many minorities in the world, Muslim minorities within India, whether in, in Africa, Muslim minorities, Muslims, unfortunately, appear to be behind the rest of society. And this and this, of course, further enhanced by what is being shown in the mainstream media. But of course, most of the blame we take on ourselves. And so it has become so bad that you find the young Muslims and old Muslims, that we believe that this is way, we've always been

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at the bottom of the pile, that our identity and our image and our honor, there's no greatness to it anymore. We cannot remember any time we as Muslims, we can be proud of our of our of our identity and our heritage. When we know this was not the case. When we know throughout this history of 1500 years, there was a time when Islam, not to rule the world. But more importantly, they lead the world they were the example unto mankind. We know there was a time when Islam was the pinnacle of human civilization. When people looked at Muslims within the end with all went under Muslims, non Muslim lands, the way we speak about the waist, the way we speak about how amazing and how developed they

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are, how advanced they are. They used to look at our countries and see how advanced they are. The kings of Europe would send the children to the Muslim lands to study at the universities of the Muslims today to the opposite Muslim countries, those who are affluent, they send their children to America and Canada and England to learn that is where knowledge is our lands unfortunately, is not where this advancement and knowledge and Allah subhanho wa Taala has said as much that we belong not as the rulers of the world. It's not that we are superior because of our color or because of our culture. Allah subhanho wa Taala said, You are the best nation raised up as an example. You should

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Leaders in higher art raise up for mankind you must be the best of mankind based in your luck based in your actions based in what you do. So Allah says, I've made you the best in terms of your goodness, why? If you enjoy what is right, you do what is right. And you stand out to forbid that which is wrong, and you believe in Allah. And we know that, as I said that Islam is not weak, Islam will always be strong, and the Quran will be strong and the deen will be strong. Whoever holds on to it becomes strong through it, and we will let it go falls down and becomes weak. So the oma went through stages. at some times were very weak, there were times worse than when we are today. There

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are times in our history, we were 10 times worse than we are today. Today, so better in some days in the past. And there were times when we're so great and amazing, we wouldn't even be able to believe it. That is why I say no matter the law

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makes the statement when they conquer Palestine today the whole you know, Subhan Allah can we imagine a Palestine returning to the Muslim lands? It wasn't the time of say normally when Palestine came under the lens of the Muslims, and he was summoned by the the chief priest or the Pope of Palestine. But if you want to enter Palestine, bring us your Khalifa. We want your leader yo Amir to come personally, to say no more when Personally, I when he came into Palestine. his generals had now been outside of Medina for a few years, they have been conquering Syria and Jordan and Lebanon on all the countries and they became in touch with other more civilized countries, then the Arabs

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remember the Arabs that I would say normal, they were backwards. And then they looked at a normal said, Yeah, yeah, I mean, you know, you don't look like a meal. You don't look like the the man, the one that everyone speaks about poodle hop in Medina change, rather look like a king and say, normal became upset. And he says, you know, where were we before Islam 20 years ago, before nobody saw Salah, we're fighting one another killing our children, having a bit of goats and you became a rich man. Now we are the kings of the world, all through Islam, whoever holds on to Islam will achieve that you'll get the dunya don't even let it go will lose the dunya and the euro. So this is where we

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So how do we return to those days, and it's important for us to look at how Islam reach it wasn't something overnight, Allah subhanho wa Taala did not

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by by click of a finger or change the situation you need without any effort from the oma, the oma had to go through some form of hardship to get there that we have to go through some form of journey and we did some a few things correctly. And then Allah subhanaw taala gave us this is a so we go through the series and the purpose of the series is for us to once again be proud of our identity as Muslims to hold our heads high and sell hamdulillah we are part of a beautiful lineage a beautiful Deen a beautiful oma, we are part of that. And we hope that we take the examples, and we returned to where we belong. And we don't belong here. We don't belong at the bottom of the pile. So for

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example, I know most of us here most of the many of our sporting people, maybe your team has not won the league or the championship for for many years. But you always speak up the good old days when we were the champions when we were the base entity. And this encourages us to return to where we were. And this is why we shall love these kind of learning our history and our sea route and our biography. This is our history. We learn it in Sharla to learn from these lessons.

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So the first and there's so many beautiful we can discuss all the beautiful moments in our history. But the first and the something very topical today. One of the greatest moments and the most beautiful moments in the history of the oma wasn't the time of knobbies also lump with the establishment of the Islamic State, many of us will put on the news. We're a different kind of Islamic State. And inshallah next week we'll discuss more in detail about how an Islamic state should be run and how Nabeel Salaam established his state. inshallah, from LinkedIn, we'll discuss that. But today we talk about the background. We all know that one of the biggest problems we face

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in the Muslim world today is that there isn't a Muslim country. There isn't a halifa there isn't. We are not united. We are divided by race and culture and color when we know Allah subhanho wa Taala has abolished all these divisions and made us one on the deen. And for nearly 100 years since the end of World War One, we have not had a halifa. And even long before that, a halifa of true substance and caliber, we did not have a halifa and we did not have a state of our own. So let us go back to the very first Islamic State to be formed. How did that happen? This was a turning point in our history, one of the beautiful jewels of our history. And we talk about the background to this

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Now vehcile salaam is now the Navy for 10 years for 10 years is the age of 50. At 14 he received why he was appointed as an OB, and for 10 years he's preaching to his family, his friends, his brethren of Makkah, the people of Mecca, Allah Subhana Allah send him to the world but in particular the people

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Makkah This is where the caravan is. Today we feel so upset about mostly laksa maybe some solemn watch as the Kaaba is decorated with idols and statues and all forms of haraam. navicent solemn duty and his mission First of all, cool the people the old kurata mother of all cities, back to the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala but 10 years of Tao, and abyssal Salaam, it felt that this Dao is not progressing. Only a handful that accepted Islam early on. They were the ones that were steadfast and the remainder of Makkah as rejected the message and the persecution and the abuse and oppression from the people of Makkah on the Muslims was getting even more severe. Muslims had to leave Makkah,

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they had to go to every senior, they had to hide the deen. They were being tortured and punished. The dollar was not moving, and for anybody for any profit. This is for him his his job is to call people to Islam. If people are becoming Muslim, when they feel in themselves a personal sense of failure, and then by the 10th year of cooling 10 year, the 10 years of dour, this would be called the year of sadness, when abyssal Salaam would be afflicted with calamity upon calamity, is people are accepting the dour. The Muslims are not able to practice the deen freely, they are being oppressed and persecuted. On top of that, his greatest supporter, his best ally, his best friend was

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Khadija Raja his wife, his beloved wife had passed away. She had died in the 10th year of calling on top of that a few days later, Abu Talib, the uncle of NaVi salsa lamb, the man who predicted then abyssal Salam and the Muslims, he also passed away and he passed away a disbeliever a non Muslim and Allah commands in Ibiza Salaam in Nicoletta demon Abu Mohammed salam, you don't give Hidayat to the ones you want. I am the one that gives you the idea. Now imagine you're calling people to Islam and your own father and Abu Talib was like a father to your own father does not accept your message. How do you feel as a newbie? How should you feel how successful you are? Then abbyson salaam therefore,

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called distances the year of sadness calamity upon calamity, and it looked now I will totally gone. There is no one predicting than a Beatles album and the Muslims from the kurush. Now they are ready to kill the Muslims. What do we do ways the dean going from here is no light at the end of the tunnel complete darkness. But things would become even worse than this lesson Salam would now hit rock bottom.

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Then avviso seldom faced many difficult days. And to the Muslims. One of the worst days was the Battle of one way. Hamza. Allah was martyred. Musab bin Laden was martyred many of the great Sahaba 70 of them died in the Battle of offered a piece of himself was injured to the point where many Muslims believed in it and Allah revealed is pertaining to this all Muslims, if Russia were to die, would you leave your religion? Muslims even believe nobody's gonna die? So I shadowed Yolanda and this was one of the reasons why she's so great, because she asked those questions. He said, Yeah, Rasulullah saw salam, O Messenger of Allah. Was there ever a day? Worse, more difficult? What was

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the worst day in your life? So she's asking yourself what was the worst day in your life? What's the worst? was anything worse than nahi Salam says yes. The worst day in my life. After Nagisa, as I said, went through all the difficulties for 10 years not being successful, and his wife and family were passed away. Now, maybe Salaam would face the worst day of his life. When he would decide to go to the city of pif. Five is a city outside of Makkah. So in Ibiza, Salama decided, look, the people of Makkah don't want to listen to Islam. They don't want to accept my religion. Let me go to the city next door. Let me go to the city next to Makkah, maybe they'll be better. And five is in the

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mountains and obeso salam takes the hike to Thai food Zaid rhodiola anhu and now visa Salaam goes there and he comes calling these people to genda calling to what will make them successful coming to them not asking them for welcome anything. And the treatment that people have five gave Neville Salaam was the worst he ever experienced, worse than Abuja worse in Abu lahab, the leaders of the thought if got together and they put

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in us in the center, and they started insulting him and ridiculing with the worst of words and the worst of the they destroyed the nappies and hot then they call the slaves and the children just to add insult, not the main they called the children and the slaves throw in pelting to death stoning to death. And so someone was stoned outside Antonia to run and flee for if the result Salaam is bleeding, and we know the story of life. And we know the story. That'd be so sad.

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I don't even know where we're at. I just ran outside of five. And we saw Santa Monica gets to a place of security and safety. He makes dua and ask Allah Who is the farmer himself saying Allah so because of my weakness, I am not able to deliver the message as you want. This is why it's happening. And then Allah since the angels of the mountains and Dr. Mohammed Salim, give us the command

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And will destroy the city that they are justified to be destroyed. Now, let me say this is no. inshallah hopefully the children will become Muslim today we know that do I was accepted five is a Muslim city completely right and they would accept Islam. So this is this was the worst day in my life. This day was the worst day in my life. I after this point nobody says some didn't no way he's going to go What is he going to do go back to Makkah now

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outside is worse, I need to go back to a Buddha hub and see if I can reason with him.

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And then a visa Salam is reminded and we are reminded.

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Today when we look at our situation, we feel where do we go from here? What options do we have? What can we do? We don't see anything to change our situation. And Allah gives us advice in times like this, Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Baqarah Oh, do you think are believers that you will enter paradise? While such trials has not come to you, as came to those who pass before you? The people before you were tested? They were touched with poverty, we made them poor and hardship, and we shook and we shook them. We shook them and put them under so much stress, strain and pressure until the messenger not gonna be so solemn, but some groups some people have the old, their soul they nabby he

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said, then I've been up to people then obesity, and those who believed what the man is believers, we need the help of Allah going to come with the help of Allah. And Allah says, unquestionably, certainly, the help of Allah is corrib his beer. So they went through such difficulty that even the MBR of old car alone we know you're going to help us yeah, Allah, we are doing everything we can. And we are not succeeding. today. We feel like that is out to ask for being answered. Why is our salon not being answered? What is wrong with us? This is an AVI, he's not doing anything wrong. He's not committing any sin. Allah Subhana Allah says we need to help you to come. So Allah says to the

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believers, don't worry, I tested those before and I teach you, I see what you don't know the light is coming. the help of Allah is near and just as an abyssal Salaam went through the woods point in his life, the change started without going to be sold on doing anything without going to be solid himself, making any any extra effort. Allah would open up a door for him in a place he didn't expect. There is of course the city of Medina.

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City of Medina, a bit of background at that time before Islam entered Medina, it was called against the city of yesterday as mentioned once in the Quran, by that name yesterday it's about 500 kilometres for those of us who have been there we know it's a bit of a journey and Shalom it all of us go the return and go there soon. inshallah and all the best well for Jojo leaving Angela brood and with Boolean Sharla for him.

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So now Medina is 500 kilometres from Makkah. quantit about a month journey by camel at that time. And the city consisted what was the city like? It was an Arab city, they were Arabs living like Makkah, and they were split between two tribes. This is how shaitan separates these two groups. They look the same. They speak the same language. Everything's the same. But my name is I'm hazaragi. I'm from the husband's tribe, and you are from the tribe. And these two tribes fought with each other nonstop Civil War. And within Medina strangely enough, and it is important for us going next week, there were three small Jewish tribes, a Jewish minority groups of Jews living in Medina, we asked

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again, why are Jews living in Medina? They don't live from Palestine. What are they doing in the middle of Arabia, the backwoods country of Arabia. We didn't find Jews in UAE in Saudi Arabia except Medina, and another city called haber, which resembled Medina, why would the Jews there because they rabbis and Allah taught them that the nebby of the end of times the last prophet will come from Arabia, in a city with decrease between two mountains. And this is exactly how Medina looks. And Jezebel and Claiborne looks to this Jewish tribe these tribes with a believing that from us, like Musa like Ibrahim, like electrical a man like Tao would like all the Gambia, they will be from money

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so he and the last nabby will come from us, right. That's why we are here. They believe that would be the case that Allah had different plans. So there's two Arab tribes, which is the majority constantly fighting and killing one another, to the point where they were on the verge of exterminating one another Civil War like we see in Syria, no winners just losers. Everyone is losing no one is winning, death and destruction. No one is safe to walk in the roads, all the the generals and all the governors are killed. All the leaders have killed one another. The city has no direction. And ally mentions to the people of Medina, this in the Quran, Allah says and remember all

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people of Medina, the favor of Allah upon you when you were enemies, you hated one another. You couldn't stand one another. And he brought your hearts together. Alison, I broke your hearts together and you became by his favor by Allah Rama. You became

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You became brothers, right? You forgot about your animosity and the Civil War you became together and you were on the edge of a pit of the fire you are on the brink of Jana. And, and and he Allah saved you from it. So a small group of people of Medina in the 11th year after the strife and after all the year of sadness, a good six people from Medina. They come to Hajj, the people of Makkah used to perform Hajj according to Jamelia, right. They took this from NaVi Brahim not the Hajj we performed today, they worship the idols. So six people from Medina came to Mecca to perform the shiraki hedge the hedge with a committed cheat. And they came across in

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the past mix. And they listened to the Beatles albums down and they said some hydralic everything you are saying agrees to what the Jews are saying about the NaVi that's going to come about pm about that worshipping the idols. We heard from the Jews the same things what you are saying and accepted Islam, these six people. So we're going back to our city, and we're going to convey our message to our people. Right. So this was the small let me say something and go to Medina, these six men with sincere hearts, they went the next year 12 people come back to find anything. So some 12 Muslims come from Medina. And what's beautiful about these 12 they consisted of people from both tribes,

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people who were enemies with one another last year, they come together and they said look, we are now brothers. We are together on this Islam. And they came to plead to an obesity epidemic. Now these are some of the next year and they took a covenant. We will do this we won't come a cheat. We won't murder we won't steal we will obey you. We are have lots of Salah we give our pledge to you. We take our beta and they said to give us one thing so look seen one of your Sahaba with us back to Medina to teach us Islam. And who was the man that when the first ambassador of Islam was something that young boy maybe only 1819 maybe some say Musab you go and teach the people of Medina and for a

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year Musab with the grace of Allah works and he calls the people of Medina remember Medina is not another Muslim city yet. And he calls his people cause the people. The next year the 13th year of calling 70 people come 70 people come to meet the National Center and they said we have left many of our people behind. And they came now one purpose yasumasa salaam Medina is ready for you

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to go to Medina. He didn't give Tao in Medina, but Allah opened the city. Allah opened the hearts of the people of Medina, and they see the Auto Salon salon we went through to come to us, we want you to leave Makkah the people of Mecca not that they are oppressing you, they're harming you come to us, and we'll make you our leader. Now these are some didn't want leadership. But now we have really a place as an Islamic State. We have the foundations of an Islamic State. And then of course, we know that our recent Salaam was in discussions with the people of Medina, the 70 of them, and it was agreed that at this point, Nevis has agreed that if Allah permits, now vehcile salam would go to

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Medina, and the doors were not just open to them abbyson salaam, open to all the people of America that were Muslims, you our priest, Omar and all of you that were struggling, come to Medina, we don't even know who you are. And again, remember, put it in perspective. These are very tribal, cultural people. They didn't like one if you want from the same tribe, they hated you or the enemy. Now they're saying we open the doors to people we never met. Totally different tribe. Because you're a Muslim. You have a place within Medina. And we know this is the story of the hero. Many of them, they left their homes, they left their families, they left their properties, they left their

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children, whatever they could do. They left and they made and they went as a refugee. So today, you find an example of this. You find people leaving a country with his war as refugees. Maybe he was a rich businessman. He had huge properties, but he has to leave everything just for his life. And he goes and he lives in another country as a refugee, not even an ID card. Now he can't do anything he can travel freely. This was the case of the Muslims. That is why the people of Mecca have a superiority. So Allah put them through 13 years of testing. And then Allah Subhana Allah said, Now leave everything that you love and come to the city of Medina, you don't know. And they leave the

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Mahajan. They left and that's what Allah mentions them in the Quran. Those who have believed and those who have performed the heater have made each other and those who fight in Jihad strive in the course of Allah will their wealth and their lives are greater than ever out of them. They have a greater daraja in the sight of Allah, they have the pinnacle of success, right? The Mahajan and it is those who are the ones where the fat is the fat is in they are the successful ones.

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So now before Salaam

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waits for the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we know the story of the hegira levy. So Salam gets the permission from Allah subhanho wa Taala to leave. He leaves his family behind his daughters, his children, and he goes only with one companion aboubaker Sidney Crosby Alon, right this is of the honor of Satan abubaker that he's able to form the hegira within a visa Salaam. So they perform the hegira and they are pursued and they were almost captured a few times.

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But Allah saves them and they'll be so solemn enters into Medina and the people of Medina are waiting. Many of the people of Medina never make fun of Esau Salaam they became Muslim. They heard about Musab Musab gave them Islam. So they heard about the absence of the nicomachean when he first saw him, imagine just picture you, you know, we know that they'll be someone's coming to clicked on for example, and we never we don't know. You know what he looks like, but we just know how much we love him. And the people of Medina are waiting. The people of Morocco escaped. And they said, Yeah, maybe maybe something got captured. Maybe he got killed. We don't know. They're all waiting and

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splitting and they are humble on the day. And so some enters into Medina would say number bhaker This What do the people sing that song Tana Alba drew Elena that the moon the brother is the moon, the full moon, this come this fall upon us. This come to us. And they are so happy that this now and hamdulillah is a home for Islam. Islam for the first time as a safe and secure home everyone saying Come ye Rasulullah Salah live with me stay in my house until you have your own house. Everyone says come live with me. And I'm gonna do more hygiene. Are they there now Oh, they are able to make sign up for the first time openly give the other and openly they're able to be Muslims openly What a

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great feeling it is. So this is the foundation of an Islamic State. But it won't all be easy. It will not be easy because huge calamities and crisis's faced this new state. Remember that this is a state alone the entire world is against all the enemies of Islam. Every single other city around it hated Medina who's ready to destroy Medina also now you have How can that be so Salah Miranda state, and this is how important it is today. We talk about an Islamic State forming. How should the state be run? If tomorrow we became an Islamic State? What do we do with non Muslims? What do we do about those who don't accept our version of Islam? What do we do about different groups? How do we deal

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with them? Do we kill them all? Do we make an alliance? Do we apply Sharia to this one or that one? important question. So we asked you when you came to Medina, was everyone Muslim? No. You had people that were Jewish and they didn't want to become Muslim. You had the Arabs who said we still want to be mushrikeen we still want to worship idols. You had those who said we are Muslim on the outside but everyone knew on the inside is a hypocrite. He's a monastic. And then of course within the Muslims, you have a huge social problem. You have hundreds of people from Makkah, no homes. Nope, no, no jobs, no food, nothing poverty. How do you deal with this huge boom in the country? We have

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huge amounts of poverty, huge amounts of homelessness. We have refugees coming. What do we do with these people? What didn't happen? So some of them do. So inshallah from next week, we discuss how Nevis asylum established the Islamic State and how did he conform and transform this little spot of light in the ocean of darkness to become the light of the world until today hamdulillah Madina munawwara the City of Light inshallah from next week we'll discuss this the establishment of the stomach statement and

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just a quick announcement, inshallah, that I will see a class on the on the life of an obese awesome begins once again of the shy on a Monday evening in sha Allah will discuss if the time is not appropriate inshallah we'll discuss it when you shall on Monday evening aphasia will be our first our first class and we return in sha Allah filipiniana to like to talk about later so now when it comes Salam hamdulillah Salama three hamdulillah

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Can the process move forward please just fill the gaps and stand as close as possible to one another.

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So the people study outside

In this series, Shaykh Muhammad West discusses the Islamic state and the Battle of Badr

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