Zahir Mahmood – When Qarun Plotted Against Musa (AS)

Zahir Mahmood
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So musala slob now commands the earth, Earth swallow him and the two people so the earth swallows him up to his ankles.

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So he's pleading with Moosa Moosa. Please, please, swallow him more. Now he swallows him to his knees. It says swallowing more, then it goes up to his hips.

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And he still clearly moves. I beg you, please, please.

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So now comes a time

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to pay you as a cop.

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So, like us, Moosa, la salatu salam has to negotiate with the bunnies, how much the cost you're gonna pay.

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And if I remember rightly, it was something like we pay what how much? 2.2 and a half percent 2.5%. Yeah, there was a board member rightly in every

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two 2,002.2 1501 Durham,

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just one in every 2500 they would have to pay one pound, we pay 2.3 pound 50 in every 100 pound. Still, they weren't happy. So Kuru says to the bunnies, right. You know this Moosa, he only wants to take your wealth away from you. That is his only intention, he wants to take your wealth away from you

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La ilaha illAllah.

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So, what happens

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is that he says to Moosa says, what should we do so don't worry we'll, we'll sort him out remember is the is the cousin of Moosa.

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So they go to musala slaughter Salaam, and as many people gather there, they say, moose I'll tell me if anybody quits committed crime in this religion, are they all equal? So they all equal so even if you even me, so they bring this woman who was a prostitute? And his woman says that Moosa had a relationship with me now the villa

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so musala is not something I had no relationship with it No She said, No, you had a relationship with me. They said okay Moosa, you're telling us we will be punish you will be punished the same way.

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There moose is often speaks to the lady and after a while.

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She turned around and said Moosa did not have a relationship with me. I was placed they paid me to say this.

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So moose I was moose, moose was a man you know, he had jellal in him.

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So he says to allies, it Allah Look what they tried to do to your Nabhi for the defense and the honor of you not be destroyed them.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says to Musa Musa, I give it over to you, whatever you decide that will happen to them.

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So musala salatu wa salam says to them, is a huge group, he has a whole group of people with him, he's No, he's not by himself. He's got quite a few followers in bernisa. He,

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people say to me, you know, how did this guy get followers? I said, Look, even the job will have followers, you know, they say, the scholar dispute. This guy is a charlatan, everything's apparent in front of him. How is it possible that he's got followers? I said, even the jar will have followers, although the message of Allah won't. And you know, honestly, I think maybe because we are from a backward, you know, in the sense that we come from not backward but we come from third world country, not very educated. And because in the name of Deen, that's why we have, you know, some of these leaders in these fields and the shears. They have such a great following. And you can tell,

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apparently, that they're charlatans, they're in it for the money

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musala Salatu. Salam said to them, those leave his side.

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So everybody leaves aside besides two people. So moose is not a slob. No Come on the earth, oh, earth, swallow him and the two people so the earth swallows him up to his ankles.

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So he's pleading with Moosa Moosa. Please, please, swallow him more. Now. he swallows him to his knees. He says, swallow him more. Then it goes up to his hips.

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And he still cleaning mousse? I beg you please, please. musasa Islam says follow him. It swallows him up to his neck. The only thing left is his neck. And his beging mooser la salatu salam and musala salatu salam you know, we're on a roll and he says swallow him. Totally.

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And the earth swallows him up. And this is where this is where, how the ending of qarun took place. Allah subhanaw taala said to Moosa,

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he said Moosa, this man was pleasing to you and you did not stop. You did not save him

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is a moose abide by my is my honor. This man committed to forward me. he disobeyed me. But if he had called me once, other than you, I would have saved him.

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I would have saved him.

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This was qarun. I just want to just for two minutes, I just want to go back to a story I told you a couple of weeks ago.

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And our story was off. Moose on a slab swamp, if you remember when he gave water to the two girls, the Chevrolet salt slab

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and he gave the water to this girl's and it's an it gives water to the livestock and then he goes back. And last month Allah says moto la la ville. Then he returns to the sheet.

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He returns to the sheet because it's hot and he's helping the two girls go they have no menfolk around them. And then he makes it duar to Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, call or be in neelima and zalta Elysia mean haven for peace. After helping these girls, he sits under the shade and he says, Allah, I am in great need of some good from you.

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And last $1 the next verse is that the one of those two girls came to him and they said, my father wants to see you, He gives him a job. It gives them a wife, and he becomes a Nabhi later on.

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See, you see the two stories here. The two cousins Moosa and Absalom, who started were in the house of your own,

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he could have lived his luxury, but he left the house of fell out for what he believed to be the truth. And then he helped people when he had nothing, nothing at all, he helped those two girls. And Allah Subhana Allah David when he had nothing God, Allah gave him Baraka. And conversely you had his cousin, who Allah says that so much wealth, that he who needed a handful of men to carry just the keys

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and Allah destroyed him by the earth swallowing it up.

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And Allah made one and nobody

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and Allah made the other one at Garfield, a disbeliever, whose death will be a Brenda lesson for us for a tie of eternity.

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