Haifaa Younis – Builders of a Nation #11 Hind Umm Salamah (ra) Part II

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman named Sarah Shanae who shaved her head and used shaved hair to cover her nose. She later recounts a similar story where she asked a woman who was a Christian to help her the woman later found out that she had been born Christian, and she had been born in the time before the time of the Egyptian invasion.
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Welcome back to the continuation of the story. Don't say a word. You take your Iran, you shave your head and see what they will do. They will all follow you. And guess what happened? Exactly what she said. He went out, didn't say a word to the Companions, took off his Rahmani Surah to Sarah shaved his head and he saw to a sedan, and all of them followed him. And the whole issue of the Sahaba the Companions not obeying of a Swanee aside to a sinner was completely resolved. By the advice of a Muslim woman. She was one of the first woman to migrate to Medina. And she was one of the first woman to migrate to a senior. So she migrated twice. One of the uniqueness about she was beautiful,

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but her beauty did not define her, like the other wives of Roswaal is

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what defined her is her wisdom. And what defined her is her knowledge. She was as I said, second to see the Aisha back to building a nation. Beauty is beautiful, but not necessarily will build a nation. Wisdom will build a nation if I use it. And if I know I have it, strength and courage needed, but I need to know I have it. Then I use it for my goals. Not only Hadith she narrated but her intelligence led to three verses of the Quran was revealed because of her question. She asked her Swati salatu Sera, a question that many raised these days about Islam. The Quran talks in the masculine praises what she came and asked her and she said, The RS Wallah, the men took all the

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rewards, the men goes out for jihad.

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And we don't do that. She asked him and said, why men are mentioned in the Quran and we are not mentioned

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and Allah revealed the verse.

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So this is in surah to Allah and Surah Tula hisab in Al Muslimeen. While mostly Matt while more me Nina one more minute, while only Tina, while Connie tat or saw the thing or saw the art, or saw Barina or sabe or art, or how Shana or Harshad well moto saw drifting while moto saw Decart or saw Amina or saw EMAT What have you been a Florida homeowner happy a lot was that Corinne Allah cathedra was that accurate? Are de la Hoolahan mafia 10 or a journal Lima.

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This is one of the unique verses in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala mentioned characters and said, the man and the woman, worldly the believing men and woman, the Muslim men and woman they're believing men and woman.

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The truthful men and woman,

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the patient, men and woman,

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though those who have who assure all and submission to Allah in Salah men and women, truthful men and woman, fasting men and women, chaste men and woman. Those who remember Allah plenty men and woman had the law hula Allah have prepared for them. Malfitano agile and Alima forgiveness and great reward both the same in another verse in Surah Tannehill the BS, Miami Lasallian mean that Corinne Anta whomsoever does a good deed, a man or a woman, felon nahi and now higher Tompa Yuba, he or she will live beautiful, pure life. All in a gn gnomad rhombi Asante McCann Yamanouchi and we will reward them way better than what they were doing. And this is unique man and a woman by her

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question. It's not about feminism is not about she's just questioned, why we are not mentioned and Allah subhanaw taala listen to her, heard her and send verses in the Quran that's been read up till this day and age. What a woman she was one of the Hadith she narrated and only cinema and then maybe alayhi salatu salam can lead us Allah so Allah

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Allahumma me so Luca, amen. Nafisa or is a Yuba. wahama la Mata ko Bella.

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She narrated this hadith that's very good for us these days to practice. Because what do we want? We want knowledge. We want to know, we want to live a good life. We want a good income. And she said that's it.

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One of the Hadees she narrated more than 300 Hadees This is one of them who said are also Alia salatu Sinha, when he prayed for the morning Salah, the morning prayer after it. He used to say Oh Allah, I asked you Illman Nafeesa beneficial knowledge, what is completely Cuba and a pure sustenance waha Mala Mata Cabella and a deed that you will accept or ease to us for the narration of Omar Saddam. She died in the time later on, actually she was the last wife of a Swati salatu salam to die the time of his Egypt no matter how we say it now will Hurayrah prayed Janaza on her and she was buried in an Boqueria in Medina. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us all the wisdom that she had

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the courage that she had, the truthfulness she had with herself, and with the Roswaal he saw it was

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