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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How are you guys doing? I'm joined with a big Z, big z, z plus, which was ugly. I think big. Because then Ali's gonna go. Okay, he's a plus. Okay, big Z, big Z. Well, you can see the big dog or the man with the plan. Or just the legend. Oh

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boy yourself to Hi Fi to you know what I mean? I had to give you the mice. I'm just like Kevin Samuels.

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Just like Nikki and her place. To be fair, like, I made the videos, you know, of sandals. Because, you know, I just was a reaction to feminism like this kind of like red pill movement and stuff like that. And I thought I actually saw a lot of Muslim people moving in that direction. And I didn't like it, because I realized the problems with it. But to be fair, yeah. And I think we just both watched this, you know, these aspects of his

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video that he done with Nicki Minaj? Yeah. And I think there's proof that it's actually due here, because he handled himself quite well. Despite that, I do think there are areas of criticism as well. So we'll be looking at some of that. But before that, I think let's look at two main aspects. Yeah, let's get straight into it. Two main aspects of this video that wanted to react to Yeah. Which kind of starts in the middle, where Nikki herself, who is kind of to be honest with you, I don't know much about her. But from what I know, she's a figure of decadence. And if someone could personify decadence, it would be this woman.

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You know, nothing intellectual contributed at all. She thinks she's a success, we'll come to all of that starts off by speaking about, you know, success, funnily enough, and these other things. So I wanted to see what she has to say, coming on to this platform, and then how we can look also how Kevin responds. So let's first take a look at what her prerogative is here. I'm talking to a black woman real quick. Can we stop talk? Can we stop posting all day on tip because I Are we I nearly went to tick tock and I just kept saying this, but like, when can we stop talking about it black men if these successful black men want us or not? Like, can we just focus on us and we be successful?

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And then we go out there and we decide what we want. So what I see with this Zhi Shan bro is like, his typical independence narrative, success narrative she's talking about she's success. What is what is success? I mean, is success being famous, being rich? I'm sorry to say these are things assumptions, which cannot be justified. And who are you anyway, Nikki, to speak to black women as if you represent them. You don't represent them, you represent higher echelon type individual Western women. You don't, you don't actually suffer from the same plights as the majority of black people will suffer from black men or women. And you don't have even a right to call yourself a success

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because you are rich and famous. Success is not defined like that, for us, is it as you know, because if you define success as richness or fame, these are two things that don't have an ending, like money, there's always more money that you can attain with fame, there's always more fame that you can attain, you'll never be able to reach the pinnacle. Absolutely, in our tradition, the Islamic tradition with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he said that if you give a man, you know a value of gold, you know, he'll be hungry for another value. So in other words, there's always a thing is having material wealth, as you say, it doesn't quench your thirst for these kinds of

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things. You'll just want more and more and more. So really, there is no strong positive correlation. For example, with happiness as a state, and material wealth, you'll find unfortunately, a lot of the richest people in society, yes, and the most famous, are those who are most depressed. Yes. So this idea of equating success with fame and money, this capitalistic idea, which you have been colonized into believing is the case is itself difficult to substantiate from the very beginning. Yes. So this is the first thing, the independence narrative here, I think is problematic as well. But before we go there, I want to see how Kevin Samuels responds to her. There's a lot of hurt on both sides. And

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I recommend to guys look while you're under 30 Recognize work on getting yourself together. Because like it or not, you're really not in a position like like you should be to be able to work with me do anything like that. So as you see

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He starts off by saying there's a lot of hurt from both sides. Now this is not this is atypical of Kevin Samuels because usually a foreman hypes up like that to him in his, in his presence or discussions, he will actually shut her down or even switch her off or something. Why I think he's being strategic here. And he's got good emotional intelligence here to be praiseworthy of him. Yeah. However, his narrative is as good as hers in the sense that he is also telling men to just focus on themselves. It's an egoistic gender narrative on both sides. And if it's an egoistic gender narrative on both sides, what you're going to end up having is an atomized society with people only

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caring about themselves. They don't realize that complementarity is needed in order to avoid conflict of interest in the first place. Like at the end of the day, if men just think about themselves and work on themselves, not caring about the opposite gender, or having apathetic attitudes, and the opposite is true. Imagine what that will do to the black community. My question is simple. Why are the adults making themselves the center of this project? In these seldomly do I find in these conversations that children are put first, like children are put first, we know through the data, that

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nuclear families and stable families are the most advantageous for children? Okay. But for nuclear families to be functional, there has to be compromise on both sides.

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I would call it like the individualistic narratives of the West. Yes. Because at the end of the day, like 100 years ago, he mentioned this, to be fair to him, Kevin Samuels mentions this in some of his discussions. He says your grandma wouldn't be speaking like that. Yeah. And he's right. He's gentle. He's right. The her grandma, whoever, whoever she's speaking to wouldn't be speaking like that. Because she'd have a more traditional complementarian nuclear type understanding of family. But you know, what else was true? his granddad wouldn't be speaking the way he's speaking either. That's the truth as well, like his his granddad will be thinking about let me how do I provide for the kids?

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How do I make a family stable? How this and that the problem is not just with one gender or another, it's both genders realizing individual responsibility, and recognizing individual weakness, and then working together to try and sort out and you mentioned something, a verse in the Quran Jonah? Explain. Yeah. So I think this whole complementarianism is something which is mentioned by the Quran to the nearest meaning when it says, You are garments for them, and they are garments for you referring to a husband and a wife. And did this issue that you're talking about of individualism is something which is, you know, it's a disease that's coming from capitalism. And it's something which

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is obviously rooted in liberalism, which, which talks about individual benefit. And, of course, an offshoot of that is human rights, which talks about what we're owed, and not what we owe others. There's no human right, that talks about the rights of your mother, or the rights of your father. And this is a problem. And liberalism is something which has been shoved down our throat. And we're seeing this in France. This is where we seen the hijab being banned. And we're seeing this now in in Saudi Arabia, where you've got, you know, liberalism being injected into the community and other communities. So liberalism is an issue. And that's why liberalism does need to come under the

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microscope, because it is what is telling us look, the individual and your pleasure and your pain, as long as it doesn't affect others. It's fine. It's all you know, is this ethical egoism. It's not just psychological. The difference being is ethical egoism is like, I am sorry. psychological egoism is about me. It's about me. Yeah. It's about my pain and pleasure. And a lot of us are like that, my my nature, but ethical egoism is where you say it ought to be about my pleasure first. And what we're seeing really, with this kind of conversation, is a proliferation of ethical egoistic gender discourses. Yeah. So both of them are just concerned with each other. Okay, well, black woman

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shouldn't do this, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It's no care for the kids. Same thing with him. No care for the kids. No care for the other gender. It's a very selfish discourse either way. But let's move on to something else that he mentions. Controversially, I guess, you know, she asks him, How many times should a man expect to have sex? Let's take a look at what she asks and how he responds. How many times should a man expect to have sex? What is in your opinion? How many times should a woman give their men

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sex? A week? A week.

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I'm a fan of the as often as he wants.

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Because here's the thing, it's under here today. You look at like I said, I look at guys, most guys I'm talking to you're working 1012 hour days. So I actually respect the way he responds there. You know, she didn't really have much pushback off the way he said, which is surprising to be honest, but I

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I respect the fact that he stuck to his kind of guns on this one because at the end of the day, it's once again sex is one of those things, okay, which is a weakness for men. Most of them, it's a woman. It's one of those things. And limiters. You know, as many of the viewers know, like Muslim woman has to wear hijab, which is more encompassing than the man has to cover and so on and so forth. Yeah. And a lot of people come Muslim or non Muslim alike, and they say like, why should a woman cover up for the weakness of a man?

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That is the wrong? Why not? The question is, why not? Why should a man cover up for the weakness of a woman, certain things, certain events or fire happened, women and children come up first, or what happened? The men on frontline? These things are clear that there are some things that men are stronger than women at some things that women are stronger than men are. And that's why the Quran beautifully expresses this in one sentence, well, holy hold inside of the iPhone, the human being has been created weak, the human being has been created, we can affect in this context is talking about sexual weakness. And so yeah, the idea of a man having intercourse, or the woman helping,

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really facilitating for the man, something which would otherwise be his weakness, something which would otherwise if it's not done, it can cause greater societal decadence and decay, because he's going to go try and find find elsewhere.

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Pathological behavior will start to emerge, it will destabilize families and all kinds of other things happen, you might start to find her, you know, he might not he might be puffer to be honest with you might be a horrible thing for him. So yeah, this is well advocating, obviously, some stupid person is going to come out and say, what you're talking about rape or something? Obviously, we're not saying if a woman doesn't want to give it, you can't take it from there like that. Because you can't cause anyone harm in Islam. That's what we believe anyway. But yeah, the fact that a woman wouldn't want to give it to a man anyways, is the mark of a dysfunctional relationship. Yeah, it is

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a mark of it. But um, I respect the fact that he's is coming out saying this, because you won't find many people coming up mincing in the way that he said that. What do you think? Well, yeah, I think you've made a good point, unfortunately, sadly, in this day and age, especially in sitcoms, when you see a husband and a wife, sex is actually used as a weapon. It's actually used as a weapon. Kids are used as weapons. And when you start using these things as weapons, then what you're doing is you are breaking that family up. And if a man can't get a home, if a woman can't get her home, then I mean, the question arises, where else are they gonna get it from? Well, she doesn't mention a woman here.

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She will listen to what she has to say. We continue to listen to it. You know, a lot of people throughout my life would tell me that I'm not gonna, because I know that people would tell me, I shouldn't want to, I shouldn't expect as a woman to have a climax every time I do it, right? Like Hilton. And I said, Excuse me, are you out of your *ing mind? Why wouldn't I want to climax every time I have intercourse, just like you want to climax when you have intercourse? And I was I was accused of being like a man. Not in my, you know, I'm this is years ago, and I knew that wasn't gonna work

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is not only about you. Okay. Well, I mean, yeah, I think you mentioned it before as well. This is something that in Islam, when you look at the literature, this is something that's emphasized that it's not just about the man's pleasure, it is about the females pleasure as well. I mean, just like when we're talking about complementarianism, and we're talking about both parties, then this actually fits in very well to that. I agree. A lot of men and the Prophet gave explicit advice as like not to come in and go out straight away, even to to warm up a woman to foreplay, all that very specific. This shows you this comprehensiveness of Goddess of Islam, like, women work in a different

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sexual manner to men. And I'll tell you something about honestly, a lot of men, we talk about men withholding and sexual marriages and stuff, but also women or men, sorry, we withhold them, but men will hold as well. Sometimes like, and that is, if you want to destroy your marriage as a man, then the first thing you'll do is ignore your woman's sexual needs. unnecessarily. Yeah. You know, unnecessarily, of course, but either way, it's unnecessary, like in the sense that why, you know, because in the Quran, it does say that you can, oh, well, yeah. If she's unnecessarily in the sense that, you know, it's not because she's acting rebellious Lee or something like that, or I'm not

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sure, of course, of course. Good point. But like, what I'm saying is, exactly do not I'm trying to say like, if she wants something, and you're ignoring that, men need to also realize that this is a quick way to break a family. And then she would you not think that this you're gonna cause a fitna? Do you not think there's a man not think that by leaving his wife sexual needs and she wants to do something and she's prodding him and she wants to, you know, engage sexual sexually women. He's like, kind of like giving her the cold shoulder on his phone or something like that. Does he not think that he's now destroying the family and he's making a fitna for himself and for his, for his

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family? Yeah. So it's at the same time like we have to be fed just Islam. It gives actually for mankind.

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sexually satisfying a woman. There's and and it continues and is stopping us. There's very strong grounds for divorce here. There's actually I'm not saying that women should do that she should obviously try and we're sort of higher as the Quran says try and reconcile whatever. But saying get that this divorce, it shows how serious of an issue that is. Yes, yeah, you can't, you cannot here, you cannot withhold from either party and this goes back to the complementarian point. But so yeah, we agree with that. We agree with that. But generally now, before we close off, what do you think of this conversation back and forth? We've already talked about what's conspicuously kind of missing

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here, which is mentioned of the children and these conversations, they always disregard the children in family settings. What else would you say is missing? Or should have been added? Or could have been, I think what's interesting here is someone like myself, or when I was initially watching it, I expected Kevin Samuels to go in full guns blazing and just smash it to bits and stuff like that, because that's, that's what he's known for. And oh, I was expecting Nikki to be very blase and very kind of loud. And, you know, very, I'm going to represent for the people and all these women, and I'm going to layer on him. I think both of them were clever in their approach. Kevin respected her,

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and she respected him. And I think we were discussing before as well, that I think he maneuvered himself very well, in that discussion. So in that sort of sense on on that point, actually, you made a good point, because at the end of it is like, if this was actually, it might seem

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like trivial. Yeah, I guess. But at the end, he's like, I need to go now. And I know that might seem like something trivial. I think it was premeditated, personally. And, and I think that actually speaks volumes to the kind of thing as Muslim men. Yeah. Because not just we're not here to criticize Annika, Kevin and Nikki. Well, Nikki, we should be criticized. And to be honest, she's, from the looks of it a completely decadent character. But with Kevin at least, there are some things which Muslim men can actually learn from. And this is one of them. If you look at the end of this conversation, he's like, I haven't got any more questions, because I need to leave. Well, good to be

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on here, which you got any other questions? Because I gotta get past. But the phraseology is actually very telling here. Have you got any questions? So he's the he's the one that's being questioned? Yeah. He's put himself in a teacher's the edifying position, he's the teacher, because I need to, you know, go whatever, yeah. Meaning, I've got things to do. I don't value you as much as you think you value yourself. He's not saying that in explicit terms, but he's gesturing it through implicit action, because he knows if he doesn't explicitly, he's risking putting his reputation at risk with someone of her social profile, you know, who is at least seeing the society as successful

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over she is not according to us.

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What do you think of that kind of movement? So there's websites nowadays in which people go and you know, they unlock pictures, and they they spend extortionate amounts of money just so they can interact with women. And there's a

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a term which has been coined called sim ping, where even in games people pay extortionate amounts to female gamers just so they can kind of sit there and simple over them and stuff like that. So this has become a big problem in our society. And for for us there in the Asian community as much like it's an every community unfortunately, sadly, there are more vulnerable what's happening it's a little it's in every community that I've seen Yeah, because there was become a global village I think we're okay

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you're the highest consumers of

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pornography and stuff like that is actually the

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was different though. We're talking about this, this groveling actually doing something and yes, he exemplifies a good example even even when you look at the economic hitman by John Perkins, he actually talks about you know, people that are higher up in some Arab countries are trying to

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wear this bow they they pay extortionate amounts just to get white women and stuff like that. This is this is post colonial simple that that's what it is. So in that sense, it is to see somebody like this because Nikki at the start, she actually rated herself as a seven. Now. She doesn't. Well, he did, which was interesting, but then because because yeah. Sorry. I don't know. I don't know. Allah. Hilke some black. I've not heard a single song from this woman. I don't know who this woman is. Right? I had to research her after I saw this one with this guy. Yeah. Okay. I'm not just saying I know, she's famous, but she thinks she's famous and important. I don't think she's right. Bo, is he

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not? Who rated him nine out of 10. Right? He did. Yeah. Um, is that something you would say is accurate?

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I mean, is that is that do you think he's doing that to kind of boost her ego or something? I think he is because it was very interesting because I think you made the point you said at the start when he increased her rating, the conversation took a different time. Imagine if he gave like a four, which I think

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I checked limiters on

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Really sorry to say, but I checked the Wikipedia page of this individual. Yeah. And I saw that she was like 40. Like on his standards, I don't see how his subjective measuring stick is all over. Because on his a four year old woman for him, well, he and he says, Oh, 35 is gone. So how could he be given that? I think maybe it was a strategic move, because I think with any of these celebrities, that means his his rating system is flawed. Or maybe this was like exceptionalism. Maybe it was one off that he was just trying to protect himself. Yeah. protect himself and stuff. Like because imagine if he upset Nikki and then he's getting a barrage of 1000s of messages after the ejaculation

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after the orgasm. Yeah. After both parties, one of them orgasm, the male orgasm. Yeah. What is there? Let where can you tell us? What is it? What What is there to do? So you can't i can't No, no.

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Well, I mean, there's, that's done now. Okay. Okay. You have a very, very beautiful, voluptuous physique, whatever, I believe myself in you, no problem. Now, no, no, seriously, now, we're gonna have tea, or we're gonna eat food, or we're gonna talk. Yeah, because at the end of the day, you're not having sex all day, they were talking about sex with 1/3 of the conversation. You're not having sex all day. If there's going to be a superficial reality, then I'm really sorry. It's going to break families. She's going to be unsatisfied, intellectually, mentally, in every other way. The communities are going to break down as I said, it's just egoism on steroids. Yeah, I think that's a

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that's a very good point. Very good summary. And I think it proves and it shows that Islam has the holistic kind of view, you can go to isms and schisms, and some things that these people say sound very nice and videos going viral by the end of the day. Islam is the deen that comes from our Lord, we have the pixel he has the picture. And if you want a holistic, unapologetic objective view on life, then Islam is for you. And for me. That's right. That's right. So you don't have to do Nicki Minaj you convert to Islam you can you can stop being successful because the Quran says I'm going to end with this, which is by time lost in the in Santa Fe hosts that certain human being is in a state

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of loss. You're a failure, loser, you're unsuccessful. All of us are Illa Latina m&r Except for those who believe or AMILO Solly hottie and they do good works good works. Yeah. What to us I'll be happy. And the exhaustion another the truth, what awesome and they exalt one another to patients. That's true success was salam ala markins. Lucky with Muslims in Norway are now establishing and messaging and data center to enhance the Norwegian Dawa. If you donate to this cause you will insha Allah reap the rewards. 1000s of Muslims coming back to Islam and many of those who become guides and invite slam so click the link and donate now and share the video for extra rules.