Yasir Qadhi – A Message for the Youth of America ‘Don’t Worry, Allah is With Us!’

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the need for unity among multiple groups to fight against Islam's agenda, including domestic and international civil war, domestic and international civil war, and the loss of men and women. They emphasize the need for collaboration among groups to avoid confusion and division among Muslims and emphasize the importance of diverse opinion and strong community support. The speakers also emphasize the need for learning and active parenting techniques to protect Islam and build a foundation for future success.
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Alhamdulillah we began by praising Allah subhana wa Tada and sending Salatin salaam, upon the prophets, Allah Allahu Allah, He was telling them dear Muslims, one of the most powerful moments in the Sierra so powerful that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada sent down Quran to tell us what happened was when our prophets of Allah Who are they he was salam was fleeing from Mecca to Medina. And the Quraysh were in hot pursuit. He didn't have any armies. He didn't have a large legion of protectors. He didn't have even 1020 people to surround him, just him in Abu Bakar

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and they went into the hall of throne and the Quraysh were literally outside. And Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah begins trembling. Ya rasool Allah, if they just look down they will see us and what did the prophets of salaam say Allah recorded it? It is in the Quran. This episode of the Sierra is so important. It is recorded in vivid detail in the Quran itself. Is your call Rudy Sahibi. He law ties and in Allah her mana when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told his companion. Don't worry, Allah is with us. Don't worry, Allah is with us. Dear Muslims, this is our slogan. This is our motto. This is the Kelly ama that we say. Whenever we're faced with stress, we say law Tyson in the

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law minor. We're not gonna get worried. We're not gonna get sad. We're not gonna get scared. How can we get scared when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is with us. And I begin my talk today with this incident, simply because frankly, we live in times that sometimes are very depressing. We are witnessing a long list of tragedies internal and external, domestic and international civil war in so many Muslim lands, refugees here and there. The persecution of the weekers Kashmir and fall asleep for Allah knows how long Islamophobia within our own ranks. So let us put everything into perspective. As long as we have Allah subhanho wa taala, then everything else is secondary. As long as our connection

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with Allah is strong, that inshallah Huhtala things are going to turn out for the best if not in our lifetimes, eventually, they will turn out. So remember the slogan from the syrup la Tyson in the la hermana. Be optimistic, don't be depressing. Look at the bright side, don't look at the negative, consider the positives and know that you can do something. Now I know that I'm coming at the end of a very long conference Hamdulillah, the largest conference in your city of Minneapolis will rely on him. I know that you're listening to lecture after lecture. So I'm going to summarize my points in three very different topics. And all of them are pertinent and relevant. Some of them are somewhat

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controversial, but it needs to be said these three things need to be said bluntly, and I began with my first point brothers and sisters, we have a lot of problems going on internally in our own communities. And my first point, listen to me carefully, Muslims, my advice to myself and all of you. Strive for unity in as many areas as you can with your fellow Muslims, in your communities, in your misogyny in your organizations in your family's follow teachers and preachers that are telling you to come together and marginalize teachers and preachers that make other Muslims the enemies. One of the problems we have, and I'm gonna be blunt here, brothers and sisters, because we don't have

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the luxury of not being blunt. We have to call a spade a spade. One of the problems we have

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Is that when one of us become somewhat religious, somewhat practicing somewhat interested in Islam, there is a very easy, slippery slope to hardcore fanaticism. Ultra radicalism, considering everybody else of the good Muslim community is a sellout, considering the entire Ummah is lost, except for my small group and my five or 10 people and my share with our hardcore group. And we see this time and time again, the slippery slope of radicalism, the slippery slope of fanaticism, the slippery slope of sectarianism and such talk, it sounds very alluring to the 20 year old mind that 21 year old mind, it's very comforting. Everybody's lost except me except my gang except our people. But the OMA

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is broader than your five people or brothers. The OMA and the good that it has is far broader than this small group. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, listen to this hadith in Sahih Muslim, whoever says the whole Ummah is lost and destroyed. He is the one who is the most lost and destroyed. This is a Hadith in Sahih Muslim. Whoever says everybody in the OMA is misguided. The one who's the most misguided is that person, the OMA of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by and large is a blessing OMA, this is not me speaking. This is the Quran and the Sunnah Kuntum Hira on mutton or collegiately nurse, you are the best Ummah that Allah has created for mankind. Our Prophet

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system said in the almighty Almighty and mer humor, my unmap is a blessing OMA, it is an ummah that Allah has shown Rama to so any group that comes along and says, Only we are the right people, and everybody else is going to jahannam this person has completely lost the plot. The bulk of the OMA is upon good, the bulk and the majority of this OMA is upon head, and anybody who tells you otherwise, frankly, they're ignorant and they're wrong. And you have to be careful brothers and sisters of following such preachers and teachers, we have seen what happens when sectarianism

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becomes rampant in our own ranks. We have seen what happens when we start fighting each other. Look at the Crusades, the only reason they managed to get to philosophy and was because we were fighting one another. Look at underload the only reason we lost it is because we were fighting one another look at the Battle of butter and in the Battle of budget, Allah praise the Muslims, you came together and so you were victorious. And in the Battle of Allah azza wa jal said when you started disagreeing amongst yourselves had to either for Hilton what Anna Zara and Phil amor when you started fighting and bickering Allah as Rama was lifted up from you, brothers and sisters, again,

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I'm being very blunt here. We need to learn to work together in spite of our differences. The OMA is diverse, you are never ever going to unite the OMA on every aspect of methodology, every aspect of law, every aspect of theology, it's not going to happen. So we have to deal with the reality as it is. You want me to be blunt, I'll be even more blunt selfies and Sufis, a one isn't tbilisi's, all of these mainstream movements, we cannot take each other as the enemy. How can you take somebody as the enemy who's lowering his head to Allah more than 30 times a day? How can you create division amongst people who love Allah and love the messenger, we are already a minority in this land, we are

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already less than 1% of this land within that 1% less than 10% are actually coming to the conventions coming to the slider coming to eat. So we are collectively the religious Muslims, probably closer to point 1% of this country. Now this point 1% If we're going to start bickering amongst ourselves, oh, I don't like that guy. Because his view of something is this, Oh, this guy follows another chef. Oh, this guy has that Subhanallah when the religious folks start fighting amongst themselves, what do you expect the non religious folks to do? Muslims, we need to work together in spite of our differences for the greater good figure out a way. Now listen to me

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carefully. I'm not saying all the differences are legit. I never said that. I'm not saying all the differences are tolerated. I'm not saying that. What am I saying? Whatever your views might be on aspects of theology on that

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aspects the fifth on aspects of methodology as long as it is within the mainstream. Now what is the mainstream anybody who loves Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to follow the Messenger of Allah, anybody who believes in the Quran and the Sunnah anybody who believes in the hadith of Gibreel, the five Arcana of Islam, the six other kinds of Imam, this is mainstream Islam. Within this from the beginning of time, we've had differences from the time of the Sahaba we have differences of opinion, they themselves had differences of opinion, we cannot afford the luxury of increasing sectarianism given the realities of our ummah. Subhanallah I have said this so bluntly at Islamic conferences,

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when you students of knowledge when you people who are interested in Islam are fighting one another about some aspect of theology about whether the molar the sunnah or be that you guys are fighting about some aspect that is so advanced, your own cousin's your own children are debating is Islam true or not? Why should I be a Muslim? Is the Prophet system a prophet? Have you lost the plot? You are fighting over such an advanced issue such an abstract issue when our children are struggling with iman itself? They're flirting with gopher they're thinking of agnosticism and atheism, Marla concave for Docomo and what is the matter with you? How are you judging?

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And Nichelle? And Alim who prioritizes hating other Muslims, frankly, I'm telling you start avoiding these people means they have lost the plot as well. We cannot import the politics of the Middle East. We cannot import the sectarian of hatred from overseas. We see what's happening over there, we see the bloodshed that sectarianism has caused, and their Muslim majority, how much more so when we're a minority, do you want to import that type of understanding over here, La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah it's time for the American Muslim community to mature up to grow up and to learn to work together in spite of differences. You know, when you have a fight with your cousin with your uncle

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with your brother is painful, but in the end of the day, it stays within the family. In the end of the day, they're your family, and you have to deal with it as if their family. This is the example of within the OMA, I am not saying all interpretations are the same. Nobody misquote me as you know, there's one of my problems. Everybody's misquoting everything, Allah Messiah. And I'm saying explicitly, they're not all the same, but deal with it. What are you going to do if somebody prays different than you? What are you going to do if somebody has slightly different practices, slightly different theology? Do they love Allah? Yes or no? Are they prostrating in front of Allah towards

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the Gabba? Yes or no? Do they read the Quran? Yes or no? Why don't you look at what is in common? Before you jump to the differences? How can you ignore the 99%? That is the same, and you only worry about the 1% that is different, mature of brothers and sisters. Point number one, every one of you now start working actively in your organizations in your communities in your massages, to start cooperating with other Muslims. Look at the reality of what is happening. Look at the agendas that are being forced upon us upon our children, sexuality, immorality, all of these things. And here we are the Muslim community bickering over abstract issues that have no tangible value to ourselves and

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our children. Wallahi these are plots of Shavon Shavon is the one benefiting, not us. And I will tell you bluntly, in every strand of Islam, in every movement of Islam, in every ideology, you will find open minded leaders and clerics who understand yes, this is my way. But I need to come together for the greater good. Those are your teachers. Those are your mentors. And in every strand, you will find the hardliners the far right the fanatics and the bigots, those who think my way or the highway. Those who think it is more important to spread hatred of other Muslims, then to preserve Eman of the Muslims of the next generation. And I'm telling you bluntly, marginalize them, don't

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give them platforms. Don't listen to such preachers of hate, because it's only going to make things worse for us. We don't need hatred. We need love amongst ourselves. We need to unite under the Kadima of la ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, we need to learn to work together in spite of our differences for the greater good. And this means every single person who says the Kalima has some relationship with us, every single mosque, every single organization, we need to come together for the greater good. And then you know what, sometimes for some events, we'll have two different things, no problem. There are groups out there, they're going to do

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Things I don't agree with, okay, you do it on this day. We'll do it on this day. But don't we can't we come together to fight Islamophobia? Can't we come together to fight the drug problem in our own communities? Can't we come together to make sure we don't elect a politician that wants to shut down or misogyny harm our Dixie schools? How can we possibly not come together for the greater good. So point number one, brothers and sisters enough of sectarianism, enough of partisanship, enough of bigotry and hatred, look at the broader picture. And you know, where it begins from from you yourself, how so? Find the people that are like minded. Find the people that are the similar like

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you, and build bridges in your own associations, in your own misogyny in your own communities. And when people come along, trying to break those bridges trying to divide, tell them you're not that type of thought is not welcome here, go preach that hatred somewhere else. Love begins from the home. And building bridges begins at the microcosm level, that's you and all of the communities that you're doing. So that's my first point, we need to literally battle against fanaticism and sectarianism. The second point that we have is

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more difficult. And it's something that again, a conference is not the time or the place to fully go into it. But still, it needs to be said. And that is,

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the problems that we have, as an American Muslim community, frankly, are very different than the problems that one finds in our classical books. The problems of battling atheism, agnosticism, Darwinism, and morality, incorrect sexuality, the problems of people leaving our faith, and why are they leaving the faith? What are the causes for them to doubt their Islam. Therefore, the solutions to these problems are not things that are easily manageable by people like myself who have trained in traditional seminaries, we might have to think of new ideas to solve these problems. The problems of modernity, the problems of our generation, are very unique, unprecedented. We don't have easy

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solutions when our college kids, our youth come to us, and they say, Why should I be a Muslim? And they bring some very, very difficult issues that are common in our times. I don't need to go into them on stage, but you get my point. Frankly, my training in Medina did not prepare me for the questions of this generation, the conversations they're having about modernity, humanism, secularism, feminism, gender, gender roles, LGBT, all of these things, how we navigate through this is not easy.

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And all of us are in the same boat. So my point is,

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what is my point? Let me phrase this in a manner that is not going to get into more trouble. We are all attempting to find the solution. We haven't found an easy one.

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If people make mistakes in this process, cut them some slack, if their track record clearly shows that they're trying to help the community. Another problem we have is the canceled culture that is rampant not only in our midst, but in the broader culture that we live in. One mistake, one slip up one word that somebody doesn't like and have lost you destroy an entire preacher and entire teacher an entire lifetime of good. We Muslims do not believe in the canceled culture.

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Imagine if Allah azza wa jal used the canceled culture on you when you're entering gender. Imagine if Allah found one fault, and said How was the rest of your deeds are in vain? Be respectful of your elders, and of your preachers and teachers, and understand that we live in a time and place where frankly, I don't have all the solutions. What do we do with the rise of immorality, the rise of alternative sexualities? How do we protect our children? To what level? Do we argue for freedoms for all versus restrictions for all? I don't have the answers, nobody does. But it was going to take trial and error is going to take a few runs, cut us some slack, and understand that in order to get

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to the right solution, maybe some mistakes are going to have to be made in the process. And if there is a difference of opinion amongst the scholarly community, respected and don't get involved, don't make the situation worse. Going back to my first point of sectarianism, especially when it goes

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comes to politics, especially when it comes to how we deal with these topics of a political nature. Wallahi it's not easy. What do we do when some of the Muslims in Congress are saying and doing things we don't like? Again, I'm being honest here. What do we do? To what level? Do we boycott them? To what level? Do we not support them when they are helping us in some causes? And not how big us than other causes? I'm not going to give you an answer right now. But I will tell you one thing.

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Do not demonize somebody who disagrees with your analysis. Let there be some diversity of thought here. Understand the Shetty eye does not dictate political alliances. The Shetty eye does not force you to undertake only one path. This is a very, very tricky issue. Even in the time of the companions, there were differences of opinions so much, so they even went to war over politics, you don't think we're gonna have some disagreement amongst ourselves, let there be that disagreement, choose your opinion, choose your side, and then don't demonize the other side, as long as that person is within the mainstream, live and let live. So the second point, might have a complex issue,

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but still,

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to solve the problems of modernity, and to navigate our way as an American Muslim community. I mean, guys, let's be honest here. 30 years ago, the default was voting is haram, I grew up in that era, back in the 80s, and 90s. We were told you shouldn't even vote in the elections. 30 years ago, this was the norm 911 happened. And we all understood the foolishness of that ideology. If you don't exercise your constitutional right to be heard, you're going to be eaten up and devoured by the politicians. If you don't stand up and fight for your political rights, like every single minority fought for his political rights, you're not going to get any political rights. And we saw this post

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911. Those of you that are too young to remember, speak to your elders 911. For us, as the American Muslim community was a huge wake up call it galvanized us, it made us understand that we don't have the luxury to be a political, our massages were being shut down. Our scholars were being kicked out. Our preachers were being locked up and jailed on false charges. All of you are above the age of 30. Remember that era, and the only way we got some of our rights back is we kept on taking them to court. And we kept on holding our politicians liable, according to our own constitution, if we cut off from reality, and if we lived in our little bubble, none of this would have happened.

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Unfortunately, we see a new generation. And again, we don't have the luxury to mince my words, a new generation born post 911 have forgotten the realities of what happened in 911. And we see them gravitate towards a type of political isolation, we see the same type of rhetoric, the same type of canceled culture, anybody who tries to get involved with politics is immediately shut down, immediately demonized, immediately cut off. And we need to teach these youngsters that the world is not idealistic. The world is not simplistic and black and white, in order to effect change. Sometimes you have to enter a gray area. I'm not advocating entering that area. I'm not a

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politician, politician, would Allah heal him. And I don't want to be a politician. But those who are are those who are involved in it. It is what it is. And we need to be wise enough and politically savvy enough to understand that there is a function and a tool and to not make this the end all and be all. So that is my second point. Political maturity, understanding that the world is a complex place, we don't have all the answers, people might make mistakes. But in the end of the day, if the goal is to carve out space for us as Muslims and to protect our freedoms as Muslims, well then cut them some slack and learn from their mistakes. That's my second point. My third and final point,

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brothers and sisters, is that in light of all that is happening. And in light of all of the changes taking place, in sexuality, in in morality, in light of all of these changes, I remind you of one very, very important fundamental issue of our faith, and that is the importance of the family. The importance of the family unit, the importance of the mother and father, all Muslims, we live at a time when everything is being rethought. Forget sexuality, forget gender roles, even gender itself, which will

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was uncontested for 10,000 years of human history for all the entire globe and the entirety of mankind. A man was a man and a woman was a woman.

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And for this generation, even this is now being rethought.

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Subhan, Allah what is left.

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As Muslims, we have the obligation in the eyes of Allah, to be preachers of truth, and to be messengers of reality. The only way to do this is by demonstrating to the broader people, what it means to be a mother and father, what it means to be a husband and wife, what it means to be a family unit,

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parents, the number one mechanism of preserving Islam in the next generation is not by building massagin.

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It's not by throwing your kids into Duke See, thinking is going to be a magical transformation. These are all secondary. The number one mechanism of preserving Eman in your children is to have your house, your home, your marriage built upon Islam, show your children what it means to be a Muslim.

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The children need to experience the Rama of Islam from the mother and father, they need to see the reality of a father figure and a mother figure. And this means Oh parents, that we might have to rethink parenting techniques. And I say this all the time. hamdulillah ALLAH blessed me with amazing parents, I thank Allah, I was born in the 70s grew up in the 80s in Texas.

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But my parents were old school.

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My parents were old school fine. For that generation, it worked for the next generation for my children. And it handed it I have four young men and women they're no longer children through you're in college, and one is in high school. So I have now I don't have a little kids anymore. I have young adults at home, to raise my own children, I had to carve out my own parenting techniques, trial and error, I could not replicate the techniques of my parents. Because the times have changed, because the culture has changed. Now I cannot tell you how to be a parent because that is something that is unique. And it is also culture based. And it is also something that you're going to have to

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experiment with. But I will tell you, dear parents, you need to be active in your children's lives, fathers, you cannot just disappear for work and then think that's it. You must be a father figure in your children's lives. Mothers, you must be a mother figure in your children's lives. It is essential that you demonstrate this reality now if it so happens that you know, for whatever reason the family is not union is not together. May Allah make it easy. The community comes together. Well, I'm not saying that's the only solution. But where the parents exists because I understand sometimes one of the parents has passed away divorces happen, okay, that's a separate issue. But where the

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parents exist, then they need to embody and exemplify the prophetic methodology of being parents. Learn from the Quran and Sunnah. listen to lectures, and most importantly, sincerely try to be a good father and mother, children will recognize this, you know, anecdotally, I don't have any statistics. I'm just speaking as somebody born and raised in this country, I'm in my fourth or fifth decade of life in my for my 40s. Right now, I grew up in the 70s and 80s. And I grew up the first batch of immigrant children. The first batch my father came 1962. I was born in the 70s here in Houston, Texas. Anecdotally, I'm telling you,

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some of my extended friends, left the faith, it is what it is. But I'll tell you one fact,

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every single time that I saw a young man or woman stray away, but the parents were upon love and Taqwa, the parents had an Islamic household. Eventually, those children came back to Islam. And this is something that I haven't found a single exception for in my own anecdotal life. The only time that people left Islam was when their parents were not upon Islam in the first place. In my own anecdotal experience, when the parents tried their best to be good and loving and caring and compassionate, and they had a beautiful marriage at home and they had a home based upon the Quran and Sunnah. Plenty of times, the young man or woman went far left or far right during called

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Which did things they should not do stop practicing Islam getting involved in the major sins. And perhaps during that timeframe, if you asked me, I would have said, There's no way this guy is going to come back to religion, knowing his lifestyle, no way I would have sworn back then. But Subhanallah, fast forward 510 years, they get married, they have a kid. And all of a sudden, reality strikes them. And they realize they need to be good parents for the sake of their kids. And because they've had role model parents 30 years ago, because they've seen what it is to be a good mother and father, they go back to the only model they know. And that is the model of their own mother and

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father. And so amazingly, you find a lot of young men and women in their late 20s and 30s. After they've gone far from the religion, you find them coming back, getting active in misogyny becoming Masjid presidents becoming active in the circle, Subhan Allah, and what was the secret of success, the parents planting the seeds of Eman and Taqwa not knowing how long it's gonna take for the seed to sprout out. So brothers and sisters, those of you who are parents, be active in your children's lives, sit down and talk with them. I know this sounds weird, try to be friends with them. Our parents didn't do that. May Allah bless them. That's a different generation. But your son or

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daughter should be able to trust you as a mother or father when they made a mistake. Because if you're not going to correct their mistake properly, I guarantee you, nobody else is going to correct it the way you will. If you're not going to be there loving them supporting them. And parents as well. Let me again, say this bluntly. Don't expect your children

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to be angels.

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Don't expect your children to not go left and right. Firstly, frankly, were you as angelic as your parents thought you were when you were 1920. Did you not go a little bit left? And right now, if you had the internet, and the iPhone and Twitter and Facebook, if you had the resources your children do, what do you think you would have done at that stage? So dear parents, cut them some slack. Even if they fall, I'm not saying it's good that they do that. But understand, a lot of the blame is not on them. It's on the world that we live in. It's not even their fault. You know what they want the most from you love and compassion. That's it. Continue to be supportive and loving. And if they make

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a mistake, gently tell them to come back, be supportive, allow them allow them to be who they are within the framework of the Sharia, make lots of dua for them and inshallah to Allah eventually, even if they go a little bit left and right, they will come back to this Deen with lots of to our brothers and sisters, time is limited. My time is almost up. The bottom line is as follows.

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Every one of us has a very important role to play in the current world. And I'll tell you why. We are the generation this one sitting right here. This crowd you, you are the primary generation that will dictate the future of Islam in this country for the next 100 200 years. Think about it. This is the generation that is building the misogyny, that is creating the infrastructure. This is the generation that came every one of you by and large except for the converts. Every one of you, you know your roots, you speak the home language, even if it's half half, but you speak the language you know where you're from? Well, your children won't have that connection. You are the middle ground,

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you are the conduit, you have connections back home, and you're building your future over here. The way you set the stage, the way you lay the foundations that is going to dictate and charter the course of American Islam for the next 150 200 years. Every one of you how you practice Islam with your own family is going to be taken down to your grandchildren and great grandchildren. And that decision is going to be made at this level. So think long and hard and be extra careful and make lots of dua that Allah blesses you and realize Allah azza wa jal has chosen you for a very, very magnificent task. Brothers and sisters, my time is up. And it is typically my sunnah whenever I

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finish at a large convention

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to utilize mashallah Tabata Cola, the large quantity of people that are present over here, and so I want to ask every single one of us to participate in a tech bill that comes from the heart and that is meant to truly listen to me carefully.

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way to truly express our belief that Allah is indeed the greatest. And Allah is indeed the most powerful and Allah is indeed the most beautiful and Allah is the most merciful and he is more beloved to us and more important to us. Because when we say Allahu Akbar, what are we saying? We are saying nothing is more important to me than Allah. When we say Allahu Akbar, we are saying the most beloved, and the most precious thing I have is my belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala so I want every one of us to join together in a tech kebele that is going to last for generations after us inshallah Tada we're gonna make the halls of this auditorium reverberate and shake because we're going to make

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sure we preserve the tech be here for generations to come.

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Jelly either

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me Mr. Heaton doll Seanie.

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me what to feed.

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to me. journey

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down to

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me down

MAS Annual Convention

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