Ibrahim Hindy – Patience Before Tribulations

Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © The importance of civil law and patient behavior in helping individuals achieve their goals is emphasized. The need for reward and acceptance in life is also emphasized. The importance of humility and staying up-to-date on one's religion is emphasized, along with the importance of finding a connection to Allah and staying up-to-date on one's life. Emotional and supportive roles are emphasized, and the need to stay up-to-date is emphasized.
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of resistance for law alone, and then we seek aid and assistance to help determine both repentance and forgiveness should we almost have

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a suite of all these rules a stranger has never forgotten and I've noticed that there's nothing worthy of worship civil law alone and then we'll have a civil law where he was setting them as both his servants and His Messenger

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again, you know, as we've been beginning these

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Friday messages since the lockdown has begun in Canada, I just want to reiterate some short love for everyone as we will read it reiterate again at the end to ensure that they pray for us with the intention of the opener at home and that you know, we're doing this from the messenger to keep the message a little bit alive, and to keep inshallah some semblance of normalcy in our lives and some yearning and connection remaining with us. And with the messages and with us wanting to inshallah, be here in the masjid, praying together, someday soon mailbox, oh, Jen, make this happen sooner rather than later.

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Today's discussion is going to be about patience during difficulties, interpolations. Allah subhanaw taala created life and in creating life, he created it in two forms. He created the life of this world, this temporal world, this place of difficulty and hardship, and this place of calamities, in tests, and he created the next life as well. The final life, the life where we are free of anxiety and worry and thirst and hunger, and nakedness.

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And a lot of decreed that this world would be that world, which is home to worry and sadness and anxiety and stress and difficulty. Allah subhanaw taala described the state in which he created human beings, and he set up a fellow puddle in Santa Fe Kevin's that indeed, we created men in a state of hardship

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and our profits a lot wherever you go, Senator continued to explain this to us. When he said some a lot more I think we'll send them I don't yet see God movement, or gender to be careful that this world this dunya this temporal world, it is the prison of the believer, and it is the paradise of the disbeliever.

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And a large subject tells us in the Quran, which it can a Buddha will have in us. But Such are the days we give to people insurance, meaning all of these of this world revolve insurance there are days in which we are

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you know, the days that revolve between peace and happiness, the days that revolve between the ease and hardship, the days that revolve between victory and defeat, the days that revolve between comfort intention, and all of these tests have been written in decreed by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And a lot of zolgensma saw them you will see that's normally what Effie and fusi come in Laffy Kitab

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I have little wire so just says that no disaster strikes upon the earth, nor in yourselves, except that there is a register except that it is in a registered before it has been brought into being IE A lot has recorded it and registered it. And a lot. So just says in the current lm 123 and widecombe. One physical What does this do to keep the republican woman and Latina Ashraful and then kathira law says you will definitely be tested in your possessions and to test it in yourselves. And you will surely be tested in your wealth in your opportunities. And a lot of them just say we're going to be tested and all of these things and our wealth and our opportunities, and all of the

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things that we gather that we own, we're going to be tested in our health, we're going to be testing the bonuses and with hardship. And he says what is this is my room, then you will surely hear from those other people who do not believe much abuse, and then a loss of habitat I this is what interests me, it'll what's in there that you can meet as an owner. But if you are patient, and if you fear a lot, then these are the matters that are worthy of determination. If you are patient and you have consciousness of a loss of handle azada these are the things that a lot of holds as worthy of our determination worthy of our effort worthy of our striving. Well In today's video, what if you

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have some patience and perseverance and if you have talked about a whole lot of candidates Island and it was handled to Allah? Yes promises us a life of difficulty of hardship. But also Khalilzad also tells us if we persevere if we are patient through these hardships, we will be granted success and a loss of penalty. This is in your facade. You want to add your own belief in yourself.

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He says that indeed those who are patient will receive the reward in full believing inside without any questioning without any recognition. None other than the patient are rewarded endlessly, man other than those who are patient, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala are given a reward without accounting whatsoever without questioning and the scholars comments, why is this the case at the one who was patient is rewarded without any measure, without any limits? And they said, just as the person who patiently persevered in this world does not question a law with a question of rejection in this world, when a law decrees something for us, we don't reject him with questioning, how dare

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you do this to me? How dare you decree this upon me, that is a question of questioning of rejection, just like the person prevents themselves from doing that holds themselves back from questioning a lot in such a manner, a loss of health and in the next life will reward them also without questioning them. He will give them their award without recognition belatedly sad without accounting without any limitations. And also head over to ISS first bid cannot someone who hasn't even be patient perservere just as the messengers of strong willed did before you and Eliza describes profit smart leader is and his statement to his father comes to him with the dream of seeing slaughtering

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him, and he says, Yeah, that's totally fine. Sometimes you do need a shot love No slotting in, he's like, Well, my father, do whatever you have been commanded. And you will find me to be of those who are patient. I want to let describe use of at ease. And the beautiful story of Prophet Youssef. He mentioned the beautiful states and in summary, near the end of the surah, where he says in a way it's up to us to do for him the law hallelujah rejoicing in that indeed, whoever has taqwa of consciousness of a law, and it's patience, that a lot does not cause the reward of those who do good to be lost. And when he mentioned profit, yeah, poo, and his patience and endurance when his child

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and children were taken away from him, and he said, For several of them, God will love

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it for him. He said, patience is the most beautiful patience for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala is the most beautiful perseverance for the sake of Allah is the most beautiful, there is nothing that can grant you more, that can raise your rings more, that can increase your standing in the sight of a lot more than when you are patient for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And there's no better example than the example of our profits a lot more it was senator who was tested throughout his life and a lot of reasons him and raises his rank through the series of tests and hardships that he faces. He's tested it with orphanhood, and his father dies before his birth, and his mother dies

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when he's only six years old. And so he's not from his grandfather until his grandfather dies, then left to his uncle. His childhood is that of an orphan passing from hand to him, raised illiterate despite his high status, the high status of his tribe and family, and yet he found no one who could teach him to read and writes because of his circumstances. Every time he was attached to someone who would raise him, that person would die and abandon him. So we'll walk around, he will send them until he is older, and he's blessed with a seal of prophethood. And the tests do not stop. But rather he's tested from what he starves him strikes and attempts to kill and assassinate him drives

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and ultimately the city in his land in his home, and we just were upon him all because he dared to preach that letter. In the law, there's none with the right to be worshipped of law, and they were thrown upon and while he was in frustration to a lot the end to Stein's and the entrails of that animals while he was praying to a loss of habitat and in front of his young daughter, Fatima, and he's the one where he will send them to star four days upon days, weeks upon weeks, I showed me a loved one as a full moon after Full Moon would pass and we wouldn't even light a fire in the house of the prophets of love where it was said there was no food there was nothing to cook with a fire

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that for them to even light the fire in his house. And he saw a lot where he was sending one tie a rock against the stomach, due to the intensity of the hunger that he would face the leader of a people of a nation who could have taken from the people whatever you wanted by force, and yet he saw a lot more it will send them remains Patience, patience with the test little muscle cannot argue secondly, this world and in the heavy food in our men, well the law was there and he said by the nashoba rw consumer walk where it will send them termina W. Maps. He said your profits on the long run he said them he never ate to his phone. Not even from a tablet a dolphin is the dried day.

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The data that is harvested and dried up that people wouldn't even eat most people, most of us wouldn't eat as if it was given to us. He said even from that the profits a little lower isn't it never ate to his full until the day that he died.

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And this is the example of our profits a little lower and you send them when he's tested in a planet and the people chase him out, striking him with rocks, and his and blood drenching from the profits and the love when he was sentimental. his sandals become soaked, and his ankles are covered in blood. And all of these tests would increase and reach even in his home that he stumbled a lot while he was sending would have seven children, three boys and five girls, all of them will die. And he saw a lot when he was seven would have to bury them with his hands, except for his daughter falling out of the abattoir. And there's venerated as a Muslim, that when he became aware of the illness

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upon his son, Ibrahim, and he wants to tremendously this summer he would walk around in the other narrations of the Prophet would say to the people help me bro Have you seen my son Ibrahim, and this young child was heaving, unable to read, unable to properly intake oxygen in his states and the prophets of Allah what would you say was holding him and crying? If you saw an old man, towards the end of his life, not being able to breathe, you would feel tremendous sympathy for them. What about a young two year old boy not able to breathe? And the prophet SAW a lot when he was seven was weeping and crying, and his tears are covering him and his son. And some of the Sahaba seen the

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prophet SAW similarities and I'm crying like this. They said to me are so what what is this what is all these tears? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hara, he said, this is a mercy from Allah subhana wa Tada. This is a mercy from the lives of agenda. This is your prophet symbol. But when he said no, and he overcomes these tests with faith in a lot of zolgensma with patience and persevering with knowing that victory is attached to patience, by knowing that it was parallel to Allah will never lose account of all their good and all their faith. When that came along. We will be arguing that it was a kind of a dive it says that indeed, a lot of would not lose

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account of your faith, you will not cause your faith to be lost in vain. And we see this in the example of so many of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we read all the abattoir and as he's being tortured, it is facing a lot of soldiers. And it's perseverance in this patience and knowing that this promise is true, that allows him to say nothing but I hope that God is one God is one even as they would pity, and lash him to torture him, and hope that will be a lot more unbeliev this and understood this when the hot stones were thrown upon his back, and his skin was being burnt. But he knew that victory was married to patients, and our model of the loved one

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and believe this knew this, when his family was hung up on the trees, his father on one side of his mother, on the other end his brother as well. And he sees them being killed. All because they said that in the law, the law and the prophets of the law work we have seven walks through the streets of Mecca here is the wailing and the crying of these oppressed Muslims who are being tortured. And he's a little longer and he was said and tells them someone had a acid in them a word of Docomo genda. He said Be patient or family of the asset, someone be patient for indeed your appointed place, your appointed time is in Paradise, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would teach us in a walk

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in the way that I have a minute to tell you. If a lot loves a people, he tests them, he tries them. He gives them hardship and difficulty because through it, they raised themselves. And then these days of incredible hardship and difficulty. This is exactly the message we need to understand. If Allah loves us, he will try us so that we increase and raise our standard of character, not that we lower them and we lower ourselves to the circumstance, but we raise ourselves above the circumstance, that our mannerisms become better our patience or forbearance becomes better our mannerisms and dealing with people becomes better not becomes worse. From the profits a little

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longer. Newsome taught this to his companions. When that came to the Prophet civil law it was sent him a man would have been tortured. His back burns with fire and steel. And he comes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in America that were lighter, and as a sponsor Mineta, is it, why are you not calling upon the law? Why are you not asking for victory? I enjoy the victory don't come to us now. How long are we going to withstand and endure this difficulty and hardship? The prophet SAW a lot when you said one of the rare instances in his life became angry, in his face turned red, and he turned towards combat. And he said to our people before you also went through

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difficulty and hardship, or even before you've also been tortured, and you were counted the type of torture, gruesome torture that happened to believers throughout the ages, even before the advent of Islam.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to whether you're dealing with that type of torture that they faced that caused them to turn away from their religion. And he said, and indeed this religion will be successful, and allow will give us the promise. He said he will be so safe and secure that a woman will be able to travel from city to city not to fear any person only fearing perhaps the animals upon the path. But he says to hook up with a chemical two step genome, but you are being hasty. The hardship the difficulty that Allah has decreed for us is something we have to go through something we need to go through. Because when we go through it, we emerge from it becoming better,

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what makes a god and all of the Sahaba so immensely valuable in our eyes, it's because they went through the school of hardship and difficulty. And we too need to go through this, this school of difficulty and hardship to emerge better than we were previous to it. The Prophet says, what I can confess that you when you are being too hasty, you need to go through this hardship, and overcome it, and enhance your ability to be patient and to endure and to persevere. And when you emerge the other other side, you become an even better person, a greener person. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the world, he wanted the job and the fact that sometimes a law withholds

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the response from his slave. The slave is asking, oh, why help me or what helped me and a lot delays the response that they're asking for? Why does this happen? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the man is never been Hosni.

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He said that a loss of anomie here, the best of his humility, ie the difficulty that you're going through in a lot may delay the relief, for what reason? Because you start to find and discover within yourself higher and greater levels of humility, before a loss of kind of data of desperation in the sight of a lot of soldiers, you will begin to make yourself better in relation to your connection to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And knowing this, the prophet SAW a blog where he will send them mentioned to us the diff, the reality of this world, for us to look at the greater picture, this world is not all that it's cracked up to be. So all of our hopes should not be pinned only on this world. The Prophet said and done the sigil movement, this world is the prison of the believer, it's never going to be the place of pure comfort. No matter how easy life becomes, it will always be difficult, because that's the nature of this life. And the process of a longer instead of wants us to be focused on what is more important. And that's the next life. My profit simple bug where you simply mentioned to us very

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powerful has been, he said that it will be bought on the knee and just want you to know that the AMA, the NRA and the dunya, the person who lives the most luxurious life of the disbelievers. We brought him the Day of Judgment. And this is the person if you can imagine has lived the most privileged life. They have all the wealth he could ever want. They've had

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the private jets, they've had the condos around the world, they've had all the things that you can imagine, that is luxury, this person has lived it. And a lot of greens, this person on the Day of Judgment, and he orders the Meizu for now. Just dip him into the hot fire, allow him to touch the Hellfire and bring him out. And so they didn't have a single dip into the hellfire. And he's brought out a single moment fraction of the seconds that he spends in the hellfire. And he's brought back to a lot and a boss apparently that either asks him hadn't eaten at Lehman, or have you ever experienced any luxury, any ease ever before? And the man says no, but Allah I never experienced

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luxury before. What is this world compared to the next? It's nothing. So why do we spend so much of our hopes upon it rather than looking to what is more important?

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And the process of mobilizing continues he says Allah will order the person who will live the most difficult life and that person will be brought to imagine a person who lives nothing about hardships, orphanhood, poverty, difficulty disease. And this person is brought in front of a large village I don't listen to me Sufi gentlemen, let's even just touch paradise, lets him spend a fraction of a second in paradise. And this person is brought back to the lives of agenda and unless counter either asks him how long he took some buttons, have you ever seen any hardship before? And the man says no, but a lie, never. I have never seen hardship before in my life.

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That is powerful. All the hardship of this world compared to the next world is not even a fraction of a second in paradise. And this is to make us understand and realize and internalize the fact

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This world is not what we should be focused on. And so when we find difficulties and hardships and obstacles in this world, knowing the bigger picture, it should allow us to raise ourselves above these obstacles and hardships for portfolios suffer audio outcomes.

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This is a sort of salon Maradona sort of learning where he was like the he woman wanted out.

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We were living obviously, in times of tremendous hardship and difficulty. And through these difficulties and hardships and disease, we can understand clearly the words of the prophets of Allah when he was sitting, when he said about fruits and Caicos are legally Muslim. He said that the trials are coming forward, and they will be like pieces of the darkness of the night. Please bear with us, hello, have a will have the next of them will rapidly succeed one after the other, each of them worse than the one that came before. And another heavy the prophets little doll where you send them said in me, already fits him. He said, Indeed, I see the trials, I see the trials that are

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coming. He said Takahashi that we would have been more bizarre. He said that it will fall upon your houses, just like the rain falls when the rain falls and affects all the homes. He said when the pfitzner comes the trial comes the difficulty comes it will affect all of your homes. And these are things that we are seeing right now. And so how do we face fitna? How do we face tests and trials in our lives? First of all, it's important for us to realize and understand the reward of a loss of parallel to Island before us. That also kind of jive with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, yet to learn the law and even better from seeing the income of the Prophet speaking to his

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companions, he said, There will come a time where one man's deeds will be worth 50 of you, kind of like the prophesied cylinder saying this to whom to unlock to unlock to it to all of these different Sahaba he's saying to them, there will be a time in the future where one of their deeds will be equal to 50 of yours, meaning one prayer from that person, but the Prophet is referring to them will be worth 50 prayers of people like me, what kind of a fan all these other of the Sahaba How is that possible? But so how does it work? How is this the case and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, at the end the content you do now, I will tell you the Atlanta one that he cannot have the

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lady Karolina, but the prophet SAW the Walker and he said, he said it is because you have supports when you are doing good, and they will not have support when they are doing good. And this shows us that the more difficult the circumstance is, the more the reward increases, the so how about having the support of the prophets of Allah instead of and each other, they did a lot of good, they did more good than any of us can imagine to do. But because they had support, unless the parents are saying that people who work without support will be given a greater reward for the deeds that they do. Obviously, this does not mean this hub are better than sorry, people after we got into this hub,

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this hub are the best, but it means the one deed that you're able to do. Even if they're able to do far more than you, you will be rewarded more for that one deed. And this is an encouragement for us to realize, yeah, we're not going to be as good as the Sahaba we're not gonna be able to do as much good as them. That's for granted. But the good that we do is going to be rewarded extra. And that's going to increase our rents because we're living in tough times and difficult times when we don't have the support that others have before us. Secondly, do good deeds as early and as quickly as you can take the opportunity now to do good deeds. The promises bad deed will be that Madison

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Fitzsimmons public he

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said do the good deeds now before the fits in the columns and the pfitzner that will be like pieces of the darkness of the night. And so he tells you in the beginning what's the solution do good deeds now the good deeds you do today is a seed that you're planting that's going to help you when things become even more difficult. And so constantly do as many good deeds as possible because when you do this, this is what is going to help you down the line and you have faith right now you have belief in the law right now. You don't know if you're going to have belief in the future. So take advantage of what law is giving you now and use it for the sake of a lot of low make your feet stronger and

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connect you to him stand on with a Hydra finally to constantly make john an Irish it'll be a long ride. He was asked what was the the profits made the most and she said the profit used to say can

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and the use of the lower and he will send them and now we have pulled along my Evel Knievel Liverpool fan base can be and as he said the driver the classic used to make the most was young undebatable

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All you will alternate the hearts, which changes hearts fat bits. And to be honest, he didn't make my hearts firm upon your religion. And so we asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us firm upon his religion. And finally, I will say that it is important for us to remain patient and to realize that everything happens by the decree of a loss of parallel to Ireland. And the profits of the law where it was set up said, I joined the movement in Morocco, Kula Hagen. He said, How amazing are the affairs of the believer, everything that happens to him is good. If difficulty happens to him, he's patient that is good for him. And if good things happen to him, he's faithful and that is good for

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him. So everything that happens to him is good. And if we recognize that everything is written by a law, and we approach everything with patience or gratitude, then indeed everything in our lives will in fact, be for our benefit. And whatever Allah has written for us will in fact, be a reason to take us to Agenda HR

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