Mufti Menk – Role of the Masjid and Community

Mufti Menk
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla. He will hamdulillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy he may we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions May Allah bless every one of them and every one of us, I mean Alhamdulillah beautiful house belonging to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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I'm always always inspired by the presence of the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. However, the role of the masjid is misunderstood by many of us in societies and communities of the Muslim mean across the globe.

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I've seen people use the masjid and I've seen people abused the machine. And I've seen people not understand the plan

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of Allah subhanho wa Taala when

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he calls it his own house, it is his house. So in the next few minutes, I'd like to attempt to explain some of the benefits of the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Firstly,

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we must realize that it's not just for Salah

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It is not just to come and pray. I've come five times a day and that's it.

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A Masjid should be a place that your heart is connected to you meet your brothers. In the case of the sisters you would meet, we travel across the globe. And we see in the first world countries, there is no place in the home or in the house of an individual to be able to invite others and where there is many people do not want to invite others because they feel distant. So there is a house of Allah subhanho wa Taala wherein if you were to visit it regularly, you would meet brothers and sisters solely for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala you get to know your community, you get to know one another. You get to grow together, you get to discuss your problems and issues you get to

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help solve and resolve you get to know how you can reach out to other communities who may be struggling and suffering. Even if they were not Muslim. You get to learn so much from one another, you get to let your children grow up knowing their identity because you have attended so regularly and you did not do so as a chore but rather as an honor and a pleasure. If I were close to you, you would see me in your house on a regular basis and vice versa. So if anyone is found regular basis in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala it shows the relationship they have with Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers, my sisters make it your business to go into the houses of Allah on a regular

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basis, considering it an honor, and a pleasure alone will save you and your offspring from much in terms of negativity and calamity. This is why the Hadith of the seven who shall be granted a special shade on the Day of Judgment. One includes or Julian culpa, whom Allah can be massaging, a man whose heart is connected to the masjid a person whose heart is connected to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala, you're concerned about the next prayer, if you are alone will save you from singing between the two prayers, because you're worried your concern is about getting back to the house of Allah. When I finished my answer, I'm concerned about my grip and where I will go, I met a very wealthy

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person, some time back. And I was so impressed by the fact that I got to know and learn that he doesn't miss an alarm in the machine.

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For years.

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What does that mean?

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He has on his phone and must be located. Wherever he is going, no matter what he is doing. He makes sure that before the time of the Salah is going to enter, he plans that he will already be inside the masjid and then the oven will start. Why should I wait for the caller to call before I go when I know that that's my time. Let me go Okay, that's on another level. We're not being asked to do that. But we are being asked at least come to the house of Allah meet the people. And when you come to the house of Allah to meet the people, it's not because it becomes a meeting place only and solely to serve your dunya and your material thoughts and needs and once etc. So when you come I say that

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uncle owns a hardware, I'm going to see him at lower. I'm going to talk to him and I'm going to make sure I get a discount because you know what, I need a few things.

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So your intention for coming to the house of Allah is to meet an uncle in order to get a discount in order to be able to purchase something. What have you done? You will meet him salaam aleikum, Uncle You know, I'm going to be coming to your business can you please give me a discount, you might not see that uncle again in the masjid because he's irritated at what? The fact that every time I go to the house of Allah, people are looking at me and greeting me only because they want a discount. I've given you one example. The same applies to a doctor, a lawyer and accountant, anybody else. Let them come to the house of Allah. And your duty towards them is to greet to smile, to make them feel

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comfortable, to encourage them to be able to say a few good words to inspire if not inspired, then at least remain silent. But you've said a good deal and you walk away you are brothers with a smile Subhanallah what happens I look forward to the next Salah because I meet the brothers we sitting together we share water we break our fast together what else happens Mashallah, you know, we talk good things about each other, we try and look positively we've created a little kitty in order to be able to help people in need etc. And no one looks at how much we put in but the idea is to be able to reach out and help now you are fulfilling a little bit of the role of the masjid Similarly, there

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needs to be activities in and around the masjid that are

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magnetizing to the youth such that when they come they feel like they would love to be in the house of Allah. I recall visiting a Masjid in one of the first world countries and it had free Wi Fi and I saw about 2530 children all over the mosquito on their phones.

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And I said initially I didn't know it was Wi Fi I said oh these people are sitting on their phones they must be reading Quran Mashallah, you know, you're supposed to have good thoughts and it was perhaps, they said no, we have free Wi Fi so that the kids come in, in my mind, I cannot encourage you to discourage that. But it is tailor made to the needs of the society. I'd rather they come to a Masjid to get something done than to go to a club and a pub and wherever else to get the same thing done.

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Mashallah, Chef, I'm not suggesting that you put up Wi Fi here. But if you did some kind of law, the masjid will be packed. It will.

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It's already Subhan Allah within the works. May Allah make it easy for us. So and then when people come in, for example, I visited Australia, and I noticed some of the composite centers, not just a Masjid, but you have a sports place, you have a gym, you have a food place you have, you know, an educational place you have so many classrooms, you have secular studies, everything put together as a composite center, what would happen, you would be fulfilling the needs of the people not just going to tell them come to the masjid. And then you're not cared or bothered about their needs. I normally tell people, when you talk to someone, you will be most effective if that person feels you

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are genuine and sensitive to their needs. So rather than going to a machine and going around and calling people Hey, come, come, come come we'd like to talk to you. The people are working hard because they cannot they cannot afford to put a plate of food in front of their family members on a daily basis. You tell them listen to me.

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We're going to do something for you. We're going to come here we're going to try and empower as many people as we can before you even spoken to them about religion. So you try and empower you try and educate you show that you care for their children, you show that you try to help them, educate them, etc. The day you come, I promise you without even inviting people, they will hear that you're going to come and the machine will be full why this person case for us, these people, they really care for us. We are really part of one family, I'm going to go I'm going to make sure I'm a part of this. So panela make them feel wanted, let them participate in a way, you know back at home in Zimbabwe,

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Mashallah, over the years, we've built quite a lot of massage and our policy is the community must participate in building because they will feel that I was my father took part in building this mosque I'm going to be there. To this day we have people who attend machines that are far away from their houses because of the sentimental value they have within them. While my father was a part of this year in Cape Town I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. You might be living somewhere in Constantia, but for juwan you go all the way to a Masjid that your dad or your grandfather was involved in because for you, it's a matter of pride. Mashallah, you know what? It's not wrong. It's

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not wrong. If

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your intention is to uphold the spirit of service to the deen, my dad did this. So I'm going to keep on contributing. I tell you why. If you stop the contribution, your kids are going to say, you know, my father used to go all the way there, but he did nothing for the machine.

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You are still a generation that may have understood the sacrifice of your father or grandfather, your generations to come may not understand because all you did was attend. Did you actively participate? Did you go into there with a mission? Did you explain to your children listen, we need to contribute. And it's not necessarily only that machine now. There'll be another machine. There'll be a third

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under false Subhan Allah, these massage it will be across the globe. A Masjid is a composite center. It's supposed to be a place where we discuss our issues, our problems, we discuss how we can uplift one another. And we come up with practical solutions. If you don't see a brother, or you don't see, for example, in the case

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of the sisters, you don't see a sister.

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You may want to ask sister, you didn't attend the lesson today. That's very unlikely. Are you okay? Is everything fine? And the sister says, You know what? I was not well, I've had a bug, and I was suffering all night I couldn't attend. So you know what to do, create a group of two or three sisters and go and visit that sister and go and pray for her at her home. I promise you that is when you will be able to uplift society and the community. And don't go to say, right, we're coming for tea, we're gonna be having snacks. She's you as it is. You're not going for tea and snacks. If you really want take something with you take a cake, take something else said you know what we are

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sitting here, we brought you a cake, we're going to sit and eat with you so panela rather than burden them with something. So let's think about it. We are losing very quickly, our values, we are losing very quickly, our morals, the generations are actually changing more rapidly than we had thought. And we've got to come up with solutions. And the machine is indeed the ultimate solution if only we used it and did not abuse it.

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When I say abuse, you know what I'm talking about. A person who really only thinks that a Masjid is for five Salah, and that's it. That is abuse, why You've insulted Allah. That's not the only purpose of a machine. And I'm not wrong with what I said. You need to participate in activities that happen. You need to encourage the scholars in your midst to have lessons that will teach me the word of Allah and you need to make sure you attend. You don't just say Oh, Mashallah, you know what I went for Salah, the Imam read very well, you never understood the word he said. And the Imam immediately after that said we're opening the Quran explaining to you what Allah said. And you know what, 99% of

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the people walked away, the only guy sitting was the guy who had the keys of the door.

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If that's the case, you're abusing the house of Allah.

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You should feel relaxed and calm. And may Allah bless those who've made this possible. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant their more homey in general for those May Allah build for them house in general and the same for everyone else who's done for all other masajid across the globe.

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Generally we are taught that when you put up a house of Allah, it should be slightly better in terms of quality in terms of comfort than the homes that are in the area. Reason being when someone comes into the house of Allah, they should not feel like going away in a rush. When you go to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Mashallah, there is a fan I'm talking of the places that are hot we are lucky in these countries the weather is really beautiful, Mashallah. But there is a fan, there's beautiful carpet, there's lovely, you know, the ambience, the feeling, the surroundings, the people, etc. You feel so good. You don't even want to go home. But I tell you if your house is absolutely

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comfortable, and all the houses are so comfortable around and the machine is the only place that's dilapidated old you know, you go there and there's no even there is no proper facility. What will happen?

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The people who are supposed to be looking after that Masjid have abused it. House of Allah Come on, do something about it. Another very interesting point, my brothers my sisters, do not wait for people to come to you to collect for the house of Allah. You should work an average of $1 or let's say in South Africa we can give you a bigger discount one Rand per Salah that's your average per person.

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Did you hear what I just said?

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One grand per Salah you should work it out in your mind and say right my donation to this Masjid is going to be one rent per Salah I fulfilled in it.

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Obviously this is not a hadith nor is it a Quranic verse you know it's a suggestion you don't wait for people to come and beg you know we we running No one's here to pay the electricity No one's here there whatever and so on the big masajid we attend Come on, you're a wealthy man. You can pay 10 grands for every Salah there was a carpet you use there was water you use you your facility was there you put your shoes out there you walked in the electricity you use you came in and you walk out without even having contributed to that question. Are you not ashamed of yourself?

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How did you contribute to that house of alarm?

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So if you work out five minutes a day, 10 days, 15 minutes, big amount, Mashallah. You see, we can give you a discount, you can give yourself a discount or ran the date. So, if there are 500 Mussolini's and you're getting 365 brands from each one, I promise you that machine will be five star

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Not only free Wi Fi they will have absolutely the latest in terms of air conditioning units and sound systems and security systems and whatever else you've had a love your wife wants to know where you are she can see from her iPhone just because there's the the latest technology war Yeah, he's sitting in the philosophies not telling me a lie.

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By the way that technology does exist, I was shocked to find it in some places. Mashallah.

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So what happens you contribute to the house of Allah. I don't want to mention other religions. But the point I want to raise is go and check their donations. Will Lahaina give 10% of their salaries, salaries, with pride with happiness with joy, and they give it and with us we being asked for in fact, we're not really being asked for much actually. And we still don't people come and ask you know, brother, will you give to the masjid because you know, Mashallah said no, no, I gave all my donations gone, everything is done. Gone. So panela house of Allah, not your house, not my house, not a party, not a nightclub, not a holiday to Honolulu? And why? But to the house of Allah, what's

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your answer? Be careful, be careful. Be careful, because only those who have a heart shall Allah put within the heart to give to his cause. If your money is not worth coming into the house of Allah, you will never be convinced to give thinking, I'm not going to give and I will fix these people up not realizing that you know what, Allah doesn't want your money. He's going to let the work happen without your money.

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And this is why whenever I hear people saying this man doesn't want to donate to the machine. I say thank Allah. What do you mean thank Allah, thank Allah.

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Allah will only use the money of those whom he loves in his house, that's all. So if he doesn't give, it's a sign that Allah does not want his money here.

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Are you following what I'm saying?

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Dini Illa, who knew me?

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Well, law he, the dean has a God has Allah who will look after it, not you. It's an honor for you to be used to serve Allah. He doesn't need you. He will use anyone else. People who did not expect they will be there giving their time, their wealth, their energy, their effort, and they will do it as an honor.

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Remember the story of the Kaaba, when abraha had come to attack the Kaaba.

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And he had met

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the grandfather of Rasulullah saw Salaam

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as one of the narrations, and they had taken away the camels of this man, and they were coming with the elephant to attack the Kaaba. And this man kept saying, Give me my camels back. And this man says to him, you want your camels back? What's more important is the fact that we have come today to destroy the Kaaba. Do you know what was the response? And that is a very befitting response. He says, look, the carrabba has a lord who will take care of him, but the camels are mine. So hon Allah Subhana Allah. The reason why I'm not worried about the Kaaba is Allah will look after his house. I'm not worried. I am worried about my camels because you know what, I need them back. Subhana

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Allah, whenever I read this, whenever I hear of it, I'm so inspired to do good because if I'm not in that good, I feel like I'm left out because maybe I did something wrong. Maybe I'm sinful. Maybe I committed something that Allah doesn't want me anymore to do the good work. As soon as I was told this machine, I delayed my return to go home. And I said, I'll go on Monday rather on Sunday rather than on Sunday.

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Because I felt within me that if I'm not going to be there, perhaps Allah doesn't want me there. So panela I'll make an effort to be there

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to help us May Allah help all of us and the same applies Mashallah I see lovely children of ours here seated in such an orderly fashion. I'm sure there's a lot of goodness that is happening. Please continue the good work. please learn when you want to become a habit. There is going to be shaped man coming to you trying to make you give up, never give up. Continue. Go ahead. Please keep trying. Keep motivating yourself. Talk to like minded people and just go ahead few years later, you will see the fruit of what you had dedicated yourself towards for the sake of Allah.

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If you jump off the train, the train will carry on without you. I remember an institution, there was a man who said I'm not going to give him

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and he was a huge donor.

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Guess what happened.

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The place progressed. And the work increased in the way that people could not imagine. But that man was off the train Subhanallah so the loss was worth the work of Allah shall continue my brothers, my sisters with you.

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All. Without you, it will continue. So it should be your business to ask yourself, Am I going to remain on the train or walk on and you will have misunderstanding? Sometimes you will have things that may be negative, you may have issues because it's normal. These are the tests of Allah to test you. Will you remain in here but what are you doing it for me, you're doing it for name and fame and game.

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You are doing it for me, you will remain, you will enjoy you will try to resolve your matters or you might want to at times because you shifted area because there was a misunderstanding that you could not resolve. You might want to shift but your work continues for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala perhaps at a different house of Allah, it's still the house of Allah. Not that we want to attack a place we went to. But perhaps we might not be able to work there anymore because of circumstances. It has happened. We are human, we need to be realistic. But my work still continued. I'm not going to attack my old workplace or my old area or a Masjid perhaps that I had a misunderstanding in that

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was irresolvable May Allah forgive us and make us resolve all our matters. I'm not going to attack because I don't want to harm myself by saying something about the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala negatively, but I'm going to increase my work perhaps elsewhere, well out of the law, he was Yeah, you know, the art of Allah, the land and the earth is very broad.

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So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us. Now, I'm sure you understand what I meant when I said some people use the machine and some people abused the machine. Let us make sure that we come let us make sure we are dressed very well. When we come to the house of Allah, let us make sure we are smelling very good as best as possible there is make sure we smile because if you create a feeling within the machine of goodness, and welcome, trust me, Allah will welcome you into general windows.

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When people come into the machine, if you are a person who hinders harms, you know, looks at them with a dirty face, etc. And if they go away as a result of your misbehavior and your your bad character, then you have a lot to answer.

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Don't do that. Welcome people.

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smile at them. You don't have to let the little differences you have become, you know, the point to be discussed in the house of Allah.

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May Allah strengthen us, Allah grant us goodness, my brothers, my sisters, I've spoken for more than 20 minutes.

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And I really feel very, very honored and blessed to be here at the opening of this beautiful Masjid in Khayelitsha, here in Cape Town, South Africa. May Allah bless all those who have made this possible. And all those who shall attend and all those who have attended today, and all those who will contribute positively towards it in whatever way all those who shall make up for it and May Allah make us a vehicle of encouraging people to do good, even if we don't have a capacity financially to do the same. But trust me if you encourage the Hadith says $1 80 caffarelli. Or it is a rule of the of the Sharia. Whenever you show people towards goodness, you get a full reward of all

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those who've done that goodness as a result of your encouragement. So just a common law saying and I really appreciate what the whole ama have said before me and what has been done and what shall be done in sha Allah. May Allah bless those who have put this machine up May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless my brothers and sisters, we are in deep part of one family and we should be loving one another for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala we should be caring for one another in the true sense. And we should live in up these houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala like I said, and I'll end on this note,

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in a lot of first world countries, besides the masjid, they have no clean place to actually gather as a Muslim community. So therefore, we need to consider ourselves so fortunate, so fortunate that Allah subhanho wa Taala has bestowed upon us an environment whereby Subhana Allah, we come to the masjid and we have so many other places that will be in and around inshallah, so that the bond we've developed within the masjid can actually extend even beyond the machine. So many people have met potential spouses for their children in the house of Allah What better place you know, you hear from a person Where did you meet your wife? Hey, don't even ask me doesn't mean the nightclub, you know.

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That happens and it is happening. I'm not saying that marriage is doomed because you can ask Allah forgiveness and guidance Mashallah. But what more what more blessing the answer would there be to say you know what, it was in the masjid that my dad actually saw this guy and he said, Look, this a really, really good guy, etc. and vice versa. Sometimes your mum might have seen someone and they come and say, You know what, my son is a really good person I'd like to introduce to you it has happened. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us be concerned about the marriages of our children.

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jazak Allah, Allah Allah Allah sallallahu wasallam albaraka Allah

Lecture by Mufti Menk
Cape Town October 2017

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