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We stand here. In the last days of Ramadan. We stand here in the end of this month of Ramadan, even though it feels to almost all of us, like it just began yesterday, in the blink of an eye, we went from welcoming in this month, we went from purchasing the foods to sustain us during supper when we went from altering our schedules to accommodate this month, we went from preparing for welcoming in the month to in a blink of an eye, all of a sudden, preparing ourselves for our activities after this month, for your routines that we will go to after the month has ended. This speedy passage of time, this passage of time, that goes as though it was just a dream, should cause every believer to

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pause, should cause each and every one of us to reflect and to think about the perishing nature of this world, the perishing nature of this reality, then when one moments, you can be welcoming in a month, and in the less less than a blink of an eye. It says if you have left it, and the prophets will log why he will send them usnm encouraged us to remember the perishing nature of everything in this world. And he said to us, you will need it we had them in that that that increase in your remembrance of that which will destroy your pleasures of the destroyer of your desires. And so the companions of the Prophet SAW him along while he was in them said, when they are assuming the loved

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one that has him or left that they said, O Messenger of God, what is it that is the destroyer of desires, what is it that perishes, our desires that destroys our desires, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said on a note, he said it is indeed death. And so the prophets a little long where it was said them chose to describe death, as the destroyer of desires. Because it is the moment that clarifies it is the moment in which you see all of the desires, all of the pleasures that surround you in this world, all of the things that we're calling you, and enticing you and seducing you away from the obedience of a law, you will see them with your own eyes in front of you on that day, and

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they will all be shaken and they will all be destroyed, and you will see them all perish. And so he said, Remember that which destroys your desire, and he told them that he was dead. You see, it's in this moment, all of these things destroyed in your eyes, all of the hopes that you built for this world and not for the next world. You see a cheating and perishing rates in front of you. And this is a reality. I don't need to convince you. This is a reality. I don't need to convince you of its truth. But rather everyone knows of it. It's in the truth is within each and every one of us whether we are believers or disbelievers, whether we are righteous or not righteous, each and every one of

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us know deep down this truth, this reality, what is actually going to happen that your life will perish and will end and you will see all of this world around you perish and end as well. And the last kind of words it says couldn't do enough saying that but you'll notice that indeed every soul choked to death, and this word that he thought that it's going to taste death, it's not simply going to experience it, but there is a taste to it. There is a bitterness attached to it. There is a taste of pain and of hardship upon your soul at that moment and a loss of heritage or die that says what jack separately melted in house, that the stupor of death has come in truth, the Saqqara the stupor

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of death, that moment of being in a state of drunkenness, you are awake, you are alive, but you are unconscious. It is almost like a coma because of the shock that you will face at that moment. This word sekera. Allah subhanho wa Taala uses it as well in the Quran in another verse where he describes the Day of Judgment, and he says, What's our NASA sukawati one Mountain visoko What can our devil law he said he said that you will see the people as though they are in a state of drunkenness, even though they are not drunk in you will see them in a state of unconsciousness even though they are not conscious, but rather this the punishment of your Lord is severe. Can everyone

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shall move forward a little bit to make some space at the back.

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This is the reality of your death. This is the shock that strikes through your soul as you die. And this is why it has been muscly rock metal lighter, it said no to do yet fathom yet Sook mediocrity for hot he said death has exposed this world that has exposed this world because it has not left for those of intellect, any sense of desire with this world that has exposed the world it's exposed the reality of this world as exposed material

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of this world, that everything in it is perishing, that everything in it disappears, that has exposed this world. Because if you looked around you, and you admired the things that surrounds you, the people around you, the buildings around you, you would rarely find anything in this world that has lasted more than 100 years. And so ask yourself, are you going to be able to last more than 100 years? And even the buildings around you have not lasted that long? Who do you think you are to last that long, that has exposed this world? Because if you look around at this world, you yourself, probably don't even know anything about your own grandfather, or great grandfather, great, great

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grandfather. And in a few days, just as quickly as this month came and left in a few days, are your grandchildren going to know anything about you? Are they going to have any connection to you is your reality of this world going to be something that is that is permanent, or something that is vanishing, like a dream, that has exposed this world exposed that one day you and everything you see in this world will one day be nothing and unless that says, Illuminati have found that indeed, everything that is on this word shall perish with all which grumpy cat will generally be calm, but the Feasts of your Lord will remain full of majesty and full of honor this world and all of its

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players are willing to perish. And the only thing that is worthy, the only thing that is lasting is the face of a lot seeking the pleasure of a loss of title, what to hide out. And because of this, one of the companions of the Prophet SAW him along while he was sending them who noticed in the years after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away, and the Muslims began to receive huge sums of money, they began to take over huge amounts of land. They were an empire with money strolling into the pockets of the people. And so he saw the people becoming attached to this world, he saw their hearts be connected to the world and not connected to a loss of data. So a lot of that

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on the log line stood in front of the people in Damascus, and he said to them, yeah, and to me Aquinas again. What do you honestly don't what Ensenada What are

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you? And he said oh people of Damascus, you are my brothers in religion. And you are my neighbors who live together and you are helpers one another and against our mutual enemies. Maddie are often not to stop you. And so why is it that I see you not feeling any modesty? He said,

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What's up?

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What's he doing?

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He said, You are gathering data that you cannot consume, and you're erecting buildings that you do not even live in. And you are gathering hopes holding out hopes for things that you can never attain, what kind of political engagement when I say

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what you mean when I say no to you in a way of the new interface, but fiercely new. And he said in indeed the people before you, they gathered and they gathered far more than you and they had high hopes and they lived further than you did. And they erected buildings that stood stronger and longer than yours falls behind generally more rah, rah,

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rah. And so that which they gathered became lost, or that they gathered to consume in this world they died and it became lost.

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books became only fair deceptions, the things that deceived them and turn them away and distracted them from a loss of data and their buildings. The buildings that they built only became their graves without

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And why would I die? He said, the people who filled the buildings between I don't mind which we all have these cities. He filled them all with people and buildings. And then he said familia study him and he took

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me to who was there amongst you who will purchase from me, the entire legacy of the people have eyes, this entire empire that lived longer than any of you let's build buildings are stronger than any of yours that filled the world with their minds with their power with their armies, who amongst you will purchase from me their entire legacy for simply to identify needs, and not a single person can respond to him, because all of them knew there's one allies or just decided when a lot of soldiers order came down when his command came down. All the things built in this world became a thing, all of that perish into nothingness. And this is the reality of this world. And because of

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I know who it is. And then I messed up I had to do any I cannot answer now who said that he thought about

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He said that indeed the example of this world

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is like that which the rain that we have sent down from the sky for

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all so it has nourish the planets of the earth, of which the men and the livestock eats this world is just the rain that Allah has set down that has nourish this world that has created some plants for you to eat something for the animals and for you to eat, and then a loss of piloti that says, what

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was it was the unit was one night? No.

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No, I know.

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He said until the world has taken its adornments until the world has taken its adornment and has become beautified. What happens at that point, Alonzo just tells you, you example of this world is like the rain he sent down that causes this world to nourish, that nourishes it for the people and then all of a sudden it gains its adornment. It gains its decoration. Suddenly we go from simply trying to find things to eat, to survive, to suddenly having gardens to suddenly having palaces to suddenly have the castles to suddenly having wealth and luxury in this world.

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Until the world takes its adornment was a unit and it became beautiful for the people, the world became beautiful. They had things in order to get cars and they had planes and that things in order to take luxury and beauty in what happened to the people on that topic, gave them this pleasure, what

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its people, its inhabitants thought that they were capable over it, its inhabitants thought that they had power over it. This is this world gives you a little bit of luxury in it. And the people become deceived and deluded into thinking that they have power over it. And as this materialism increases in their heart, as they start to feel like they have power over this world to create whatever they need to do whatever they want, they start to forget a loss of head or die that and turn away from a loss of a die that they start seeing as science destroyed religion, they start saying is religion even relevant anymore, they start turning away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Why?

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Because Allah beautified this world for them, because the world luxurious and beautiful for them.

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So people thought that they were the ones who were capable over it, that they were the ones who are capable of building civilizations, but they were the ones who are capable of making inventions as no allies, Georgia was not the one who inspired them to it. And they'll also kind of die that says, ha

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ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, this one, they thought that they were capable over it. Then our command came upon them in the morning or in the night when the command of a lot of soldier comes and their life goes and their life parishes and all of this world. But they thought that they were the Kings over that they thought that they had all of the power over goes away as well. And we saw this in our very own eyes recently in this own country in our own country. We saw our brothers and our sisters in Fort McMurray, those who live in a city that was known for its wealth that people would go there and live in its harsh winters. Why? Because they knew they were going to make extra here than

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anywhere else. It was a city in which the car dealerships were open for 24 seven, because people had nothing else to do with the money that they had, they might show up at 2am to buy a car that was the city and in the blink of an eye because of the command of a law. So just through the wisdom of a loss handler the either half of it was gone to people's houses were destroyed, their cars were destroyed, their wealth was destroyed, and simply a day and a night. This is the this is the signs of a loss. I know without data to tell you that this world is vanishing to tell you don't put your hopes in this world don't attach your heart to this world. It's here today but tomorrow in the

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banish from you and have women Rashid

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Ali, he sat once in the shade of his castle in the splendor of his wealth with people bringing the food and the great company of this of kings and princes and he saw one of the poets and he said to him, since my national fee, he said explain describe that which we are living in describe the splendor that we are sitting in and so he said to him, Are you

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feeling Nisha?

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Yes Are you

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letting your robot robot fulfill booty fell in enough suit on what he has to offer to sudo he.

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He says as he was safely in your seat of your towering castles he spent he was all that she desired. But he was all that you desire throughout the evening and in the morning, which when Vedanta herati nuts so when the soul begins travel in the trust, and then you will know with certainty that you only lived

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and delusion, all of this life is in delusion. And just like the month began and then passed so quickly. And now if you were to think back to the beginning of this month, it seems like it was only a dream, you're not even sure if the things you did at the beginning of the month, were things you actually dinner if you dreamed of it. This is how we the mind of ours is we can't even sometimes distinguish the reality from our dreams from our thoughts. Because this world is nothing This world is perishing. This world is something that does not have the value that we think it does. And it was kind of a die that says, It's across the notes even half that indeed, the stupor of death has come

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in truth, you know, this moment is coming. And therefore this world, and its value is not something of greatness, to you.

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And the problem that we have with death, is that we know that we are leaving a world that we know, we're leaving a world we have knowledge of, we're leaving a world that we have attachment to, and we're entering into a world that we do not have knowledge of, we're entering into the world of the unseen, we're entering into a world that we don't know what will happen to us. And so ask yourself, can you imagine that moment of death? Can you imagine that? You stand in front of the last panel, what's Allah, and the prophet SAW a lot what he says, when you're naked, and dead, lead down upon the table for people to watch you. And some of the angels might say to you, you can add them as a

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woman. And, you know, so to Khashoggi was

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a, you know,

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he says, oh, son of Adam, with, where is your ability to hear? And what has taken that away? Where is your overpowering voice? And what's his quiet to do? Where is your pleasant smell? And what has changed you? Where is your role in what has made you for, you know, what a lot has dogen says to you when you're born? And do you know what he says to you when you die? That he says, Yeah, he knows so much to me.

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Now, leaf and toffee and federal analogy, when you're born, he speaks to you and he says, Oh, my slave, I have brought you forth out of the womb of your mother, I brought you for it clean and pure and conscious of me. So don't change that which I have given you. And when you die, he speaks to you and he says mallikarjuna dunia be calm. And until Kumasi, Yeti, you are exiting out of this world with all of these things. Didn't you remember my advice to you? Didn't you remember what I have told you? And a lot zildjian says this to you. When you spend your first day in your neck in the green. When he says to you when your family bury you and they pray for you. Then they turn around and they

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leave. And you can hear the footsteps of your family as they leave. He says how deep

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was it to rob you.

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He says all my slaves, they have turned away a few and in the soil they have buried you and how they stayed with you. They could not have benefited you. There is none who remains with you except by and I am living the one who never dies. But not all of us will die like this our profits in the long run he was sending them once does he agree? After one of the companions had died, they don't agree. And then he sat next to it. And you can see in the eyes of his companions that they were really taken by this death. So he spoke to them about what happens when the soul starts to leave the body. And he says in the afternoon is that kind of few people aren't going to do it. I

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think it would be a good way to

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He says that when the believer is about to depart from this world, and go forth into the next world, angels with faces as great as the sun descended from the heavens, filling as far as the eye can see. And they sit at the head of the sleeve. And they say to him, of course.

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Fujiyama fear to meet a law he would have been a long time. He says, come out to the pleasure of your Lord, and to a lord who is pleased with you. And do you think this is going to be said to you, and the profits in the long run? He says, so the soul emits out of the body as easily as a soul can be emitted like a drop of water, I would have this the skin of the skin of sheep. And then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says, we're going to have

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the angels take the soul and when they take the soul, they do not release it for even the moment of a blink of an eye. But it's gonna be hard until we begin to ascend with your soul going up into the heavens.

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And they don't pass any group of angels except the DA

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josei Manhattan he wrote about hula, hula, who is who is so and so the person who owns this beautiful scented soul, the soul that has beautiful scent, because of its beautiful deeds, because of its beautiful disposition, the soul of this beautiful character, Who is it? Who is this person. And so the angels say who a fool. And if you feel that it is so and so this son of so and so the doctor of so and so and they mentioned the best means that they were known within this world, if you were known as the truthful person, they will say, is this person, the son of this person who was truthful, this person, the son of this person who is generous, this person, the son of this person,

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who is the one who is always seeking amends for his faults, this is what the angels say when they carry you. So they reach a lot, they reach the highest of the heavens, and they and they come to a loss of Anil Tyler, and Alonzo just says iptable kita da de, where are you?

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to work

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on the Tower of raw, let's register the book of my servant in the highest of heavens, and return him back to the earth from indeed from it, I have created him, and I shall return them. And from it, I will resurrect them once again. And his soul has returned to his body. And the screen is made fast for him. And he begins to see a man who comes to him with a beautiful face. And he says Who is this man, and they say this, these are your good deeds, and the prophets of the law while he was sitting and tells us the opposite. And he says in the budget in a canopy

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with about one and a half Iraq that indeed, the transgressing the sleeve, the sleeve of greed, evil deeds, when he is departing from this world and entering into the next world, the angel says to him, and they think to him as a national hobby fair enough. La he was woken up at Oh, oh deceitful soul, oh, filthy, saw come out to the anger of your Lord and His wrath, and they grabbed the sword, the soul will rip it out of the body as harshly as possible, and they take it up towards the heavens. And then he never passed by a group of angels except the angel say, Who is this wretched soul with this wretched smell. And they say it is so and so the sun and so and so or so and so the daughter of

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so and so mentioning the worst names that that person was known by in this world. And they take it up in a lawsuit kind of with the eye that says

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and, and they ask a lot, they take it up and they go to Thailand, they seek to enter into the highest heavens, and it's not responded to them. There's no response given to them. And here the prophets all along. Why are you sending them? We're saying the verse that

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was sent out eat what is

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the odds? What can

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majority mean that the gates of heavens will never be open for them, nor will they enter the garden until the camel can pass through an eye of a needle, meaning there is no situation it is in the possibility for them to be able to enter in that situation. And so until their soul is flung down to their body, and the angel sits at their head and asked them, oh soul, Morocco, who is your Lord? Woman, the woman in the living room they seem to have Oh, so who is your Lord? What is your religion? And who is the man who sits amongst you and the soul is not capable of responding on that day. It's not capable of responding its sins have covered it as college clouded His judgment. It's

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deception in this world, thinking that the world would remain that it would remain on this world has the same gift from being able to answer on that day.

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And so the soul is left in that situation, and with a grieve that is tight, and it's matched by a man with an evil face and an evil smell. And it's told these are evil deeds, and that is how it stays sitting on law do not bring the final hour or law do not bring the final judgments, brothers and sisters, who are you amongst these people? Who are you amongst all of these people? And what do you stand with today? And look at the prophets on the wall. What are you sending them? Look at the Prophet sallallahu he was sending him when he stood on his bed. What do you sleep on his deathbed, and the sweat was pouring from his forehead. And he kept wiping upon his forehead. And nowhere they

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kept waking up on his forehead with a damp cloth and he is a little while while he was sitting it would save a lot in that in milkiness across the Panama indeed blogging to death are the Supers of death and D the pain of death belongs to death. This is what the prophets all along while he was in and was seen to be the one who was beloved to a lot the best of all of the creation. The one who is most valuable in front of all of us have died on his deathbed he is wiping his forehead seems to pile a lot in that notice of your eyes. If this is the position of the profits in the long run, he was sent him on his desk. Then what about your own position at your desk? Where will you be on your

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How will you be feeling at your desk and talking with your loved one hat was sitting next to her father, so a lot of what he was sending them and saying to him,

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yeah, on a current decay over time. That's what determines over my father, what a tremendous tormentor is over my father and no profit. So a lot while he was in them said to her now

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that there is no torments on your father after this day that after the pain of this world, he knows there's no pain for him after this world after the pain of this world, because he lived in this world only for the sake of Allah, He lives all the days in this world only for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala he died with no wealth, because he gave it all for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala he died having given everything for loss of the IRA. So he says,

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There is no tournament on your father after this day, are you going to be able to see this is there going to be a tournament for you after the tournament of this world, and alized makes this world difficult for you, for you to understand that this world is one that you shouldn't be thinking of this world is one that you shouldn't be living for, but rather the next world and thought you know what, when her father passed away, and when the companions took his body, and finally very few in return, she turned to meet with you offline. And she said to him, I thought

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she said, Have your heart and your soul self contents mates that you threw soil upon the body of the profits?

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He said to her

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Yeah, for those of you don't follow me here.

00:26:39--> 00:26:42

If we were capable of raising your father to the heavens, we would have done

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what I can keep up what ends on love Allah, a beekeeper add in your food and feed me how hot up now when he heard

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that he said, How can we do so in the last since recitation upon your father in it, he says that a theater three have created you, and it's we shall return you and from which we will bring you forth once again.

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This is how Allah subhanho wa Taala dealt with the prophet SAW what he was sending him. This was his final days. And this was his abode was back in the grief and loss and or dialysis. He met me he told me

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that indeed, Mohammed will die and the tool type, if ally takes the life of that, who is most precious to them? Why do you think she will not take your life? Why do you think that your life is going to live forever? And if the one who was closest to last died, I didn't live this life for it. Rather, he held his hopes only for the next life? And why are you holding your hopes for this life and not the next life?

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He was happy he

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wasn't paradise isn't.

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Even if we had a fully automated army that he would like so this new this moment, that moments when you're sitting on your deathbed, when you see someone enter the room that no one else can see. When you see the angel come to you at that moment, there's no one else can see. For now moments, when you start to think in regrets about all of the days and the moments and the pleasures you hide in this life. Work for that moment work so that in that moment, you're not regretful more work so that in that moment you were happy and pleased to see the one who's going to deliver you back to a law and the prophets a lot.

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A lot below the fire. Whoever loves to meet God that indeed God loves them. So work so that you are happy to meet a lot because you know that a lot is holding for your reward is holding back for your reward for the data. You are going to meet him and he's going to unleash that reward and that pleasure upon you