Ibrahim Nuhu – Tafseer Suratul Baqarah – Ayah 35-37

Ibrahim Nuhu
AI: Summary © The shaming of shaytan's actions and the creation of Jesus' water in plants are discussed in a series of segments on shaytan, including the shaming of shaytan's actions and the implementation of shameless drugs. The shaming of shaytan's actions is also discussed, including the shaming of shaytan's actions and the implementation of shameless drugs. The shaming of shaytan's actions is also discussed, including the shaming of shaytan's actions and the implementation of shameless drugs. The shaming of shaytan's actions is also discussed, including the shaming of shaytan's actions and the implementation of shameless drugs. The shaming of shaytan's actions is also discussed, including the shaming of shaytan's actions and the implementation of shameless drugs. The shaming of shaytan's actions is also discussed, including the shaming of shaytan's actions
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similar manner he

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caught a lot of terracotta Ana

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in Kannada, mela akitas Giuliana Mufasa Jeju illa emilija staccato condominial caffine.

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So we are

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still dealing with the story of

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his creation.

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So last week we stopped with the same philosophy horadada with Conan in America to redo the ad ama facility in LA Elisa was Taekwondo Academy caffine. So Allah subhanaw taala created Adam.

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And he commanded the angels to prostrate to make sujood out of respect to either man a Salaam, a surgeon to la police and all of them frustrated for the sake of Allah Muhammad Allah and following the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala accept Emily's. So we discussed last week the name of this entity was he and he was only one who did not make the jute.

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When the last month I commanded him and condominium cafeteria. So he became among the

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non believers, this believers. So we talked about those types of sins that he had committed, which is that has said and also that

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it is that some of the earliest sins that are committed by creation of Allah subhanaw taala gains a loss for our time. So we have dealt with that ayah last week. So let's move on to the next one, which is the same philosophy on our demos, and I was able to continue to work with them in high regard and Hisashi tomorrow.

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Hi, the shadow to fit akuna Minal Malini.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, created Adam.

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And he asked people or the angels to make sujood. And they did accept a beliefs. That was the reason why I lost when I took him out of the paradise. So he had to leave the place. Before leaving the place, he told Allah subhanaw taala

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there is a tickler over here known as mine,

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I swear by Your Highness and the greatness that I am going to destroy all of the children of either when I teach in our firm Jackie, and they will never find most of them being thankful to you. Again, it's so that's what shaytan promised the last March Allah and he's still in the process of accomplishing his mission. So the job

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Our job is to to big a gallon to protect yourself from shaitaan. And the best protection you have is your righteousness. So after shaytan is taken over from Paradise, Allah subhanaw taala says we're gonna add unto zocaloans congenita. So this is

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a narration from last March about what happened.

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So he own it. Adam alayhis salam, he and his wife get it after that command that was given to the edges to make sujood and they did. So Allah, Allah says to Adam and his wife

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being gentle

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was an ontological Jenga stay you and your wife in Jana

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zoji means your wife haha.

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Some scholars said she was created

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a long island before Adam gets into paradise. And they are using this as an evidence because a lot more disease was cool. And our social culture better

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you will go and stay you and your wife and this was set to Adam the moment and last monitor commanded him to get into the paradise and he addressed him and the wife, Jasmine she was created for lower Ireland before the entrance of the paradise so before she gets into the paradise and in before Adam get into the Paradise Lost creative his wife from his ribs, so she was created from our family Salah so Allah says was good until surgical gentlemen

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a lot older than you live in Gemini, you and your wife work with them in house rather than a fish eat tomorrow. And then you have the right to eat whatever you want in abundance with respect and relaxation and a set of comfort. Take whatever you wish from Paradise. What are Takada have he shed a lot of water cooler mineral water in it. So Adam

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was created and he was commanded by last monster to get into the paradise. Last fall gave him permission to eat everything in paradise.

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Carlos zakharova hard he shared a lot of otaku Lamanna Valdimir.

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Allah subhanaw taala says Don't you ever approached how the shallow water this tree

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who I bought him in a lie he wanted to know so this is a test.

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We're going to talk inshallah, about the agenda, which is that

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because this is a test, a lot smarter tested

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to see to what extent it will comply with a command

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called avocado, coconut theory sugar. There is a controversy among the scholars concerning the nature of the tree, which trees that

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Mahia which trees are

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well, I live half of them in the case here. He mentioned a lot while many statements of the scholars concerning the matter which one is that?

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So makalah and then he said him look up here. Khalid Allah, Abu Jaffa imagery, and I love is one of the peak of being a scholar. Get it?

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person when he reaches I mean the peak of knowledge they call him an Allah.

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And when it comes to the knowledge, a villager is one of those people that shall remain humble man. Can a man and I'm even more tipsy 30 of the believers in the Tafseer of the Quran. Imam Allison infc

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Kala after he compiled and arrayed the opinions of the scholars he said was so goofy Danica and your call in the La Jolla

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in Allah Azza wa Jalla Hara who now are damozel Jetta who actually shed a lot in the MENA region. He said the most appropriate statement and opinion is to say that Allah subhanho wa Taala has commanded Adam not to approach a tree, a specific tree that he pointed to them. He told them this one, you're not allowed to approach it. We believe in that

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and actually shaders in the MENA region. So that is a specific tree that last month I asked him to stay away from

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doing this idea Surely, I can Amina and Adam unfortunately he and his wife they ate from it.

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Call me Jerry Waller Elma Indiana, the shadow rotten cabinet ality. But there is no knowledge whatsoever that indicates the exact nature of the tree Which one is that?

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And the last moment our lemmya la de vida he deleted Nana Delica filco. One our facilities are here. Because the last one to never show us through indication, directly or indirectly editing that can guide us to the nature of the tree. What does that mean? It is not important for us to know for Caterpillar, but there are some scholars who said Can it shed on symbology some scholars said though it is the tree of the wheat

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in the weeks to come. Some scholars said shahdara Some scholars said is a Greek tree

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or kitakata Chaga tea. Some scholars said is a tree of the fig

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is a fruit or tea

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or a jar is an takuna why and it's a misnomer. It's impossible to be one of them. But there is no evidence that says it is this or that. It could be also none of these mentioned above.

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In Ghana, West Africa.

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This is the most important part of this generation. He said was Erica moon Ada Lima, Len lamium fine la Lima the hero. He said this is the knowledge when you know it, you will never get benefit of that. Okay, you know that it is Apple, then.

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Actually you will get out whenever you eat Apple you will remember actually there you have some itchiness in eating apple.

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you deprive yourself from the blessings of Allah smart Allah so it doesn't benefit you if you know it that's why Allah Allah Allah smarter did not tell you which one is that.

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Carla when tjahaja hidden Linda rajala who be

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if somebody doesn't know that, that ignorance will never hurt me.

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Actually will benefit CMOS getting whatever last month didn't ask you to know not knowing it is always good for you

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a lot smarter guys to true but what do you learn from this? It teaches you that you should focus on that which benefits. What is the thing that benefits those clear commands from the Sherry have lost my hotel on focus on them. That's it. Then go on. Keep asking about things which if you know that they will never increase your email, or decrease Eva

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or calu Tada Zelda Hama shavon aha, todos current Osaka, gentoku. Lamanna rather than hide shettima while at Aqaba, Holly sugar to fat akula Miller Valentin. Don't you ever approach this tree? If you do the you become one of the oppressors? Because oppression is of types. You oppress What? Either oppressing the religion has been suppressing the loss of our data or pressing others or pressing yourself.

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When you commit sin, you are committed to civic attributes somebody to Allah subhanaw taala as a partner that's oppression that's why I lost my disease in the shilka fullmoon. avi, associate and partner with alas martela is his doom is the greatest depression somebody can do it get it last one to grant you love do this, this and that to you, but unfortunately you actually be somebody with him in worship, that's oppression. So first akuna Amina van me you will become a long Josephine WordPress themselves.

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Get it colorata carbohydrate sugar into fat aquarama wala mean and also you will receive the consequence of that. So you see they can get anything but alas monster told them this tree. Stay away from it. Coronavirus Aloma shaytaan anha unfortunately, as Aloma shaytan en su hi Nicola De Niro Cody and Eden intergender. It is permissible that the mayor the mayor is on

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the lead is going back to Gen as Aloma shaytaan I and is an agenda Coronavirus.

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Chemical alchemy in Valhalla rabina jR COVID this is acid sahiwal cara,

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Fazal nomachine so that we refer it back to Jenna. It means shavon the humanity agenda. he deceives them in such a way he took them away from the paradise. Get it as Aloma shavon ha. We say hi Nicola is an acronym of Guru ashadha.

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For kulana Amina zellen.

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Again it's

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so and it's also possible that you take back the domain ha and back to the shadow IRA because it is the closest mentioned right.

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And then the Asilomar v from the Zealot

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again to stumble to slipped me to go against the tilt from the right way. So she took them from the right way to the wrong way.

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So according to Ibiza, as Aloma Chateau shaytan deceives them and take them away from the paradise because of what because of the a tree.

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You get it he take them from the paradise because of what because of the tree. He pointed out the tree he told them in Neela Kumar Amina NASA Hey,

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it wasn't holiday lucuma Allah DeLuca Allah.

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Allah, He came to Adam he said can I get Should I guide you to shed the roots of hunt? Look, it's complete opposite of what Allah smart Allah says.

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Allah says you eat and there will be no problem with your life if you don't eat from this tree eat from everything but not this one. chevonne came and told him that should I guide you to something if you do it you will live in paradise wherever

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you get it out of

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Allah says fantasy asthma, he forgot

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it listen to the shape and she told him that

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Manohar Kumara Bookman had a sugar Atlantic una Molokini Hakuna melancholy. The reason why I lost my hotel told you not to eat from the tree it is just because if you do that, you will not become an angels all those people who will live in paradise forever.

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So Adam sees the blessings of Allah spirit and paradise he wants to stay stay that if I've got the command from Allah to Allah, let acaba honey sugar water. Does she ever come closer to the tree? So he ate his from it? Allah says Fazal Machito so right

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After the eat, Allah says favorite lahoma so to Houma autophagic I accidentally Give me water

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then they became naked. The cloth was taken off from them. So they started naturally looking for something to cover there they are. I think I asked him another human or gender or adao humara buma romantic Mashallah, if Allah smart I wish that we are going to see certain era I don't know when he after 60 years.

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But that all of the details even able to consider says in Surah Al arafa. We'll talk about this issue.

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You get to save Allah which we will listen to Lara. More details will be mentioned inshallah. Last month, it was long life in righteousness.

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faza lahoma shaytan Ana, umami Makana v societat. took them from that blessing that used to be in in a neighbor's he was a rugby, and from the cloth, nice clothes imagine is made in gender, right. And the man's in the house which is so big, so huge, and very comfortable, or nice kilohana.

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And also the very comfort, comfortable risk, and also rest, complete type of rest. And continuous that kind of rested. So

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he took them out of that which they are enjoying the paradise. That's what following shaytan means following shaytan is equal to you going out of the blessings to add to punishment to trouble to tragedy. This is how it is.

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give you one example, one of the brothers, he said he was living with his wife and very nice life until the time that they decided to take loan from the bank throughout their life was was excellent. until the time we take a loan from the bank, which is a interest based loan.

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Yes, so that's what Allah smart Allah, I mean, hold them accountable really in this life. It And from that day, they started having problems right.

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Until they enter by divorce for the under the law, one of the righteous prejudices and says, I recognize sometimes that I'm going in the wrong direction from the attitude of my dad by even dad buying the house. He says my family and the dad buying the house. And they go against when they start acting the wrong way. He says i know that i'm also going in the wrong way. Then I come back and do his thing for

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years. Somebody talk against work here. They said he gets inside the house. And then he cried a lot. And then he comes out to him. He says don't say it again.

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Somebody curse him somebody said bad words. He said Say it again. Because I was you're given me a chance to say this to me because of my sins.

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But I'm not like that you will never be able to to do that because the last one which Allah is now live in a topolino masetto

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Allah smarter guide us to truth. So shut up following shaytan means that is equal to losing the blessings of Allah smart Allah to difficulties. So patience is needed.

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So called nabee Toba coolibah wala config of the Messiah Korean woman.

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So Allah Mahajan says Romani Makana v. Local Nando bow to come live out in ado, welcome fill out the moussaka rune woman tonina Hey, Allah says a beautiful come down back to come live out.

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Part of you will be the enemy of the other part.

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Welcome fill out the most carbon warmer town in

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this column argues here. What is baudville commonly balding it will means is it either

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and shaytan or shaytan and the children of either or people amongst themselves like what is going on our situation people are fighting themselves

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you get it is that the one be equal in current law. Whatever opinion you take out some scholars who things it is that which allows it but there is nothing to prevent the statement from including

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all of them. Right now the only vowels in audio. The first audio you have is the shutter

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and get it and also you also you can be audible enough secret sharing when you go against the law for last month a year on becoming audio in Linux it can

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be weather can fill up the Mr Cameron Aguilar

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warmer town in a hate. You have a place of state Allah smart Allah prepared for you a place to stay

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Say you get it and also a risk in that place. And the Agile the appointed term that everyone cannot go beyond it's in our hain until the moment or last month or decide, which is the day of judgment that will happened on Friday abora de la Han who said, kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I mean talathi shampoo palette v shamcey omalizumab. The best day that sun has ever written is a banner Friday fee Holika. On that day animals created

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for VOD.

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On that day Adam was given permission to get into the paradise of vo courage, Amina. And on that day Mr. Smart took Adam from Paradise while at a coal massage in our world Juma and the day of judgment will never happened except on video Friday. But which Friday is that?

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We don't know. Right? Allah smart Allah says allegedly hollyrock to allow for collectivism. I want to let it come in lava return. That's the knowledge about the Day of Judgment. Nobody knows it except Allah subhanho wa Taala malama Saldana brlf minister in the province a lot so at all, you read Ali Salam when he asked him about the Day of Judgment.

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Allah because he says faculty Dean says and if he had the deed and albumin and cooling mahasi minuti. He says in this if we can understand the warning from a loss monitor, which is a heavy warning against all sorts of things that somebody is committed in the religion of Allah subhanaw taala and Amanda so what amager Allah Adam B Silva v akademia, Javi zela, Sahara, Kannada Jen and Shani Demille, mozzie Blanca, it says,

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Whoever, understand whoever understand what happened to Adam, because of this simple thing, because it just don't eat this fruit.

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And he ate it. He said, wherever understand the consequence and the result of that, then he will be always in a state of fear and guilt, which will take him away from them as he reasoned it out. That's how we should understand history, right? That's how we should understand history, you read it, you try to understand it properly, reflect, reflect upon it, apologize for more what talica history of of armor and in our armory. If you can take care of the history and understand it properly. He got it, you want to increase your age, we are going to add up more age to age. How's that, because you will understand the method which was used by the successful people that lead them

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to success, you will use the same method. So you are using the shortest way to reach a last mahana hautala. Because everything has been prepared for you you have seen what happened to those generation, those who fail in life, you have already know what exactly led them to failure in life, the principle they used, if you use the same thing, you also failed. And you've already studied also the people who succeed in life and the principles used by them, which led them to success. If you follow that principle, you will also succeed. So that's the meaning. So you'll be using the shortcut. He got it in such a way Your life will be full of Baraka. He got it What can what is

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supposed to be accomplished within a month you can do it in in few days. You can finish in a few days. That's the reason why actually history is given to us. Allah says in the article, I uh, for my actual movie, we're in the holiday season. So that's what happened to either Molly's Allah, he and his wife was the last one to say when they ate from the tree. The last one to say is they became naked. And that's actually the nature of the assay. When you commit sin, you become naked

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guys, not necessarily physically but the real nakedness you get it is to have no value in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala as well as Rotella when you remove the cloth is is you have any other market, not a common divisor you are is an article militia. Holy Basil taqwa Danica hi Danny come in it la de la lonely the CO

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last Mahajan says, We have already sent to you leave us the clothes the physical one and get it it says Wally Basset Acquavella Hi. He mentioned two types of lovers. I mean, clothing that he granted humankind. One of them is a physical one and the other one is a spiritual one.

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He said this one is the best. labor's labasa top Why? Because if you're with him last quarter he will conceal your affairs. That's the best of the covenants you have it and when you go away from a lot smarter you become naked. Again it's it can be threatened by everything in your life is in danger. Last montella Okay, this is true.

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Then our last module says Fatah, cada momento de Cali, Martin Vitaly. Some scholars said Fatah cada momento de kalimat. Adam after that he received kalimat statement because he asked the last one to forgive. So Allah guided him how to seek for the forgiveness. So he received from a lot smarter the following words rabanal kolomna for senate when Lambton, Finland our Hamner, Nanakuli in the middle Casa de or Allah, we have already oppressed ourselves. If you I mean doesn't if you don't forgive us, what are Hamlet is your mercy upon us, then a corner in the middle Cassidy who will definitely be amongst the losers. So that's an inspiration from Allah subhanaw taala. And that's a word that

00:26:10 --> 00:26:40

allows one to one seem to say is and he said it and because of that Allah subhanaw taala forgive the sin of Adam, kala thermostable hora boo fatale. And then I lost my hotel selected him and lost power to Allah. I mean, selected him and chose him to be among the best. Adam is among the best, the brightest, most ask Adam was hero soul on me. It says w McCallum Adam was in a V.

00:26:41 --> 00:27:14

Again, it's a profit and loss gorgeous and mocha Allah. Allah has spoken to Adam and he said, Ah, you get it. Adam is gonna be calling to the heads of our HTML last contest selected Adam and he chosen him to be one of the best amongst his creation. Karla mastaba hora mouffetard Allah Hahaha, so last month accepted his repentance. And what does that mean? It means the case is closed. So all of those claims by some of the non Muslim saying that we still inherit the sin of Adam and Eve Salah.

00:27:15 --> 00:28:03

Get it as wrong, as false, that's fake. We can help them also to try to convince them that they don't they also didn't inherit, we did not inherit and they also didn't inherit the sake of our lattice. It was not it was Aroha. And Allah says, metabo, Allah, he went over to the gebouw. Mark, Allah, Allah forgive the sin, and Adam stay away from it, which means the case is closed, as well. We'll move open the case again. He told Adam he says, what happened? You are the father of humankind, and Alaska hoteller gave you agenda. But then he just told you don't eat from the tree, but then you couldn't be patient. And now you can see the consequence we have to go to the earth.

00:28:05 --> 00:28:08

What is that? So items that

00:28:09 --> 00:28:19

how can you blame me for doing something that last minute I already wrote it 15,000 years before it was created? What is it already within

00:28:20 --> 00:28:28

the province Allah Allah Himself said for hard Jr, demo Musa. So Moosa was defeated. He couldn't say anything after that.

00:28:30 --> 00:28:32

And the scholars have a very nice mention here. They said,

00:28:33 --> 00:28:39

this shows that the judge will cut a bad toe but yes, I

00:28:41 --> 00:28:48

get it. You use the cutter as an excuse after you repented. That's good.

00:28:50 --> 00:28:54

I get it. But before you repent is not good.

00:28:55 --> 00:29:03

Get it? But after somebody repented, and he regretted and then somebody blamed him, he said, No, this is written for me. Allah knows I don't like it.

00:29:05 --> 00:29:11

But unfortunately, I went into it, but he has to know that this is also part of the decree.

00:29:12 --> 00:29:19

This comes after he repent, that's okay. That's good. This is what happened with Adam. Because he already repented.

00:29:20 --> 00:29:24

Right? And a lot. scepter is repentance. You blame him for what

00:29:25 --> 00:29:49

he got the one who can forgive the sin. He says I forgive. So I left the cases closed. So that's the information that these people should get. But unfortunately, the book given to them has been messed up by them. They kept on changing it until today. So and they don't feel shy. They will tell you that what we what we have written earlier has grave defects.

00:29:50 --> 00:29:55

They mentioned that in their book, grave defects, and the defects are so serious.

00:29:57 --> 00:29:59

They said they call for their revision right to

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revise the book and then revise and that revision they decided to remove Yeah, I was in that book is that they remove what doesn't please them they remove the filter they bring what pleases them inside the book Colossians four wading into the next

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summer Colin havin Angela. That's exactly what happened to these people. And they have been doing that not for the contemporary people they have been doing that for ages. Get it from long ago. That's why the prophets Allah Allah said, Well, you know,

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last month I told him why the lahoma marketer mad at him we didn't

00:30:35 --> 00:30:43

get it. When the professor last time I said what do you find in the book of Allah smarter about the origin if somebody committed Zina, they said, We didn't have this in the book.

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When they wrote the book to read it, somebody covered the iron that talks about that.

00:30:51 --> 00:30:54

And his keep he was reading the next I

00:30:55 --> 00:30:58

have the lightning Salaam says jasola asked him to remove his hand

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so these are one of the verses he removed the hand and then they found it exactly in the way Quran mentioned also, they forgot to change that one.

00:31:08 --> 00:31:12

I don't think after that even the bass was the most likely helaas masala

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so that's why last fantasies, whoo on to them. They wrote the book by their own hand and they claim that this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah guide them to the truth.

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So Allah hunter says Fatah, cada momento de Kalimantan Fatah body in who who are to walk over him. Allah smart as to love the forgiving. He forgives all sins with no exception as long as the person repents. As long as you repent last month forgive forgive the sin

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colavito minha Jamia fame my agenda Kamini hidden from Anita bajo de la COVID Allah him follow me So, this one needs more

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or the Khokhlova shoojit cloudification and details so I will delete sha Allah Until next week, also next week also inshallah we'll discuss the issue of the agenda, which agenda is that? Is it the agenda hold or agenda on earth or the agenda in India?

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There is an opinion that is an Indian right. So, we will see in sha Allah Who says what, and what is the correct standards concerning the matter is Allah Baraka Luffy comes to hakalau mobile communication Allah elantas

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