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As those who would like to offer their condolences and Sharla is going to be here with his family Shala on Saturday after the hotel shallow tan

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Serravalle glomerata Live record

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Alhamdulillah Bella means that Allah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad sallahu wa sallam to Sleeman Kathira to mama bad. I guess we've been waiting for this for too long the Joomla the fourth part, Hadith, capital Malik are they allowed to Anwar da and his toga? So it's been a long time since we covered the last part of the Hadith insha Allah Allah, just to the summary of the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he ordered the Sahaba all to go out to the Battle of the book. And he said whoever is capable of writing on the back of the camera should leave. Gabriela Juan was in his best time as best environment, this prosperous time for himself. He kept procrastinating until he

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missed it. And the Prophet says he was coming back. He tried to give fabricate a reason, just like the other hypocrites, but he said, No, I'm going to tell the truth and he did. And as a result, the Prophet says I'm said for them to be completely ostracized and boycott them for 40 days and 40 nights without talking to them came now. hotter in the Arboga welcome sin. He says after 40 days, after four days, he said it was still worth Allahu ala Rasulillah. He saw Samia teeny Rasulullah Rasulillah teeny, he said after 40 days when he thought that it should be over by now. He received a message a message from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says call Annette azul erotic that you need to

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avoid your wife not That's it stay away from her for Carla called to auto Liqua he said doesn't mean I divorce her oh my oh what do I do? He goes now but just don't don't don't come to her go near her color or sorry la Sahiba yeah be Miss leader like he sent to the other two gentleman who were also were punished in the same way with the exact same message for call to the mirror it will have to be added for Cooney and them had the love you had an AMA. So I told my wife I said look, just pick up your stuff. Go to your family. And let's wait a word ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is gonna rule for us. He said then Fauja Tamara to Hera live pneumonia to Rasulullah sallallahu Lucifer call it La Yasser

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Allah. In the Hillel of know Amelia che homebuyer is

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the wife of irrelevant omega one of the three there was an old man. She says Dr. Rasul Allah. He's an old man, my husband, he let me know, man, he's an old man. I mean, he could barely, you know, manages on his own by himself, and he has no service to take care of him. Well, Tucker, what can I just at least serve them? I'll be around them to serve him. That's all for Kasasa law. Well, ACULA Kubernetes he said, That's fine. He can be you can you can serve Him. But if you don't sleep with him

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for Carla in the Hawala he might be him and Huracan Illa che in Wallahi Medallia VKI Mundo Kenema Emery McKenna Isla Yomi had because there are Sorolla What are you talking about businesses since that happened? He has never been in himself that he's not moving at all. The man has been crying from that day. Like for 30 to 40 days and 40 Nights. He's been crying his eyes out. He lost interest in the dunya even being with his wife nothing, because they've been completely punished for that. Forgot to leave early. So some people they came to Camp says that was the Atlanta Rasulillah Hey,

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why don't you ask permission like the mother the wife of

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Hera did? Forgot Adela Marathi Hillel Duma, he allowed her to serve Him. For kotula Esther didn't feel Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I would never do that. What am I doing in my day for Salah it is that into via one hour during sharp? What do you think the profit is gonna say? When I go and seek permission I'm a strong man. Still young and strong. I can take care of myself from other cool Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Karla Bella Vista Botanica mashallah and 10 days past 10 days fast for Kamala and Assam sunnah Lena min Haney only uncle lamina 50 days since they've been banned from speaking to them

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faretta masala to Salat al Fajr saba haccombe CRA Allah hurry vitamin Butina said that day at Fudger I was praying on the roof top of one of our houses like he has he lost enters even going to be with the people in the masjid, tired, exhausted. So he was praying by himself on the rooftop of the Masjid.

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Call for Vina Anna Jerison idol Halle alloted aka Allahu Taala

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because I was there on that morning and started the the very state, which Allah described in the eye, which Allah said about them called Hatha barkatullah him and presume or docket la hyung all the way in Morocco but in which he says panel within the translation that the earth seemed constrained for me despite its vastness because I felt that it was so tight because I'm here to sell tazarotene

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Alpha Allah sell Enya kurunegala So yeah kappa nomadic ABSHER

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he said as I was sitting there reflecting and I feel how everything getting so constrained and tight

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and like almost losing all hope, because I heard from far distance aloud call from faraway a man is calling from the top health

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care above NEMA, like good news rejoice. Good news. He said before even heard what he was saying for how long to search you that I dropped in search the war of two unknown Khadija Alfred he said I knew that the glad tiding has arrived

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for ad and Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and Naseby Toba Tila Zoji la Lena Hina Salah Salat al Fajr

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Is it the prophets of Allah they will sell them he was given the people the good news. Like as if he's congratulating the whole ummah. Salawat Allah allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he's congratulating the whole Amma Salado seller on behalf of the three that Allah subhanaw taala has accepted their tilbyr and he's now pleased with them.

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convergehub A nurse we will Sharona and people were rushing to go and embrace them and go to share the good news with everybody was wanting to go and share the good news with them. Godfather have given us a hell of a shoe so people run to the to the house of the other people cavada Gadalla urogen forests and wasa and min Aslam kibali He says two people running in my direction, one was on the back of his horse and the other one was running

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from the tribe of Islam, God will Alpha Allah Jebel he, this man, the one who was running on foot says he climbed the hill and he was calling out loud, that his voice came before that the man who was running on the back of the horse,

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fella manager and he did the same to Soto when that man arrived, you guys should have given me the good news and declared tight and he said I had nothing to give him. So I took off my shirt, and I gave it to him. I said, this is yours. Take it,

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sir. And save Allah Imam likova Rama Yama, then he says, I swear I had nothing else at that time. I didn't own anything else. God I was the up to 39 So I went to borrow two, two pieces from my neighbor. And I want to meet with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Carla want to look at Amara surah Allah, I'm heading towards the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And the people come in waves. They all come in with waves and give him the good news and sharing the good news and bracing him and say congratulations attorney Gatto but Allah He I like good news. Like you're so lucky that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has accepted you and accepted your repentance had the halal Masood Aveda Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam jettison hold on us. Because when I got to the masjid and the Prophet was sitting there and the people around

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for calm atoll had to obey the law or the Allah and

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they'll have no obey the law. He said he got up you have to Will he was running towards me until he shook hands and he embraced me was a nanny. And he basically greeted me so well. For Allah he says Malcolm origem and Maha Gina none of them are Julian did the same. And he says I've never forget that a lot of people have

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Subhanallah I mean before we proceeded Mr.

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One of the beautiful things that we learn here is how even though

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cab and the other two were kind of punished or at least ostracized and been banned from speaking to the people the public. That doesn't mean that the people didn't love love them or care about them. They cared so much for them about it hurt them as much as it hurts cab and his fellow

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group that the same group, to the extent that when the good news came a Sahaba, they all were running, who's going to be first to share the news with them?

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Can you imagine how much these people will really care for you? They're running to come and greet you for that. But then, the Aloma, they call this Jabril. Kawata means, you know, mending the broken hearts, really.

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So he says that these gestures are so powerful, no matter how little they are, such as saying Talha from the group that was around the Prophet, Salah Salem getting up running to him, and embracing him and greet him like nobody else. He goes, I've never forgot this for him.

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Sometimes you don't know in which state the people will be in what condition they are. Sometimes just a phone call a random phone call to check on a brother or sister a text you send. You don't know what they're going through. Sometimes a smile in the face of a stranger Allah you have no idea how much will change people's life. And I'm, I think I mentioned a story for you about that when I was flying that day to

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to Seattle, Portland, I believe. And that old lady sitting next to me, subhanAllah, Qatar Allah. So she asked me something random. And then we had a conversation, to which she starts crying.

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She said, Do you believe in divine intervention? I said, Of course I do. She goes, Why you sat next to me? Said I don't know. But somehow the conversation was, she was going through a very rough time. And she was almost going where she was going to end their life almost. But that conversation kind of changed everything for him. We're talking about Allah subhana wa Island, you know, the patients and trials and this and that and she just like, complete different perspective. You don't know. What people go through is your mom and sister sometimes a smile, just a handshake, a text random text, or just a phone call or whatever. random act of kindness can make a big difference in people's lives.

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And that's one of these examples won't tell how the alarm just got up and ran towards crab. He said I've never forgot that for him. What a beautiful act of kindness nothing much. It didn't really take much from tell her to do that. But it changed cab or the allowance perspective and everything else. So you can imagine what would that make if you do something to somebody's Panadol fella ma salam ala Rasulillah is Salah Salem kala Hua, you have record you want me to Sue is when I said Salam to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. The Prophet responded. When his face was shining. It was rejoicing. It was shining beaming with pleasure. It was so excited to see him again. Karla ABSHER, behind the Omen

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Mara Elijah Muth well at that komak Because rejoice with the best day you have ever seen. Since your mother gave you birth for call to Iman and daycare, Rasul Allah, is that from you?

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Am I getting this the news from you? Or at least is that your judgment? I'm going to end dilla or this from Allah subhanho wa Taala call Allah Bellman and delay as diligent, not from me from ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna for Call. Call our current Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ADA surah is tonnara Raju had good knowledge of good Atacama because when the Prophet SAW Selim is happy and his rejoicing, his face was shine like like it's like the moon when it's full. The glow of the moon basically, we're Qunari medallic. I'm in min falam Majerus to Bayonetta equal to Rasulullah in the mentality and unholy I mean Malli sada Catan in Allahu wa ala Rasulillah says Yasser Allah part of

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my Toba I'm giving up all my money all my my my properties I'm given a visa villa for Carlos Salah Salah called MC Kalika Malika our Hello like he said, Don't do this, not everything. Keep something in your hand, you will benefit from it. So a call to them in the MC Casa Mila DB Hiber. In this case, I will keep what I have why on what I earn from Khyber and the rest of it will be charity. Welcome to your Rasul Allah and Allah Allah in the man journey was said I was relieved and ALLAH SubhanA wa saved me because of my truthfulness in this matter. When I'm in Tober, the Allah will have DITA Illa said karma booklet at my I vow to you that I will never speak by the truth for Allah

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Hema Adam to Adam in Muslim Mina Allahu Allahu Allah to circle Hadith, Moon to the cut to Delica level Sula, his salah, some acid, I'm in my blood, Allahu Allah there, because I've never seen anyone who has been tested with this as much as I've been tested after after I vowed this to the prophets, Allah, Allah Allah. However, he says, I never lied.

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I never told a lie. After this, it says, follow Allah Hema dama to hit the button Mundo to the Likkle Rasulullah sallallahu

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Hello selama Elomi had until this day when Lila urged you and your father in law who to Allah, female bhakti and I ask Allah to preserve me for that what is left for me in this life and Allah subhanaw taala revealed, Lakota Allahu Allah Nabi will Maharaj arena, while unsalted Lilina teboho fissara surah. Allah forgiven, the Prophet and the MaHA jurien who they left their homes and followed absord Allah Azza wa sallam on that moment of distress, which was the title of the book until Allah subhana wa Taala mentioned the Toba of the three Rhodiola that an amalgam finally capsid

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Wallahi man I'm Allahu Allah Muhammad in Baghdad had any level Islam, Tata Martino Seaman Sookie Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, I've never felt so rejoiced by a blessing after accepting Islam. More than that moment when I told the truth before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because if I did not, I would have been ruined like those who, who lied to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam because Allah subhanho wa Taala he revealed about these people, he says called, certainly funa Billa he la comida and CalOptima who literally do Anna Farah do annum in homeroots, Allah subhana wa Taala says about these people, that they will swear to you, they give

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you their oath, when you return back to them from that from that journey, literally to answer it, avoid punishing them, so leave them alone in downgrades. That means they're actually they are nervous, they're impure wamalwa home Jahannam and they ended up in Johanna cardcall, Goodna Khalifa serata and Amarula Kalina development home Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Hina Hala, Fula. So those were the people who were stayed behind and told the truth when everybody's word and lied, but we remained steadfast on this matter.

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Well, Allahu Allah, Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala make us among those who always returned back to Allah in Tobiano banana. Allah wa salam along with the love of

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