Who is the Greatest Woman of All Time

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The upcoming election and similarities between the Prophet sallhawn and the Prophet's roles are discussed. The Prophet sallhawn is the mother of Kattia, while the Prophet's womb is lost and predictions of negative behavior are made. The loss of Hanuman and the need for people to act as they have been warned are also discussed. The success of the "Art Lisa" operation and the importance of being a pure woman to achieve success are also discussed.

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Who do you think I'm gonna

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marry? Right? What about fredita?

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Okay, raise your hand if you think it's Mario.

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Raise your hand you think it's Khadija

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there is your hand if you think it's Fatima

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no not baby Felicia I need us next shift. Yes. Okay.

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He's he said Khadija

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What about Ostia?

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Hi Isha.

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Okay. We're coming into Quran surah Ali. I'm Ron and there is a verse and Ally Emraan in Allah has tough anarchy. WAPA hierarchy was tough hockey. I don't need that line. I mean, verily, oh mottingham Allah has chosen you. He has purified you and he has chosen you above the women of all time or all of the women of the worlds now we know who the greatest man of all time was sallallahu alayhi wa salam and the greatest of Allah's creation. But Madame it has Salam. I want to speak about her but I also want to speak about Khadija will be allowed to Anna Anna and farty model the Allah Jota, Anna Anna, and Asya and he has Sudan. And let's think about this for a moment. Shala Tata,

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because there's so much here for us to unpack. Number one. Mother Yamani, has Salam is not just a comma between the mother and the east. It is Sarah. She's not just the mother of a Saudi Saddam, she is a woman who is distinguished in her worship, who is perfect in her ima. She's perfect in her faith. And that's something that's very special because we know that the wife of Enron when he made the offer when she made the art for a child, she wanted a prophet to carry on the work of the prophets, many slightly, someone she could dedicate to the temple and Allah subhanaw taala did not just give her a Saudi has set up, Jesus peace be upon him. Allah gave her mother Yamani has set up

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and she's not just in the middle somewhere. She is an incredible human being a woman of absolute perfection cannot mean in quantity. A woman who would stand and worship Allah subhana Medina for hours and hours and hours, who had no concern for this world whatsoever. All she wanted to do was sit and worship Allah subhanaw taala until Allah subhanaw taala took her from this world, and she could be in the presence of her Lord Subhana horchata so money or money has set on is in and of herself an incredibly special woman the Quran says the greatest woman of all times, but then what happens to her the devil the Allahu Tada what happens to follow the model the Allahu Taala and these

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are the Allahu Tana Anna, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Hey, you don't need that you ha Madame will hate on Isa. Yeah. Khadija, the best woman of her time. Gunnies Imani Ha, the best woman of her time was not a young and the best woman of her time was Khadija. So you have an you know, a debate here right? was muddy MIT has stood up the greatest woman of all time or just her time. And then you have found the model the Allahu Tada Anna. And the answer with Ponte model the Allahu Tada Anna and this is the daughter of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Khadija will be Allah Jota Anna Anna, and she has the traits of her father sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and her

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mother will be Allah hotel to Anna. Prophet's life and I'm sad she is say either to Nyssa al Jana, she is the the master of the Queen of the women of Jannah. Except for Madame Mintu Emraan. He has Stella. So what do we take with all of this? Well, first of all, though, at the apparent meaning, you find Mario Monti has Saddam is indeed the greatest woman of all times. You're comparing perfection to perfection. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that Madame it has Salam Khadija or the Allahu Taala and her faulty model the Allahu Taala and her asiyah What the Allahu Tada and how are women who perfected their faith, there is no deficiency and there are other

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men talk about monogram in many ways. I mean, Subhan Allah, a woman who is not just named in the Quran has a whole chapter named after her in the Quran, a woman who you know has virtue after virtue after virtue that is mentioned to us a woman who some of their intimate of the past this of course would have you know been solved the debate right the some of the elements of the past consider her to be a profit in and of herself like any mom in order to be an even has them Rahim Allah Tala and even if that is a minority view, right then

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It still says something about her virtue because those that did not consider her to be a prophet in her own right did not exclude her from prophet hood because of a deficiency on her part but because of what they define a prophet as the duties and responsibilities of a Nabil Allah, but what are the similarities when we look through them? monogram it has set on carried or esigning has set up in her womb. And when Djibouti and Ani has Saddam came to her and told her what this was about that this was a sign from Allah not a sign of Allah's displeasure for you that this is a test that Allah subhanaw taala is going to see you through that this baby that you have just given birth to is a

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blessed baby.

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What is the loss of Hanuman? Say Madame it has Salam did when she got that news for attacks behold Maha TAMIU. She went to her people carrying reciting As Salam knowing that they might kill her knowing that they would insult her slander her and kill her because muddy Omani has Salam was not married Maria mighty has Salam had no husband's money MIT has set up a PA he along the pure one money on money has set up, never never did anything that would humanly bring a baby into this world. And she knew that her people would do all sorts of things. But once it was clear to her that ALLAH SubhanA wa Asana had a mission and a purpose for this baby that she carried. When God made it, his

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Salam came to her what did she do, she went to her people with full confidence carrying her baby. Allah subhana wa Tada is going to see me through this. And not only that she's not allowed to defend herself. Right because she is in a vow of silence of slum so she has to wait to see how Allah subhanaw taala will defend her and clear her but she knows that Allah subhanaw taala will clear her name and defend her. And that's exactly what happens. Khadija will the Allah Jota Anna Gibreel Ali his Salam comes to her husband, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam and gives him the revelation. And Russell was my son and is driven to her arms. And Khadija are the Allahu taala. And her takes

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the Prophet sallallahu and he was salam to see what occurred in an awful Radi Allahu taala. And who, who informs the prophets like Selim, not just that he is a prophet, and that that was a Djibouti that came to him. But what else does he informed the prophets lie Selim, your people are going to run you out?

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Your people are going to fight you. Things are about to turn in your life. And what is the profit slice that I'm saying me? Are they really going to run me out? Right? And what that says to the prophets I some no person has ever come with what you have come with, except that their people ran them out. And subhanAllah these are the Allahu Anhu was there wasn't she? Did Khadija or the Allahu anha take the Prophet, slice them to the side and say, let's rethink this whole thing.

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She also if they're going to run the profit side somehow, by extension, doesn't that mean they're going to run her out to? She has lived her life and comfort and wealth. Doesn't that mean she's going to lose all of that? Does she hesitate at all? No. She continues to support the mission of the Prophet sallallahu sunnah to to show, the Prophet, slice alum, everything that he needed to be shown to be by his side sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to believe in Him Salallahu Alaihe salam to aid him so Allah Islam and she never complained. She maintains that patience. And Djibouti and adding Salam came to Maria Medina salaam, with Bush law with the glad tidings and guess what Djibouti and Arnie

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his son came to Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said there is Khadija the Allahu Anhu coming to you and gave her the glad tidings of a house and Paradise made of special pearls that has no noise or exhaustion. Subhanallah you're talking about the best women of all time? You're talking about perfection that is manifested. And this is something as we read about mme it has set up and Khadija what are the Allahu Taala and one of them Maria Manny has Salam highlighted in the Quran so frequently. The other one Hadith all the Allahu anha, who received the prophets lie some in her hands when the prophets lie some receive the Quran for the very first time, body camera. And they

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serve as an example for us of like, that if you are pure, that if you are pious, that if you remain connected to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, then Allah subhana wa Tada will elevate your rank Yamato yum in Allah hospital faki what the Hauraki was lucky either Musa al al Amin, O margam, Allah has chosen you as purified you and chosen you, above the women of all the worlds May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to follow the example of prayer and patience was that you know the slavery was salah, may Allah allow us to follow their example of prayer

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and patience, may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be filled with email to be filled with faith and to live with that Iman and act with that Eman. May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with our mothers and may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be with them and with our beloved prophets of Allah Allah He was salam and Jonathan for those Allah who I mean, it was like more fatal. So I want to come on sorry cut