Hadith Series – #62 – There are six rights towards a fellow Muslim – 2-6

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that one of the rights of a Muslim on another Muslim are one of the things that a Muslim is entitled to from another Muslim is that if he invites him that he responds, and he honors the invite, he accepts the invitation. And in the classic scholarship, they talk about does this mean any single invitation? No, it really means the big stuff, the weddings, the births, the, you know, the major life events. And there's a lot of wisdom behind this. Because that's when you need support the most. And that's when you kind of see who's in your corner, right? These days, we're too busy. We pack out our schedules, we've got all these sorts

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of activities and things that we belong to, we've got work, that's a certain time that maybe we play sports, maybe we have soccer practice, you go play basketball, this class, that class, all these sorts of things, they take up your time. And we know, what can happen is that people get too busy with me, me, me my own stuff. And so somebody invites you say, I'm sorry, I'm busy. I'm sorry, I got something else. Sorry, that's not a good time. You keep on putting it off, putting off putting off other people. And then years go by, and what happens? Maybe that person passes away. Maybe you,

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you don't see that person for decades. And regretfully, how many of us, the next time we see each other, the next time we see somebody else we haven't seen for a long time? Is that somebody else's funeral? It's a sad reality. So when the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he said that if you get invited you accept the invite, he's telling us to make room in your schedule. Right? Some people have said a popular, you know, quote, is that saying that you're busy, really just means you're not a priority. And so the problem we'll have a say someone is warning us about this kind of attitude. Don't think that you're so busy, that you can't show up to these major life events. Now, it's your

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duty to show up at the major life events of other people so that everybody feels supportive. Think how you would feel you get married, you have a baby, you you know your your father passes away. You want other people around to support you? Well, we need to extend that courtesy to other people as well. And that makes the whole community stronger.