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Hey you're a little slower

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three euros

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three years

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three years

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all walk on boom

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in Al Hamdulillah number two who want to stay in Havana stuck futile when ooo bIllahi min Shah Laurie unforseen our men say, Medina Mayor de la HuFa la medulla Hua Mei you admit for la ha the Ala Wai shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa sallahu wa shed Iike who eyeshadow Anna Mohammed and Abdullah pseudo wasafi Human filthy

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Bella rissalah did a man also had OMA Tanaka whom Allah Mahajan de la la lucha Khanna Heidi Ha, lazy La Ilaha salaatu wa salaam Wadi

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rebel rebelled Allah your call Allah azza wa jal Vicki Tabby he'll carry him by the rules bIllahi min ash shaytaan Allah Jamia, you are lazy and I'm gonna topple Allah Hatha Takata Allah Templeton a law unto Muslim Moon waka Allah Tala Yeah, yeah, you had NASA tech or a Baku Mala the Halacha come in FCM Wahida wahala caminhadas o Jaha Wabbits them in Houma Regina and concealed on when he says but duckula lady to Luna be here with our ham in Allah God it come rocky abba, abba to Allah you hola de and I'm gonna tap Hola Hola, Pulu COVID And Sadie that used to come. La

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mejor de la hora Sudha who forgot the Pfizer foes on oedema and my bad.

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Appraisers due to Allah we seek His guidance that we seek his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves, and the whisper of our desires. Verily whom Allah guides no one can misguide and whom he allows to be misled. No one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone, having no partners, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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is a slave in his worshiper.

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Allah Subhan Allah to Allah in the Quran, tells us the story of the prophets. And Allah says Wakulla NaHCO. So are they coming, I'm better also demand and third bids be for other Allah says, and we relate to you the stories of the prophets from before, through which your heart is granted results.

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And that is part of the benefit of studying history. Is that through it, you see the patterns that ALLAH SubhanA Medina has placed the Sunnah of Allah. And I am aware that we are in Black History Month. And it is a month in which we are to study where we are to study the history of millions of Africans that were brought from West Africa to the United States, as slaves and as you know, estimates of 15% to 20%. To even higher than that of them were Muslim. And so the story of Islam in America is not one that is peripheral Islam story in the United States, goes way beyond even before the founding of this country or the establishment of this country. But that's not my topic for

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today, but just the importance of history. Allah subhanaw taala some of the scholars mentioned that a third of the Quran is stories. A third of the Quran is stories, stories of the prophets, but not just Stories of the Prophets. Allah also mentions the stories of the wicked. Allah says, What is the steadiness of Eid and Majidi mean, we have made clear for you the path of the wrongdoers so that you can recognize the path of the wrong

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outdoors and Allah Subhana Allah highnesses will Katha Anika Jana Nikoline Ibn, I do one minute Majidi mean, Allah says, and we have made for every prophet enemies, from the criminals from the wicked. And so as you study the righteous so that you can embody them, you also study the wicked so that you can learn their tactics, learn the path of the criminals. And so today briefly, Inshallah, I'm going to look at one of those, in fact, one of the most wicked that I've ever walked the face of the earth, and that is the pharaoh of Musa, the pharaoh of Musa this round of Musa and he is the villain in the Quran that has mentioned the most by name, there is no villain that has mentioned

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more than the pharaoh of Musa

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ALLAH SubhanA. Allah says in the Quran, Allah fill out that Pharaoh was hot in the land where Jaya Allah she had and he made its people, he divided its people.

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You're still doing Fatah effort I mean home user because not only is that he and he said only no kind of minimal sedation that he used to your stuff that if we used to marginalize a group of them, and this is a tactic of old, the divide and conquer the marginalization of a group. And then Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, You that be who have now whom used to slaughter their children. He used to slaughter their sons and he used to let their women live in the Hokkaido minimum city, and he was of those who did incredibly wrong. He was of those who spread incredible corruption. Now, what were some of the attributes of this man? The first, undoubtedly is his arrogance. Allah Subhana Allah

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says Allah fill up and this is very important because

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one of the things that impedes being able to recognize the signs of God is arrogance. When you see that this Pharaoh is going to be given that he is going to see signs from Musa and that Moses is going to present signs to him, whether it's the staff that turns into a serpent or whether it's his hand that glows or is bright white, or whether it's the signs that were sent to the people of Egypt, throne is not going to recognize any of those signs because Allah Subhana Allah Allah he says,

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So asking for an ITIN Latina to carbona Fill out the belated help in yellow color it Lightman Obeah, Allah says, I will turn away from my signs those who are arrogant upon the earth without right and if they should see every side they will not believe in it. They will not believe in it. If they were to see the sun and the moon brought to them if they were to see every sign that they claim they still wouldn't believe it. They heart has arrogance. And that is why one of our most constant slogans that we say in the salon before we recite the prayer before we recite the Signs of God, is we say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. It's the slogan of the prayer and of the reasons

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and Allah knows best why that is, the slogan of the prayer is because you are diminishing that ego that you have, you are killing that ego that you have, I am not kidding it. Allah is the Greatest. So now when I'm reciting the verses, the Signs of God in my salah, I'm able to benefit from them. I am not one of those who are diverted away from the Signs of God. And in fact, when you recite in Surah Fatiha, the chapter that we recite in every unit of every prayer, one of those verses is EOC. And I will do what I can to say you alone do we worship and You alone, we seek for help, as you like it's not given to me and he says that this verse resolves to debilitating diseases of the heart. The

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first is er, can I put you alone do the worship and not resolves, it heals the spiritual disease of showing off for others making your audience other than Allah, it Yeah.

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I am saying you are the one that I worship through my worship, I am not seeking anybody else's reward. I'm not seeking anybody else's attention. I'm not seeking anybody else's audience. It is you that I am worshipping through this prayer of mine IAQ gonna stay in what you're gonna stay and you alone do we seek for help. And he says this cures the disease of

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The greatest tycoon and the wealthiest man in the world, the most powerful individuals on Earth, they still have to stand in front of God and say, I need your help. That person who will not say that they need the help of anybody.

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They reject the help of anybody, they would claim that they build themselves by themselves, don't give credit to anybody. They still have to stand in front of Allah subhanho data and say,

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I need your help. You are the one that I seek help from. And so if Iran has this arrogance that impedes the Signs of God being able to be visiting visit visible to him.

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In fact, his arrogance was of such a unique nature, that he claims not only to be divine, but he claims to be God. He claims to be God. He said another book on when I said I am your lord the Most High and he said about Egypt as if it is his personal

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Session he says he said he will miss, he says does not eat at all belong to me. Why the unhealed and these rivers flow underneath my feet? Doesn't this all belong to me? So we see the arrogance, we see the oppression as well as our own. And we see his if sad, if sad, this corruption that he has. And this transgression is that he would not just do what criminals do.

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But he does it in a way that criminals themselves would not do. He transgressors all bounce. People, criminals have always murdered but even criminals, even murderers might have limits. And they'll say no, I don't kill children.

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One thing to kill adults, it's another thing to kill the helpless. It's another thing to kill those

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who are literal symbols of innocence children. And yet we find that forfeit around all of that was fair game. And so you know, the story of the Prophet peace be upon him while he was traveling on the Knights journey, which should have come out we'll be speaking about tonight on Friday Night Lights, but the Prophet saw the light and sent him smelled a scent. And he asked the angel Gabriel and he said to him, What is the scent? He said, This is the hairdresser of fell out.

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This is the scent that you're smelling.

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Well, what's her story? The hairdresser of Pharaoh. She was hairdressing. She was the hairdresser of the daughter of Pharaoh.

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And when her comb fell, she said Bismillah in the Name of Allah, and the girl said, my dad.

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And he said, No, Allah is your Lord and the Lord have your father too. I know that Pharaohs claiming to be God, that's not true. Allah's so she said, I'm gonna go and tell my dad, if you're saying that.

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She said yes.

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And so when that happened, Pharaoh had this lady Summit.

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And he had a vessel brought. And it was filled with a bird with a boiling liquid.

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He does not allow for anybody to believe in other than him, no matter their personal relationship, even his wife asiyah You know, the most wicked criminals, they'll give their families a green light, their children will be able to talk back to them, their their spouses will be able to get away with doing things because of the love that they have. But we know that for our own killed his wife, hacia. We know that for our own this lady who's the hairdresser of his daughter, she's brought forth and one after one their children, her children are thrown in that cauldron. And they boiled to death.

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Until finally, the nursing infant that is in front of her that she's carrying is summoned.

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And she begins to hesitate.

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And the child says to her be patient mother.

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And she is killed as well.

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For her ferroan was one of the most seedy

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he was an evil, evil tyrant. And we see some of that when you read the Quran and you're just trying to understand his psychology or his personality, you see that there are a number of tactics that he used,

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of the tactics that he used

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is distortion of the truth. That's one of the ways that he held on to power. He says

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when Musa alayhis salam and Harun come, they said, to have a cola in our rasool Allah big fat cinema and El

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Cajon, aka big Mirrabooka was salam ala Manitoba, alHuda Musa and heroines mission is very, very clear. They are coming to Free the Children of Israel from Egypt. And that is what they are commanded to say. And what does Frauen say when he receives that clear message of We just want our people to leave Egypt, we just want to leave. We're not trying to overthrow your government. We're not trying to replace your people. What this what I would say is as far as getting it to origin, I mean, are they gonna be Sirika Musa?

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He says a and he flips it completely to be. He says,

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stop committing genocide against my people. They say you're trying to commit a genocide against us. That's what the round says. He says, Have you come to expel us from our land with your magic Oh Musa.

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Complete distortion of the truth and the word spreads? The word spreads. So in sort of Baja Allah subhanaw taala says in Hodeida Anissa Hey, Don UT, Donna, you can you joke with me? I was looking at my wife. How about betrayal, betrayal. Crytek. Woman muffler that these are two magicians.

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They have come to expel you from your land and to do away with your way of life.

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And this is a tactic that has been used again and again and again. And we've seen it be used against our community here domestically and

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against Muslim Muslim communities abroad. The distortion of the message of the tactics that Iran uses is a very vile tactic. He says to Musa LM no Rebecca fina, well either. Well, at least the field I mean nobody Cassini well, for AlFalah, tikka Latifah Alto and terminal cafe. He says to Musa didn't we raise you in our house? Moses was raised in the palace of Iran.

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He was unique in that regard. So it didn't we raised you in our house. And you lived amongst us for many years. We've identified that the can lead the fight and you did that thing that you did, talking about killing the Coptic man by accident. And you are from the ungrateful. You're ungrateful to us. We raised you, we took care of you. And here you are

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responding to that favor with your ingratitude.

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mousse is that I'm responds with a number of things. But powerfully he says, What telekinetic Mattoon terminal Hylia and abdomen? Yes. Why? He says this is a favor, that you're counting to me that you enslave the children of Israel.

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Okay, so you raised me in your palace.

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Who caused me

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that fear in the first place, who caused my mother that fear where she placed a baby in a basket in a river?

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That was YouTube, who slaughtered my people to the point that I had to end up a refugee in your house being raised.

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And so what Musa alayhis salam is describing is describing something that is spoken on the tongue, or in the heart, even if it's not spoken on the tongue of every person who grows up in privilege.

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Every person who goes to the greatest of schools, every person who strikes off leaves that a developing nation and comes to a developed nation, but doesn't forget

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the destruction doesn't reject the poverty doesn't forget the difficulty doesn't forget the obstacles that were placed on the people around them.

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Who put me in this position in the first place most it is that I'm says

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah also mentioned the last thing that I mentioned Inshallah, to Allah.

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But by the way, before I forget, federal owned by casting these things,

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in a conversation that he has with Musa alayhis, salam,

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Musa alayhis salam continues to call him to the worship of Allah and he doesn't get distracted.

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He said, Sahaba, Camilla, the Ursula la comida. versionone says, The one who was sent to you is is much noon.

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For all he says, Well, I'm out of wood. I mean, what is the Lord of the Worlds? He says, The Lord of the heavens and the earth? Well, I've been oh my god to Mark McKinnon, calling him and how the who asked me for answers do you not hear when you're on can't respond to the argument of Musa he looks around, he says, You hear what he's saying. And then he says, Call on a book. And

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he says, your Lord and the Lord of your father's from before, and he says call the inner Rasulo formula, you know, and so he's again trying to distract again, he's trying to divert, he's saying, the message that I was sent to you is crazy. He's, he's accusing him of insanity now. And then he says, got it. He says, color of blue machinery went above, maybe you might, but you don't mind going to tap the rune.

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He says, The Lord of the east and the west and what is between them if you have knowledge, and then further on, he then resorts after he resorted to distraction after he resorted to character assassination. Then he says Carlisle in the LA area, like a minimum student, he says, if you take a god other than me, I will make you of those who are imprisoned.

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And this distraction that Musa does not respond to this distraction is a very powerful tool that is constantly used against us. I want to read for you this quote by Toni Morrison, she says, the function the very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining over and over and over again, your reason for being somebody says you have no language. And so you spent 20 years proving that you do. Somebody says your head isn't shaped properly. So you have scientists working on the fact that it is somebody says you have no art. So you dredge that up, somebody says you have no kingdom. So you dredge that up, none of this is

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necessary, there will always be one more thing. And when we look at our community over the past 20 years, so much has been thrown our way in the language of Islamophobia. All of our resources being used to combat Islamophobia diverts us away from teaching people what Islam is in the first place, proving what we are not and all of that is is not necessary. All of that is not necessary. Islam does not need to be proven. Islam does not need to be shown to be defended in that way. Islam needs to be shown and Islam needs to be presented. But that is the function of racism is that it continues to distract you and distract you and distract you and there always be another thing. According my

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semester Mustafa Allah they will look for stuff

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while it might be sitting Sympathia la la manera Luca general Makara Bella McCollum Rahman when the becoming a neuroma, Cora Bella Hamid calling Mohamed Aloma sort of fun and also laughing among Kobina if you call him aka Alohomora hamaca big enough you should stay in the Sudan or famous Rafi. Kashmir with a scene was set up in either Muslimeen Allahumma Kula Houma Aina new McAllen Marina coulomb Nasir Daniel McCullough nasolabial America Mala band Isabella, Rob Durham, Omar Kamara Baroness Avira. Salalah had acid in them hematoma la sala Johanna