How To Prove The Existence Of A Creator Part 1

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We come at

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim while early he was happy Jemaine Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem our lamb urine the vena cava and Assam our tea will out of Ghana tarasco for tokonoma. Nominal mine, Kula Shanghai of Allah umino Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, rubbish rally sorry, we're silly Omri. One aka tamela Sunny yesterday Who told you? Dear viewers Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu meaningly the peace, mercy and the blessings of Almighty God Allah be upon all of you. Welcome to the second episode of the series, no your Lord. In the last session, we discussed about the importance of knowing our Lord, and also

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talked about the great benefits that we get for knowing Allah Almighty Our Lord, and also reject we talked about

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knowing him will develop sincere and strong love for our Lord.

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And we thought about showing more importance on what is the outcome of loving Allah Almighty, we mentioned that Allah subhanho wa Taala will never throw the one whom he loves in the hellfire. In this episode, we shall talk about a question and that is, does Lord exist?

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This is a question which is prevalent in the minds of many, especially in the West, they have this question does Lord exist and we shall, in this episode, inshallah, deal with it on the basis of reason, logic, rational science, and scripture.

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First of all, in order to understand them, who they are, they are the atheists, and he is the one who deny the existence of God.

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Atheists is the one who denies the existence of God Almighty.

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And if we look at and study them, they might have been born in a Christian home, they might have been born in a Hindu home, or they might be a child of

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a Buddhist adyen. Or they might have the parents who might have link of any other religion, however,

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V. When we study them, first and foremost at the outset, we appreciate for their thinking, we appreciate for the thinking that they are not blindly following what their parents asked them to follow. We appreciate their thinking, because he is not a Christian only because his parents are Christians, he is not a Hindu, because his parents are Hindus, he is not

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a person who belongs to any other religion, only because his parents belonged to that particular region. Instead, he comes out, he stands out, and he started questioning. So we appreciate at the outset, this thinking and also, we say that he has done half of our job. The Shahada testimony is La Ilaha Illa LA and he has already done half of our job, he said, La Ilaha. He said, there is no God and in the law that is except Allah, we will prove inshallah, in this episode on the basis of reason, logic, rational understanding scripture, and in the light of science.

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First and foremost, if we try and understand them, why, why do they actually deny God Almighty? Why do they actually reject the existence of God Almighty? We find there are so many reasons

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why they actually deny the existence of Almighty God number one

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Is fleeing from the do's and don'ts set by God Almighty.

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First and foremost, they do not want to be the person who follows the rules and regulation of that particular region. As a result, they deny the existence of God.

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When we actually study them, they do not want to abide by the rules, by the laws, by the do's and the don'ts. They want freedom, the so called freedom makes them the rejecter of Almighty God, they want to enjoy the pleasures of the world, they do not want to live under the rules, they do not want to abide by the laws, the principles set by God Almighty. As a result, they deny the existence of God Almighty, and they follow their vain desires, they follow the pleasures of this world of this dunya. So much so that they conclude that there is no God. The second reason why they actually denied the existence of God is because of the wrong experience of religion, or religious men, they

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might have encountered certain religions, or certain religious people, whom they have got bad experience. And as as a result, they conclude that the people belonging to any religion

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who followed the religion, they are all bad. As a result, I denied the religion. And as a result, I deny God Almighty. So this is the second reason because of their bad experience with people, they deny the existence of God. The third reason why they denied the existence of God is they are sincerely misguided because their questions were not asked. The questions were not answered in a proper way.

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People who are atheists who do not believe in God, who deny the existence of God, they have certain questions when they try to ask these questions to the people who believe in God, who have knowledge of God who believe in the existence of God, they don't give right answers to them. As a result, they think they assume that there is no, there is no God. Because if a religion cannot answer their questions, if a religion cannot clarify their misconceptions, if religion cannot refute their allegations, it means this religion is weak. As a result, they do not want to believe in weak religion. As a result, they do not want to believe in any God who has given this religion. This is

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another reason why they do not believe in the existence of God.

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The fourth reason why they do not want to believe or they deny the existence of God is because when they look at when they look at the

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wrong practices, the practices performed by the people, when they see them, that idols are being worshipped. When they see that demigods are being worshipped, when they see the snake is being worshipped. When they see this, the mouse, the mouse, the monkey, the elephant is being worshipped, they actually see it and conclude it as irrational and which is irrational to believe in the existence of these people as God. So what they do when they see these wrong concepts, wrong practices performed by the people, they think that this is absolutely irrational, illogical, as a result, they deny the existence of God Almighty. The last reason why they denied the existence of

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God is because they think that we are all created by chance. Our existence on the face of the earth is by chance. As a result, when we are by chance, then we do not have any one who created us as a result, they deny the existence of God Almighty. inshallah, through this episode, we will try to

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answer all the questions that they have in their minds. We will try and refute the allegations that they put forth, and we will try to clarify clarify the misconceptions that are prevailing in their minds.

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If anybody would like to understand the proof of the existence of God, there could be many.

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In this episode in the limited time available, we shall discuss about some of the proofs of the existence of God Almighty.

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If we actually analyze and see,

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the first and foremost proof of the existence of God is our intellect. And our intellect is the first proof that God exists. If you were to ask a question

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that we find the laptop, we find the iPads we find the aeroplanes we find the train, we find any other missionary and if we say that these are all by chance, any honest intellectual person will say this is illogical. This is nonsense, common sense demands that these things have got to make these things have got a person, there is a force behind this existence, it cannot come by chance. In the same way, if we analyze our own intellect, if we reflect and ponder,

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we will actually conclude with the evidence with the proof of our own intellect, that there is a being who has created us and the entire creation.

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we look at one of the great scholars of Islam, one of the leaders of Islam, Abu hanifa, may Allah have mercy upon him, his incident, his debate with the group of atheists, we will come to know that intellect is one of the strongest proof that God does exists, does exist. Don't go away. We'll tell the proof which the we will tell the situation, the incident of this great scholar, this Imam, Abu hanifa, who actually did a debate with a group of atheists Don't go away. We'll come back in a short break.