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The speakers discuss the return of Islam to America, including a new book on missed missed person, the return of men to act, and the return of women to act. They emphasize the need for people to practice the holy Bible and not just be a scholar to convey the message. The importance of patient practices and following the truth is emphasized. The speaker also emphasizes the need for people to practice the principles of Islam, including knowing and practicing the holy Bible.

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asurion phocoena Anisa Medina, Mayor de la palma de la la comida de la de la Chateau La ilaha illAllah

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Muhammadan rasul

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Allah tala Hakata patiyala to magenta 11 to Muslim Oh, yeah, you have now set a horrible community.

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Allah kameena Xhosa seminoma dijeron que Romani ser katapola holiday, una de Waal or Hama in the LA Canada Cora Kiba

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choccolocco Colin de de de la cama cama come from a la hora de la casa falls and alvina mavado Venice aka Allah wa sallam howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mashallah Mata Mata to Hakuna Matata in beta for kalevi rotten banana Hakuna Matata

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inshallah we'll move on to the next chapter which is Babu de la salle de la halen was in a hidden

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this chapter is a continuation of the previous one. Mr. manoli says this chapter is going to be talking about a diameter and Delilah is indication or guiding people towards a good and inviting them also to houden to guidance, our Delilah and the evil consequence of inviting people to to the balada Alas, large essays, whatever in Arabic, Allah subhanaw taala says to do either Sabine or bakeable Hekmati. Waldo Emerson has the ability here and Allah subhanaw taala says, What are our Hollywood we have a taco. So these are the conditions by you know the number from the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala the first ayah he mentioned is the sale of Allah subhanaw taala what do you do in

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Arabic This is the last

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part of salted Hajj last March as he's wondering Arabic in naked Allah hidden mustard. So invites people to the way of Allah subhanaw taala to the guidance which is revealed by Allah hotel for humankind. So, this is what we have already mentioned, the best attitude and the best job that you can handle is to be among those people who invite others to the wave last Muhammad Allah, Allah tala woman XML code amendment, they are in a law what

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are called in any university, a law

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as an owner, there is nobody who will say something better than that, who is inviting people to the way of a loss of power to Allah. And also he practices which is inviting people to get it because adults will

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feel valuable. Because when he invites people with action, in most instances is far greater than inviting them with words. Look at the progress that allow some other in the future Papa davia when he told the believers to shave their head, none of them was willing to do it. They are not rejecting is as a means of disobedience. But

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they're just curious. The scholar said maybe something will come to the professor last summer, which will cause him to just let us move to Makkah they still have hope. Get it by then his wife told him just go and do it. Since he rejects. He says I'm afraid something bad is gonna happen to the oma. So the the oma Selma said, our team bajada do you want that? He says no. She said if you want them to do you just go and do it first. And then you see what will happen. So the province that Allah Hollywood cinema went out, and he called upon somebody to come and shave his head. And right after the person put the blade and start shaving the head of the province a lot Sullivan people start to

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rush into each other. And they shave that because after that, they already know that there will be no any cancellation of that what he called decision, the professor lohana you someone. So this is the thing, whenever you want people to do what you're doing is just to do what you're saying you should start practicing first, when they see you doing it, they will be motivated to do more so a lot smarter says man as an older man, there are a lot where I made a salad or color in the Netherlands. So he invites people to a lot. And also he practiced the righteous deed he says he he doesn't just invite but he also engaged himself in the practice in practicing that which is calling

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people to do limit Hakuna Matata for last month disease. Ghana is very evil, and it's illogical VHDL people do this but you were the first person to stay away from from it, what kind of message you're sending to them. So it says what Arabic called people upon Allah subhanaw taala and the truth in Nicaragua hidden was Turkey and your opponent the hola which is Mr. King, the straight path from Allah subhanho wa Taala. The second is as older as a mineral became a key material more effective.

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So the last one to invite you to call people to invite them

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The truth How are you supposed to invite people is supposed to do that with hekima? Hey Kumar contains two things.

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The first one is the wisdom itself and the second one is the knowledge. The hour with no knowledge, in most instances will bring nothing except tragedy and disasters. Get it so that's why it is drunk for a person to call upon others without knowledge. And when we say knowledge here, we don't mean you have to be scholar shala Mufti, you have to be a merger. No, you call upon people to that which you know, even if it is one eye as the prophets that Allah Allah himself has been the one Allah convey from me even if it is one.

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Again, it's not necessarily that you understand everything. So you know how to pray. You must have the prayer from the right sources the way the prophets Allah Allah has ever pray, or do you do pray to the people show them how to pray? The prophets Allah someone when he was with Maliki and his friend and they decided to leave back home the prophets of Allah Allah who Silva said the Allah come to regional rejoice in it is it looks like you want to go back to your family. They visited the province a lot so my the last part of his life so the provinces have received from them that they want to go back home yet it's because they have been away from the family for quite long so they

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want to go back home. So the province a lot so I said it looks like you want to go back to your family. They said yes, Yasser Allah, the province allows him I said, no problem go to them, teach them what you have learned from me. Teach them become the last part of his life for few days, for sure, they learned a lot, but in comparison to that which the bars are some are taught the rest of the companions, they miss a lot. This is very little, and he told them go and teach them that which he learned from me. And then he says, well, Sal Lou, come out tomorrow Sally the other Salah Foley en de la cama hajikko. When you come across Khurana when the prayer comes lead, one of you make them

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and also the best one in terms of the Quran recitation, she'll be the man and also sanlucar item and he was personally pray as you have seen me pray, and they said, molecule or the Allahu he and his companion, they used to go to the masjid Allahu Akbar. Look at the what he call the courage and the interest also to convey the message to others who did not have the same opportunity to be with the prophets, Allah sama learn directly from him. So they went to Masjid after Masjid unit. What is the purpose? To teach people how they saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi sama praying. So what do they do? They go to a Muslim, they pray in the way the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I used to pray

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the way they saw him praying. And that's why if you are to see the Hadees which there's this little a Sarah is clearly mentioned, it's clearly mentioned with no, what do you call no doubt in it is the habit of Malik

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because he is to sit down. And I told him this is what he saw the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam doing. So as I said, you don't need to be a scholar to convey the message. You just need to be a scholar. Concerning the message you want to convey. You want to talk about the heat, you have to know what the heat means. You want to talk about Salah you have to know what Salah means, otherwise you will miss guide, you will know we'll talk about Hajj, you must know what Hajj is all about won't talk about Zika you must know what that guy is all about. And this is not my religion is not your religion. This is a last religion, you can convey the message in the way our last water doesn't

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want. That's why one of the most interesting and the most important titles written by us scholar is the book lm

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lm aka in whatever way you resize the world, it will be a very heavy word on the scholars and that you are what does that mean is like you are reminding those people who had an agreement where last time their signatures were there that they're going to convey the message in the way alas martela ones with no deficiency. So you're going to make them them. That author is reminding them about the heaviness of the responsibility and the job they're carrying and they will be questioned about a lot smarter. They want to be held accountable of conveying that message whether they do it properly or not.

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He can it oh you read it lm and Joaquin hon anime just talking about those people who are who sign an agreement with a lot smarter because actually the one who will do the job is a lot smarter. But this call is represent the creator to do the job on behalf of the prophets of Allah hotel. They have done their job fully in the world last martella once again, it's no prophet of Allah smart Allah who went without conveying the message. They did it at the best form of I mean

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you get it, all of them, those who are rejected and those who accepted, all of them succeeded in life. And I this place also I will use the opportunity to remind my brothers and sisters that they shouldn't be

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worried about how many people are listening to you, how many people are taking from you? How many people this is the era of how many? Listen, how many follow how many this and that? Don't you ever be deceived by them? They mentioned about some scholars when he comes out of the house to meet the students to teach them if he sees like 1015 he will go back home is too much.

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Nowadays, if it doesn't reach that huge amount, some some of us also not cup still limited right? Then she ever be deceived by that by how many people are following. always focus on that what you conveyed? Is it okay in the eyes of the law not that's why the best, the best treatment about the haqiqa of the support, you get it and supports to this religion as well. not affected have been led to understand the truth, which is based on its own evidence, and also to to firmly establish the truth in your life. I mean, to follow it constantly. Again, it's and to be patient upon that truth. Until you meet Allah subhanaw taala and also to call upon people. There is no mention about how many

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people are listening, how many people are not listening. No, it's all about you knowing the truth, you following the truth, you are patient upon the truth and you invite people to the truth, whether they accept or they don't accept, because no prophet ever failed his message. And at the same time also the province that Allahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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whenever he said right in Albion, I saw one of the prophets, only two people or three people accepted him. I was surprised to get it How come throughout his life, only

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three people listen. Are you going to say that he doesn't have wisdom? love Allah Allahu Alem hyphae Gallery saboteur. Allah knows where to place the message since Allah chose that person to go and deliver the message. That mean he's the best person to send the message to that people who get it. He's the best one who carries the best of wisdoms, but nobody listens

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to it.

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To get it, nobody listens. Did he succeed? Yes. 100%. He succeeded. The professor last summer said he went back to a last monitor with nobody followed him except three people. So I was surprised. What kind of people are they? What kind of people are they? None of them accepted them except three.

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But then I saw another one,

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only two. So that image was cancelled. The first one actually was okay. This one is lesser than I saw another one only one. Then to the surprise of hammer sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He Allah has shown him one of them. Nobody accepted him throughout his life.

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But who are they? Those were the prophets, the chosen ones by Alaska who are really dedicated. Look at the principles they followed in their life. They birthed the truth, they follow it, they practice it, and they were patient, get the patient upon it, and invite people to talk to the truth. That's what a believer should be upon you. Identify the truth, follow it. The patient invites people with what with wisdom,

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whether they accept or they don't accept. So wisdom is what is based on two things. The first one is knowledge. And the second one is the wisdom itself. Knowledge means you must be knowledgeable of that which you want to convey. If you don't know advise somebody who knows how to convey, but he didn't go because the idea is to convey the message. Not necessarily you, but the idea is what to convey the message.

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There are lots of organic sources. The second one is wisdom was the means to do things at the right time and to put everything at his own right place. That's wisdom as a heckler while they were a family

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to put things at the right place. And if you must get wisdom

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he didn't do down in the way we are doing nowadays.

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Get it? I met a person in the mud of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam who wants to tell somebody that is Sunnah of the prophet Allah someone for you to pray that the hidden Masjid when you enter the masjid,

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but by Allah the method he was using, to me this is exactly what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I was one in the oma to follow when he says yes sir.

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As you roll out in a field,

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he was like shouting at the person stand up and pray.

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house like what are you talking about? Stand up and pray. Yeah, he go to him, sit down with him. Tell him shake his hand. Where do you from? Where do you come from any routines and things that we do? Let him get familiar with you.

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You get it? Get let him get familiar with you first. Talk to him nicely and then tell him Okay, actually, I just have something to share with you don't even say tissue.

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I have something to share with you. I know you will remember that. I know you know that but you you might forgot. And I heard Heidi's from the province. A lot of some of the essays that had come on must be the fella jealous Hotez. And

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so I was just sitting down since he came smile while you are talking, don't you angry face?

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Do you get it? That's a coma. endow, right. That's Hickman down. A seminary to the story from one of our scholars a lot smarter preserving upon the truth is still alive. It says one of the student told him that he or she if I told one of the old man in the society that this is the son of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and he doesn't want to follow. He chased me away.

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So the shacks that I share is one of them hadn't been he says, He says, No, I told the student but I think the mistake is from you.

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It is based on the way you convey the message.

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He said the system was shocked. How can you say to somebody who invited a son now his rock says no, I'm not saying invitation to the cinema is wrong, but I am saying the method he is using is wrong.

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He said for example, if you want if you he's talking to the student himself, he said if you want to look for the hand of

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the daughter of that old man, how do you go?

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Now and he got

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a monkey there are some people who propose recently right? We can ask them to see how did they go and approach the family members? Did they go to them and send them will law him manage is one of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, either you applied the signal let me marry your daughter, or else

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do you do that? No. You think a lot? How to talk to the parent first? Can you go? No, I cannot do the job. You go to the family members and select the best. Why is that? Because you're looking for dunia

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to get it because you're looking for denier. And then he gives the best example I like he said when you apply for the university. And let's say it happens that that that the director of the university is non Muslim coffee.

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And you have to address him in the in the application letter. What would you say? Dear cafe?

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You will never say that he will say What dear sir. Right in respect and when you go to him also you will become humble. Why? Because this is the dunya Why can't you use the same method when it comes to conveying the message of Allah subhanaw taala

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because as I said, my brothers and sisters, if you want to succeed in conveying messages, or the message of Allah, you have to make sure that your intention is how to get that person convinced not just how to convey the message. They might have heard the message from other people, but we need somebody who has wisdom, taking it from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and use it and I do believe if we're going to use the same method used by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam will lie we will gain a lot he succeeded in those methods, if were to use them to repeat them with their own people who also succeeded even lighter. So I will stop here inshallah. Next class if Allah

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subhanaw taala wish to shed more light on the wisdom and then we'll move on Sharla Baraka, Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed