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There is nothing worthy of worship Stephen Waldo a number on matomo law who are using them, and both the slave and His Messenger.

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Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala when he created this world tjaarda Lamia, john had no power. Well, I can Darla, her, Mama. Currently, indeed, a lot of adults are the one who created this world, he did not create it to be a place of permanence, but rather a loss of honor with it created this world to be a place of bitterness, and a place of hardship. And indeed, Allah subhanho wa Taala decree from the day that he created Adam, it he said that his servants would alternate between their days and alternates between their states. And so there would be those amongst them, who would be in a state of good health. And those amongst them in a state of illness would be those who would alternate

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between their states of wealth and their states of poverty, there would be those who would alternate between the states of union and separation, and there would be those who alternate between the states of joy and the states of sadness, and ally decided

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how his servants would vary between the states. And so he would create whom amongst them would be given well, and who amongst them would be given health, and who amongst them would be afflicted with types of poverty or illnesses. And unless the panel with arlette says, floral bouquet afternoon is shot, we have thought that indeed your board is the one who creates once he will, and he is the one who chooses. And so it is in the tremendous wisdom of the loss of China, who is the one who does not lose the reward of those who are with goodness, and those who are in righteousness, the one who does not lose the reward of those who are patient, and those who choose to face hardships, and he has

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chosen for them to face hardship in their lives, or in their bodies, or in their minds. And unless I know it's Elijah is the one who chose out of this wisdom, who amongst us would endure these hardships, who amongst us would face these hardships in our bodies are in our minds, and he is the one who decided who would be chosen to it to endure different disabilities. And however these disabilities present themselves, whether they're disabilities in the body, or whether they're disabilities in our minds, or whether the person due to a tragedy that they have endured in their life, that they have lost their eyesight, or they lost the use of their hands or their arms, or they

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lost the use of their leg, or whether the person was born with certain disorders, such as autism, or Down syndrome for all types of different difficulties that people have to face THROUGH THROUGH THROUGH life. However these disabilities occur, if the person expects the reward from a loss of time of what the item, then they are indeed amongst those who will be given a tremendous reward from a loss of words Allah and the Prophet sallallahu. Either you send them send in an authentic Howdy. But then Bernie brought me to like earlier on he considered to be authentic, he said you will find raffia Yo, yo t.

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So up, low unnatural for you that cydonia Nepali, he said that let the people have good health on the Day of Judgment, when they see the reward that is granted to the people who thinks hardship in this world, they would wish that in this world, our bodies would have been cut up with sauce or with scissors. Meaning that's when the people come on the Day of Judgment. And they see the tremendous reward. Now watch the kind of guy that has given those who lives in their life with hardship, those who are tested with difficulties in their life for those who may have faced disabilities, and they're unable to walk or unable to see or unable to hear one of the people have good health, on the

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day of judgment, see the award that our last piloti law gives those people who face hardships in this world, they will wish that in their lives in the dunya that their bodies were cut up with sauce due to the reward that Dinah gives them on that day. This is how Islam came and allowed us to see the tremendous inner virtue of those who are battling hardships in their lives, whatever those hardships might be. And this is the stark difference between the true Islamic civilization and between the civilizations of the past. This is the difference between the true Islamic civilization and the civilization for example of the ancient Greeks who saw those who are born with disabilities,

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or those who are become disabled as being unsuitable to light. And they would probably in many cases, they would kill them for the ancient Romans, who, for example, would see those with disabilities. They would consider them as a source of entertainment for the wealthy amongst them, but it's not rejected these types of

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Have notions and rejected this type of degradation of those with physical and mental disabilities. And for this reason, a loss of power. I know what that island not once in the end, did he ever compare the perfection of someone's body with a perfection of their mind for the perfection of their soul never been a Lovelace these together never did a lot draw a comparison with them. And in fact, last time, it was either does the complete opposite. And so when a lot so again, I don't think hypocrites, almost a final data describe them in the end. And he said to the believers, way, though, right on top of that, if you were to see them, or when you see them, their bodies, their physical

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status is something that would please you, meaning you would be pleased by their health, and by their strength and how their physical bodies are immaculate, are in great shape. And then our last title is Allah continues to criticize them. And he says, For on until the end of the verse, how then are they diluted, meaning the great the perfection of their physical status of the health of their body of the strength of their body, did not prevent them, did not a build up from the weakness and the imperfection and the defection of their soul. And so unless I know without and never drew a comparison between the perfection of a soul and the perfection of your physical status, and of your

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And this is why

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not only didn't lost the paddle, it's

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not only been a loss of how to do so but a loss of time with it shows us over and over through the life of the profits on the lawn, why don't you send them in versus the upper end, that those who may have been tested. In this world with these types of disabilities, they might in fact, be the door that a loss of 100 grand sucks in order to attain the mercy of a loss of hundreds on a door that can lead us to good a door that can lead us toward a door that can lead us to the pleasure of a loss of photo with Ireland. And a woman walks into the profits a little more, who are you sending them. And she said, Fine, if Yahoo will log in, you will set up what I cashed up, she said O Messenger of a

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law. Indeed I am afflicted with seizures, and I become uncovered meaning she said O Messenger of Allah, I am someone who is afflicted with an illness that causes me to have seizures. And due to the intensity of the seizures that I face. It causes me sometimes to tear my clothing or my clothing to rip and my body becomes uncovered. And the puppets have a lot what have you. And so she said, Well, if you're assuming walk in the

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Messenger of Allah, I face, the seizures, I'm afflicted with these seizures, and I become uncovered, as you said, federal law and you should be any. So she said, so make you out to a war that you may kill me from this illness. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to her, and

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that was a lot. And

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when she said, he said to her, the prophets have a lot more are you sending them, if you wish, I will make lots and lots of kind of Allah and he will do or if you wish, you may be patient. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if you want to be yield, I can make dr will want to kill you. But if you wish, you can be patient, you can be patient, even though you are suffering, you can be patient, even though your friends are suffering, your father and your mother are suffering, even though your husband may be suffering, and your children may be suffering, even though they may be suffering, you may be patient, when should you swallow tea, or lacking gender. And if you wish, you

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may be patient and for you, you will be granted paradise. And so the woman began to evaluate what the prophet SAW while he was setting them I told her between the first offer and the second offer should begin to evaluate and realize that she could be relieved of this illness, or she can suffer and be patient through it, and have the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and have the guarantee of paradise. So she said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but also there is a new rather I will be patient, rather, I want to be patient, or I want the reward of suffering through this difficulty and attain the mercy and the pleasure of a loss of time with either one I can do a lot. I

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love what she said, but rather make drive to a lot. But at the very least, I am not uncovered that my dignity is intact. So the profits over the wall, why don't you send them but Allah He may block for her. And they said after that day, never she did have seizures, but never did her body become uncovered. And so because of this seminar, or the Law of One every time you would pass by her and he was with his students, he would point to her and he would tell his students, if you want to see a person from the people of Paradise, then look to that woman because the Prophet sallallahu Why don't you send them promises?

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Her paradise because of her patience during the suffering of this illness that she had. And this is the honor in the dignity of the prophets, Allah wadhwani he was setting them on the companion. And the early Muslims they understood, just was deserving of those who are afflicting, afflicted with different illnesses or types of disabilities. And rather than a loss, the panel was prepared for them a high status due to their patience. And because of their patience during the hardships that they face in their lives and the profit center what why don't you send them every time you would pass away or go live normally my phone, a blind man, he would say more harm than beam and I have any

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p europei. He would say welcome to the one because of who my lord admonished me. And this is because the prophets all along Why don't you send them was referring to the famous incidents in which the Prophet sallallahu send them was sitting in the company of the leaders are fresh, calling them to Islam and debating with them, and are the law ignoring them at all, who is blind and didn't realize who the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting with, he came to the prophet SAW a lot of what he was sending them. And he began to ask him, he said, jasola law I lemoney I live meaning that Allah can walk, he said, O Messenger of Allah Teach me from that which Allah has taught you. And the

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prophets, Allah wa he was sending them

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was looking between speaking for our beloved,

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and responding to him. Even though he knew that all of the time that he had, most of the time he was available throughout the live normally not too many other than them, but that has time with grace and the leaders of grace was limited. So the prophets all wanted to send them as a matter of he had decided to ignore ignoring them at home, and to speak to the leaders of grace and continue to call them to Islam as well. Last time, was it that quick aside, and it monitors just profits of a lot? Why do you send them in the end, and the famous versus August I was told that and jet will not even to the calendar, a soccer coach will pick up until the end of the verses that the Prophet found

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insurance away because their kids in a blind man interrupting him for what would make you perceive over him that

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he may have been purified, or been reminded of the remembrance that would benefit him. And he almost kind of with it reminds the prophets of Allah, what are you sending them and admonished him for preferring the one who is strong and wealthy over the poor white men, because if the strong and the wealthy are considered have a higher status in this world, then that blind man was considered far higher in the eyes of a muscle, it was either and through this, Allah subhanho wa Taala showed us that while we might overlook while we might be eligible, the abilities and the contributions of those who are suffering differences, abilities for dealing with different disabilities in their

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life, not a loss. I know what Tyler is the one who values through abilities that are lost. I know it's a high that is the one who values their contribution contribution, and they're striving for the cause of a loss. I know what the ILO and through this last panel data showed us as well, our obligation to have tremendous issues and tremendous beautiful, gentle treatment with those who are going through difficulties as Allah showed the beautiful gentle treatment toward a lot if no limit to reminding us of our obligation to treat them with their son. And so we are obliged.

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Whenever we see someone with a disability, when we see somebody who's unable to move their hand, when we see somebody who's walking with dealing with their children who might have disabilities, that we have an obligation to help them we have an obligation to treat them with excellence with a beautiful treatment. And and last time I was on I said well I've seen or in the light, mean that show excellent treatment other show beautiful treatment to others indeed on long lives those who treat others with money, show them excellence with your knowledge and your learning about their hardships, show them excellent by your help by being gentle towards them and lending them a helping

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hand if needed. Show them all types of excellence and beauty towards them flexing in the law how you

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show excellence in beauty Indeed Allah loves those who treat others with beauty and and then once came to the profits a little more Why don't you send them he said Yasuda, la linea. He said O Messenger of Allah showing me the doors of good. So the prophets on a long ride he was sending them began to list the different doors of good deeds, the different doors of excellent deeds until the prophets on the wall what he was sending them said and Sonia will pass knowledge of rock that the prophet SAW what what he was sending said that you help a neighbor

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or you work for someone who is disabled or mentally challenged, that you help a laborer or you see someone who is a carpenter, someone who is working with wiring and they need some help. They need someone to help them lift something

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produce something that you give them a little bit of your time and you help them, I will post not the opera or you work on behalf of someone who is disabled, someone was unable to move their hand and requires your help. So you help them somebody who might be mentally challenged, and you come and you help them somebody who has difficulty taking their children in and out of their car, because their child is disabled, you come in you help them you realize, you realize that, that they have an obligation upon you. And that by helping them and being of their aid is a way for you to draw closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And indeed any of us who today we might feel like we are in full

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physical strength, which today we might feel like we are the ones in good health, tomorrow, we may be the ones for indeed without our abilities that we take for granted today. And it was in a time of disease, we're often with one way or the other in his governorship, that he would call out to all the other governors to tell them in for me how many people in your governorship are disabled. And when they reported back to the numbers on that have not been as he is hired employees in every governorship to stay with the person who is disabled. So each person who is disabled had an employee who was working for them, serving them, helping them and all the needs that they had, and this was

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back and the title were omitted not because his wife at the time of the disease, or one of the medical one. And even though people might have some faults in his life, he is the one who instituted and said to those who have disabilities, let's not do not that is not such a I do not ask the people anything. And instead, he put, he put a charitable Charitable Foundation only for the people who have disabilities, or the people or disabilities to pay them out. And then the type of armor that normalizes as well, some of the people in domesticus, they complain to omit a noun disease, they said that the governor only gives us from this account, you know, when the people pays a cat, if

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they pay us, we will move on. And they think that was a cat and they would give them from it. And they said, What am your ear shape, and we'll still be wrong. And he never gave us anything that is consistent. They never gave us a statement that was consistent year after year. So Mr. Brown is a white guy that he sent out to this man. And he said,

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he said pretend you are one of them. So what would you love? as though you are one of them? Put yourself in their shoes, which one would you prefer? And then on level the one, he ordered him indeed to give out of faith and not and to give them something that was consistent throughout the years. This is how it's not established justice. And the people of justice understood that there is only justice when we take care of those who are in need those amongst us who are weaker and require our support, and the profits of a lot what was said and said in an incredibly powerful ad. He said well, Tom Soto, and what was a phone at 11 people I thought, he said, and are you given victory? Or

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are you given? Are you provided? Or are you given your risk?

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except through those who are weak amongst you? Meaning Is there any way for loss of height of what I wanted to provide for you? Is there any way for a woman soldier to give you his help to give you his aid to give you his victory, except through you helping and defending and aiding and supporting those who have needs. And so the parents might feel tired, and might feel overwhelmed at times when their child is going and afflicted with these disabilities. But they should realize that this child might be a door for them, to entertain them, and a door for them to receive the provisions from a law and a door for them for a loss to protect them from hardships and difficulties and a door for a

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loss to enter them into his mercy had its own soul, which was the own individual. Are you given victory? Or are you given provisions except through your support for those who are weak amongst you. And this is something we have to understand throughout our lives. And second, we have to realize that we are partners in the building of people and partners in strengthening those who are around us in their abilities. When you see those with disabilities, whether the disabilities are in their body, or in their learning ability, it is our job to build them up. And to strengthen their abilities. Islam did not treat those with disabilities as though they're incapable. Perhaps the

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profits and the profits in the long run even send them would use the abilities that they did have. If the person is incapable of doing one thing. Perhaps they're capable of doing 100 other things. They ever said to them that you are sufficient in your place. You're not capable of doing anything, but rather they recognize that they had abilities and they allow them forward the abilities that you are capable of doing when I'm in Jamaica, and then got a severe limp. You want you to join the prophet in the battle and his four sons part of prevention. And they said to him, we are sufficient

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In your place, we will take care of it. Why are you going to go with your link? And he said, Well, I need the origin and

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the origin he has an agenda. He said, by a law, I wish that I am going to set forth into agenda with this link of mine. And he went forward and the prophets of Allah, what are your points, if you don't want to be the leader of Medina, to judge between the people though he was like, whenever the prophet in the believers would leave, and look at our bodies and have your robot, one of the greatest of the scholars of the history of the snap. And he was born asleep. And he was black. And he had a severe lung cancer study that are a severe limb. And he was blind in one of his eyes, and later on would be blind from both of his eyes. All of the things that ignorance people care about,

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he had all of them in him.

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And none of it stopped him. He was read by his master, because he found no use in him. He went to his mother crying, that she freed him, because at least when he was asleep, he had a roof to live under and food would be given to him. Now he was freed and there was nothing for him to do. He went to his mother fine. And what is his mother saying to him? She said to me, when he asked me what she said, Oh, my son, do you want the glory of this world and the next world? And he said to her, yes. She said,

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for a lot of you, they are finding a coma. She said to him, go and seek knowledge, for Indeed, Allah will lift you over the leaders with knowledge. She didn't belittle his ability. She didn't tell him you're not capable. She didn't tell him you can't do anything. No, rather, she pushed him. And she encouraged him. And she told him to go seek knowledge and to go work for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. So he went, and he was poor, and he was homeless. And he began to live in the masjid. And those are on for more than 20 years Canon and Mr.

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Robot, actually in a center, 20 years he was homeless, living inside of the masjid. And there he was studying and he was learning. And the people ask, How did he live with students after he passed away? And how did you live for 20 years? Also, that's why when you need a supplier, you will receive some money from the authorities that they would give every Muslim and he would receive the provisions and the help of his relationships with his brothers. His brothers would give him some food, help him with a little bit of money. This is how he lived until he became the most knowledgeable of the people of Mecca. so knowledgeable. They went out the loving aroma came into

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Mecca. He is the companion of the Prophet. And the people went to him and started asking him questions. He said to him, he said to them, yeah, and America, pigeon, everyone. And he and I sat in one of your robot, he said, Oh, people of Mecca. Are you gathering questions for me, and you have amongst you offline of your robot, and he became one of the greatest of the students of our best. And he became so knowledgeable. They said, no one can give a fetch what other than a bureau that until there was a day that the honey for today, man is not in many cases, perform his hatch in Mecca. And he wanted to ask some questions about how they said to him, you have to go to our block,

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no one can give the first one other than our block. So he went. And he found a lot of lineup of people in front of all thought, and he came to a thought and he wanted to get in front of the line and ask us questions. So

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are these questions for you? Or they for all of them? Are you asking as the leader as the halifa, about matters that affect everyone, or matters that only affects you? So he said, can be they are specific to me. So he told them we

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were waiting in line while he answered the questions of every other person in line, and finally went to the man about the medics journalist. He asked his questions, and I answered his questions. And finally he left and with him which looked at something and so they turned to him. And he's, like, you know,

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female remote and I don't mean, to be near they haven't had either one. Like I never saw myself more humiliated than in the standing between the sleep. And then he said to some, yeah.

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Oh, my son seek knowledge, go and seek knowledge for the mutual and we're, we're

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not tipping rule. He said with knowledge. Those who are humble and boldly are raised and given honor and mobility, and those who are servants and slaves become raised above the kings, just as he saw in his late This is our religion. It gives empowerment to those who might have difficulties in their life and disabilities. They are our brothers and our sisters and we are obliged to help them and to support them in every capacity that we can talk on the phone. You had a lot of stuff nobody would have come up for in the world before.

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model to the

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woman why now, we were requested to give the hook on this topic of disability because this is a time of the International Day of disability. And there are many Muslim organizations, one of them is can be that works with Muslims who have disabilities, there are many different projects, it's up to you to go out and define the different projects that you can help others. And we want every single human being wasn't who's mentally challenged, they are they simultaneously are not burdened, therefore all of them are Muslims, we have obligations towards all of them. And I will say that in this semester, there are people who come here with disabilities and we do give them money whenever they are in

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need. So support this message did of course and I'm thinking the CEO, but also because I noticed my with my own first, you know, first I experienced that I've seen this, but also look for other organizations and other ways that you can help and support those who have disabilities, for us to give them honor and to give them dignity in their life in a lawful manner. It can only someone who Yeah, are you allowed

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to use any wood steamer