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In the year of the delegation, Ahmed will foods in which delegations of people across Arabia

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came to meet our Prophet sallallahu wherever he will sell them, and to accept Islam at his hands.

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One delegation, the delegation of America is

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they arrived in Medina. And when they arrived, they immediately went to see the prophet, and to pledge allegiance to him, and to accept Islam. And by immediately, I mean, immediately, they left behind even their camels. And there are horses, and they did not even tie their steeds.

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And just as they arrived, they went to see the Prophet sallallahu it was in them.

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And their clothes we can imagine were dusty, from the travel from the trip that they were on.

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And their bodies were sweaty from the travel that they had been embarking on. But they went right away to see the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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except one man amongst them, is named Alicia edge. He stayed behind with his caravan.

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And he tied his camel and he changed his clothing. And he prepared himself before he went to meet the Prophet sallallahu to send them. So when he entered the masjid, he entered with nice clothing, and he was perfumed, and his hair was well kept.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sees this man enter, and they say to the Prophet sallallahu, how do you send him this man his parts of our delegation, but he stayed behind to prepare himself before arriving.

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So you can imagine the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam sees him, and he's well dressed, and he's taking care of himself.

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In contrast to everyone else was there. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam calls this man next to him, and he sits next to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and then the prophets have a long way to send them tells them in the feature hustler tan, you're a boom Allah. He said, you have two qualities that God loves. And this man he just entered Islam moments ago. So he tells the Prophet what are these two qualities that I have? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, tell him, well enter, it is forbearance and it is calmness. Hill is forbearance to restrict oneself, when you are angry, or when your emotions may overcome you. But the scholars the Arabs, in fact, used to

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use the word hen to mean a lot to me intellect. Mmm no. In other scholars they interpreted this hadith, that when the Prophet said hidden here, he means you have intellect you have thoughts, you are into intelligence, and enter his calmness to slow down literally, to wait. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying that you have composure and poise you are thinking through the things that you do. And this these qualities that the Prophet sallallahu Addison mentions are qualities that are the opposite of the legend of haste.

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And Allah subhanaw taala criticizes haste in the Quran. Even though the quality of haste is something that is in the nature of most people, if not all people, Allah subhana wa Tada says, holy Paul inside Lumina agile men has been created out of haste, not that we were created in haste, but I would have haste haste is within us, we were created of haste. So what are you

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doing? Then Allah says, I will show you of my science so do not impatiently urge me, Allah azza wa jal is threatening here. So what do you come it I will show you my signs. It is a threat to who? To those who are so hasty, even in their arrogance and in the rejection of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah azza wa jal also mentions in the Quran wader insaan shall read, why hire what kind of insanity that men supplicates for evil, just as He supplicates for good, or he supplicates for evil as though he is supplicating for good? What can inside what I do that indeed, man is ever hasty. What does this mean? Allah subhana wa Tada saying, we pray, sometimes we make dua sometimes for things that

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are evil, and we think that they are good. How often we begged Allah subhanaw taala Allah give me this job, I need this job. Please give me the shot but we don't realize that job is evil for us. And if we got it would have been evil for our livelihood, and even for everything made us miserable in our life, how many times we made dua to Allah Allah please let me go on this trip or Allah please let me marry this person or that person, not knowing that what we are praying for

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It is actually evil. And then when Allah doesn't give us what we want, some people become so hasty. They even get angry at Allah subhanaw taala I kept asking you for this and you never gave it to me. Allah says we're in San, this shall we do?

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That man will be praying for evil as though he's praying for good. Will cannon in San Juan July but man is ever hasty.

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And so Allah azza wa jal criticizes haste, and he praises forbearance and calmness, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said at 10 the min Allah will actually live in a chiffon. He said calmness comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala composure comes from Allah and haste comes from Shavonne meaning calmness and composure thinking things through. These are qualities that will bring you closer to Allah azza wa jal and haste, not thinking things reacting with emotion. These are things that will qualities that will bring us closer to Shavon. And the Hadith that we mentioned in the beginning of Alicia allege

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another narration of that same Hadith the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to him, Allah has given you calmness and composure and two other, the choice to slow down and composure. And so Elijah asked the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, O Messenger of Allah, was I created with these qualities, or were they instilled in me, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no, rather they were instilled in you. And so Allah shad said Al Hamdulillah, All praise belongs to the one who instilled in me the qualities that he loves, that he and his messenger love. And so this shows us that these qualities can be put in us, even if we were created without them. Even if we were created to be very

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emotional, even if we were created and we are very hasty and have a quickness to anger. We can instill these qualities within us and throat the paren and sooner ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada presents us with stories and scenarios, which show us calmness or haste in order for us to realize their importance and to tame our haste. For example, in the story of Musa alayhis salam, Allah subhanaw taala promised Musa a time in which they would be in seclusion when Musa RSM goes to Jamaica for and he's in seclusion with Allah azza wa jal. And Musa is so eager to be in the company with Allah to have this private audience with Allah subhanho wa taala. So he leaves his people early. And he goes

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to be in seclusion with Allah azza wa jal and when he is leaving Allah subhanaw taala in Juba toward in this meeting that they have, Allah asks him when the agenda can only can Musa what made you hasty to go away from your people Oh Musa. And Musa alayhis salam says, Allah, Allah, Allah sorry, well, I didn't have any accountability robot. He said, Oh Allah, My people are close on my footsteps. What does it mean they are close on my footsteps. It could mean physically they're close by to me. I can go to them quickly. They're not far away from me. Or it could mean spiritually, their Eman that are close on my footsteps. They're on my son. They're not far away from me. Well, I do too. And I was

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hasty to you, Oh Allah, so that you will be pleased with me. Then Allah subhanaw taala tells Prophet Musa Allah for inner

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of Allah home samedi, we tested your people after you left. And as somebody led them astray. Somebody came with a golden calf and he presented it to eat and many of them began to worship the golden calf and they follow idolatry. Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned him because you were hasty and you left your people before Eman was firming their hearts while their Eman was still shaky, you left. But had you not been hasty and you waited a little bit longer when the Imam Imam was for firmer, perhaps they would not have been fallen into this test. Likewise, we see and the story of Musa and Fidor

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when Musa Alison goes to meet Elkader and he tells him I want to be in your company because he knows he's a man of knowledge. And then he tells him in the kilometer study is over. You will not be patient with me. It will be too difficult for you to do. And Musa insists but what happens throughout the story every time there's an issue. Musa is impatient, and he's hasty and he questions and feathers How could you do this? And I'll send that is telling him I didn't tell you you won't be paying you won't be patient even until the last or the second last after the second time when he chose the boy Musa Alison and tells him if I question you one more time than I will separate from

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you and the Prophet sallallahu I leave some comments about this. And he says Rahim Allah Musa, may Allah have mercy

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Yeah, my brother Musa. If he was just patient, I will never let me surgeon. If he just didn't get hasty, we would have learned Elijah and we would have learned the wonderous stories from Musa and acleda. But because he was hasty and he kept questioning, and he put this condition on himself, their partnership came to an end.

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Likewise, we see in the story of use of Allianz salaam, Yusuf is in prison, as we know the story, and the king has the dream, and nobody is able to interpret the dream except for Yusef. And when this happens, we'll call it Valley Medical to needy. The king says, Bring me him, bring them so the messenger comes to use if it has set up. And what is used to say to him, integer, go back and ask the king to look into the case of the women who cut their hands, meaning go investigate my case, go see what happened about me. Our profits in the long run, it will send them said, I am amazed by the patience of use of because had I been in prison for as long as he was in prison. I may have left as

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soon as the messenger came, and our Prophet sallallahu I sent him saying this for us to understand how difficult it is to be in prison.

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And yet, what does Yusef do? He has his composure. He waits. He says I don't want to leave prison. And there's a question mark on who I am. I can't be a messenger and a prophet and they call people to Islam. And they say Wait, didn't you go to prison? didn't this happen to you? No, I want to leave prison not a free man, but an innocent man. So he waits and he says no, go back and investigate my case. This is a knee This is calmness, this is waiting. This is thinking things through our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said something hasn't. But to other when you saw it, just on a robotic machine, just a minute, no Buddha, he said something happened which is the beautiful way. Meaning

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the person dresses beautiful. They speak with beautiful words they have beautiful o'clock. He said this beautiful way. And I told her that which is communist and waiting and thinking things through. And it looks the saw the moderation that you take the moderate path, you don't take the path of extremes. He said these are one portion out of 24 portions of Prophethood mean this is something that the prophets would carry in their lives and something that we need to have throughout our lives. We look for instance, in issues of divorce. How often are there men who in moments of emotion, they get angry? What do they do? They pronounced divorce on their wife three times. In one

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setting, they get just get angry and they say divorce divorce divorce. Sometimes it is because of ignorance. They don't understand the rulings in Islam.

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But this is a type of, you know, haste and Angela and then what happens a man came to him to invest for the long run. He said to him I said divorce on my wife three times. And even our best one quiet. And then he said, some people ride their foolishness, a Maka. Literally he called it stupidity foolishness. Some people they Riah dealt their foolishness. The man said to him, won't you find me a way outs? Doesn't Allah subhanaw taala see, when you took the knife edge, Allahu Maharaja, Whoever fears Allah, Allah gives him a way out, can't you find me a way out of my problem? If I said to him, You did not fear Allah. Well, I'll say it's a lie. And you disobeyed Allah subhanho wa taala. And

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now you have divorced your wife, irrevocably. Now, I don't want to get into the thick of it. And whether three in one instance is three or one, we don't have to enter that discussion. But there is no disagreement on the scholars, that if someone pronounces divorced three times in one sitting, this is a bit and this is sinfulness. Whether it counts as three or one is a different discussion, but it is a sin by engine now, it is not the some new way of performing divorce that's underway is that the person is calm, and they think think through things through and if they were to utter divorce, they are at once

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because the entails are thoughtfulness. Likewise, Allah subhanaw taala trains us in this regard. When he says that, that

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in that if a man were to divorce his wife, Allah says, don't take them out of their homes. You don't divorce your wife and say, take your stuff and leave. This is not the way of the Muslim. Rather, she stays in the home. She observes her home. And this allows both people time to reflect to think Do we really want to do this? If she plan is involved, perhaps they overcome chiffon in that moment? Very.

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And if not, then they have rational thought and say, Okay, maybe this marriage is not working. And it's a divorce that comes out of think thinking and calmness and composure. We also have to avoid haste in our own beds. We know the famous story, when the man came in the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he prayed.

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And he prayed so quickly, as though he was described like the chicken that puts his head on the

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Round and raises it back up. When he came to give Sam to our Prophet sallallahu How do you send them? And the Prophet said to him, Ilja for suddenly for inoculum to Sunday, go back and pray because you have not prayed. He came back. He went back and prayed the same way came back, and he gave it up to the prophet the Prophet told them go back and pray because you did not pray. Three times this takes place. Finally he comes to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he tells them telling me how should they pray, and the prophet tells him, you say the technique and you recite the verses of Allah has been made easy for you. Then when you go into who I had taught in until you are content

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until you know calmness and contentment, your body has entered into the stage or thinking about what you're saying, then you exit it, at that Autumn and then you go into Soo Min until you are content. This is the way of the believer, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when the one the upon that is made do not stand up until I stand up a the process stands up to Tony while he can be Sakina and you must have tranquility. And many times in any bad that the Prophet would say la cama Sakina, to call upon us to have tranquility and dignity in your Nevada. There's also haste, often in our communities in believing news or information or following assumptions. We know the story when the

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Prophet sallallahu even sent him sent someone to been in a tribe that just entered Islam, he sent someone to collect the cat from them. So he goes to collect his account, and they were so excited to meet the messenger of the Messenger of Allah and they wanted to show honor. So they came out with like a military,

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you know, acceptance of him. So they came up with their swords and with their horses because they wanted to give him like a military type of, you know, welcoming of this messenger. But he saw the horses, they saw the horses in the swords, they thought they're gonna come kill them. So they ran away, and they went to the Prophet. So I said, um, and he said, This tribe wants to fight us, they don't want to pay there's the cat. And the Muslims became angry. You're gonna kill a messenger.

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So some people wanted to go to war. But our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, calm down, let's send some people to verify this news. And when they met with the tribe, they said, that rule of 11 SOHCAHTOA We seek refuge in Allah from the anger of Allah. No, we were just trying to to honor the guest and we want it to pay off the cow. And there was there was just a misunderstanding. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada revealed the verse in the Quran. Yeah, you're living in Amman, when Jacqueline Fassett will be another in fact, Serbian. If there comes to you, someone disobedience with a news, verify that news? How often are people not verifying news? They get messages on their WhatsApp and

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they just send it they just forward? They don't think is this a credible website is this credible news, they get information, whether it's about vaccines, or it's about this or that or politics, and we just send, send the news without verifying it without knowing if what we're seeing is true. It's not the way of the moment, the prophets on the lot where it will send them said, Kevin Eastman, our castle will not eat Kevin can even it is sufficient ally or sufficient a sin? To say everything that you hear. Just because you hear something doesn't mean you need to repeat it or say it, you need to verify it first. And there's haste as well. Sometimes in attaining our risk.

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An example of this is the example of an even why liberal the ALA man when he was entering the masjid and he gave his camel to a mentor that he asked the men can you hold on to my camel as I go in and pray. And so he went into pray. And he came out of the masjid holding in his hand to dinars. Attendee notice he wanted to pay the men for doing him this favor. When you came out, he found the man had already left. And the rains of the camel had been stolen. So the man left the camel and he stole the rains. And he went and he sold it. So anyway, the low I'm told the young boy who was serving his servant, take these two dinars and go to the soup combine the other rains. So the boy

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went into the soup. And lo and behold, he finds that man with the rains of it, selling it for the same price of two dinars. So the boy came back and he told me what happened now later the Allaha and said,

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How often are people too hasty, so that they receive the risk from haram rather than receiving it from Halal meaning he was going to get the two dinars either way from Halal Audio The Allahu Allah is going to give it to him as a thank you, or he took it from haram by stealing and selling it and he got the same disc. What was written for him came to him, but he took it chose to take it from how long rather than taking it from Helen, and how often do people do this? We are hasty to receive our risk right now. So we do things that are questionable, unethical, stealing, cheating, and in the end your own

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He's going to get what Allah has already written for you anyways.

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And so, these are you know different scenarios in our lives in which people are often hasty and we need to have calmness and composure. But

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there are times when we should not be hasty. Sorry there are times when we should be hasty, but we should not be calm and waiting. What are those issues amongst them? A seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala and making toga. We should make Toba as soon as we can. When we realize our sin in our mistake, we should be turning to Allah azza wa jal as soon as we can. Allah azza wa jal says for cervical hierarchs race towards what is good Saturday 11 00 Bacon race towards the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is why the prophets of Allah where it is reported to have said, I took a Deaf equally shake in higher in Lufia Amelie akhira that communist weighting is good for all

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things, except when it comes to the affairs of the athlete ah, and what he means is seeking the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala going turning back to Allah subhanho wa taala. Likewise, there should not be any slowing down when it comes to giving people they're giving people their rights if someone's rights have been taken away. If there's an injustice, giving people back to the rights should happen as soon as possible. If you have an interest payments that belongs to someone else, returning those interest payments as soon as possible.

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Likewise, paying back debts should be hastened by the believer. We know the story of Abu Qatada

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when a man had passed away, the Prophet sallallahu Arias sentences, does he have any deaths? They said to their hands of death or to the numbers of deaths. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said would anyone pay it on behalf of your brother? So I said it is upon Me I will pay it. And then they preyed upon him. Then the later on the Prophet sallallahu SMCs Abu Qatada, he said, What happened to the to the knockoffs and did you pay them yet? He said, I didn't get to, because we just he just died today. Meaning I was busy with the genetics and everything. So the Prophet said, Okay, the next day the prophet sees and he said, tells him the same question, what happened to the to the

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knobs? And he said, I paid them. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and now his flesh has been cooled down, the flesh of your brother has been cooled down. And so paying off the debts, our own debts, and to help others who are not able to pay off their debts, you know, these things should be done hastily should be done quickly and not slowed down upon. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us all with the qualities of the prophets. We ask Allah Azza to bless us with the qualities of forbearance and calmness and intellect Apolo how they how there was somebody without them suffered or in order for

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them allowed him the Los Altos cinema Kannada Sula, him early he also be woman while on the show he's already way silly Emily Emily sanef Kamakoti in Allahu Allah to someone and in the BIA you will Adina Amador Sandra earlier he was sending with sliema Almost all he was sent him aniseed you know whenever you know what have you been a Muhammad Allah Allah Allah Muhammad mother Quran? That coronal Abrar also the matador solar Ali hiragana salatu salam and immediately on the deen of Allah and he was happy for you you know for hitting. Well, I mean, well, Elena is solid in aluminet is a female plumbing ahead of them but love for them. Well, I love what I do in La vita, while Marina

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Alicia feta when I'm in La vita will determine how Eddie Jr will fit right like I didn't want to solder in LA for data or some mythical hammer rahimian along Islam and Muslimeen where are they before they came into our deen Allah Muhammad Benin and Eman was a new vehicle opener for Canada internal control for so called Procyon which animal Rashid in in a lion will deliver. Anyway tell them all about why enhance the fascia it will it will Abellio Allah come to the Quran with Coronavirus cuckoo mush guru violin music calm or the Kula Yakko Allahu Allah with snarling Abdullah from sunnah