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In Al Hamdulillah Hina Mehta who want to sit in on a stock photo who in a sec de when we let him in Cerulean fusina woman sejati Melina

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yes II La, La La, la, la, la la, la la, la la la la, Shadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah who was Solo Solo Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah, he was actually able to sell him to Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala avvocato sulochana Vienna, NaVi rochman Mohammed even Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh with him with the slim Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala rasulillah. Yeah, or Kamala Harris mean, it's always a pleasure at hamdulillah that we get together and even though it's virtually to be able to share with each other some of the Rahim Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is another installment I guess, on the day of joumana of a virtual Jamaat virtual congregation. And we

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do come together in the celebration of our worships upon the love, we started doing these kind of things.

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With the difficulties that arrived with the COVID-19 and I know it's beginning to open up in different parts of the world where we're able to rejoin the drama, and the drama, and therefore I wanted this to be something that we can continue to maintain even after that inshallah. So I've actually led the Juma prayer here at the Langford Islamic college amongst my students and staff. And we're going to continue now and with this virtual Juma in sha Allah, the discussion that I have itemized is something that I was reflecting on after salata. Vegeta this morning,

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and it's about living through the signs of karma living through the signs of after living through the signs of the inevitability of the Day of Judgment. I noticed I said that inevitability, I didn't see the newness of it as if it is something that I'm predicting today or tomorrow. So a few issues of al Qaeda of our belief system, our tenants and creed that are important for us to establish first, lay Allah Maha in the law first and foremost, nobody knows about the precise detail of the Day of Judgment except the law. And this is arrived at from the famous Hadith of the prophets I seldom Would you believe comes in questions in what is Islam what is EMA? And what is sad? When is

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the day of judgment, okay, what are its signs and the prophets I seldom answers all of that comprehensively, but says something very important. He said that the one asking and the one being asked, neither of them is more aware of the other of the time of the day of judgment. And whenever anybody would come and ask the province I said lamb Mehta said he would turn their attention from asking when to what have you prepared for it? The prophets I seldom would say, Man that are that that Lucha sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam to Sleeman kathira so we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us for those who are engaged with that which is most beneficial. And that takes us to the Hadith of the prophets. I send him his driveway say I love Moroccan, amen. Now all lawmakers from those who receive beneficial knowledge of the knowledge that benefits us is the knowledge that is actionable practice, practice, where we immediately come to heart and we say, well, it doesn't matter when the Day of Judgment is. What's important is what am I prepared for? What will my answer be on the day of judgment? How will I respond to respond to a lot about the large and the small, the good and the bad, the Hillel and the

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haraam, the sooner and the day in my life. All of those become the central focus of hearts that are illuminated and lit with fear and hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Island.

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So there was a particular Hadith that I had in mind that I wanted to discuss with you today. And this hadith is arrived that from the authentic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and overall so I set them aside, it will mean he says very precisely that to whom was that the Day of Judgment shall not arrive until we experience until we see until we are made known of certain things that will occur.

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And of the numerous statements that he begins his narration with this latter for most of the day of judgment will not come until of the one that I think is a time that we are living in now. And I'm sure that other generations have lived through it. But I believe that it's something that's a lot more pronounced in its effect, because the treachery that we find exhibited in today in the inequality and injustice in the racism and the pro prolific ation of

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you know, sinful demeanor towards the weakest amongst us is something that's a hallmark from the signs of the Day of Judgment. So the privatised, Selim says in this authentic hadith letter, homosassa Day of Judgment shall not arrive until what's going to happen.

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You will slug the polkadoodle when you can double solder, the one who's a liar, the one who is dishonest in their words in the statements articulations and the comments that they make will be held as being

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truthful way you can double sided. inversely, the one who is truthful, the one who is dependable, the one whose veracity is correct and true, will be made out to seem to be a liar will be taken as as a deceiver.

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When you 10 manual hard in what you have when the day of gentlemen will not arrive until the one who is treacherous, who is untrustworthy will be trusted, will be given opportunities of, you know, trust and public office and so on. Where you how when we come in and the one who should be trusted, the one who is trustworthy, who is dependable, who is a person of substance will be denied that for themselves, and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said,

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So, you can do or you can double sided your terminal heart and when you have one more time and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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that there will be a time center where to not that there will be times of excessive deception, excessive

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hada, you know, of fraudulence

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What are these times and what is its hallmark, he said, some of the lie sillim Tom Duffy, Hawaii,

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the people of Hawaii visa will be the ones who will have the loudest voice tongue to foofy and the Sahaba, who were very eloquent by nature, you know, they memorize poetry, they knew their language inside out, they turned in they asked the Prophet I sent him a very simple question number one, what is this royalty though? messenger of Allah. What is it? What does this word mean? What is its context? And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He said, a radula taffy yet a column of a moral ama, it will be an insignificant foolish man, somebody of no substance, somebody of no way somebody who shouldn't be in a position of power, public trust authority, someone who shouldn't be depended on

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someone who is inconsequential, will be given the platform to represent the majority that their word will will have the effect that it silences the majority. So Pamela, how clear and piercing were the words of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Selim to Sleeman kathira.

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There are numerous other hudy that have this CLR, this habit of saying letter, almost the other day of judgment will not come, the day of judgment will not come. But this is the Hadith that I want to share with you over the next five more minutes in Shall I don't have the length olalekan that we don't, you know, bear too much down on you.

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There are a number of powerful important lessons. One is that when the prophets I seldom says that something will happen, it will happen.

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And even if you try to force everybody, this is a point of al Qaeda, even if you try to stop it from being happy from happening, it will happen. So for example, the Hadith where the Prophet is lm says that the day of judgment will not come until the Barefoot destitute. And later he described them, as the Arabs will build tall buildings that will reach the heights of the skies yet enough, as soon in competition with each other, which we see today with the Arab regions. The prophesize lm is saying that it's not condemnation of us building a tall structure. So don't think to yourself, I can't live in a two story home, or I must live in a single story, or it's wrong for us to build vertically,

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because the Prophet said that this is going to bring this is a sign of the Day of Judgment, there's a difference between it happening. And it being the reason of the Day of Judgment happening. This isn't the reason of the Day of Judgment happening, meaning if people still lived in single storey homes, that's not it's not because they started building vertically, that that's what brings about the Day of Judgment. No, the Prophet is saying, so I sell him a matter of fact. And that's a very important

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aspect of our faith that we have to understand as a foundation of our faith, you cannot will and you cannot reject the actions of the Day of Judgment from coming into fruition. So I can't, at you know, I can't force the day of judgment to come. And I can't force it science to come to effect. I can't do the things that the Prophet said will happen before it and that will be the trigger for it. Now, that's a very big difference between our cosmological view as most of most as Muslims, of how the Day of Judgment establishes, in comparison to those, for example, in the Jewish tradition. So you will find some of those who are Zionist in their perspective, one of the main catalysts for their

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Zionism of usurping the land from underneath the Palestinians and indigenous people of that land is that they believe if they bring the last nations back into this land, it will trigger the effect of

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Many, we don't have that belief. Also, we find within some of the sects that are found within Islam that is many lives in particular, if not actually she had that even in some of their invocations, you know, I just oh, you know, let that Maddie come out of his cave and the sorbet and you know, all of these different kind of things that they believe by doing certain things, they can trigger the mechanism of the melody. This is also a hallmark of extremist, Sunni Muslim, Colts, and most recently with ISIS. So we don't hear as much about anymore, for

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various reasons, of course. But that is a very important context of alchemy, that you can't make the Day of Judgment happen by trying to reenact the statements of the Prophet sallallahu said, second thing that we learned from this hadith is that the prophets I send them did not leave any stone unturned. And he told us that there would be signs things that we look for now we usually people, they look for the signs in other than themselves. And that's really the central focus that I wanted to take with you today. If you sat with me, and you thought, Oh, my God, the prophet must have been speaking about Trump, or the the prophets. I said, I must be speaking about these, you know, cronies

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or, you know, false leaders that we have amongst us in Muslim lands. And you get into that diatribe, and you get off that path into that kind of methodology of thought. I want you to know that that isn't the intent, that the signs are meant to be things you look into yourself as much as probably more than you look out into society. So how honest I am I how honest are you and this was the basis of my whole book and jumar to my students here at the Lankford Islamic college. You know, if you're a student, who you wake up in the morning, you haven't done your homework, and you get your friend's homework book, and you you know, sit down and you copy it, and you gain a level or a grade or praise

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or you escaped the you know, whatever it is of not having your homework not done, you might think that you got away with it, you might think that that's fine. But what you become is another nook, in the statement of the prophets, I send them, you saw the whole caliber, you can double

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where you can double sided, that you give your homework as if you're a truthful person, but you haven't done it. And therefore you're believed on account of your treachery when you really haven't earned it. And this is something that the Prophet warns us about a lot more than the prophets on boat in the water. And that's one of the signs of the hypocrites, you hit boo that you're meant to be my Lamia follow the of the signs of hypocrisy. A person loves to be in Grand eyes to be praised to be given recognition for something they are unworthy of, it's not something that they did. It's not a charity they gave it's not homework, they fulfilled it's not an act of worship that they

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actually perform. It's not sincere advice that they really gave out of sincerity of heart, but they get the praise for it, and they're happy to take it. And they're happy that people give them accolades for something that they're wholly unworthy of.

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And that's part of this heavy use of the vocab, the one who's a liar liar to themselves, they know that they are not worthy of that praise, they know that they're not worthy of that mark, they know that they're not worthy of that promotion. They know they're not worthy of submitting that work into the university or that lab report. They know that, but they're believed on account of that, that there is more people in society today, who are willing to take credit for that which they did not earn, then there are people who are willing to take blame for that which they did not earn.

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And that's something you I see as as an educator, I see it as a, as a person who is involved in family mediation, how often will you find a husband and a wife who will stand at odds with each other, and neither of them speaking the truth about a particular issue, none of them is acknowledging their mistake. They're known mistake to each other to people that they love, to their children to their home, to their finance, to their job, to their work to their community. But we have this perception, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you had born as the prophet Isaiah Lim said, you can double solder but the one who is truthful, will be taken as being

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untruthful. And that's a really important Second, you know, third point that we take as this idea that even if you are not believed, still speak the truth even if you do not assume people will hold you as being trustworthy still speak it whether or not unforseen even if you speak it against yourself, and that's really the main element that I'm trying to drive home. That the truthfulness you and I see is the one where we establish within my life in your life, a dichotomy of existence where even if I am going to

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have to wear the blame, even if I'm going to have to substantiate an error that I made, even though I'm going to have to accept the consequence of the mistake that I've done. I would rather be honest and truthful than to be deceptive.

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And accommodating and unwilling to accept

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number four, from the lessons we take from this hadith from the signs that we are living during the signs of the era. And this doesn't mean that exclusive to us it will continue. And it was before us in the past. of the fourth lesson that I think is is incredibly important is that there will be people who are not meant to hold

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certain positions, certain powers certain elements of authority, but they will be given it. And that is a fact of life. So, it doesn't matter how a person got to where they're seated, it doesn't matter whether they're worthy of being there or not. You need to know that it is a law who gives them it's a law who removes it's a law who takes and you need to know that if the whole world came to stop someone from having something that was meant for them to have, even though they're unkind people, they're going to receive it. And if the whole world came to give somebody something that they were not destined to have, they will never achieve it. And I want you to think to the verses of the Quran

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that sometimes we gloss over and we don't study as much as we should. where Allah subhana wa Taala describes, you know, Ibrahim alayhis salaam who came and stood in front of a number rude, and a number rude is this, you know, despicable man, who was a tyrant King and Ibrahim enters in his land. And this man demonstrates his power by ordering the one who was meant to be decapitated, and and killed for their crime, to be given the sword and that they execute the one who was meant to execute them. This is I will give life and I will take death I will decide with with my justice with my understanding of it. So Ibrahim, you know, in speaking to me, he says bringing the sun from the west

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instead of the East and so on. We know that famous story, but one of the things that we gloss over is how Allah introduces this men out Allah describes Ibrahim entering upon this man's kingdom. And Terra hula hula MOOC, Allah entered a tells Ibrahim to enter this land upon a man who is a tyrant who a law gave power gave MOOC gave the kingdom to and you might say no, no, Allah only gives it to the righteous. No, that's not true. Allah Subhana Allah, your money come in Yeshua, he gives of his dominion, whom He wills, It all belongs to Allah. He allows people to be tested by good and bad in all different circumstances. So I want you to know that the people who are in the places that

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they're in, it's not accidental. It's not absent to a lot, not unknown to Allah soprano to Anna. And it's my job in your job to do what we are expected to do. The prophets iclm says, of the greatest jihad, struggle for the truth, struggle for peace, struggle for righteousness struggle for justice, struggle for faith of the greatest struggle that will ever be done is that a person will speak a word of truth in the face of a tyrant in to their face. And they will do and say what is right, and therefore the truth will set you free. But your freedom is not always in the way that you think it may liberate your soul, but your body may still be in captive. And I want you to kind of consider

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all of the stories that we study in the Koran and in our tradition in the Torah, and in our tradition of what we accept the gospel of Isa alayhis salaam.

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So we speak the truth even if it's against ourselves, we speak the truth even though people may deny it. And it's important for us to stand up. Look, look at our last set of who who knew our mean lilla be standing upright for a law for Allah not for anybody else's purpose. May Allah subhanaw taala always allow us to speak words of truth. And I wanted to end you know, in understanding this hadith one of the Hadith of the alpha will study more as the days go by in sha Allah by saying that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when the Sahaba asked him what is this word of Allah? He doesn't just give it a definition. But he gives it a practical example. He this guy describes a man

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who is inconsequential, who's been given power and authority over other people. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to never give us authority and power in something that we will be derelict in our duty, that we are always maintainers of our duty of care for others, that Allah Subhana Allah blesses us with happiness and contentment and ease and comfort and the loss of Hannah to Allah makes my life and your life my mission in life of fulfilling my tauheed to Allah and leading my family towards it and looking after my responsibility and beautiful children here in my story.

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Cool in my community here in Perth and abroad and virtually, that a lot allows us to fulfill our duties in that which is pleasing to Him Subhan Allah to Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala never make us remiss of our dealings with other people, and make us from those who are oppressive to others. Finally, I say that I am a, as a believer, as a Muslim, naturally optimistic, and whatever injustice is have ever occurred in life, know with full reality that Allah subhanho wa Taala never allows a score to remain unsettled and a laws justice is absolute. Even if we don't understand it in this life, it will become understood to us in the next I pray that Allah subhanaw taala leads you

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and I to his success to that which is pleasing to Him, protects us from the punishment of Hellfire makes us from those who remember the durood and Allah upon the prophets I send them often in our day of Juma that Allah subhanho wa Taala removes because of it, the pain that we are feeling and the sorrow in our hearts and that illness in our bodies. And that Allah increases our wealth, forgives our debts, and allows us to overcome them and makes us from those who are icons and examples of righteousness towards others and our families. Allahumma Amin. Well, suddenly lahoma Selim was it was Allah have even whenever you know, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Sleeman kathira along

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with somebody with Selim as it were verticality, you know, how do you know Mohammed? filler when he was told he was selling was it oh verticality, Dinamo. Nabina Muhammad until after him also he was selling was it robotic Allah says you know, whenever you know Mohammed in film Allah Allah Allah yamawaki mean, Allah Linda murgia hinda Amina and all them with a kidnapping human or Sina wackadoodle widow Anna and then hamdulillah here on behind amin, also Lillah wa Sallim wa barik, ala Sayidina. Whenever you know Mohammed Salah la hottie listen