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Thoughts on Quebec Mosque Shooter’s Sentence

Kamil Ahmad


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Three years ago,

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on January 29,

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of 2017,

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one of our masajid had to shut its doors,

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but not because of a virus, not because of a pandemic,

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but rather because of a coward

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who went into this Masjid

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and killed in a simple sentence,

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who were praying,

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killing them for no other reason

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than because of their fingers. Wanaka moving home Illa Villa Hill, I mean,

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the only reason why they had resenting their hearts for them

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was because of their email. They believed in a Watson.

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And so he killed six Muslims and left dozens injured.

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So the courts,

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they decided not to give him

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a sentence related to terrorism, because they said

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that it will be a light sentence for him.

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Instead, they gave him 40 years

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with the chance for parole after that.

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Unfortunately, yesterday

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the shocking news came

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to us the Muslim community.

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The judge reduced his sentences sentence, giving him 25 years

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with the chance of parole after that.

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And so my dear brothers and sisters,

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what does it show us?

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It shows us first and foremost

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that the justice system

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is biased towards Muslims.

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This is only one example of many

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of how,

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when it comes to Muslims,

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they lay down severe sentences. But when it comes to those who attack processors, they get off easy.

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The second thing that it shows us is that Islamophobia is real.

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And it's not something that exists among a few people in society, rare cases, but rather, it is something that runs DD in this society, and is institutionalized at the level of government institutions.

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This also shows us

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that Muslims are the only ones who can be guilty of terrorism,

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whereas others cannot.

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This also shows us

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that Muslim lives are cheating.

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And when it comes to others,

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we find a completely different picture.

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And finally,

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if anything, this is a green light

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for others,

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to open up our massages, and do this.

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It was only a month ago that our Masjid in downtown Toronto was threatened.

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With an email where they said we will do the same thing that happened in New Zealand anyway. And one of the things that they said in that email

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was that the police will be on our side and we will get away with it easily.

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So if this shows us anything, it shows us

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that this is a green light to such people.

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But we should not despair.

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We should not worry. Why?

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Because if our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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faced for worse, and they planned for it and threatened to kill him.

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And they did what they did

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to the companions.

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But yes, Allah subhanho wa Taala protected them. Then likewise, Allah subhanho wa Taala who protect us