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The importance of leniency and being gentle in one's approach to life is emphasized in various segments of the conversation. The speakers discuss the history and importance of Subhan conversions to Islam, the need for guidance and understanding of one's values, and the importance of learning to be a decent person for one's life. They also emphasize the need for leaders to make their behavior clear and reward those who do so. The conversation ends with a discussion of the importance of practicing Islam to remove knowledge and knowledge.

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hammered into Allahu Allahu Allah, he also he was selling

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allele for manufacture mashallah Jumada an older Alpha Armonia who are battling about and more ethically

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the last actual missionary

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December I'll find with natural law sudarsan If you haven't determined Mobarak rial son he said Allah subhanho wa Taala and he wrote If you know if you might have done

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a lot work for him, if he were gonna, just who he really so today inshallah we will be dealing with hadith of eyeshadow.

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And last week, I think we skipped this hadith, right.

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It says,

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Mohan has said, similitude rasool Allah He said, Allahu Allahu salam ala

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fi Beatty, hada Allahumma Minh Walia. Mina Emery uma Tisha and Fisher Cara him fresh copilot.

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Aisha Allahu anha said, I heard that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam as seen in this room of mine, here Allah, whoever happened to lead any of the affair of my ummah, for Shakarez unfresh Kukeri

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is a very heavy draw from Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, to religious

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people in the authorities and any single person who has responsibility on his shoulder is included here. Whether father, mother, you know, wife, husband, you know, a slave teacher, you know, in the university, whoever is a leading group of people in the community is included in this in the statement of Rasulullah selasa. It says Hola, hola. Hola William in Amblyomma, Tisha and for Shankara infringe Coco.

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And this is derived from rasuluh lies and lies in Syria, Allah, whoever happens to lead any of the affair of my ummah, for Shankara fish Kokanee. If he makes life difficult on them, yeah, Allah, I asked you to make life very tough and difficult to swallow. They said, You are as accepted, there is no way for a person to be harsh. unnecessarily. harshness is needed in certain situations, because that's the reason why we have some thought.

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Because you have some people in the community who lost, they lost the was their eligibility, the natural disposition, they don't feel shy of committing crimes in the presence of everyone. They were supposed to be rectified by the religion, you know, but unfortunately, sometimes this doesn't work with them, they don't fish out of Allah subhanaw taala as well. They tried to do it in secret. But usually you see these entities, they feel shy off, not shy, but they are scared of the authority. That's why sometimes you might see the impact of the authority via righteous, much greater than any other was. So we need the assault on in in the community, there has to be someone in the community

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who is acting as a deterrent, you know, against, you know, those criminals who believe that they do have a right to disturb the community.

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So, sometimes harshness is supposed to be there, you know, to make life very tough for them so that they can come back because all the means of leniency have proven not to be effective when dealing with them. But in the vast majority of the issues, people are very peaceful people. If you leave them with righteousness, this will be more than enough. Be the light to Allah to take them to the success. So the prophets of Allah Allah Himself, yeah, Allah, whoever happened to be a leader of any group of people in my ummah, and he makes life difficult for them. Yet Allah I asked you to make life very tough and difficult. Open.

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My William Amblyomma T che and forever copy him for me. And he says, Yeah, Allah, I also asked you, on the other hand, whoever happened to lead any of your affair of any of the events of mine, and he became so lenient and soft and gentle and very easy to approach. Yeah, Allah I asked you to be lenient with. So that's the DUA from the crops that Allahu Allahu selama to every single person who is in in authority. And it doesn't matter whether you are assuming a bigger responsibility or smaller responsibility, as I said, you in your family, you are also one of those authorities that leniency is required in your in your approach, and especially in the time we are living in nothing

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works more than leniency and being gentle, being soft suited to the family so that they will become the best friend of yours. You will become the best friend of them. In a way you will make it easy for them to enjoy

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He laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala and whatever you tell them, they will never cross and go against it even whether you are around or you're not. So only leniency can can get you get to this harshness will never benefit is to benefit in the past, but moderation is always required. Interview

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Carla and I didn't

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know who definitely already learned even Ziad Bacala who are born a year. In is Amelia to rasool Allah He said Allahu alayhi wa sallam Maya Kulu in Sheva vi l Otava. A year can talk with me.

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I even Amber, he went to obey the law. Xia redilight. musea was one of the tyrant rulers. And actually during his time and in his own plate place, the son of Rasulullah sallallahu Saba was murdered the grandson of Rasul Allah Azza, St. Ignace was killed in the, in the territory where obey the lion was the covenant that resulted in terms of is it even a

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small loss so he was a very, very, very, very tired

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leader, you know, who let people with harshness, and you can see whoever any dare to stretch his hand and touch the family members of Rasulullah sallallahu. So you can imagine what kind of bad and evil attitude this person has. And these are some of the things which you have

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given them already. Because that happened during his his rate that happened during the string, although we didn't have any evidence whereby he is the one I mean, whereby it is mentioned that he's the one who commanded

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that to take place

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at the net.

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Okay, so we don't have anything that says that he's the one who commanded that that should happen. But unfortunately, the reaction he was taking was, was not sufficient, because you cannot just see the son of Rasulullah selasa being killed unjustly. You know, this is the son of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, somebody, just go him just like that. And he justifies yourself by firing him and cursing.

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Because and heavy cosines has to take place, but that that was not done to my knowledge. So that's why this cannot be forgotten in the life of this, this person, but still the one who did it, they were both Muslims. So we leave the affairs to Allah subhanahu wa to Allah, Allah Samantha will be the one who will who will judge. So this permit the live museum was visited by a phenom. And then I will Umbra told him because he sees the way he is leading the OMA Muhammad Salah is that part of a nation in in Kufa. So he told him,

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I believe, you know, he said my son probably is very young. So he told him my son in nice America, rasool Allah, He said, Allahu Allahu selama your code is when I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam are saying, in Scheper, I hope

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you know Sahara Allah, He said to him, I had the preface Allah sama saying that the worst type of shepherds, they are the Hakama. Jota means somebody who's very harsh and easy to to be approach, you know, very harsh, who is impatient, you know, so if you are like that, for sure, you are going to lose a lot of sheep before you come back home. So the same goes to a leader who is leading human beings, the worst amongst them, the unhealthy are those people who are very harsh, nobody can approach them and they make life in the community, very tough to the to the community. So he reminded him this about this, but it wasn't, it wasn't well Subhanallah the way he was implying,

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because you know who he was, and he told them, You are none other than the NACA I mean, as having the visa lottery syllabus.

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It says, And then, I Dinamo got very angry and mad at him. It says in the companions of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam or you have the no ha ha, ha. And you meant that the companions of the prophets Allah is somebody there the amongst them, they're useless companions, who assume useless and insignificant. He said to Allah, He this this thing never happened until the time the time of the companions of the prophet The last time I finished and people like you come these

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than ha You know Max Mohamed Salah Hollings but anyway he has extended his I mean the message of as soon as last summer conveyed the message already he told him that pursue lights Allah sama said the worst type of leadership ship in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala are those who are being harsh to their to their community.

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We're gonna be Maria as the no call anymore we had to submit to rasool Allah He said Allahu Allah Who set them out on Mount Walla who che amorian Muslim ina Tanja Maduro handed to him or her let him *ery him.

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Jab Allah Hola. Hola, doin hydrati Wahala T word.

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Yo Malkia

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Fajr Allah Ma,

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ma we're Turo Jhulan min.

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Mirage and our IG Canis. So

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abou aluminum as the said, I went to wow, we have a good law right. Now we are the center of Abu Sofia, Sofia.

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He said I went to him and I told him that I heard the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and saying men who Allahu Allahu Sheikh, a minimal Muslim, wherever is a sign to be handling any of the affairs of the believers. factoids about doing Haggerty McCullough to him of *ery. And this person is sort of a barrier between him and their needs.

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You know, he said of a barrier between him and and then it alcohol level Hajra, they have the same thing material differed according to the mentions of this call is so he put a barrier between him and then it that means he cannot be approached by any one of them, or *ery. And also he doesn't help them to get some relief from their poverty is whoever is doing this, Allah subhanaw taala is going to also put a barrier between him and and that person. Whenever he needs him, Allah Sparta will not respond just with the same way he deals with that believers, Allah swatter also will be dealing with him, especially the time he needs. He needs this. When is the Day of Judgment? That's

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why even IV Soufiane you know, subhanAllah, as soon as he heard this, what did he do? He appointed somebody to look after the affairs of the believers, how would I have suddenly realized whatever somebody tells you about mA here, which is negative, you know, they are usually from those enemies of the companions of the province in our lives.

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Wow, it was a very, very, very an extremely righteous person. And it is more than enough that the mouse is a companion now or soon realized.

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The proverb says for coolamon Sahaba. Who are Rasool has with the Hill formula out? Or do whatever happens to be a companion of the prophets, Allah selama. These are the one that got the greatest birch, and they are all transforming.

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One of the one of them said we're lazy.

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Because Sahaba Phil Foley Well, in Southie, well is there is nobody in the Bahamas, Alonso mother is similar to the components of the province a lot. So in everything you think about

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it, we're talking about the virtue the best, you talk about a justice and fairness and being fair to everyone, they are the best if you're talking about knowledge, they are the best Wallahi oxymetholone They are the best in terms of knowledge. And they're the best in terms of accuracy. Any statement that somebody might tell you that in the past, they have the knowledge, you know, and in our time we have the most accurate information.

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That's false. You know, they have the knowledge more than us, they have the wisdom more than us and they are more correct than anybody else. That's why Hannity said, he says we're live Mumtaz.

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Molina Illa because at Elkanah it says Allah He that the later generation, they do not supersede the previous nation except by what comfortable talking too much. They talk little, he said in the past the scholars and those great scholars, they are busy, gathered and compiling the principles and collide. And we are busy with details. You know, sometimes much details in the way you get on board you don't even understand what exactly am I talking about? In the past didn't talk too much. You talk a little but each word has a meaning has a bigger mean? So they're more focused on the principles in the code. And we're focusing on much detail that will take sometimes the attention of

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the audience right? And that's why if you look at the knowledge of the Sunnah of the Prophet, Allah some and the message of the Quran, you see, in accordance to the men hedge, you know, of those SL officers, you know, or to put it the other way around the manager of the service or you see it in the way the message of the Quran is accorded

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To the monitor of the Quran and according to the Manage of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to get an idea. So whoever is telling you that their knowledge is very little, you know, we know more than them. Oh, that's absolutely wrong. The knowledge is their knowledge is whatever we do nowadays, it just an expansion of what they kept for us us as a heritage and law smarter grants us good. So now it was like that, I just want you to understand that there are some people who think that Maui is wrong, you know, and they criticize it. There are some people actually, who think they're Muslims and this they believe that Maui is going to help cannot go to

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therapists as parallel, as if they are the one who are distributed in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala so My way was a competitive the proxy Latson one of those who are writing the way for the prophets Allah so but that's enough to make him a trustworthy as soon as a lot and so my trusted him in that in the way I knew that's the greatest thing that allows me to give this ummah which is

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found in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and he's also brother in law of the prophets Allah, because his sister como Habiba is married to, to who to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a family member and the prophets Allah had a similar praised salah the promise a lot is well praised. And somebody says, I have never seen Omar Abdulaziz beat somebody except somebody who curse Maori. In front of him, he beat him, you know, and he got mad at somebody who, who said that he is better than MMA, even though maybe that's why they call us when they see these type of Jura somebody to come and make comparisons between the companions and somebody who

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came after them. And the problem is a lot of us have already inform us that this is impossible. He says like to support us. Do not curse my companions.

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He says Follow the enough so Mohammed in the ad.

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Myth, Jebel Ali Baba, Marbella. Muda

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himolla Seaholm. He said, Do not curse my companion. And he says Oxford will be Allah. Allah, Allah is so nice. Well, he said if one of you is to spend in charity, like the amount of like the size of the mountain,

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in charity, gold, he is given gold in charity, like the amount of sad you will live that will never be equal to one half of rice which was spent by a companion. You can have a bit the profit and loss of us. We're talking about Iman here, and Maori is is one of them. That's why when one of the son of a salad got annoyed with the way some people are comparing while we're with other people who came after the time of the companions, he says Vova road definitely. And FEMA we met our Rasulillah of volume in Amman, Irma bin Abdullah says hello, you know, who he was right? He managed to bring the Ummah back to the consciousness within the period of two years. In two years, you settle almost

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everything Subhanallah even some scholars, they even believe that he is the Khalifa number number five, you know the prophets Allah some are talking about full of Al Rashid. Right. And in some places, he said, this formula will always be in a state of God, as long as they are led by 12 Halifa, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam mentioned whether the full of outrage should end we know that among these two have, According to some scholars, or they are not among them, these are 12 Newly holy, that will come and leave this ummah, we don't know who is who they are, Allah Allah, but it's the fact that some scholars believe that Omar bin Abdulaziz was Khalifa number number five, why

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did they include him in court because of his righteousness and dedication, and he stand for the truth until the time he bring the Ummah he brought the OMA back to their consciousness, similar to the time like the time of the Holocaust of Russia. So that's another one of the lessons right? But this person,

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the scholar said, One Piece of just that went into the nose of why we when he was fighting with Rasul Allah sama during one of the jihad, you know, defending Missoula because he used to go with him. It's one piece of dust that went into his nose when he was with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is greater than all of the deeds of Irma even Abdulaziz.

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They said just assuming that Omar bin Abdulaziz is spending from his own personal wealth.

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He still cannot reach you know, I mean, a criminal and the equivalent of one half of rice spent by Huawei.

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So what is that which was spent by that this was not from his personal wealth is from Britain. He just puts it in the proper, proper place in Independence from his pocket. The promise a lot of summer said he would never be equal to any of the competitors into

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Obviously a lot of it was and so I just decided to mention this to you because we are living in a time where some people Subhan Allah, they don't even know how to fix their prayers. Sometimes if they make a mistake, they are the one who will tell you this companion is okay. And this companion is okay. But biting as color and not just as color. Allah has color but Pietila normal person is a tragedy. And if you were back this color and that color is a righteous person and he's one of the audio of Allah, you are in trouble because Allah subhanaw taala says, monopoly religion from Ireland to hoobie.

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If you hate my only Allah subhanaw taala says you should get ready to fight Allah smarter, you should get ready for a war between you and Allah. If this is what I mean happened to be the case, when you hate one of the scholars, you know who happened to be a righteous person. What do you think the case will be if a person is fighting a companion of the prompts and lines.

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And you know what happened? Because these are the best of the audio. There is no companions that are better than the companions of Rasul Allah. And the Sunnah told us that masiva is going to take place in the coma when you have the last part of this ummah curse in the early generations to have it nowadays, that's where those people are like, they need our Tarot. For the wise, if we keep quiet, we don't give them our masiva is going to take place in the community and when masiva comes, who is going to get affected all of us, but glad to see even the Latino volleyball Nico casa. So whenever you see one of them, please do have time to give him down, to make sure that he is guided and put

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him in the right in the right way Allah smarter guy, all of us to to the truth. So Maori

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does a very righteous person, even though he has origin. One of them said, if you are to see Maori and his leadership, you might be thinking that this is the malady that the Prophet sallahu sama said, we'll come to this to this, you know, that's not the right, which is the who is the first sign of the Day of Judgment. The first major sign of the Day of Judgment is al-mahdi profit or loss, I mentioned how many the great signs of the Day of Judgment 10 of al-mahdi and then the job and then a salary Salaam and then as usual magic, and then you have rising of the sun from the, from the West, and then you have the beast, which is which will come and then the three earthquake, you know,

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that's number 789, you know, and then you have the last one, the fire will come from Yemen taking place, taking people to their place of assembly.

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So that's the last Hadith under this topic. The next chapter is about

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wily Coyote. Okay, this is a bonus and incentive and motivation also given to the leaders to revisit their behavior in their leadership and to make sure that they're doing it, you know, between them and alas monitor to make sure that they're doing it correctly. Right, because who will judge who will just Allah smarter will be the one who will just get it. So a leader should think wisely and smartly and make sure that the first one he is thinking about is Allah subhanho wa taala. The previous leadership they succeeded because

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those one who succeeded among them because the vast majority of their thought and their thinking is on this. Omar bin Abdulaziz went to the house and then he just lie down to sleep. He started crying, he cried a lot until the time his wife started thinking that the big masiva happened to the Muslim nation. So she asked him what happened, this is not and this is a terrible person to rest, and he just lie down to sleep, he started crying. And he told her that I just reflect upon the time on the last module brings me back and questioned me about the way I lead the OMA that I know that one of two things is gonna happen. Either Allah subhanaw taala will forgive and told me to go to Paradise,

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or what a year Villa a month not forgive and asked me to go to jail. He said, This is what makes me worried a lot. That's why he was he was the person who he was. It made sure that he does the right thing so that you will not face the consequence when he meets Allah subhanho wa taala. So that's the reason why I always mentioned that these leaders and people in the authority they need our our sincere dua because Allah who they are guided, everyone's going to enjoy life, if they are guided because Allah is what is good to put his hand in the Fs and inshallah they will be doing things which are good to them to the community and will enjoy rather than sitting at home cursing, sending

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Curtsies and making do against this will not benefit anyone, it will not benefit you and will not benefit them also, and will not benefit the community. That's why the scholars such as Muhammad gave us the best

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metal in the way we should live with our leaders by making dua for them when he says if I have a chance to ask for something for myself, which I know Allah is going to add I will definitely accept it. I will make this dua for the leader. He said I will not make it for myself. I will ask Allah to

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To make a leader, righteous, righteous person. So, this is a very important chapter also that will give them incentive we have been taken about now. We have been talking about their responsibility, their responsibilities. Is there any benefit if a leader become a righteous person? Yes, there is. Allah subhanaw taala talks about these ones in the Quran, it says in the law.

00:25:21--> 00:26:02

It also anyone who qualifies the attitudes and the attributes of justice is included here. He is the person who is adhering to the statement and the commands of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah is one to commands people to be just and also to be accurate in whatever they are doing. And to be I mean, adopt an exon exon is to do things with sincerity perfectly and with sincerity for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanaw taala says we're opposite to in the lie, almost been and we just have to be just because Allah Subhana Allah loves the justice, the Justice people, Allah loves justice and he loves to just pick

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Colorado and be wherever throw the Allahu Anhu

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and in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam I've got a Sabbath and you will you whom Allah will milk Yama, Yama, La Villa La Villa.

00:26:16--> 00:26:33

Imam, Rochelle buena Shafi Verity la ora Julian culpa whom Allah complete misogyny or Giuliani to Haberfield la hmm Allah you are to ferrata LA or Julian dodge Kumaratunga to nonslip in West Germany College near half Allah

00:26:35--> 00:26:43

why don't you listen to some data be certified in fast Farhatullah Charma CheMin Houma to pick up the Amin who are the Kerala Hallein of all the time

00:26:44--> 00:27:08

Hamdulillah this hadith is very interesting because everyone is supposed to be included here. If you miss one category inshallah other one is open for for you to get the province Allah is Somerset Sebata Neuville to whom Allah will appear, if you want to understand how much this hadith is important to you and to your life, you know, you should understand the Day of Judgment first.

00:27:09--> 00:27:16

You know, one thing on the Day of Judgment, which I will emphasize on is more than enough for you to understand the importance of this.

00:27:17--> 00:27:19

Why is the sun nowadays?

00:27:21--> 00:27:40

How many kilometers between you understand 100 kilometers? No talking about 1000s of kilometers between you understand, and you know how hard it is in some places, right? Yeah. And a comparison some of the countries you know, you know, in Malaysia we didn't have is like we didn't have some, some places is too hot.

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And still it is too far from us. Imagine on the Day of Judgment, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said we're tied to the Shem so Agra MIDI, it will come close to us just like the size of the meat. If you're talking about the mail, we're talking about how many kilometers around three kilometres.

00:28:02--> 00:28:16

Some scholars said a meal is referring to the stick you see the eyeliner, that small bottle with you have the eyeliner inside. The thing also that stick with you put the bring the eyeliner to put on the eyes is called also be

00:28:17--> 00:28:19

some color servizio referring to that.

00:28:20--> 00:28:23

And Llosa does means right on top of a person.

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And even if you say three, three kilometers, me is too close to that human. That's why rasool Allah is Allah in Somerset the hardship will be at a peak. Nobody can bear it. People will be sweating. And some of us the prophets Allah sama said the sweat will reach their their ankles, some of us their needs. Some of us that waste some of us their shoulder, some of us will drop into their their sweat.

00:28:51--> 00:28:58

At that moment, Allah's MATA is going to select seven people and put them under the shade of his ash.

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But like this is very important for us to understand this house correctly and work for it. Because we all believe that a day will come will be taken back to Allah subhanaw taala for accountability. Just imagine yourself suffering from the heat of the sun for how long 50,000 years, the human can emit the data will come soon and 50,000 years replace whereby the sun is next year. How do you live and you don't even have close when I'm talking about how to to cover you from the high temperature you don't have those.

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So that's why my dear brothers sisters, it is really important for us to understand this head is correctly and try not to live not to live this life without joining one of these.

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The first one mentioned by the proxy server is an email

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adjust ruler.

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Can we take this assets incentive? Yes

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is a very great incentive for every ruler to understand this at least and try to be just in his leisure. To make sure that he's fair to everyone is just Congestus means to serve the community according to what laws Martin, not according to what the community wants, but according to what Allah Muhammad tell us, what is the reward for this person, one of them is that Allah subhanaw taala will grant him success in this life and in the Hereafter, Allah subhanaw taala put him under the shade of the of the ash.

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Because at that time, there will be no shadow except the

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wherever miss it will never get analog. So that's the first question. The second one, the Prophet said, Allahu Allah who said mindset, or SHA Ganesha.

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And the young person who was grown up, whose attitude is always righteousness.

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And that's

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the vast majority of the population in us. Right? Yeah, let's apply it in our own place. It fits us so much. Because most of us our Shiva, who is a sharp, somebody who reaches the age of 15, up to 30 years old, and according to some scholars up to 40, after 40, then you reach the solute, alcohol.

00:31:19--> 00:31:43

That's the age of completers. So this age is the golden age. And you Allah, so many people regret it, and they wish that they will be given the same age as your ages. So that they can change and they can fix it. But that is no way for this to happen. Because whenever you grow and you move, the more you move, the more you are aging and there is no way for you to make a U turn and come back to the to the younger age.

00:31:44--> 00:31:57

So what is the best for everyone in this community and everywhere, every Shabbat should reflect upon this hadith, and make sure that he fix his attitude and become righteous according to the way Allah subhanaw taala.

00:31:59--> 00:32:42

And Inshallah, in the next class, might emphasize a little bit on this, how to participate in this righteousness to make the community as a better community should be like that every single person should contribute and make sure that the community is the best and a better community for the life of a Muslim and I guess those people who established the place they establish it for for this to create a producer leader who can carry the reseller of Islam to other nations. So the question is, is that which is happening to the graduates? are we graduating something, something else? So we have to fix it before it is? It is too late? When is it going to be too late? When you graduated and you

00:32:42--> 00:33:07

already left? Again, it is too late to fix the life Chinese spent in this in this university? May Allah subhanaw taala grant is good. I guess this is the best time to stop here in the next class. I will be talking from this one and the rest of the study dimensioned by the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed, a channeler staphylococci lake, a Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

00:37:11--> 00:37:12

differences sometimes.

00:37:28--> 00:37:34

For the sisters since Joomla is not required in their case I would prefer for them to continue with their class

00:37:37--> 00:37:42

if the one that is teaching them is a sister who's also not required to come to the Mozilla unless if she wants

00:37:43--> 00:37:53

is they can just continue with the class and prelate but for the brothers is better to stop the class and go on free to last one hotel and then come back to the to the class shop

00:38:03--> 00:38:05

all classes any class that is beneficial

00:38:06--> 00:38:08

Yeah, any classes beneficial

00:38:11--> 00:38:20

knowledge which I mean discipline that are beneficial in the dunya. In I bring this to the community Islam also directed us to study that.

00:38:21--> 00:38:31

When you do them with good intention, you will be rewarded because your intention is to benefit yourself to remove the ignorance from itself also to remove the ignorance of the Ummah and to contribute

00:38:33--> 00:38:38

in bringing good to the Ummah Muhammad Allah, you will be rewarded for that. So both

00:38:43--> 00:38:44

Okay, thank you very much.

00:38:46--> 00:38:48

rahmatullahi wa barakato