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What better character

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Spindler Rahmani Raheem in the handle in the in a murderer who want to start you know who want to stop

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when our auto been there human surely unforeseen amin say Melina may actually hinder who follow moving data. One nine you're a little further ahead. Yeah. What I showed you

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in in Dumbo who was the hula Cherie Keller what I had to

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Hamadan Abdullah who wore a suit Oh, yeah. You handed in choco LA. haka to party he was

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the moon

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softer hora de como la de la calm enough sing wahida wahala Carmen has our jaha what best mean humeri JAL and Cathy wrong one is

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what? Daddy not what? Daddy? Does Luna be he will or ham in Navarre How can Aleykum rocky the

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you handed in? taco

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waku Poland's de the useless local mera mera. kaam biographie la comme de novo calm one a new tech Rasulullah who faqad faza falls on our vema I'm about to fire him nah stop Allah DC kita boo la was Tyrell had he had you Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa early he was and was sharper and more in depth to her wakulla does that in VEDA? Well couldn't be the atom brother Latin wakulla de la Latin fitna. After praising Allah subhana wa tada and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we find as human beings,

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that we all want to find opportunities inside our life, to begin to change ourselves.

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For some of us Muslim, we begin to think that possibly at the age of 40,

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being some pious age based upon some evidence inside the Quran, a Hadith, the age of maturity to change one's life to become more focused. Some of us believe that maybe after the performance of Hajj or performing the pilgrimage, that we become better Muslims, pious individuals. And we all know that for many of us, that time may possibly not arrive

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and there's others amongst us who believe to enjoy our life many more

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Today they know what was wrong. But they have this belief inside the back of their mind. What okonomi embody he Coleman saw the theme we do whatever wicked actions we want to do, and at the latest state, or latest state will repent back to lots of Canada under what akumina saw the pain and become amongst the pious individuals. This type of thought and understanding, which unfortunately exists amongst the Muslims, needs to be taken out. Because the Quran begins by giving a stern warning about those individuals having a deceptive interest inside their hearts. The first three or four is sort of Baccarat that we've been listening to over the previous few days speaks about the

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believers. Then the following one or two is begins to talk about the disbelievers the following 11 or 12.

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Begin to talk about sefako Muna 15 begin to talk about the descriptive nature of the hypocrites and most of us don't seem to understand the role of the Quran, or managed Quran, the Wise the Quran beginning by talking about the hypocrites in such detail, because unfortunately, there's going to be amongst his Muslim Muslims who don't really understand the intent

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of servitude and obedience towards a loss of planet they're either making a mockery of the deen of Allah Subhana Allah, having evil intentions are deceptive intentions, and thinking that they can trick a loss of Hannah Diana. That's the Quran mentioned your father in law one Latina man who was the owner in the enforcer, homearama Sharon ficolo be him Maradona, Casa de la humara bar. These people try to deceive and trick Allah subhanaw taala and those who believe they only deceive or trick their own selves, and they cannot even perceive it in their hearts as a sickness. And Allah Subhana Allah has increased that sickness inside their hearts. As for the real believer, the real

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Muslim is always trying to change oneself, to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala and to take all the opportunities to come to Cairo Illa Allah Subhana Allah, and as we find Ramadan, his work to deal. Ramadan is the month of change. Just like we change our dietary eating and drinking that we find and relationship ones family members, like or define the spiritual concept within and the yearning and the feeling, to change it to become a better individual change that we find. So natella here

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is the son of Allah Subhana Allah upon this earth. Many people complain about the world politics at the moment about what's taking place around us. The answer is quite simple. There's a simple solution inside sort of the 13th chapter. And verse 11 or so, in Allaha, la yoga, euroma Coleman, Hatha Yoga yiruma B and forcing him, Allah Subhana Allah will not change your condition of a people until they do not change your own condition. There's only a few percentage of individuals out there who are serving a loss on hand and appropriately, the masses of the Muslims care less about the rights, the symbols, the Hadoop, the regulations, the shery of Allah Subhana Allah, that is as

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simple the solution is. So this Muslim Omar begins to move from a 5% devotion to a 10% 15% all the way to 70 80%. Then Allah Subhana Allah change the condition of this Muslim Omar once again, in other passage of time that I mentioned that it can be anila, her lamb Yakumo Iranian mutton and Allah Allah Coleman had a euro maybe and foresee him and that is Allah Subhana Allah Allah will never remove his blessings, the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah never be removed, until you remove those blessings yourself. We become ungrateful to Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah upon the lives of the blessings takes them away from Kenya, Allah, Allah, our dominance upon the land, his glory,

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control, victory, whatever it may be, has all been lifted by Allah Subhana Allah because we are people who become heedless of the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, we begin to reject the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah and as we went likewise, in addition to that, you begin to take steps towards a lots of kind of Allah, you take a hand span, a lot of it comes in arm's length, you come an arm's length, Allah comes hands outstretched. When attorney MC at a to her wallet and you can walk in towards me, then Allah comes at great speed.

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Towards the individual, the ag manner, the meaning this Heidi is taking steps to change oneself, you take positive steps that are lost and are making easy when levena jaha delphina the unknown super learner with a strives in our paths, we will guide them to our paths, the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as we find the benefits of change, as many people try to pose, what is the benefit of changing amongst the four what are the benefits of change that we find, as of last time that I mentioned? So the Quran

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surah Manu, what taco le de la him Baraka, tehmina sama, he will work in kuzhambu Willow Anna, hello, Cora Manu taco. If the people of the village they believe and have the consciousness of Allah Subhana Allah will rip open the heavens in the air for these believers. Well, our team can double but his people they denied they reject. So the blessings are there. You believe you have the consciousness of Allah Subhana Allah that once again the blessings from the heaven will begin to sprout once again. taqwa the consciousness of Allah Subhana Allah is the most Pinnacle element of a Muslim. That's the whole this month. Yeah, you're Latina Amman. coochie de la cama cama. cama

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coochie valen latinamerica, Polycom, Nan La Concha taco. First thing has been prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those people before you for what purpose? The under contract taco, you may attain the consciousness of Allah Subhana Allah, it

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for Allah Subhana Allah, wherever you happen to be that Aquinas month of Ramadan takes you throughout the year. That is the most important element inside the heart of the individual. What does overdue fineness is Raja de taqwa What? punia albourne. In the inside sutra, Bukhara talking about Hajj, what is overdue? Take your dad. Take your provision. Take your passport, take your visa, take your money. Take your food. Take your drink. For in the taqwa. But the best provision that you carry right here inside your heart, inside your chest, is the consciousness of Allah Subhana Allah. Woman yet.

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Roger, while your resume in high school is a woman your token allama eva who has boo hoo hoo the phase Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala provides a way out for that individual and gives him provision for whereby that individual cannot even imagine what may yet coworker Allah He for who has boo, whoever places they trust in or upon Allah Subhana Allah that would surprise the individual pedantic we find in Romania turkey warrior spirit for in the Rajaram wasini. Whoever has taqwa of Allah Subhana Allah wa your spirit and his patient upon that, indeed, the actual redos of God will never ever go to waste in front of Allah Subhana Allah, that is the key lesson of this month of

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Ramadan. We need to develop inside our hearts, hearts, to have that change, like qualifying the second benefit of changing and coming closer to Allah Subhana Allah while you but still unknown means that the whole for him,

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Allah change your state of fear into a state of dominance. This is insert so to talk about manhood of the Quran of how to change this Muslim Ummah once again, yeah, boonie Wallah you should akuna be a worship only Allah Subhana Allah and associate no partner that him Subhana Allah, whoever begins to do that inside their life, establishing the prayer and giving us the zurka they'll be given dominance upon the land, and we will change the state of fear into a state of control in a state of tranquility, state of peace. Likewise, inside pseudo courage that we find telling the courageous tribe of courage and to the rest of this Muslim oma failure Abou abohar debate and levy among Jews

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in Milan Minho, select them worship Dara, the Lord of this house, who feeds them when in a state of hunger, and the one who takes away their fate, and places them in the state of Amman, in a state of peace. These are the four winds of change, the benefits of changing and coming close to lots of Canada Allah to state a state of fear to a state of dominance, like or define a positive, assertive contribution upon this earth. Only the real believer who understands he's intent upon this dunya when masala Cocina will insert in Dahlia Budo. I did not create the jinn and the human being except for to worship me to worship Allah Subhana Allah, the real believer begins to understand that the

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usage of this word is given to that individual. As most of us we suffocate Ravana Tina Fey, Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina

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give us good in this world and give us good here in the hereafter.

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Save us from the punishment of the Hellfire, that goodness in this word, carry the meanings of this dunya and even more so the inner meaning inside the heart. Whoever is a believer, fallen, fallen Rocky and now

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we have is a believer whether male or female will give that individual a good life will be given inside this world, like or defined will attend center See, but Amina dunya Don't forget your share of this dunya. The inner meaning as even as mentioned is Amma salejaw, the righteous actions, but the other meaning is plausible. The things of this world will be given to the believers who understand the purpose upon this dunya that Allah will bless them with the things of the dunya and even more so that tranquility inside the heart. These are amongst

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the benefits of change. A person begins to develop inside this life. Many people begin to pose the question that change is difficult, is difficult to change myself. All of us at this moment, hold a feeling of change inside our hearts at the moment. Whether it be to be more punctual in our prayers, to learn more and to live according to Sunnah to wear the hijab probe appropriately to adorn myself with the actions of Prophet Mohammed Salah salon, all of us hold that inside their heart today. It is blessed month of Ramadan. Why are we delaying it? Why are we thinking we should leave it to another opportunity. As we began with it, there is an ideal opportunity of change. It's not the age

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of 14 is not after the performance of Hajj, it is the month of Ramadan. If there is such a concept, is it a month of Ramadan, that all the doors of Paradise are swung open, all the doors of jahannam are closed, every single day, a person's neck is delivered from the fire. This is a monk whereby if a person wants to gain the maximum blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, their time to change, this is the ideal opportunity opportunity to change. Now once you think that leave it to like walk out the masjid or leave it to another day, think deep down inside your heart. I want to change right now. So those individuals will begin to say that change is difficult, how is changed difficult throughout

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the inception of the human being till the end of our life, whether it be the darkness of the womb of one's mother, to the light of this dunya the darkness of the grave to the light of the earth era, the human being revolves evolves and goes through changes from being youthful alumnus lucuma mahane. Further and now, karate McKean. He will not create you from despicable semen despicable water and we place you inside the soft environment. That's the beginning of the human being cannot forgotten what semen from Allah cotton, then he became a piece a lump of blood put together for mamuka I flesh of flesh has been bitten. Then we covered him with bones and skin from and Shanahan Kanaka, Fatah colo

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in can we create this human being into this great creation? This human being? Yes, the human being evolving throughout their life. So how can we not evolve to make that change at the curb in Allah Subhana Allah that changes from being a small baby to bring a toddler to primary to secondary to college, to university to marriage to grandparents of his Destin. These are all changes from one work to one environment to one country to a different country. We move with these changes. All of us move with these changes when it comes to the change towards Allah subhanaw taala you find many of us, dragging our feet, dragging our feet to change towards Allah Subhana Allah because we don't see

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that for ya. We only want to see the fact

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that saw some of us as they come to the center, you see them coming to Osaka Salah in a state of laziness. euro una nurse while Karuna la la colina dragging their feet to the center and even Einstein inside the center. What are your Karuna ma don't remember last Allah except for a small amount. This is the first will Muna 15 there's a descriptive nature of the hypocrites who dragged themselves through prayer. Many of us are worried about sharing of the prayer. That means comfort Mmm, what a fool God with

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all of this is from the Sunnah. So Luca, Mariah Munoz Selena Heidi, howdy. Welcome in.

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homies our brothers and sisters. Now you saluted Yo, they don't pray today, just as symbols. That's who left among some of us unfortunately.

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It was sold out in Wooster wakulla high quality, present your prayers, God your prayers, especially the middle prayer, we'll call arogya Media press and

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wakulla economy

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Stand observer in front of a lawsuit Canada Allah,

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Allah de la houfy Salatin,

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those that are believers are successful, who stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala. in a state of devotion, while while you may you have to be Abdoulaye Yeoman piano, in Daddy, Ronnie, the first thing that all of us we asked about in a day judgment would be the prayer. So that is the first change inside our lives after belief towards a lots of

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God your prayers, just like tonight, everyone rushes to the payer, rush likewise to the rest of the prayers outside the month of Ramadan. serrato. Further, Mashallah to

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Asia, that is a symbol of the Muslim, not just in Islam for Ramadan, let's begin to be vigilant about these periods, and only the supererogatory prayers, take it throughout your life. All of us want to make that change. Hold that inside your heart and follow that. And likewise, you find that Allah subhanaw taala will facilitate that chain, that those of us who begin to think that maybe I'm a sinful individual, I won't be forgiven, I won't be pardoned. There's no forgiveness for me. The man have actually died inside my life. They remember that the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala overcomes his anger, inadequacy, likewise, is that the Quran that we find ketubah Allah,

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Allah Subhana has written upon himself to be merciful. cutterbar bukem Allah nuptse rathmann another IRA, indeed your Lord has prescribed it upon himself to be merciful. In naramata, la Hikari, boomin and masini at the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah is close to the doers of good. So why don't you strive in this month of Ramadan, whatever you're lucky, whatever your sins, whatever your mistakes, go towards the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, that will overcome the bad mistakes that we all make throughout our life. And I call the fine

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unless the countermeasures are suited for God, to be better suited to a bad man will happen to those individuals who carry out righteous action for Allah aka you but the Lord who say to him,

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well can Allahu Allah for rahima Indeed, Allah the key word, you

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were talking about the whole time of change, Allah will change their bad deeds into good deeds. Likewise, is that pseudo who that we find in the vicinity? You the hiddenness a

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delicacy Crawley Daiquiri. Indeed the good deeds, they brought out the bad deeds, they wipe them out in the dirt is a reminder for the people who take heed to that reminder. You read that the series is that sudo route? Does hero him absolutely do real man food? Can you find that a companion? He posed a couple I kissed a woman, a strange woman. He asked the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what is the expiation? What is the alleviation for doing this action? What should I do? For socrata Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam the messenger became silent. And then his IRA was set down, established a prayer in the beginning of the day at the end of the day, and a part of the night the

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portion of night. He could teach a wipe out bad deeds. And that is a reminder that benefits to the people who pay heed to the reminder. Somebody posed a question. I had a hustler who it is only for this individual. Is it only for this companion. But

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this is for every single individual. This is for all of us. The way to wipe out bad deeds to wipe out our mistakes is to follow them up with good deeds. It is

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what they say it

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was wahala Canarsie befool aka Santa Fe Allah Subhana Allah wherever you happen to be, and follow a bad deed with a good deed. And you will wipe it out and deal with the people in a good character good behavior. wakulla Kali Hadassah thoroughly welcome Holly Jamie muslimeen of istockphoto who in now who will go for Raheem.

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Sterling smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi momentums cerca de so nitida yo meeting amudha.

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As we mentioned, this is the ideal month for person to change himself. The month of taqwa the month of consciousness, the month of it Allah Subhana Allah to ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us his bed together.

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steadfastness to give us commitment and devotion through this month and outside this month. I know all the other rest of the monks have a lots of benefit Allah, Allah because you take the element of taqwa consciousness, as we know that fasting is not just staying away from food and drink, but we need to begin to develop the other elements of fasting that will travel outside this month of Ramadan as well, the focus I mentioned, so Malini was so melissani was samanya diva sama Odin, he was so originally fasting of the eyes, fasting of the

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first thing of the tongues, first you have the eyes, the hands the feet, what does it mean the fostering of these bodily parts are so Malini to fast your eyes is to not look at anything which is disobey Allah Subhana Allah to not look at anything How long? Like so many? How many Muslim the month of Ramadan, listen to music, say that this is passing time. This is something which is Muharram something which is haram inside the month of Ramadan outside the month of Ramadan. So we'll listen to fasting of our tongues. People backbiting, gossiping, slandering. And Amina while Geeta well Heba Washington will learn. If I'm cursing reviling, swearing, spreading of rumors, backbiting

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and fortune increases in this month of Ramadan, because some of us don't understand the intent of Ramadan. That's why a person may only gain hunger and thirst and fatigue. It is month of Ramadan. Because I'm not really understood the whole purpose of this month of Ramadan was not to touch anything wrong, or to take anything wrong. So we're ready to walk through anyway how

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many young Muslims begin to indulge in haram after the fasting that begins to take place? These are all elements of fasting we need to develop till eventually you find that the person God's the faculties in Allah Subhana Allah loves that individual will call out to Jabra in that I love so and so, till eventually, that I become the eyes but which the believer sees the handle which you believe attaches the leg by which a believer walks? What does he mean? The person only looks at that which pleases Allah Subhana Allah only 30 that pleases the last bandana only whoops that was pleases the last time that Allah teledensity the believer, if he asked me, they will give him what are even then

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he never even know if you seek my protection, my refuge, I will protect him. How are we going to reach that level of the protection of the laws of Canada Anna, as we began when you stick to the rules or regulations or laws of Canada Allah that when you ask, he will respond. We seek protection, he will give us protection. But the moment we asked and we're not responding, we seek protection and he's not given a likely find another famous Hadith that the Prophet Muhammad's have done a very very strange action. He climbed upon the member he said amin and upon one of them was asked the meaning. Why did he do this action. He said that may that person indeed Jabra Allah Allah Islam came to me

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and said to be that person who does not distance themselves from the fire, distance himself from the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah pervasion added inside this month of Ramadan, you don't come closer to Allah Subhana Allah, then you may as well take your journey towards Johanna, the inside this month, you cannot control yourself and you cannot carry out doing good actions. You don't want to come closer to Allah Subhana Allah, then the messenger, late amin upon that and those amounts of rare occasions inside his life, that he ever cursed any individual, that those people who don't get forgiven, who don't come closer in this month of Ramadan, they may be distance away from Allah and

00:28:59--> 00:29:38

Allah and head towards the direction of the hellfire. We will be amongst those individuals, man sama, Ramadan woman karma Ramadan, even the seven who fear Allah to cut them into V. That's the type of Muslim we want to be who first a month of Ramadan, with even and hoping for that reward from Allah Subhana Allah, that person's previous sins will be forgiven. Whoever stands behind the Imam, whoever stands and later to other stands in the evening, hoping to receive will be forgiven. With that. Imagine that your team will be forgiven by Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah give us all little physical abilities to become monks, those individuals who understand the intent of

00:29:38--> 00:29:59

Ramadan, to begin to accept ourselves in the days that are left in this blessed month of Ramadan, to change ourselves for the better to change ourselves Firstly, because we're going to stand for the old allow in front of Allah Subhana Allah all of us responsible for our own actions Firstly, and then we find you levena Avenue and full circle

00:30:00--> 00:30:23

alikum Naira, save yourself and save your family members of their Hellfire and then at a later stage to come out and toward the rest of humanity the person will be given the ability ability to do so in the Lucha wehmiller eco to use a Luna and a nebby yeah you will Edina mn who sallu alayhi wa sallam with this Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad

00:30:24--> 00:30:28

Ibrahim al Ibrahim A naka de de Majeed

00:30:29--> 00:30:42

Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad gamma Baraka Ibrahim Ibrahim en la camisa Majeed robina Tina Fey Tanya Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina

00:30:43--> 00:31:16

rabanal Gollum, nanfu sana, wild lamb choc fildena water Hamner, an akuna Minal Casa de rockfill and only one in a Latina sobre una bill Eamon Alfie lupino Hilda Linda Deena Amano. Rob Donna in Nakuru for Rahim from Ghana Africa, Elena sobre was a bit of mana one sadhana Ll como carefree Robin Allah to de pollo, bonobo de tener will have learned Amelia Dunker, Rama in Naka, Antigua her Ravana hablan amin as where Gina was Tina kurata Yun

00:31:17--> 00:31:36

tokina Emma Robin at Taco Bell Minh in a semi Ola Ali. What Toba? Elena in a cantata Weber Rahim so cannot be caught up with your seafood was Ala Moana Elmo Selena was al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen como de sala de como como como la