Does Touching A Non-Mahram Break The Wudhu?

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The transcript describes a scene where a man tries to kiss a woman, but the woman is not yet televisioned. The woman is gone and the man tries to tell them to touch her instead. The man uses a new formula for kissing women, but the woman refuses and the woman is advised to wait until she gets out of the shelter before contacting the woman again.

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Those accidentally brushing,

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if a person touch

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a woman or woman touch a man, whether he is number one, dead or alive, Catherine Muslim monastic Zdenek about a good I want to give all of the what he called the possibilities. The widow is not broken. It's not nullify, unless if something happens, I say touch a woman and then you have the passage of the movie. The widow is gone. But as long as nothing happened, you will do silly in the opinion that says Voodoo is broken by teaching touching the woman is very weak. That's why the majority of the scholars are against.

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We get it. It has to be attached to the shower and you get the shallows or something comes out of you. As long as there is nothing Prophet used to kiss his wife. I thought kissing is better, is stronger than touching, right? He kisses his wife and go and pray.

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What else you have after this? He's praying in the prayer he has to touch I wish to move her legs over he can have a space to make some food.

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And he never stopped the prayer.

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You might say no, this is Professor allamani. But who says this is only for him?

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Is that clear? So it's haram to touch a woman that is not halal for you as a woman to touch a man that isn't halaal for her. That doesn't break the

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clear, alligator socialism. That's why some people face difficulty in hygiene right. If you go for hygiene, you know you cannot make it off.

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I'm telling you is almost impossible for you to make the walk without touching the wall.

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So they came with a new formula.

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They said if you go for it, so they don't want to give up their opinion. They said if you go for Hajj since the Hanafi says if you touch a woman you will do this okay. Then when you come for the love, you say now wait a talk and a mother will help

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if you're going to make the offer according to the appeal the malherbe Hannity's right after you finish the shelter number seven. Now back to your European asking what kind of